ITT: we post animes with utter shit voice acting

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I dont know who is worse
Goku and sons or vegetas voice

bejita's VA is great as reinhard


Can be
But as vegeta he jobs
Just like his voiced character
Vegeta never jobt this hard as this weeks episode
It was extremely cringy to watch this

Vegeta has a good seiyuu though.

Gohan's voice as an adult is shit.

nice samefagging

Gohan is shit anyway
Gohanfags btfo
Goku blanco is now

>Watching Dub
Get out.
Nozawa's Black was kino, also the entire Dragon Anime depends on her.
If she dies or retires you can kiss the Dragon Ball Anime goodbye.

dbz english dub

Once this generation of burgers gets old everybody in the world will realize that the original dub and soundtrack is superior.
early vegeta was great too

His anger scream is as paintful to listen as scratching a board with your nails

>dubs ever
Get the fuck out of my board you worthless cunts.

What went so wrong?

Do you watch on mute or what nigger?



He is complaining about Nozawa's voice acting which implies he prefers the Dub.
The only good VA in the dub is Sean and even then he is only good.

No. She actually sounds like a crying child. Fuck off nigger.

Ok to make this clear
Yes i complain about that shit granny
But it doesnt mean i prefere english dub in general and i dont watch dbz in english simply because of wait time
Also i complain about the whole anime not just granny. I dont like any VA in this anime. Everyone sounds retarded. From goku to vegeta to A18 kuririn
Every single fuck sonds off
And it is weird because i love jap dub and japs are good VAs in general

>dont like any VA in this anime
>hating based wakamoto norio
look at this nigger

I expect morons like you to dislike Goku and Kuririn's voices. But Vegeta and 18 sound retarded? Jesus Christ, weeaboos we're a mistake. You claim to love Japanese voice acting yet you hate some of the best there is.

You're just a faggot OP, go back to Cred Forums and post epic Wojacks.

maybe he only likes meme seiyuu like sugita or hanakana

>Dragon Turd thread

What is it like to have a shit taste? Or is it the ear cancer you have
Not pic related

>Darling in the AIDS fag
>"lmao shit taste"
oh man that's fucking gold, kys

Fuck i meant Chinese Cartoons

>ITT: weeaboos faggots that don't speak Japanese saying some of the best Jap voice acting is shit.

You can't make this fucking up. God damn lmao

I knew it.

it's not about taste you moron, we're not talking about our favorite seiyuu. i see a dumb underage like you wouldn't understand.

I am over 25 faggot
Your seiyuus are shit
Eat granny shit degenerate

>i'm over 25
doubt it kiddo, it's obvious you're 16 at most

>ITT: subhumans with shit taste

Ok fag.

glad you understand sport.

Canada has the best voice actors in the world

>If she dies or retires you can kiss the Dragon Ball Anime goodbye.

Implying this is a bad thing.

ITT: all english dubbed voice acting

Nozawas Black might be one if the creepiest performances of all time.


Why are you like this. Ryo Horikawa did nothing wrong.