You can't show me a sexier JC

You can't show me a sexier JC.



what the FUCK is this

>what is metadata

The way.



Why are middle schoolers so sexy?


Sakura is sexy even as an elementary schooler

Why do Japanese sexualize JCs?









How do I stop being attracted to lolis?

Stop bumping the thread in page 10 and go to a psychiatrist. You're welcome, now shoo and go.


Too expensive.


How can I get a loli like Sakura?

So close, yet so far.

Lock the thread

They're both sexy

>going to a psychiatrist
Enjoy paying for someone to literally make up problems for you until you're emotionally dependent on them.


Fucking poorfags. Well, if what you want is to spam pictures you can always go to /c/ and never come back.

It's your problem, not mine. The poor doctor needs money to eat too.

Don't they just tip off the police anyways

What makes them so sexy?


That's the idea hehe

Shut up already

Sexy JC boat

Oh I get it now you're one of those redditors aren't you

brat has no sex appeal

Am I? I wonder I wonder...

What would you do if you saw a naked JC?

You'll delete this immediately


Why do you make every time the same retarded pedo copypaste questions?

>19 year olds

Tights and ponytails

What if we were to take these cherry and strawberry flavors and throw rum raisin into the mix?

You never answer.

Cause I'm not a pedofaggot like you, duh.

She needs to go on a diet

So you'll just abandon a naked little girl?

No, I would give her a part of my clothes and call the police so they can find her parents.

Why are JCposters so witty

JCs are the best cheerleaders

JCs are easily impressed by smart oji-sans.

Fuck you, I answered the imbecile so he can shut up no cause he tricked me.

why'd you post a blank picture?


>undressing in front of a little girl
You pedofags really are disgusting.

What a slut, I bet you'd like to be naked instead of the sexy JC.

Kys don't compare to them

You need to go back to hell, Satan

God she's so sexy.

fuck off himawari

I wish I was an oppai JC


Please stay, Himawari.

I actually can.

Why are their butts always so great?

Why are pedofaggots so easy to hate? The idiots must have studied for years how to become so annoying. It's honestly unreal.


Is there any fanservice in Yama no Susume season 2? All I caps I see posted in these threads are always from season 1.

They really motivate me.

Now now, why would you care about something like that? Better go watch Sanrio Danshi. It's cute you know.

Thread is fucking over

>Why would you care
It's hot?

Pfff that's fucking homo, are you a homo?

Two words. Sanrio. Danshi. Go watch it and become the man you truly are.

Why do they always make lolis so sexy?


>I would give her a part of my clothes
Be specific, are you going to give her all your clothes except underwear?



How dare you post Cred Forums pic in Cred Forums!

What does a JC smell like?

How dare you ask for sauce!

Cartoons don't smell, user.




JS2-JC1 are the only acceptable body type group.

JS5 is peak.

I am getting my torches ready



I forgot she was in the anime.

JS4-JC2 is better

You're wrong.

When you're right, you're right

I want to take a long hard sniff of her used panties.

The sexiest, cutest and most beautiful

this desu