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99: Cursed Kogarashi
[side] We'll have a blessed bath right now...

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>chapter title following Sagiri's thigh
Be still my raging hard on

"Basically... Fuyuzora-kun has to... well?"
"Has to see girls' panties... or he'll die"

[side] Wh... what...!!?

"Uhh... we have no idea what you're talking about...?"
"I-I got grabbed by Oboro-san out of nowhere"
"I don't even know what's happening, okay!?"
"Urakata said you were needed, Master Miyazaki..."

>I is sleepyz.
My harem translator can't be this cute!

"...sorry guys"
"I'll explain the details of this as simple as I can"

"So after school today... Hibari and I were working on an extermination mission."
"It was against a dangerous evil spirit who could manipulate a various amount of nonsensical curses"

"Fuyuzora Kogarashi just happened to be there by pure coincidence because of his job..."

"Using the last of his strength,"
"The spirit cast a powerful curse on Fuyuzora Kogarashi...!"

"So I did an analysis just now..."
"He has to see the panties of 12 girls within 12 hours or he'll die."
"According to my diagnosis...!
"What kind of curse is that!?"

"S...so I... have to show"
"My p-p-p...panties to him!?"
"Sory Chisaki-chan"
"I can't use transformed panties on this one"
"So we had to bring some real girls...!"

"The curse is so strong, neither I nor the tengu could fix him...!"
"Oh dear. Looks like things have taken a bad turn again"
"Ngh... I'm still unskilled...!"
"W..well, it's for Ohii-san! I'll help out too!"

"One two there..."
"So if you need twelve, then I...!?"
"Sorry... this is all because we're so useless...!"
"Kogarashi is really weak to curses and spells, as per usual"
"Uuugh... and he one-punched the Black Dragon too...!"


"Sorry... guys...!"
"I...I got careless..."
"I shouldn't have... got close to it...!"

"Just don't..."


"...well, this is our responsibility as Chuuma ninja...!"
"As their representative... I could"
"At least go first...!!"
"S... Sagiri-chan!!"

"H-h-h-how's this Urara!?"
"Did it work!?"

"...no Sagiri!"

"When Fuyuzora-kun sees panties, there should be a flame where the crest is on his forehead!"
"When all twelve flames are here..."
"Fuyuzora-kun will be free from the curse...!"
"What is up with that gimmick!?"

"Fuyuzora-kun's eyes are getting cloudy now..."
"Might as well get closer and show him!"
"It'll be fine! His consciousness is fading in and out, so he can't really tell!"

"H...ho-how about now...!?"
"Look Fuyuzora-kun. Panties...!"

"What the hell is even happening..."
"E...even Ameno-san there is...!"

Hibari saying what we’re all thinking.

"There's a flame on the crest!"
"You did it Sagiri!"

"I was worried because this is a complicated curse... but it looks like my diagnosis was right!"
"Let's keep things going here!"
"What... the heck is this curse...!"

"O-okay I'll go next!!"

"Kogarashi-san... always helps me out during the day!"
"If I can pay him back, even if it means showing my p-p...panties, then...!"

Fighting for the right to show panties first. 10/10 harem

"No... I'll go first!!"
"Yuuna... You're the only one I won't lose to!"
"I'm the one who thinks of Kogarashi-dono the most!!"

"Th-then Hibari too!"
"M-me too...!"
"What was that!?"

"U-umm! I spoke first, so I get to go first..."
"Hold on, we can go in any order we like!"
"Then I should just go first!!"
"Uuugh... I expected a fight!"
"Oh man, they're arguing now..."

"How about we go first then"
"Urakata... my underwear isn't panties though"
"I think underwear should be fine!"
"How can you be so calm...!?"

"Man, can you please stop getting these weird curses?"
"Fuyuzora... I won't let you die...!"
"Get better... Kogarashi!"

"Whoa! Three lights just went up!"

"Aagh!? Nonko-san and the others went first!?"
"You people are getting in the way..."
"Same goes for yooou!"
"Fighting is bad, you guys...!"

Chisaki best waifu

"D...do we have to show him while wearing them?"
"The panties..."
"Yeah... I tried showing just the panties by themselves"
"It didn't work...!"

"I... see..."
"W...well, worse comes worse, I'll look for a replacement!"


"When Genshirou-san and Karura-san first came here..."
"I couldn't do a single thing in the end..."
"Which is why, even... even if this is the situation"

"If there's something I can do... I'll...!"
"Then I'll do it with you, Nakai-an!"
"It won't be embarrassing if we're together!"
"Y-yeah! Maybe I'll use this opportunity to join as well...!"

"H...how's this!?"
"P...please don't look too much...!"
"Here Kogarashi-kun! Panties!"

"Wait Koyuzu-chan, you're doing it too!?"
"I wanna save Kogarashi-kun!!"
"Alright... I guess I'll get on it too"

Also God's work OP

"Is this okay?"

"...oh? The light isn't showing?"
"Looks like spats are no good..."

"Man... here!"

"Got it!"
"You're the Yatahagane. How did you get this dumb curse on you...!"

Genki aide ninja is top bro.

Also super cute.

"And now we're the only ones left!?""
"Fine, no choice now! How about a lottery!?"
"W...well if that's the case...!"
"I'll get one ready!"

"O...okay, I'll go first...!"
"Fuah... good luck Chisaki-san!"

"Ugh... this is so embarrassing...!"
"I mean, he saw it so many times already..."
"But showing them myself is..."


If this can make you better...
I'll show them as many times as I can...!

"Alright we're good! Nice one, Miyazaki-san!"

"H...hmph! You just turned... your skirt up huh!"
"I'll show you all.. my feelings for Kogarashi-dono!!"

"I...I mean!"
"People who're lying down in a sickbed shouldn't be getting up!"
"Kogarashi-dono should just sleep there!"

"So this is how..."
"A truly sympathetic heart will do it...!"

"H...Hibari's not gonna lose!"
"Hibari!? Don't be hasty! Hibariii!?"

in b4 nose in camel toe

"Hibari... Hibari can..!"
"Y-you're loosening your panties string!?"

"I-is-is that all you got, you lowly Chuuma ninjaaa!!"
"If Hibari can do it, she might as well go for it!!"
"What the hell are you guys even competing over!?"

"K...Karura-san and Hibari-san were amaaziiing...!"
"What kind of underwear... how can I show him...!?"


"...I'm being dumb"

>tfw her facial expression is like she's being fugged in the ass

If I'm worse than the other girls... that doesn't matter.
This... this is just for Kogarashi-san...!


These girls are lunatics, can’t even take Yuuna’s own thoughts seriously. Fun though.

"You're not wearing anything!?"
"You've done it now you madwomaaan!!"
"I think I just messed up when I tried to transform some underwear up..."

"The curse seal is disappearing!"

Note: Going full commando actually didn't break the curse
"Th... that's great!"
"..no hold on! This situation...!"

"Now it's changed to a "show hm a bra or he'll die" curse...!"

These girls had no idea of knowing
That [the spirit] got as far as invoking a fully naked curse later on.
[Side] *As a side note, Kogarashi-kun is having the hardest time since he's close to dying!!
[Bottom right] Next issue, something happens to Yuuna-san...!?

Somewhat sad it's she's wearing panties under the spats.

Uhhh colors are taking a while to upload because of shitty internet. I'll post them when they're done.

So no two-part 100th chapter special of shameless fanservice. A shame, but oh well.

Thanks a lot TLanon. Now lets wait for TSanon.

I don’t dislike Yuuna, I’ve just not been very interested in her story lately. Maybe I’ll come around again sometime. Thanks TLanon.

That's some fucking dedication for a spirit who got utterly blown the fuck out.

Thank you.

>Kogarashi-kun is having the hardest

>"You've done it now you madwomaaan!!"

Please keep this in.

Thanks user.

Is this manga super interesting tier yet?

"Welcome to Level 2."

>"So if you need twelve, then I...!?"
Why didn't they give the student council president from the all-girls school a chance to help?

Just pray it gets ported to Square. It needs to fill the TLR void.

desu tlr got stale af with the most boring excuses to show naked tna
and the shittiest story imaginable that was repeated every episode

this manga has more variety and better a better harem

Best girls

Finally some fanservice of Urakata.

>better a better harem


She has jump over Shion and Chisaki's friend.
Plus Karura already jacked the ojou-sama slot.

Your shitaste impress me user.

She ded user.
Same fate awaits producer-chan and the idols.

Well, when you're about to be destroyed, you might as well go out with the biggest "fuck you" to the ones responsible that you can manage. The spirit's intent was probably to go through "have sex with him or he'll die". The idea being that either Kogarashi would die while the two Chuuma chasing the spirit tried to get enough women together, or the Chuuma would get a bunch of other women (probably fellow Chuuma) who would then have to join the first two and degrade themselves again and again to save him. It just died before it could get that far, and it underestimated the number of women ready to go pretty far for Kogarashi.

Thanks user.

Where can I find typeset color chapters?

Hm, I think mangadex has em nowadays

I'm here and working on it.

Urakata is underrated

Not only that Yuragi focuses much more on it's characters and they are a lot more likable in general. Helps a lot that Kogarashi is a much better MC. I don't think Rito has ever been likable throughout the whole of TLR excluding 2 or 3 times.

I hear ya. Yuragi seems to be more equal opportunity with the harem instead of momomomomomomomo

I think it has to do with the girls being focused. Kogarashi appears, but it's the girls who has the spotlight and tend to have the point of view for series sans several arcs or chapters.


Check the archives or

Why are the girls so bashful about showing him their panties. The man has accidentally gotten to at least second base with 90% of them, it's not like this is anything new.

Lewd accidents and intentionally being lewd are two different things

ghostly bump

>fully naked curse
Did they show themselves?



Thanks as always

Cute Chisaki.

Where're the color pages?

Man my internet is doing bad.

Well, part of TLR's problem is that it eventually got obsessed with having ecchi things happen to Rito, or be witnessed by Rito, which was kind of limiting. Yuragi's much more comfortable with having fanservice that can't be seen by Kogarashi, or having Kogarashi go a long time without any lewd accidents happening.

i think i need to take a break from everything Cred Forums related for a while

Internet crashed. Have to find alternate way to upload them.

Okay, I've had a few interruptions, so I'm a bit behind, but I'll start dumping what I have so far.


By the way, on the paper, from right to left: Karura, Hibari, Chisaki, Yuuna.







I'll work via phone since internet is being terrible now.

Oh forgot about that. Thanks

Huzzah internet consistent enough to upload colors:



pan 1 bub 2: He has to see girls’ panties... or he’ll die.
pan 3 bub 2: I don’t even know what’s going on, okay!? [If “what’s happening” works, then leave this part]



pan 1 bub 2: I’ll explain everything as simple as I can.
pan 2 bub 1: So after school today... Hibari and I were hunting criminals out.
pan 2 bub 2: We were fighting against a dangerous evil spirit who could manipulate a various amount of nonsensical curses.

pan 1 bub 5: I can’t used transformed panties for this one.
pan 1 bub 6: So we really have to use real girls...!
pan 2 bub 3: Ngh... I still don’t have the skills...
pan 3 bub 5: Uugh... and he punched the black dragon god out with one hit too...! [In case one punch is too memey]

pan 2 bub 3: I shouldn’t have... gotten close to it...!
pan 6 bub 2: As their representative, I should...




pan 4 bub 1: If Fuyuzora-kun sees the panties, a flame should appear in the crest on his forehead!
pan 4 bub 2: When all twelve flames are there...

pan 1 bub 4: It’ll be fine! His consciousness is fading in and out, so he won’t really know!
pan 3 bub 2: E... even Ameno-san is...!


pan 4 bub 1: Kogarashi-san... is always helping me out!

pan 2 bub 3: What the!?
pan 3 bub 4: Uuuugh... I knew we’d start fighting!
pan 4 bub 4: I think any underwear should be fine!

pan 2 bub 1: [Text isn’t formatted properly]

pan 1 bub 2: D... do we have wear them when we show them?
pan 1 bub 4: I tried showing the panties just by themselves.
pan 4 bub 2: I couldn’t do a single thing...
pan 4 bub 3: Which is why, even... even though we’re in this situation,

pan 2 bub 2: I wanna save Kogarashi-kun too!!
pan 2 bub 3: Alright.. I guess I’ll get it over with too.

pan 2 bub 2: Looks like spats aren’t gonna work...
pan 3 bub 1: Come on... there!
pan 4 bub 1: Poof

pan 4 bub 4: You’re the Yatahagane. How could you let this dumb curse get to you...

Oh for pan 4 bub 4, add an exclamation point at the end.




pan 5 bub 2: I mean, he saw my panties so many times already...

pan 1 bub 2: I’ll show them as many times as you need me to...!
pan 3 bub 1: H...hmph! You just... turned your skirt up, that’s all!

pan 2 bub 2: Someone truly sympathetic would do it...!

Partly fixed. I don't think "hunting criminals" works quite right there. Plus ending with "out" doesn't sound quite right either.

Why doesn't she show up often anymore?

This is hot.




pan 1 bub 2: Y... you’re untying your panties string!?
pan 2 bub 3: Wh... why the hell are you guys being so competitive!?

That’s fine. I was trying to think of alternatives when I didn’t really need any.


Actually, pan 2 bub 3 is fine, no need to fix that one. I was overthinking things.

thanks TL user & spirit bro too.




pan 1 side 1: It doesn’t matter... whether or not I do better than the others.


May the ecchi gods bless you user.








Okay, last page for checking.

I'll dump


Last one

pan 1 bub 3 (alt): Y-y-you’re wrong!
pan 5 bub 1: The girls had no way of knowing.,.
pan 5 bub 2: That the spirit got as far as invoking a full nudity curse at the end.









pan 1 bub 4: I think I just messed up when I tried to transform some underwear...





I think I'll just leave it as is for now. At this point I really need to go to sleep. I'll make a decision and upload a zip when I wake up.







Final page

You know what, it’s fine. If you’re still up just zip then head to bed

Yea, it sucks how Chisaki doesn't appear often in the story while Hibari is being shoved in our faces every chapter now. It's also bad how Hibari gets much more screen time than Sagiri. Does this imply the author loves Hibari a lot than most girls besides Yuuna?

Ghostly Bump

>No harem end
No really I could take the most bullshit and contrived excuse for a possible harem end in even the most down to earth harem series without giving a fuck about it being nonsense if only the whole "have to choose one girl" or open endings in a freaking harem series stops

Kogarashi should just take all their virginity already. Giving in to his instinct is the way to go.

Okay, here's the zip.


Thanks a lot TSanon, youre too good. We don't deserve you.

Thank you for the chapter.

Yuuna considering what Karura and Hibari did to be amazing makes me worry about her mental state.

So Yuuna confirms her status as worst girl and Sagiri her status as best girl? Nice.

While I agree Sagiri is best girl, I can’t consider Yuuna the worst. She gets an annoying but understandable amount of focus though.

Hibari is clearly the worst

>everyone is force to go naked
>even tanuki loli and nakai
>you'll never get to see it lol
Fucking cocktease

Who had the best taste in panties this chapter?

Forgot about her to be honest.

She is sweet but I feel like her romantic relationship with Kogarashi is too forced.

>No really I could take the most bullshit and contrived excuse for a possible harem end in even the most down to earth harem series without giving a fuck about it being nonsense if only the whole "have to choose one girl" or open endings in a freaking harem series stops

This seems to be the series where even somewhere like Cred Forums, which typically hates harem endings with a passion, seems to agree it'd be perfect for it.

Him choosing Yuuna and leaving all the other girls would be too sad imo. It'll almost certainly be an open ending though.

Tengu > Hibari > Yuuna > Sagiri > Cat > Nue > Oni > Manager > 3rd Ninja whose name I've forgotten > Loli > POWER GAP > Chisaki

How much debt does Kogarashi even have to work those jobs?

I think at this point he's just trying to save up money. He's so used to being poor he can't stop himself from working, to not be poor again.

Thanks user