You guys ever feel like this anime hits too hard but you want to relate?

Some neet just gets a girl who changed his life. While the rest of us rot in our rooms.

when did that piece of shit girl ever saved Sato? The whole thing I got from the manga was everyone that goes out of their way and tries to connect with you will always have selfish and ulterior motives. Make peace with that and play your game right.

NHK hit too hard.

Get out.

Throughout the anime, she gave him encouragement and helped him improved. But in the end she was the one who needed help when he doesn't anymore.

Not in the end but from the very beginning her only reason to talk to Sato was to meet someone that's doing worse than her in order to feel good about herself kind of like people's crocodile tears over Africa. NHK wasn't a fairy tale, it was a cautionary tale.

>Some neet just gets a girl who changed his life.
Change comes from within, man.

no one would bother with the hassle of maintaining a socially standard life if they weren't externally rewarded for it.

It's been a long time but I'm pretty sure she was deliberately keeping him down and making his life more miserable between placating him.

insane manga misaki is superior

We had a thread about this yesterday.

tl;dr: She was stalking Satou and using him to feel better about herself the whole time. There are no saints in Welcome to the NHK. The closest to a selfless character is Satou's mom, but she only appears briefly so who knows.

I always thought it was interesting how Misaki said all she brings was unhappiness to people, yet Satou's life changed somewhat for the better because of her. Sure he went through some terrible shit, but she was the catalyst for him coming to accept who he was. In the end I wouldn't even say she saved him. Satou was much more dependent on Yamazaki than her. But she started him down the path to actually examine himself. Would Satou have been as successful without her? Sure he may have gone out to work once the money/food ran out, or he may have just given up completely and died.

The manga has a completely different tone to it. Misaki is portrayed as manipulative while in the book and anime she is much more innocent. She definitely did have ulterior motives though, but she wanted to improve Satou so that he'd fall in love with her rather than just keeping him down so that she'd feel good about herself.

Anyone who thinks Misaki “saved” Sato or would want a Misaki is someone who missed the point of Welcome to the NHK entirely

If you think about it, most girls do have this messiah complex in them which is why bad boys are so popular - girls think they can straighten them out, that they are misunderstood and there's some good in them when in fact, most of them are just assholes and thinks too highly of themselves. Shut-ins on the other hand are considered pervs and pathetic, although that's mostly true, I also believe that deep within, most of us are too nice for the real world. Girls should be saving us!

Read the LN

>Girls should be saving us!
We're not worth saving.


I have a question, Blu Ray when?

Where is he now?

>We're not worth saving
Why even live?