Look what you did, Lulu! You broke the lesbian!

>Look what you did, Lulu! You broke the lesbian!

Were you there when this happened?

Quick slap her with the penis.

...elementary school...

what the fuck


Aw what a cute baby. Come over here and mommy will give you a good pat on the ass.

Worst girl

based ruruGOD

She was a pointless character

Better than ougi

No way. Nina was the worst.

why didn't someone just knock her up and chill her the fuck out

desu people are too hard on Oghi. He did what any Cred Forums fag would.

>No one EVER criticized Euphemia for gunning down thousands of civilians
>Suzaku is the only "justified" one in defending her because plot device the character shows up and tells him everything

>delicious brown sugar
Literally the best ending for Cred Forumsnons, like if you had 1 million endings for the visual novel of life, this would be the best one

My thoughts for the longest too! She had a route in the visual novel right?

its been a while since i seen CG but i thought she was suzakusexual

she's a tablesexual. Miss kill all japs or whoever was the only one capable of making the tables she loved

I want to fuck her so bad.

quick hide table-kun!

where do you think you are