Dragon Ball Super

Is 5 transformations in 130 episodes enough for Goku?

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This is the strongest Goku, say something nice to him specially you GTfags

masaki sato is a god

no, since all 5 jobbed to GODren

Just wait until Blanco. Cuckren won't know what hit him.

>when Toriyama is lazier than nuYamamuro

Freeza is popular Among freezers, Tagoma is on sale today.


Kekarot can have all the shitty forms in the world. Vegeta will ALWAYS be undefeated against him

>Blue Goku
>Red Goku
>White Goku
I guess incomplete UI could count as a transformation, although that's up to debate since it mostly changes his aura like kaioken. What's the other one?

>no gods and angels SOL episodes
fuck this gay shit

spinoff manga when



>5 transformations

Sorry jiren but this is my show and you're going to lose.



Goku Blanco in dokkan when.


why did he tank an SSB punch from goku without the need to block it and then blocks an exhausted Vegeta punch?

Episode rankings since 122:
8.5 / 10
6 / 10
6.5 / 10

I don't know if this is a popular opinion or not but I feel like 125 is among the top 5 super episodes. It had no noticeable flaws whatsoever.

>This is the strongest Goku
what about 100 year goku from EoGT?

because base vegeta > SSB goku

I want these figures.

Not new, it's from BoG.


Not a new form and it's just Toei's filler shit, not even part of the actual story

>Omen UI
You mean UI. Incomplete, but still UI.

See above. Only one form, UI.

Weaker than UI Goku according to Toriyama

>Goku only got one (1) new form in DBS


What if King Cold returned after training in hell with a new army of deceased warriors to retake the galaxy, but Frieza has lost interest in ruling and has to fight daddy?

didn't get enough (You)s last thread?

Last thread closed before I could thank the dokkan folks, so: thanks for the help. I haven't been able to find anywhere to actually talk about this game since dbzg just seems like xenoverse general.

Really appreciate it.

>brazilian animator do the blanco animations
>mexico gets the blame

I can only laugh

Literally what did he mean by this?

Most Americans probably think fucking Spain is in South America too so it's not a huge surprise.

>the hue traced the gohan vs super buu fight
>anti dbs fags saying fan animation is better than super
Fucking genious

Why do people act like Vegeta had a rough go of it this arc?
I don't understand. Super has a fuckload of problems, but disrepecting Vegeta isn't one of them. He had the most meaningful drop out out of anyone. He clung on the hardest and the longest. Like, what. Do people not think he's done justice unless he's blatantly the victor?Nothing about Vegeta's loss was humiliating.
What the fuck is wrong with people?
Fuck off you spics.

Is there any anime ending as kino as this one?




I hate these autistic memes so much.

The closer Vegeta gets to winning the more it hurts when he loses. I don't think it's a pain any other character fan can really understand. Pretty much each character's fandom endures a unique kind of suffering in this series, Vegeta just has the most fans at their bitching is louder.

Its to no surprise as well that alot of Highschool SENIORS aren't %100 on where the U.S. is on the map.

>burgers have shitty education
What a surprise

Pink Goku

I hate the fact that Goku hasn't seriously trained since like the original Frieza saga and he still gets all sorts of superpowers and transformations thrown at him because Toriyama is autistic

>That one dbs thread where some guy kept calling everybody spics because they could understand a Spanish post that was 90% cognates

Vegeta-tards rekt

goku saves the day again


They did a 180 on his character when the writers realized the ending was going to get rushed to start work on the movie and realizing that Jiren's loss will not be cathartic if he's an even remotely like-able character by the end.

Although with what little exposition he's gotten, i could assume he means to find meaning to his life after losing everything and having nothing but his strength. He seems to be fairly interested in knowing why such a rag-tag group of 'weaklings' trust each other and look out for each other so much.

Don't forget an incredibly high number of murricans think chocolate milk is just milk from brown cows

The guy is constantly training. SS3 was unlocked during the timeskip while he was dead, so he could've worked hard to get it, and the training we saw with Whis did look hard though again SSB wasn't really gained onscreen in either the movie or show.

>that one thread that turned into a Cred Forums shitstorm debate cause some spic got called out on his bullshit
Good times.

Fuck off gokekfag.

Even if you say SSBKK is cano its still just a technique on top of a move

Goku would be warming the bench right now if it weren't for Android 17

Also Frieza is still active, he's hiding behind a ppiece of rock going "hohohoho" and is going to kick Jiren in the dick at the last minute and get the Super Dragon Balls

>single person
>not a trained professional
>Drew Original art over each frame
>did it for kicks
>Objectively holds its own against some episodes of a BIG name anime, animated by a team of pros, some of which have years of experience.

Vegeta was training with Whis for months, and when Goku showed up all he did was goof off and complain. Back home he would just sleep on the tractor while neglecting to tend his farm or raise his kid.

If Goku does train, it isn't shown on-screen anymore that's for sure.

fuck you to whoever tries to sell toriko in dragonball, its not fucking working

>there are people actually expecting goku to get knocked out
This is literally the goku show, I don't know why anyone would expect any different.

Chadhan is the most brutal fighter in the multiverse

La rana?!?!

It's a shame he failed to do that to a furry and lost as a result.

Reminder Freeza saga had a total of 8+1forms.

Cell/Android Arc had 7+1 forms.

Buu Saga had 10 forms.

So anyone complaining about so many forms in Super, just look Z and then come back bitch. And yes this includes villains and heros.

>look ma i posted it again
do you really need to be reminded everyday that dyspo was owning golden frieza? and that gohan being responsible on dyspo ringout makes it so dyspo jobbed to him instead?

>>Drew Original art over each frame
but the art was shit
i was talking about the animation
Literally brazilian mastar

Doesn't change the fact that super is objectively shit.

Hey wait a sec...
Is this me or do we see dead Gods talking to each other in episode 128 ? There's even the fox. Is Toei even trying ?

It sucks because vegeta has been pushed to the edge arguably more times than Goku, yet theres no inkling of his body sling-shotting into a badass powerup.

Even after going into the 'flashbacks of destiny' trope TWICE did nothing but give him enough power in his CURRENT form to attack. It was explicitly said he was going on pure willpower and he even gets a flashback and nothing happens. Goku gets 1 flashback and turns into a more powerful version of UI and masters it less than a minute later.

It's literally plot armor and bad writing, of course we're gonna bitch.

>do I really need to keep posting my headcanon as to why this gag character is actually super strong

gohanfag pls go

It was done right and balanced with the Goku Black saga. Vegeta and Trunks and Goku all had to join forces and had their own roles in defeating him. It wasn't just Goku accidentally getting another form again.

>Zarbon (QT)
>Zarbon (feo)
>Freeza (uno)
>Freeza (dos)
>Freeza (tres)
>Freeza (forma definitiva)
>Super Saiyan
That's 6. Unless you're going to incorrectly claim that Piccolo absorbing Nail is a form(It isn't)

I don’t know if this is a bait or if your retarded but these are the gods that were omitted from the ToP for having a high mortal rate


The 4 GoD's you see are from Universe 1, 12, 5, and 8.



never said it was good but tha=e fact that the skillgap isn't even that large to some episodes of super is sad on its own.

Those are the GoDs from the exempt universes

How do we stop him?

you could not have over shot that any farther. Congrats

>Goku Blanco
>Esto es el fin

Goku stole both Gohan form and catchphrase. Why is this allowed?

though so, concession accepted.

Gohan still has pic related

Whis even explicitly told him he could surpass Goku. Gokus bullshit is stronger than Whis's knowledge, it's amazing.

Freeza 100 & Meta Freeza.

And yes Nail & Piccolo fusing counts. It's a power up.

GENEROUShan gave him a portion of his poder

Why do angels have halos around their necks but El Padre has his halo above his head?

He said crossplay.

>over shot?

It's facts. Gets over it.

>It's a power up
that's not a new form, that's a power up. Unless you really want to say Gohan and Krillin getting Grand Elder'd counts as well, which would make the Goku and Vegeta Zenkai's count as well.
>meta freeza
that's the start of the android arc

Vados was a gurl, they posted vocaroos.

Its really a miracle that he gets as much shine as he does. I think they understand how much hype Vegeta brings to the table, that's why he's always within the group of relevant fighters, they just can't commit the sin of making him look better than Goku. If he did any damage to Jiren it would have lessened Goku's victory.


Actually, he basically copy pasted Gohan frames from the battle, but Jiren seems to be from some other sources, you can see how his build is completely inconsistent during the video, and his movements don't really match Super Buu's.

It was a fusion.

And Meta Freeza Still counts as part of Freeza since he is still the Major Enemy. And his story didnt end yet.

Because he's the angelest angel

>It was a fusion
So was Cell and that fat guy with the money. Why didn't you count that? Piccolo absorbed Nail, Cell absorbed Fatty.
>Still counts as part of Freeza arc because he wasn't dead
I see that every Arc is the Saiyan arc

>The non-U7 girls with the most fanart are Caulifla, Kale and Sorrel
>the rabbit has more fanart than other humanlike characters like the pride trooper woman

explain yourselves


>u10 originally had 2 super strong invisible dudes but Cus milked them dry right before the tournament

There are way more furry porn artists than any other kind.

Reminder TOEI slightly changed Tori's script and swaped Gohan and Vegeta's places. In the manga Vegeta will defeat Dyspo and Gohan will defeat regular Toppo (GoD Toppo is filler), Gohan will also be eliminated right after Vegeta, before Goku + Freezer vs Jiren final showdown.

Screencap this.

>the entire Black arc and ToP happened in the span of a bit less than 2 days
>Goku went from jobbing to Hit to stronger than a GoD in that short time

Zenkai powa

>SS3 Gotenks tier guy
>defeating a GoD candidate/SSGSS tier guy

After actually reading the chapter... it's trash.

- 17 gets the first elimination for those thinking the manga wouldn't wank him.

- Katoplesa and Jimmy out, looks like it's rushing to get to the big fights

My biggest problems with the anime was that it didn't seem like a battle royal past the first episode. Just a bunch of 1 on 1 fights that looked dumb because everyone around mostly respects them lol

However, it did at least show some abilities for most of the new characters, cept Nigirishi...

If they made it more BR like and cut some of the padding it would have been a great arc.

I expect the manga to be trash for a while longer before we get a few good fights at the end.

At least Jirens personality will be a bit better :l

is chapter 33 translated yet?

>the rabbit has more fanart than other humanlike characters

anime fans are well-known for their shit taste, no wonder lolis, flat-chest, delicious brown and futanari are popular

Hair colors. He meant to write hair colors.

Furries like their art.

They are like cockroaches.

Nigga show me the quote. People on here just say “toriyama says...” to backup whatever headcannon they have, how would that have ever come up in conversation?

>begin reading post
>suddenly realize it's not the first time you have seen it and drop it
Really makes you think.

I like caway as well.

Nothing wrong with lolis and dfc.

What meme will come true next?

I mean the worst thing about it is they tend to be better artists overall. They emphasize the sexiest parts of whatever fetish they cling too and almost always color their shit better. They just also draw tails and animal ears on everything.

SSGSS Golden Cell

Felt like a WWE Royal Rumble. Mostly wrestlers will stick to corners, trying to eliminate each other, throughout the match stronger characters get to shine, doing their signature or finisher moves.

i hope evil grande padre

Are you fucking blind? Read . Toriyama says no other Goku can compete with Blanku, deal with it.

el grande padre's evil form
jiren will win and he'll wish for the evildoer to appear in front of him to kick his ass
then, the great priest will appear right in front of jiren

These are the only characters that mattered to me minus Yamaha
Why could super just bring them all into the lime light for Awesome adventures?
The goku/vegetables wank sucks

>Katoplesa and Jimmy out

Trash. Anime wins.

Because their fetish is shit and no decent person wants to draw that garbage, so they're forced to become good artists.


So it’s just yet another example of the author saying “new form strongest there is!” even though he probably doesn’t even remember EoZ? Youre just taking a vague statement out of context to be prove a point.

Not even possible.

He looks like a grandpa making advertisement for anti ageing cream

>weaker than xeno

He IS a grandpa. The strongest Grandpa ever seen!!

>toriyama said this
>you have no proof
>here's the quote
>i-it d-doesn't count
fuck off

>this is the strongest son goku ever seen

What the actual fuck???????????????????????????????????
Explain anyone

>Roshi tries to play off the no flight rule as a hurdle a martial artist should be able to adapt to. Kuririn points out that’s just because Roshi can’t fly. In return for the sass, Roshi tells Kuririn he probably needs to start over with the milk training basics.

>Caulifla called Magetta "junk" prior to trip to the Void Realm, so the sad Metalman initially refused to fight. He was convinced otherwise just in time.

>Hit’s been training since the last tournament with Goku, and won't "lose in such a manner" this time.

>To no one's surprise after the events of the previous chapters, Universe 11 still isn’t antagonistic to Goku about being a “villain”. Goku greets Toppo and tries to meet Geran. The grey baldy tells him to get lost, he doesn’t want to waste energy with this interaction.

>After deciding to team up before the match, Freeza comes to offer Frost advice so he doesn’t waste stamina. He reveals the 3 bald Earthlings (Roshi, Tenshinhan & Kuririn) are small-fry, and requests Frosts eliminate them quickly.

>Frost wonders why Freeza would risk his Universe losing. Freeza doesn’t care. He joined the tournament for revenge on the Saiyans, so he’s waiting for the arena to clear out a bit so he can make his move. Well, if that’s the case, Frost is willing to oblige.

You are welcome

post more caway

What is el congelador plan?

Was about time to give him gray hair

No one cares about this fucking shit.

>toriyama knowing his series
>what are fucking s-cells

>blanco was real but not gohan
Why did he keep getting cucked by his own dad?



Jimmy's out? based Toyo! as a Gohanfan I'm grateful.

Too bad for Katopesla, he was great.

>still no argument
Akira fucking Toriyama says your favourite Goku is canonically weaker than Blanku. Sorry, you must deal with it and stop being a fag

>SSG and SSB
only two exists user, UI (imperfect and mastered) its a tecnique

>believing SSB+King Kai Fist its a transformation
Its just regular SSB using the King Kai fist tecnique

>leave the rest to me

The entirety of super was a fucking meme

>be me
>saiyan prince/elite
>arrive on earth and manage to defeat kakarot
>job to his 4 year old son and manlet best friend
>strive to be the strongest warrior and surpass kakarot
>believe I'm a super saiyan and fight freeza
>kakarot becomes a super saiyan with just anger alone
>train my ass off in space and finally become a super saiyan
>manage to defeat one of the androids but job to a woman not soon after
>become super vegeta and manage to kick cells ass in his second form
>have a chance to kill him
>let him become perfect and proceed to get my ass kicked
>job to his autistic children
>kakarots 9 year old son surpasses you and defeats cell with a single punch and kamehameha wave
>7 years later
>finally unlock ssj2
>high on majin power
>have a rematch with kakarot
>find out he's been holding back the entire time
>decide to do the noble thing and sacrifice myself to protect my family
>blow myself up to kill buu
>does nothing
>attempt to fight kid buu
>job and admit kakarot was stronger
>a few years pass
>freeza returns with a new golden form
>get the justice i deserve and kick his ass
>just as I'm finally about to get my revenge kakarot steals the kill at the last minute
>time passes
>fighting zamasu with my son
>our combined galick gun is barely able to push back his attack
>kakarot does it by himself with ease
>fighting in the top
>kakarot gets his ass kicked by jiren
>kakarot somehow gains ultra instinct
>still can't hurt jiren
>there's still hope
>fighting jiren
>manage to see through his attacks
>get btfo by jiren
>eventually gain my own power up, who needs ultra instinct?!
>blow toppo the fuck out
>realize it amounted to nothing since he's the biggest jobber in u11
>fight jiren
>get my ass kicked without putting up a fight
>cry like a bitch
>give kakarot the little energy i have left
>kakarot manages to hurt jiren with a power up he got on a silver platter
>realize all your training amounted to nothing

>UI (imperfect and mastered) its a tecnique
not anymore
v-jump calls it a form

>remembers waifu and cabba
>remembers teammates and vegeta the hardest when he's crying
>unlocks powerup
>doesn't even recall waifu and 2nd son
Was it autism?

UI is a technique, Mastered Instinct (know as Ultra Instinct's Signs while unmastered) is a TRANSFORMATION that allows Goku to use the UI technique and makes him stronger, like SSG is a transformation that allows Goku to use god ki and makes him stronger.


>yfw Roshi, Tenshinhan and Krillin kick Frost ass.


He wanna knows if there's a meaning beyond of just getting stronger

>Caulifla bullies her teammates
>Then tells Champa to fuck off while Cuckbba tries to white knight again
I'm liking her manga version now. Was not really into it last chapter, she was too nice.

>Super has a fuckload of problems, but disrepecting Vegeta isn't one of them
Oh isn't it!? What about fucking the fuck up with his pride by making him dance a bingo dance, what about making him wear a skirt or whatever the fuck that gay shit is called? What about turning him into a pet for Bills? They made him go back to Frieza times, something Vegeta would never do again since he rebelled in Namek. What about pic related? Go fuck yourself, Dragon Ball Super ruined my favorite character.

It was enough to take that hit of Vegeta admitting Goku to be number 1, but after what we've seen in super that is superb.
I don't get furious because every character got downgraded in Super, Goku for instance, matured throughout Z and became a very likeable and respectable alpha male in the end of Buu, today? He fucking says he's never kissed his wife, has the mentality and dialogues of a 5 year old down syndrome kid.

I fucking hate super with my guts.

She actually tricky unlike most of the universe 4 who were just freaks.

anyone got a link to the chapter?

So when Goku had his flashbacks before getting UI again why did he remember what jiren said about trust? Did it anger him or what

>be me
>the once in a bajillion quintuple super saiyajin
>job to a shota

Being a brolyfag truly is the worst feel

>frost gets owned by earthling tag team
make it happen.

Roshi (not even saibaman tier), Tenshinhan (weaker than saiyan arc Vegeta tier) and Kuririn (not even Ginyu tier) vs a Piccolo tier Freeza
>baldies win
I would love it, honestly

>Look reddit, I posted it again!

Ge Ge Ge, flushing Super down the toilet

I hope so

Why can't we get one bros? Why does he think so much about cabba? What does he see in cabba that he didn't in mirai torankasu?

>has the mentality and dialogues of a 5 year old down syndrome kid.

Friendly reminder that the only reason why Goku is a good guy and the way that he is, is because his adoptive grandfather dropped him on his fucking head hen he was a baby and gave him severe brain damage.

Fucking this. DBS ruined Dragon Ball Z legacy.

He can't fuck his own son or brother.

Not canon.

>tfw she has no porn
it's just not fucking fair bros

Someone who likes fighting

Cabba isn't canon either.

pic related the time when Goku raised his hand to the supreme kai in order to fight Vegeta

oh, those were the good old days

What are you saying user? that dbz super is not, in fact, canon?

feel like the UI transformation was such a big missed opportunity. It started out amazing with the emotional music and flashes of all the people that are counting on Goku to win, and then it all just got ruined by a hard cut to "clash of gods" which is used every single time UI has shown up to the point that it's a meme. This would have been THE transformation in super if they had kept going with the other music and have it swell up as Goku punches jiren away after dodging, showing that he's putting everything on the line to win for the people that are counting on him. And maybe even have him shed one tear as he stares down jiren, so that maybe for one time this show can actually show that Goku is more than a bumbling fucking idiot who doesn't give a shit about anything other than fighting and develop his character for the first time in this shows 3 year run.

Cus is so moe! I can't stand it!

Kek, remember in the Black arc when Vegeta overheard Bulma talking to Trunks about how there was nothing to worry about because Goku would save them in the end and he almost started crying. That was one of his biggest cuckenings ever.

>dbz super

Super should've ended after the Future Trunks Arc.

anyone have that pic of toei's twitter spoiling ep 129?

>be goten
>be absolutely useless
>get reduced to filler character cause no one cares about fujoshit character.

>Tenshinhan (weaker than saiyan arc Vegeta tier)

I like how people compare this and think Toei must have saw this and thought "shit this is good, we better copy it" when the reality is, their fight choreography is so bland and mediocre its easy for fans to predict and emulate that ultimately falls in line with official material from the same old crap done every fight.

>rapes JOBly

*sucks each others cocks*

who is goten?

dumb frogposter.

How did you get to that conclusion?

Being a goten and trunks fag must be suffering, they've done fuck all in super and got shafted out of a filler arc thanks to ToP.

but she was faking being a slut.

Why wasn't there enraged chadhan scenes in the TOP

Yfw when the next Dragon Ball series bites the bullet and make the Time Breakers canon

Trunks got a whole arc for himself. Only the Gotenfags didn't get anything.

Its time to let go of the Cell arc, Paco.

i would watch the shit out of that, honestly

>...by assisting his older brother Cuckhan along side his late father Jobku via a combined Kamehameha wave from the three of them that initially doesn't do shit until CHADrunks steps in

db ultra

Totally, how can people even say Super treated Vegeta well? He had a worse focus than Gohan, and boy, that was a hard thing to achieve.

Also, pic related. The face of a cuck and Vegeta in Z

I'm talking about kid trunks.

but the time breakers shit is good
this would be fun

So... mastered UI Beerus will be a white cat, right?


Yeah but it is


>Not HUNKs
One job, user. One job.

Well there's the jello Vegeta arc but even then Goku had to step in and save the day cause gotenks jobbed as usual.

He has been very enraged all the time.

I hope Yamamuro has a stroke

Who are they again?

The junior jobsquad

He got something as character thanks to his big bro, he GOT something from Super. Goten is still a non character

As long as Towa and Chronoa are canon, i'm fine with that.

why did they opt to go with Tien, Kuririn, Roshi and even the androids instead of Goten and Trunks?

SS3 Gotenks was the peak power in Z, only behind Gohan. plus, the kids are prodigies, 2 years from then they should be SS2 already.

Sucks to like Dragon Ball, it's so poorly written and has dozens of plotholes

This tien is at least just below super saiyen.
krillin is either just at super sayien or the slighter bit above it.

>M-MOM! D-DAD! I swear this isn't what it looks like!

how can you tell he is brazillian?

>jobbed to super buu


>Tfw Gogeta from Fusion Reborn is the Saiyan fusion that didn't job or unfuse before beating the villain

I miss Gotenks, his moments were the funniest in the entire franchise

I thought trunks liked Mai.?

Google trunks x goten.


The 100 year goku can presumably go back into blanco or whatever new form they happen to invent later on, because well, it's the same freaking goku.

>jobs to base Vegeta

That's future trunks, present day trunks is gay for goten.

Will Goku teach the earthlings and Piccolo UI? Vegeta would probably insist on learning it himself, but I doubt anybody else would.

>implying Mastered Instincts isn't a saiyan form just because it wasn't called "Super Saiyan" again
Goku Blanco is saiyan's cheap way to get Ultra Instincts for free like SSG was saiyan's cheap way to get god ki, everyone else that isn't a saiyan needs proper training to get god ki or UI and their appearance never changes (see Beerus using UI or Toppo using god ki in the manga. No hax transformations, just getting stuff by the hard way)

Are you sure? He seems awfully intent on getting present Mai,'s attention from future trunks

>He had a worse focus than Gohan, and boy, that was a hard thing to achieve.
how ?
The sole moment of Vegeta wrecking Beerus shit in BoG, owning Black Goku and his father/son Galick Gun in Zamasu's arc are more than Gohan ever got both in Super and GT.

Super even confirm that the guy is literally a better familly dad than Goku ever was.
I don't really see where Super's failed here, besides that Toei's filler shit.

How do characterfags even exist? It's utterly retarded

>GT Goku is the same Goku as canon Goku

EoZ says otherwise.

Most of them can't handle the energy and training needed to attain it.

>vegeta looking on in disappointment
Half breeds were a mistake.

He does.

>gets rescued by a half breed countless times
yeh i am sure he feels that way.

Wow he's a better dad than Goku. That's a high honor.

How can you tell he's disappointed?He has no mouth or nose

That was in the BoG movie only wasn't it?

Yes, i noticed the mistake 20 seconds after i posted.


user, why are you even discussing with a fagposter?

How fast would be Dyspo with Katopesla suit?


EoZ is still canon, we're just not gonna see it redone in super.



>white comes at a price
>goku loses most of his hair

they explained it you brainlet. In the tournament raw power was less fundamental than having fighting experience and being smart about how you fight

Krillin and gohan can learn it because the whole unlocked unlimited potential Shinanigans

Tell that to U4

300x faster

>Still canon
oh I'm laffin

Muscleman zeno

After dozens of episodes of HE'S OUT OF POWER we finally got an episode where someone has to fight without any power. Was it worth the wait?

Fans of Trunks either:
>only care about Future Trunks
>like both Future and Kid Trunks
So they win anyway.

>foreshadowing of Goku CALVO
How many transformations can he steal?!

What legacy?
It was a dumb show where people got power ups from dying their hair yellow.

But Gotenks has experience, and a special technique for every situation!

doesn't exist.

You know what's the next form.



All of them. Intelligente is next. Vegeta will get LGBT+

Try to make it sound as ridiculous as you want,
Super shows that Vegeta is willing to lose his pride aka the only thing he cared for during most of his life for his familly.
The end of the ToP even suggest the guy just want to take a different path than Goku to become stronger, that's neat.

Really, as i said, besides Toei shit-tier fillers, Vegeta is not a bad character in Super.

How can you call that color white its like blue-silvery.

Why would you need energy to make your body move without thinking? It would just take training.

>Super even confirm that the guy is literally a better familly dad than Goku ever was.
Impressive. Every fan wants to see this.

>wrecking Beerus
fuck mate, do you believe what you tell others?

>anything during the black arc
same one where he again admitted goku was far ahead him and saved him a senzu bean

super is shit, I thought I'd at least enjoy since hey, it's dragon ball 20 years afterwards, but all it brought was rage and disappointment

>G-goten! What are you doing?


>cell's ultimate form: a red version called blood cell
>cell's even more ultimate form: a white version called white blood cell

>That's nothing goku, I've been training while I've been in hell!

How do you figure the spirit bomb in there?

SS4 still shits over every new form design in super.
Aside from Rose.



This, I don't get why people hate it so much.

Would it be against the rules to kill Freeza if he's technically already dead?

Reminder GT did Vegeta better than Super.


Goku Blanco...

Literally less reliable than Freeza. Put Gotenks in any situation the humans were in.
>Would have let 18 get ringed out
>Would have let Ganos get stronger and stronger
>Would have left Gohan and Piccolo to get sniped off stage

Yes, Im Akira's dad and Gohan is going Blanco instead of Goku.
We are hiring a special mexican team just to draw the next volume

But ultra instinct is literally perfect dodging.
You know being like the opposite of gohan.


>jobbed to baby
>jobbed to shenron twice
Yeah, he did real good.


Not canon


>the size of Goku's head

I had no idea SSJ4 did that shit with clothes, how embarrassing

Cause I'm busy fapping to your lewds.

I hope DBS ends with el Grande Padre and some of the angels swerving everyone, like it was foreshadowed before, instrad of with a cookie cutter shonen happy ending.
I know it won't happen though.


>Gotenks is less experienced than 2 droids, one a housewife for a decade and the other one a park ranger who fights poachers

the state of super fans today.

>Dumbass haircut and mustache
>Missing for like a third of the show
>Gets possessed by Baby
>Jobs to Super 17
>Needs Bulma's to get SSJ4
>Jobs anyway
I don't even hate GT, but it really didn't treat Vegeta any better

Because he doesn't have a category, he's the weakest Super leader.

>he doesn't remember magic pants
Wish we got shorts SSJ4 goku.

He looks like a literal cholo.

>same one where he again admitted goku was far ahead him and saved him a senzu bean
Also the same arc where Vegeta seems to be stronger than Goku by being the only guy that beat Black in a 1 on 1 fight.
Just like how Vegeta did way more against Beerus than Goku without having to reach god states.

You should like that don't you ?If you managed to like Vegeta when he was just an edgy bottom bitch for every main villains in dbz, i don't see how you can hate it in Super.

STR is great with LR Vegito and SS2 Vegeta and Bulma.

not to mention both got eaten by /ourguy/


So which OP & ED were the best?

1: Chouzetsu Dynamic
2: Limit-Break x Survivor

1: Hello
2: Starring Star
3: Light pink
4: Forever dreaming
5: Yoka yoka dance
6: Fried Rice
7: An Evil Angel & A Righteous Devil
8: Boogie Back
9: Haruka
10: 70cm square window
11: Lagrima

Better question, can freeza die while being dead? Like, what happens if you cut his head off?

The manga will be remembered as the more coherent version when both are done

He's still a great leader he's just the weakest of the super 120s from what I've heard.

koreans have the full manga leaks

pretty difficult to argue that CD is better than LB x S.
I enjoyed hello, starring star, light pink and haruka a lot. I think the least good is fried rice

I hate to admit it, but the ultra instinct sections do have some nice fluid animations for goku.

Dude hits hard as hell, i've seen him crit for 4.4 million with my LR Vegito as a lead and the SSJ4 Goku as a friend.
All the neogods are great except Broly, who loses defense for each orb he gets, so even regular attacks will take 50k from you if they hit him.

soon, I can see a dokkan event coming when the episode drops or at super ending
I hope the free UI Goku goes Blanco too


So Toriyama is making Goku low tier Angel level and Jiren high tier GoD level?

he looks shittier than his first ultra instinct form. he looks like the discount fanfics that had SS5/SS6 with white hair ape forms

"Limit breaker X Survivor" and "Evil Angel &Righteous Devil".
Not even a question.

I am the villain? let me show you!

Dragon! revive everyone that died due son goku's actions!

Isn't Vegeta at this point in the story WAY stronger than Goku? He seems to be way stronger than KKx20 with his mastered form, and Vegeta has always had the edge in base form.

if they do this then super is the worst product in the history of entertainment

Cus is too pure

I'm p sure that was established during the Buu saga when he teleported to the Kai training grounds or whatever that if you die while dead you just stop existing

He is just a GT retard. Ignore him.

Did the Android Saga of the colour DB manga make it to the UK yet? Or did it even make it to the US? Hell, has it even made it online?

>Ssj4 is weaker than Spiderman

Wouldn't this bring back the original buu?

Yeah I dunno. I have a few of him on my friends list just because I think he looks cool.

Does anyone want to talk about how they also managed to fuck up kale's power level in the span of only like 5 episodes

That would bring back almost every villain

Wasn’t that special canon though ?

exactly Vegeta should have unlocked at least the base Ultra Instinct by now. Especially after taking

How many cocks could be fit inside that mouth?

>ultra instinct isnt a poerr boost huurr
>it's just auto dodge i swear durrr

Where you at retard?

>Jiren and Goku UI knock each other out
>U7 wins because literally everyone forgot about Frieza
>Frieza gets the wish, but before he can use it he runs out of time because of his constant use of Golden Form and gets booted back to Hell
>Wish defaults back to Goku, he uses it to resurrect all the deleted universes

This is your finale, say something nice about it.

The guy carrying out GT with this thread is almost certainly an operative

He does. But he likes himself some 18 too.

People who thought UI doesn't grant any power boost are legit retarded and straight up illiterates but that's to expect in a board filled with high school drop outs.


has it occurred to you nobody cares

Anime Belmod is just some generic fuck.

Shut the fuck up GT faggot.

Reminder that Krillin was the first to unlock Calvo for the tournament.

I care

>Implying that anyone in Dragon Ball can even touch Hombre-araña in even his base form, let alone his Hombre-araña Negro or Araña Hierro forms

How is he so prescient?

>being this retarded
the state of Gotenksfags


I care

>Blanco got meme'd into reality

Is this the best universe?

>Vegetafags bitching about his character assassination

I have no sympathy, although I admit I've had it with Goku's faggotry.

you do not hold down with the current criminal ... Because it's going to happen in the future, do not you kill me?
Even if it is said that bad behavior in the future is Zamas in a parallel world,
it is not decided that this time Zamas will commit evil

>Goku mastered a form even GoD's sttuggle to achieve in 15 min.
Really makes you think

nah it would be another GT

In the moment the black is getting stronger and laughed
Thamas also appeared and it is black and fusion at the end?

I do not think it is a super saiya pink
clearly Next thought that it was a super saiya green or purple, orange

Kaio Ken x20

Black arc was whole about Goten tho

There is more stronger.


I fucking love ultra instinct, it's the most satisfying asspull.

And it's fucking music.

Pride Trooper cometh before the fall


Why do you hate tate for using squash and stretch?

Limit-Break x Survivor & Haruka.

Which girl is the MOST Loose in the DB Universe?

You can post guys too because of Goku being super gay in OG DB.


>Still 3 volumes left of Super
>Each volume has 4-6 chapters
>Assuming volume 5 has 5 chapters and ends in 29, and the next volumes also have 5 chapters each, that means Super is ending in chapter 44
>11 months left until the manga ends

That's not how it goes, pride comes before hakai.

We are talking about the actual arc though, not the fanfiction written by xXSephiroth99Xx

thanks Freeza.

I can't wait to see Jiren and Belmond cry like a little bitch

wrong, dumb spic
right before he knocked out toppo he told him "i wont be defeated by a loser with no pride"

Some people just can't appreciate the simple things.

there's a problem with that, he is super exhausted and Jiren upped his game with him being somewhat pissed.

It's going to be so satisfying watching jiren job to blanco goku.

Regardless of the actual age, I am rejuvenating to trunks and the same generation as usual without being a young
creature, and since the contents of my head are children as a matter of fact, I do not think there is any problem with spirit age as well It is likely to impress me more if it is the future trunks world that it

can be said or worse, such a casual three idiots can not help being serious, it is
extremely harsh and terrible situation.

Frieza hasn't been kicked out?
Where the FUCK is he?!

Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.

So Jiren can't sense Ki

Waiting for his UI to unlock to fuck jiren up.

What the fuck are you smoking?

What's Freezer's wish gonna be?


>Limit-Break x Survivor & Haruka.

>no universes deleted, just moving them away
>Wish becomes something retarded like pantsu

Everyone out of the arena is literally retarded. For fucks sake, Cuckeeza isn't sitting with them, how the fuck are they only rumbling about "muh goku!!!"
Just let Goku spend the 2 minutes and they win because they outnumbered U11's team

he's going to get cucked out of that wish

I want Manga Belmod to do clown tricks to every member of U11 that gets eliminated
>Throws a whipped cream pie at Tupper
>uses the zapper to shake hands with Vuon
>Gives Kunshi a jack in the box that's a giant boxing glove

Remove the gods. This will also remove God ki, making freeza the strongest.

That is literally what is going to happen.

Not like this is the first time a sneak attack has happened.
And it's not like it did anything anyway
Jiren probably didn't care

Ooh. Yesss

I hope they do a really good music track

>goku ui

>Gods and God Ki deleted
>GT still canon


Funny you say that

Yes, but it makes the characters look really retarded tho. Also, Jiren is retarded as well, why the fuck he just don't kick the lizard out so he can fight with Goku and decide the fate of his universe into a 1v1?

Go back to bed, Jobza.

I hope goku does some ridiculous shit like he did to kefla.

Wondering why he even bothered to eliminate anyone.

his time ran out and went back to hell, but no one noticed because no one cares about him

They can easily pull that it's an angel/God ability or relies on God ki.

Were you not paying attention this episode?
Base form goes straight to UI.
You do not need God ki or even SSJ to get UI. The hair should be clue number one.

so when is the next episode?

next week or next next week?

>Gods removed
>EoZ canon
>Gohan strongest non fused character again

Perhaps the animation staff does not think about the sparse part of Goku's "people naivarious" or "want to fight a strong guy", but thinks that it is only exaggeratingly exaggerated on the
other hand, It is almost impossible for me to have a way of thinking with situations, or cutting almost all of it, and since the atmosphere that has been lost is also lost
, it is not "fighting fool fighting like the original" but in super, I'm getting like a fool "I do not think

I can't think on any.
This kind of "looseness" can be remedied with the right exercises, so most likely anyone that fights at the dragon ball level is not loose at the the slightest.
Also rich people on a futuristic people can fix it other ways.
So, maybe oolong but not sure.

Based retardbro.

the week after next

there's a break next week because of a marathon, so the week after that

What did he mean by this

But they have yet to.

And probably won't.

am i gonna have to wait so much to see jiren job to godku?

Not this weekend but the weekend after the next. So we have an extra week to shitpost. It's like what, two more episodes?

New daddy found

They have also yet to even show the form in full, so it's all just guessing

How many episodes left? Like two right?

you will see jiren kick goku's ass until goku turns blanco at the end of the episode, then SURPRISE there's another break the week after that episode
so you gotta wait 4 weeks until goku kicks jiren's butt

so the series is actually ending huh
what's next for db? after the movie I mean

He's coming, just you wait

3 I guess

Fair enough.



god fuck, Caulifla looks so fucking bad on that picture delete this


why does this song go with everything in dragonball


she always looks terrible.

I wish we could go back.


Fuck we're almost done with this shitshow. I hate breaks.

This face made it all worth it.
I'm sure there are many who have their own screen caps of it.

Based daddyposter

She is hot on Super tho

This. I miss Bulma having tits.

What the FUCK happened?

Super Bulma is nearly the hottest she's been though. Close runner up are some of her appearances in Z.

It was in the BoG movie, but cut from Super. However, they have a crush on each other in the beginning of the Trunks arc with no set up at all, just following from the movie - although then she falls for his future self after he appears, then falls for him again towards the ending. However, after the Trunks arc was over once again they just ignored that crush completely.

Toei's staff really seems to hate it. I hope after the EoZ timeskip they'll actually play along since he won't be a child anymore.

Like someone else said, almost all the characters in Super got downgraded, it's not just about Vegeta.

Except for Android 18 who for some reason was as strong as SS Blue and strong enough to face Jiren and do what ultimately what Vegeta should have done.

Also Master Roshi who for also some other reason went from being unable to handle kid Goku to having like a million times more power now through his years of beating off on his island

Her tits got saggy.

Perfection, that's what happened


>making freeza the strongest.

Android 17 is objectively stronger than Golden Frieza

How hard are the spics cumming with Goku blanco?

They are still together in the manga after the Trunks arc, it's just the anime that ignores their relationship.




Stay mad that Frieza will win

Reminder Jiren's power fluctuates all the goddamn time.

>Her tits are never this big outside of this one scene
>Hottest she's ever been

Workin on somethin

>Android 17 is objectively stronger than Golden Frieza

Can't be as bad as Kale who was objectively weaker after it was said that she had gotten her power under control and was now stronger, and even fused with Caulifla.




>The pride troopers being fodder was part of the outline

I remember watching this scene as a kid/teen and thinking that wearing the scouter is turning Bulma 'evil'. Ha ... Super sure turned out pretty shitty in the end ... what can you do.

I want an U6 only anime.

I wish I didn't have to type those words out and defend that statement, but Toriyama has dementia or something. GF was getting bitch-slapped all up and down the stage by Jiren and while #17 was also getting a beating, he was at least able to take it like a man and hold back Jiren's then-strongest attack.

How did Vegetafags take last night's episode?

Is there even a difference at this point?

same way Vegeta did
cried themselves to sleep


Based Toyogod

Yeah, in the actual anime Gohan is where he belongs.

What the actual fuck

I don't think Cabba would use that form.

Meme magic has gone too far!

my sides
someone help me
I've lost my sides

GODku is objectively superior to everyone
CHADhan and WINten are so lucky to have Him as their dad

Okay, she looks pretty alright here

Wish doujin Bulma was canon.

Based daddyposter

Are we posting cute monkey couples?


Not much mate, not much

This is definitely an NTR doujin, isn't it?

CHADbba would obviously be the protagonist.

Goku blanco

Kissing the ground somewhere.

This is pretty accurate. It hurt really bad.

Man, DADku is just too awesome


Goku suggested Goten and Trunks. But Vegeta didn't allow it because they couldn't leave the fate of the universe to kids.

There were no underaged fighter in the ToP. (Not sure about U6 saiyans)

J-Jiren-sama, it's too biiiiiiig~

>Ever wanting THAT


This is definitely a new low for Toei.

>tfw getting fugged by the bf on friday


It's the Beerus one iirc.

Stop posting this

>But Vegeta didn't allow it because they couldn't leave the fate of the universe to kids.

haha yeah I mean it's not like Saiyans have a history of raising warriors from birth or anyth

What? That cabba is gay? Yes we all know that.

>2 weeks until blanco
>4 weeks until jiren gets his shit slapped


what the fuck has become of this thread..


Gotenks is a comedy jobber.


>Too big of a pussy to read Vegeta getting NTR'd even though I'm usually okay with NTR

Even the one where Krillin NTRs him was too much. I had to read the one where Krillin gets NTR'd afterwards to feel better.

>Katoplesa and Jimmy out
holy shit, the anime let Katoplesa shine, toyofags gonna defend this bulllshit

>U7 loses
>zeno brings back goku since they're friends
>goku, at the horror of being without friends, pleading with zeno to revive the rest
>zeno says no
>goku all alone like jiren
>jiren empathizes, becomes friends

if only such a twist could happen

what happens to all anime

stop this, pure blooded saiyans don't do romance.

You are totally right, user. Here you go.


>ribrianne has no human form in the manga



Based Chadbba fighting off SS3 in SS2


>left transformed to break free
>right didn't
toei make more sense because he was saving stamina

So we can agree he floors everyone until he walls at Kafla right?

>smart enough in the manga to transform before going into a fight

>Jiren's strongest attack

Which Freeza survived

I almost feel bad for being right.

>b-b-bejita-s-sama! n-n-no m-more!

So you're retarded. Ok.


what the hell

Everyone but Jiren and UI Goku lose to Kefla so that doesn't say much.


I didn't say Freeza died I said that he was passed out behind a rock while Android 17 was still fighting Jiren

not an argument

I am sorry user
I was being mean

GoD Toppo and SSBluer Vegeta are better.
Kefla is just really shitty scaling from the writers.

Tournament of power is 48 minuets long.

In 48 min Goku masters a form that is the equivalent to literal deities that he discovers half way through by accident. In 48 min a powerful stoic titan of justice goes from unbeatable badass to chump with no real purpose to doing this. In 48 min Vegeta goes from potentially showing up the rest and being the badass for once to lol nope Goku show.

I have no idea why I watched this show.

This is some pretty faggy shit you manage to post in most threads

>Universe 4 literally had a bug person that was too small to see and an invisible person that could never be seen nor felt
>They could've camped out for literally the entire tournament and do nothing at all and still win by default
>Fucking attack goku and co. head on, only serving as literal fodder for the show

is everyone in this show literally retarded.

I'm just trying to get my point across, that's all.

UI for GoDs is just automatic movement not the powerup.

It was an otherwise pretty good show with at least a handful of good moments, but they just have to end it on this skidmark of a note it's a shame

Honestly, the only people more retarded are the ones watching it.

I can't wait until CHADbba proves you wrong again

All because Chitela was a retarded GoD who is eternally butthurt of Beerus

don't forget the Frieza time
>let me tell you Jiren's entire backstory
>one minute has passed

Its the price we pay for rooting for Vegeta. Overall he played a big role in super so I can't complain.

The only thing FAGbba has proved is that he loves cock.