Violet Evergarden

What does Cred Forums think about Kyoani's magnum opus?

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I really love Hyouka.

Why did they change from making legal girls that look underage to underage girls that look legal?

Solid 6 out of 10. Another seasonal anime that will be forgotten in a few months.

Shitpost magnet and a terrific pleb filter.

Your pic related isnt hibikino

I think the gorgeous visuals and nice character designs (also KyoAni's name/fame) will give it a somewhat longer life, but I doubt it will be talked about in a few years time

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

AOTS. It's the show I'm looking forward to watching every week.

A promising work entrusted to a shit director. Ishidate needs to be fired as soon as possible.

Its pretty to look at but incredibly boring

nothing great but i'm stuck with it until i know what happened to major major major

It's an anime for patricians, the plebs just call it boring and drop it.

It's pretty good. 10/10 animation, tearjerker soundtrack. I just wish there was a bit more detail in the plot and backstory.

I also wish that it had more meme material.

I'm in love with Violet. I can't stop thinking about her. I just want to see her again.

I think it won't be ever topped.

Leon please.

I'm going to watch the stars with her again, but this time I'll hold her hand.

Over my dead body.

Is VEG the Lawbreakers of anime?

Lucilia is best girl

Ill say more likely Kyoanis Magnum Onus

So is this just like an old Victorian novel but anime and less good?

.... Hi....


I don't really know what to think of it. It's probably the most inconsistent anime I've ever seen in terms of everything except animation.

VEG isn't even the best KyoAni thing from the past 5 years

What did they mean by this?

Explain. I really want to understand what those words are trying to convey

I wanna punch Baioretto on her fucking face.
Strangle is fine too.

I didn't know Luculia was a flower. Huh.

Concepts in this animation created in Japan have a high variability of quality with the exception of animation which is consistently excellent.
As an example in one episode the writing may be extremely low quality but in another it will be great. This isn't entirely strange in an episodic show but the variance in quality can be found scene to scene.


Cattleya and Iberis are flowers too

What does it all mean?


I don't understand either. I wish to become a doll to learn what KyoAni meant with those words.

Baby don't hurt me

If it where a shit post magnate then threads would actually reach bump limit of a regular basis.

It's just shit, so shit that no one bothers shitting on it.

How did the letter fly from the hospital all the way to princess Charlotte's castle?

Please stop posting pictures of my wife.

Hibike was really good, thanks

So the
>You killed muh comrades
guy thing was ignored this episode (entirely?) Or did I do something retarded and miss an episode

Don´t hurt me...

Attracting shitposts doesn't make it popular.

Overhyped, definitely not for everyone, this anime is only for me.

Violet is pretty sexy

what's with all the hibike posts in this thread, hibike is just violet evergarden but worse in every way

No me.

Is this edited? Where's the frowning version?


what a disgusting, soiled body

Uncensored version?

I was kinda mad that after ep 6 everyone entered into waifu mode
Did you guys really self insert as Leon?
Anyway its better than shitpost, also keep posting porn, it scares redittors

I'll risk the ban just for you.

Poor anatomy. She's got a super long body. Made me think of longcat

Does this count as animal abuse? I mean she doesn't even understand it.

Is the soundtrack out yet? I need the song that plays at the end of ep 3

Not everyone works for KyoAni user, also keep posting so maybe the nude Violet goes unnoticed

I think it does.


I don't like it. The writing and boring direction are bringing it down. I don't know how good or bad the source material is, but both the narrative and the storytelling are very unsatisfying, and in particular, the setting feels contrived and poorly thought out. It's very distracting to me because the sense of time and place is confusing, I don't feel like I'm looking at countries that just got out of a war and the premise of the auto memoir doll job feels out of place. The visuals also feel like they're squandering animation on boring composition and bad mise-en-scene.

I find the show very frustrating because I think I could like this kind of story if it were done by different writers, with different details. They're skipping the parts that I want to see that I think are important and instead focusing on all of these episodic plots about characters that I know have no relevance to anything. The show feels very pointless and meandering if they're going to relegate the main character's most important development moments to an offscreen timeskip.

How did she get her diploma?

Violet should at least have a basic idea of what love is/means by now right? I don't see how see could be writing popular love letters otherwise. But you'd think dealing with what that means wrt the major would be worth a scene or two.

She's 14?
I think I'll drop it and I haven't even picked it up yet.

Beautiful graphic... Boring Gameplay..

>I could like this kind of story if it were done by different writers, with different details.
How can you say such thing if you have not read the novel?
Also, you should really check that thread that discussed the stupid setting days ago, I honestly dont give a fuck because its fantasy after all and Im here for the drama
I really enjoy the episodic plot, it reminds that everyone is a damn human with a reason to exist, and it will really fuck Violet's mind when she thinks about it and what she did in war

>The show feels very pointless and meandering
That describes almost all KyoAni shows.

she's pretty, but honestly, unless the circles come up with some really good Rape doujinshi, this show is probably another huge flop for them.

Violet Emergence doujins when?

>really good Rape doujinshi
Really good rape or really good dojin?

>Violet Emergence doujins

I less than three autismo-chan.

Hey who left her there??

that pic doesn't make sense at all

Violet Evergarden got so much attention purely because it was made by KyoAni, and many people love to shittalk them.
If it had the same visuals, but it was made by say, Kinema Citrus, or Madhouse nobody would bat an eye. It would be just another average anime with somewhat good visuals.
It's nowhere near AOTY despite what many anons say, but it is a damn good anime if it clicks for you. If you ignore the plot, though, it's the best anime in terms of the sheer skill that went into making it. Cinematography, mood, dawing - it's all on point. Even from a distance, the characters look good.

Man the pleb filter is truly working.

Shhh let them be.

Joke as much as you want regarding "pleb filters", but that's a fact.
The only thing that makes Violet Evergarden noteworthy is the skill of its creators. Ishidate is dragging the whole thing with shitty direction; this project would've truly shined if Yamada was working on it instead. I mean, it won KyoAni's own GRAND PRIZE. Grand Prize, for fuck's sake. A first in KyoAni's history.

Because I like the premise, but I don't like the way that the anime is handling it. So if they had a better scriptwriter that made really good episodic stories and developed more of a throughline with Violet's character. I would like it. But they're not doing that so the show is frustrating and not entertaining.

I generally stay out of VEG threads because I don't like the show and endlessly shitposting in threads where people actually like it doesn't accomplish anything.

"It's fantasy" doesn't excuse the poor setting and the inconsistencies. If I don't believe in the environment where everything is taking place, I won't be engaged in the show.

I don't mind an episodic plot, but I haven't cared about any of the episodes. The individual stories aren't interesting and the characters feel throwaway. They're very shallow. Especially the prince and princess episode that people seem to like. It was a very shallow romance with a very obvious solution, and these characters weren't built up enough for me to even begin to care. In a show that centrally revolves around the question of what love is, this shallow fairytale love where some guy shows you a modicum of kindness years ago is way too simplistic.

Nice blog :^) you should put it on your MAL review.

>Violet Evergarden
more like violet ALWAYSGARBAGE MRAiT!?


>magnum opus
Fuck off you're missing like 3 colours
This is a magnum opus

very pretty nothingness.

It's like those cakes that are just beautiful but taste totally bland because they were designed with shitloads of inedible or bad tasting stuff and the whole point is just to look nice.

More like Magnum Flopus.

Haruhi was pretty good.

>Kyoanifags keep calling their shit anime "plebfilter" when it's being watched by millions of pleb a.k.a pleb magnet

Why the hell would a lot of people be interested in the anime equivalent of a period drama aimed at 30-something year old women? I watch it because it's one of KyoAni's biggest and most ambitious project in a while in terms of technique. It's like a new Hyouka, which defined KyoAni's usual style for this whole decade.

Plebs like to differentiate themselves from other plebs by drawing arbitrary lines.

Right and Maid dragon too.

Shitty show with a shitty saberface

It's the opposite.

It's Kyoani's B-team, and they marketed it like their biggest project in years. Big mistake.

I liked Hyouka better. I'm having more fun with FranXX this season. I dropped VEG after Ep3 and will probably pick it back up to marathon through once it's done airing.

AOTY. Would not call it best KyoAni show so far because Haruhi exists, but is already at Hyouka level. Now that novel part finally started, the rest of Cred Forums should learn to appreciate it more too (ep 5-6 both based on novel, and according to Ishidate recent interview the whole second half as well)

Can't wait for inevitable movies.

man she really does just look like a skinnier blonder sento

Surely if something is a pleb filter it should mean that its the thing that catches plebs whilst everyone else moves on to other stuff

Nothing in common. If you want to compare her to someone KyoAni, it would be AIR


>Violet's mechanical arms are a technological marvel
>They somehow still use 19th century weaponry
>Trains, trolleys and cars look mid-20th century

>Drossel right next to enemy alliance
>They're somehow fine while Enciel, capital of a country much deeper into the south, was practically destroyed as seen in episode 1

>Violet is famous enough to write for princesses now
>But she still gets run of the mill jobs like copying books

>It takes 1 day to travel from Enciel to Leiden in normal circumstances
>Yet it also takes a day (or at the very least half a day) to travel from Leiden to Kazalli

>Their language is pretty much just English with a made up alphabet

>Yakisoba, itadakimasu, honorifics, bowing

TL:DR adhd speedwatcher

It sucks.

Nice rebutals

Would you publically state you are an idiot, if i address them, again, Cannon-kun?

>shitposter with shit bait
>conceding to anything
user, I...

Are you the anachronism guy? You already got blown the fuck out in the other thread

Red pill me on this anime. What is it about?

> is already at Hyouka level.
I wish every idiot who compares this pile of dung with Hyouka killed themselves.

Koe no Katachi was very touching

VEG is better than Hyouka story wise, but as far production and quality wise go anime are about the same. I also find it fun how everyone on Cred Forums now pretends they always loved Hyouka.

The adventures of a perfect aryan goddess on her journey to reunite with her one and only man in hopes to one day meet up with him and procreate to secure a future for her and her people.

Girl who was used as a tool in the war is trying to learn emotions, except

Too much forced animation

>quoting ignorang idiot shitposter with no clue of character

The manga infuriated me and the movie destroyed me.
I still wish I saw Shouko in a wedding dress animated.

He is not wrong though

Can someone explain why doesn't she know what love is? Is she completely retarded? She was im military. Sure there were guys who wanted to sex her sexually. This all doesn't make sense

Looks worse and worse with every passing episode.

Well, it's a plebfilter, only plebs like it.

Oh sorry, i forgot it is thread for shitposters to display their idiocy and post wrong pastas. Please go on.

See Basically for plot reasons

see Why are shitposters so persistent? IRC/Discord for real?

stop replying to shitposters friend. just leave them alone and they'll naturally go away.

VEG is not a pile of dung but Hyouka is by far better. VEG will be better than Hyouka in story wise but not in the execution.

It's true. I get bored of a thread for something I haven't seen when people stop responding to me.

I cannot watch this show. I want to kill myself because of her autism. It's the same way i couldn't watch watamote, for example.

Hyouka never had plot, it was dedicated to character studies.

There is no character study in VEG. The characters are pointed somewhere, and they go there at the author's will.

VEG is a beautifully animated puppet show.

You keep calling that post shitposting but he is right. Violet does know emotions, she has only been shown making a connection with the words and the actual mental state related to said word.

Oscar episode next.

How much will KyoAni tone down it?


Kyoani truly makes the most beautiful girls.

Enough for it to be boring and rushed

Oscar's family will be revived through the power of pure love.

I am not a girl/woman, so I don't like mexicans soap operas.

You completely misinterpret the character and intentionally keep propagating false narrative with your pasta.

She is not a stunted girl who does not know the meaning of words or how to express her emotions, she is a cold distant from everything being that while understanding emotions genuinuly does not relate them to herself.

She does have emotions, ok, but they are EXCLUSIVELY focused on everything Gilbert relateed and only and any display of emotion she shows is through prism of that relationship, her applying the situations at hand to "what if" scenarios with her and Gilbert: and all her letters in the end, for any client are letters to gilbert. LIke the Princess letters in previous episode telling "you are a shining gem in my life".

She is not your daugtheru. She is not confused girl who can't express emotions. It is what all people around her project on her - but does not mean it applies to her.
>“People mostly see… what appears in front of their eyes. Even though it is not as if monsters are only those with horns.”

When she looks emotionessly and not giing a fuck - she genuinely does not give a fuck.

She only actually learns emotions much much later. She does not consider her clothest persons a friends even. She can "analize" peoples emotional situations and respond and handle them, but does not mean she empathises. She feels nothing murdering, and feels nothing seeing happiness - only through projecting herself as Gilbert's tool, does she "feel" something.

Watching it for the visual eyecandy.

>she does know emotions
So you agree with the post, since that was the entire point of it. Everything else you are arguing about like her not being emotionally stunned or projecting her own experiences with Gilbert only confirms the point of that so called shitposter.

Fuck off, shitposter.

I take that as a yes

I'm not sure what to think of Violet Evergarden yet. Episode 5 was really good, 3 was pretty good too. Episode 4 was the worst one. The rest were average. I think the overall pace feels somewhat rushed and very compressed (unespecified timeskips between episodes with offscreen character development is one example of what makes it feel compressed to me) makig hard to get a feel for the characters or to really get invested with the character development.
The secondary characters are mostly cardboard cutouts, whith isn't helped by the episodic format.
Writting quality varies plenty betweem episodes.
So far I think average may be a good description. What is a shame because I really liked the overall premise

wait wait, I think there is a misunderstanding with the term "pleb filter"
is it
1. only pleb watch it
2. pleb don't watch it
I believe plebfilter is (2) and VEG definitely isn't plebfilter since all the plebs are watching it.

Pretty show followed by an average story, It might get better when Violet opens up and becomes a more human but I feel like it will be toO late to enjoy since we're already up to episode 7.

>all those flower names
>Violet EverGARDEN

Luculia is a slut

Shut up, Lelouch.

No It won't, we've seen those super forced shill threads.

All they do is get people to tear the show apart, with 30 ips and a few 100 post.

Even the visual is shit desu, Yuru's scenery is better and more meaningful

No more...


Please be bait.

>probably 14.

major is assuming shit...i think the writers are allowing the audience the freedom to speculate.

dem tiddies mean shes like 16 in my eyes, two years off.

It's boring and I don't like it, but hey, >opinions

well thats just a fact. dirty astronomy lads all got a share of her.

I'm sure you can't just determine a girl's age by her boobs.

Why was everyone so hyped about it again?

More like magnum anus.

Animation, its pretty good honestly

Pic related is better.

They thought it was going to be kyoukai no kanata on steroids.

She wasn't always a slut. Shame.

your wife has brain damage

That's not a good think user


It is for the plebeian masses. They couldn't bother reading the synopsis or paying attention to the 4 PV for this show.

I was promised it was gonna be something new and different

By whom?
As far as kyoto animation goes, this is new and different. It's way out of their comfort zone.

yeah, I'm going to need the sauce.

One if my sister's friend had a F cup breast at 14. Violet tit's aren't that weird for her age, but her face and heigh really are.

Violet is actually shorter than the average for her real age (16-ish), malnutrition during childhood does this to you.
Her face looks older, yes, but spending 4 years in WW1 style battlefields probably has something to do with that.

3 years of nonstop shilling.

Don't forget the retards that never saw the episodic drama coming.

t brainlet

I couldn't think of a director that is inspired by Hollywood other than Ishidate though.

Why are all the Dolls beautiful? Surely physical beauty has little to do with your ability to write.

Why are all the Dolls women? Surely gender has little to do with your ability to write.

Hibike didn't win a grand prize.

see, now this is good wholesome entertainment with ZERO DUDES

What would a robot handjob feel like?

>Oct 2017
>3 years

Who are the Nazis in this universe and when do they start to rise?

It's like using a fancy, expensive pen.

Nothing great. She's a discount saber and I'm just here for muh prescreening impressions user.

Like losing your dick.


We had that in 3 though and that was an original with a side character who outshined the Protagonist. Your file name.

I think I like Shoushitsu very much. Pic unrelated though.

So companies purposefully will not hire plain looking women or men at all?

Everyone knows women are more suited to writing flowery letters. It's biological

Beauty also makes it easier to get hired so there's also an internal competition of looks.

I think they are doing a fine job portraying the evolution of Violet (I've barely started episode 6 and the way Violet said いいえ…ありがとうございます was not at all like the robot she used to be) but the fact that most of this evolution somehow happens off-screen is quite frustrating. And I'm glad the filter is dead and gone.

>most of this evolution somehow happens off-screen
The timeskip was just her reading a ton of romance books and getting very minor jobs.

That's the point. It's like showing the growth of a baby but skipping the minor parts of its development despite those parts leading to the overall big changes. Just like suddenly showing them making their first steps without all those times they failed at standing up. It doesn't feel satisfying.

Leon is a cute boipussy. Would fuck him.

I thought he was a woman at first.
KyoAni can make some hunks but also very cute male, while their women range from pretty to passable.
Seeing all those cuties and handsome dudes pairing up felt pretty damn good.

Are you a faggot?


No, but it's obvious KyoAni is full of females considering the effort they put into making the males as handsome as humanly possible.

which subs are the best?

watch it raw so you can focus on muh visual porn.

Post that webm\gif where Violet dancing in the flowers.

I though TSR was amazing, and I wish that KyoAni would have made S3 as well.

no, but seriously

You don't realize how pumped I am for Invisible Victory.


One of the worst written anime I've ever seen.

Why are the greatest poets men then?


Gay men*

I legitimately don't understand how people think that episode 5 was good. I am not even going to compare to something else, but as a single episode romance between prince and princess it it was garbage.

Men, none the less.

Implying you know jack shit about writing, jesus...

Then there is no help for you.

I'll murder someone if it's fucked up.

>game/anime/movie is shit
>Their respective boards call them pleb filters
Is this a meme or imageboard culture?

Well, some anime considered shit are actually pleb filter, don't about the rest though.

I don't get it. I watched the first season and it was ok at best. Why are you so excited for the third season?

Because it's been so long. There also finishing the series with this season.

>I watched the first season
You're supposed to watch TSR and Fumoffu as well you stupid fuck.

Sometimes it's true, as is in this case.

I want to marry and impregnate Violet-chan, and truly show her what love is.

I'm not into NTR buddy.

The MC is too autistic for this to be enjoyable.

I want to see more of loli princess.


I'm going to have raw sex with Violet.

She'll probably be mentioned again when Violet goes for the more dangerous clients. Special favors and all that.


any translation?

Isn't she only like....14? does anyone understand love at that age, really? Especially someone with her bg.

He basically describes the synopsis for the show and starts saying stupid shit.

>saying stupid shit.
such as? describing LN story?

You'd be more comfortable telling these things to a young girl over a guy. Obviously.

Probably because I was 11 when it first came out. Nostalgia fuel.

Your conception basically.

TSR is slightly better and edgier. The asspull at the end was fucking DBSpic tier though.

Fumoffu is genuinely hilarious.

Luculia is a cheap slut now, great character progression there.

She's my daughteru and you can't change that!

I wouldn't.