Hatsukoi Zombie Ch.97










Tarou's birthday very soon. Maybe thid week's chapter (we'll know maybe tomorrow). Also, looks like his birthday is in Christmas








Hah! Gayyyyyy!




Get ready for it.

This is your cliffhanger for tonight.

Credit page, goodnight folks!


wow something finally happens

Poor guy.

>Getting jelly for a zombie
come the fuck on

>inb4 lolnope, I'm a boy
If Ibisuki pulls this again I swear

Most probably. Poor guy will end up becoming gay and I'll be laughing my ass off if he rejects both girls and this happens

I dunno if you guys saw this, but an Ebino figurine was beign sold in the Wonfest

And this is a picture that the author choose for the packing box. Very cute

She must accept her fate! Do not run!

>we dont live in a timeline where the next two chapters will be intense mating press followed by a quick marriage and more missionary
i thought abe was going to make anime great again...

The series can't keep going if Tarou finds out. There's like 2-3 chapters after Tarou finds out Ibusuki's a girl.

That's Ibusuki's whole character. The only reason she's pretending to be a man is because she's jealous of men's perception of her when they fall in love.

Spoiler: She's about to come clean then her face reminds him about Eve and he backs off.

So, it's Tarou's fault (in part) then.

I'm not so sure, Tarou still has his feelings for Ebino and Eve to sort out which can be spun out for a long time.

If this is actually true, I wouldn't be mad at all.
It's what I've come to expect from this.

Gookscans soon?

>Ibusuki doesn't like Tarou
Soon they'll be BTFO.

is there any romance in this?

Yeah, it is a big theme. It isn't a harem or a love triangle though.

What the fuck? Scanlations are starting up again?

Why wasn't that crazy yandere flower-arranging girl ever brought back as a secondary heroine?

And there it is. EBINO LOSES

>What the fuck? Scanlations are starting up again?
Yup. Chapter 98 maybe, MAYBE, this week.

As if Ebino cars. She ships them now.


As expected, anyone with sense knew that last page was bait.

Is it wrong of me to expect development in a shounen romcom manga?


I'm lying though. she knows she'll lose but still wants him.

She still craves for him but now she knows that Ibusuki likes him too (even if she denies it)

Holy shit, thanks for dumping

Ebino knew Ibusuki liked him since the chapter Ebiuno admitted it to herself.


Anime when?

The confirmation of her loss saddens me deeply.

$10 says he get's amnesia again and forgets that this happened.

You owe me 10$.