Do you also hate me, Cred Forumsnon?

Do you also hate me, Cred Forumsnon?

Of course you don't, r-right?

Next chapter when?

Daikirai da

>Next chapter when?

>Daikirai da
>Tfw when i just want anzu's unconventional love



We're waiting for raws

her chapters a shit


Gook scans are up.


Do you really have to ask?
These are so prime numbers to back up your post, chapter was so bad — it was actually good and vice versa.

It was easily a top 5 chapter.

Post gook

Wow, Hitomi x Nitta

Holy shit, Hitomi and Nitta chapter hype! Collision of the best female and the best male character is like a fucking dream.


Hina! You are getting that mom you wanted!

Its actually like this.



Such a lonely bump
and its mine

I guess since thread is so dead I will quckly remind everybody that Mao is by far the worst girl, and the worst character.

Mao is a good girl. She just needs a decent human being as a friend.

Anzu is worst girl. Boring.

She needs to be less dependent on people around, but then she will become unbelievable plain as a character, still will be an upgrade though.
>Anzu is not the second best girl
Blasphemy, stop posting.
Mami is almost as bad as Mao by the way.

>Fucking your daughter's friend
Truly only a degenerate yakuza would do this.

>Mami is bad.

Get out. Mami is /our girl/.

Please. They'll be too busy bringing the Rothschilds and Bogdanoffs to their knees to be doing anything lewd.

Link to gook scans?

Amazing chapter.

>walks in on her rubbing one out
well he's fucking dead. Again.