Rewatch Eva

>rewatch Eva
>had forgotten that Misato wanted to fuck him and he rejected her

God I hate this little faggot even more now.

He would have jeopardized his and Misato's position in NERV and their well being. He also had the whole hedgehogs dilemma.

life isn't all about sex

>wanting a used-up hag
Kill yourself.


What a considerate boy. He didn't want Misato-san to go to prison.


Why fawn over Misato when Ritsuko exists?

>Asuka all over his dick
>Misato wants to /ss/ him
>Ritsuko would probably be down since he looks like his father and he's the closest she can get

If only Shinji wasn't such a fag.

We need an alternate Evangelion where Shinji rooms with Ritsuko instead of Misato. Imagine how much more damn Freudian it would've became especially if Shinji just decides to become alpha and start undermining Gendo at every turn while rubbing it in his face he fucked Ritsuko constantly.

He had issues to deal with.

Shinji: m-m-muh dad doesn't love me!
>Misato down to fuck
>fiesty redhead for breeding
>mysterious blue haired girl ready
>even a dude if you're gay

shinji shit tier son confirmed.

In end of Evangelion?
She was just trying to motivate him to get in the robot

>muh muh depression
>muh no one loves me
>muh hedgehogs dilema
>muh dad doesn't love me
Bitch literally had 3 girls who wanted to fuck him but he ignored that like the fucking soyoby bitchboy he is, i were him i would stop being depressed because girls wanted to fuck me.

Srsly how could anybody think Misato actually wanted to bang him? She saw him as a kid.

In episode 23, when Rei dies, Misato tries to have sex with him to comfort him, to which he replies "begone thot".

Normalfags will never understand Eva.

virgin say that

Where do you think you are?

Why are you browsing Cred Forums if you aren't a virgin?

>Cred Forums
>Cred Forums
No shit sherlock

I am a normalfag. I ship Asuka/Shinji.

>I ship
You've failed.

I understand Shinji's character, doesn't mean I can't think he's a faggot.

>14 year olds "breeding"

No wonder the West is so trash. Neck yourself, degenerate

Actually, it's the opposite. The only ones who are obsessed with sexual experiences are the ones with a highly-romanticized view of the act. Go to's Naruto section. You'll definitely know who's the virgin around there. In some respects, it can become draining. I know I had a pretty romanticized view of it up until my own first time ... so it's mostly kids (in the most abstract sense) who grade their lot on Cred Forums by "sexual performances" as if they're the ones checking out their own criteria instead of their partners. It's kind of the first sign, really, to see who's the virgin and who's not.

She's his guardian, she can consent for him.

I'm skeptical, I don't remember that.

Shinji looks like a male yui tho.

>refuses sex with Misato
>holds hands with naked alien boy next episode
Yeah, he's a faggot alright.

it's almost like she's his mom or something

He knew Misato probably had tons of STDs


Kaworu is the first person in Shinji's life to love him unconditionally.

She just wanted to hold his hand, man. You know, like, just be there for someone. You don't have to say a thing, just be there and hold their hand to comfort them.

Yeah there's no sexual subtext at all you're right


You can accuse the series of sameface, but Gendo is straight up a bigger Shinji with a beard.

>child looks like a combination of his parents

Improve the human species. Kill yourself.

Yes goyim! have no children so the oppressed refugees and your brothers south of the border can continue to spread like rabies!



>Yes goyim, have children at fourteen so they grow up in a fucked up environment without good role models making them more receptive to our propaganda hmm

you can't actually think that. There's just no way.

>huge population of people who are against abortion and have Christian values, and hate drugs b/c that's what destroyed they're homeland
>alienate them so they become democrats and conform to the people who welcomed them
GL dying off goy

if they hate drugs why are illegal immigrants crossing the largest sources of drug trafficking

This unironically. People who've been laid don't give a shit if other people have been laid.

>all that bullshit

Where's the button to hire them at Mar al lago?

>hire countless spics at mar a lago
>mar a lago immediately shoah'ed by hurricane

5-d chess.

He's going to hire you and your fellow pedes any day now