Komi 126

Dumping time






I couldn't download images from maru for some reason


Looks like it's Tadano's time to confess


Imouto thinks again that he was fapping?



Looks like she could deduce that the girl outside is at least 165 cm
Dat smug tho

How does tadano masturbates whe he shares a room with her lil sis ?


In the bathroom?

>165 cm
wasn't she supposed to be tall?


That's a giant for japan.

Did she said to him to man the fuck up?

And that's it for now, but we should get another chapter or an omake soon.

Komi would have a heart attack if she sees his face right now

I love her

Nice. Kinda short chapter again.
Also, what is she doing? I'd can't wait to see their mom's face. Maybe soon

Thanks user
Also best imouto

I need this chapter translated ASAP. Imouto-no is always a riot, and it looks like more of the same here.

Also maybe I never picked up on it but makes it seem like Tadano is picking up on Komi-san's mannerisms. I don't remember him using the same face as her before now. It's cute.

Hitomi, same pun as Hitohito.

>Do you like her?
o shit

>Kinda short chapter again.
There's no "Next chapter in Issue X" so we're not done yet this week.

a short summary of the chapter:

Tadano reminisce about when Komi gave him the chocolate

Wants to pay back to her in White Day, but struggles on how to approach this.

He asks imouto for advice and tries to make it as vague as possible, but she finds out he got chocolate from someone special to him

Imouto decides to go shopping with him to get the gift for Tadano's special someone.



Tadano Imouto finally meets Shousuke face-to-face

The hitohito mindreading must be running in their genetics

>this won't be translated until next Friday


>white day


Is that their mother outside their room?

At least you get translations.

The raws are not out until wednesday so it's not that bad.

God damn, Tadamom is cute as hell

Wouldn't mind it if the raws were the first thing to leak and not the korean scans on fucking Sunday the previous week.

Why are all the lil and big sisters in this manga so great ?

Oh did they drop this?

garbage manga. who cares?

Why are imoutos that dont love their brother so damn good? Komachi was like that too

They are the best wingman, truly

at least your series is ongoing.

Fucking kill me
Is this hiatus or is it dead?
Wil i ever see the musashi marrying the love of his life?

honestly i think it's just inoue taking a long break. to rest on his 300 million worldwide sales or something like that.

i think he'll come back one day to finish this and REAL, he's too much of a perfectionist to just leave it be i hope

Everyday I pray, user. It cant just end here

When she's asleep, like me

Have you ever had a tall, cool Tadano teach you how to ice skate?
I did. Two hours ago.
It's really nice you should try it sometime
n-no homo

When she's not in the room. I've shared a room with my sis for many years.

-like I do
newfag here

I guess that is why tadano and najimi are friends

Why are all the characters fun and enjoyable?


You fap during the night as gently as possible and hope your imouto doesn't get woken up by the vibrations. I speak from experience.

Literally just go to the toilet or something

I just noticed Tadomom has the same cockscomb that Tadona has.

Don't know how I fucked that up.

Why should he?
Masturbating to your younger sisters silent breathing sound incredibly hot

KO=Komi>>>>>>>>>>>>shit=bokushit=anything super interesting

Isn't this the one with the enkou girl? And the really limp dick protag? I only read the first few chapters or so but there's no way it's better than anything

It is me or Tadano is starting to act more like Komi?
Same goes for Komi, she's acting more like Tadano

It is absolute pottery. Their union is set in stone and can't be undone.

Imagine if it never happened.

>his mom is nervous because she knows nothing of what happened between him and Komi san and only knows that he got chocolate from a guy

Top lel

>Somewhere, at this exact moment, Komi-san's heartbeat is getting faster.


Best sis.

I want to see her with her hair down


>Sharing a room with your little sister
Why is this allowed? Aren't their parents worried that he becomes a degenerate?

Why is tadano's imouto so manly?

imouto chapter when

because there's no siscon/brocon shit to pander to sad virgins

I love the fact Komi actually has parents.

Tadano is a slow person

Can't wait to see Komi's reaction on White Day.

>Height 168 cm
no, I wouldn't be here


cute feet
dumb manga

>Can't wait to see Komi and Katai's* reaction on White Day
You forgot that little detail


I kinda expect their reaction for that day but I wonder how will thee rest of the class react towards Tadano's doings

They are poor

You really can't blame the guy for feeling a bit lost about how to proceed. Clearly he wants to do something nice for Komi-san, but we know from his Origin story that he still carries the emotional scars from his earlier rejection. He can be confident but only if he doesn't overthink shit.

Hitohito is a cute.

He can get a girl like that if he keeps this attitude

But the thing is, he doesn't KNOW it. He can't even conceive it because he gets flustered whenever he thinks about his emotions. He doesn't feel worthy. Because of his earlier fuckups.

He needs fuck a whore or slut to regain his confidence and it also get rid of his virginity which scorn upon in Nipland

Oh god I user don't give me these kinds of expectations. Nothing would be more amazing than seeing Imouto and Shousuke meet and go through a similar relationship as Tadano and Komi-san. Can you just imagine the kind of shit that would happen if we had a double-date chapter?

Oh God I want this so bad now.

imagine Imouto annd Shousuke dont hit off and hate each other, they then try very best to prevent their bro/sis to continue seen each other

>tfw don't wanna read anything until the translations come out
This is gonna be hard
Also, when do new chapters come out? It always seems super inconsistent to me

Korean version monday/late sunday
Japanese raws on wednesday
Translations are sometimes in batches, sometimes not, usually around friday.

The Korean raws come out first? Any idea why?

Those are Korean scans, not raws. They come out first because gooks have connections.

Did he admit it!? I can't read gook!

Oh, thanks for that user
I've always wondered why the dumps were always Korean, and not Japanese
Those gooks must really love their Komi san then

why didnt they get caught? We heard a lot from chinese busted

that don't?

I guess you mean romantically?

They release plenty of series early, but usually Amano comes out before Komi.

The chapter is going to be a reverse of the Valentine's chapter, except Tadano will be paralyzed by fear of death instead of embarrassment.

Digital releases come out before the physical ones

Komi threads have become as cancerous as Kaguya threads and are soon reaching Tomo tier cancer.


Koreans also get caught a lot, you only really hear about those kinds of busts a handful of times a year. I think early last year there was a pretty big bust against a Korean group

wait until it gets animated

Wasn't there something about translators getting caught recently too? Five people I think. Dunno if they were chinks or gooks or whatever.

Oh shit

Yeah but I'm pretty sure they were Chinese

you are the only shitposter here so far

I think that they both will be more direct and clear about their motivations.
I feel that if they fall in love, they would be faster than Komi and Tadano to start dating

I agree. Also Imouto seems pretty mischievous, so paired with the stoic Shousuke could lead to some pretty great moments.

>I feel that if they fall in love, they would be faster than Komi and Tadano to start dating
I hate that shit.

If they marry, then tadano and komi will be in-laws. Can in-laws even marry?

Very carefully? In a bathroom like a decent humanbeing?

They both are way more confident than their siblings. I can see that happening. If they fall in love before Komi and Tadano start dating.
Of course, I don't see any legal problem

Predict what will happen during white day

>komi looks through her locker
>a shit tone of choclate
>a shit tone of people give her chocolate in class
>Tadano is too overwhelmed and embarrassed to give Komi his chocolate
>only gives one to Katai
>Komi is sad that she didn't get any from Tadano
>Tadano's sister force him to go to Komi after school
>Tadano goes to Komi's house and gives him the chocolate

So basically the same as Komi? That would be boring.

Komi will only get a gift from one person.

>everytime Tadano tries to give Komi chocolate someone steps in
>whole day is like this
>Komi obviously notices, is also overwhelmed by everybody
>after school, Tadano's family makes him go to Komi's house to give the chocolate
>Komi was sad because no Tadano choco
>Komi being Komi receiving choco
Y-you're... special... to me... tadano-k-kun
They hug, cliffhanger
I wish

I think it would be pottery

>implying based Katai won't confess to Tadano when Tadano gives him a chocolate

hopefully Tadano is manlier than that

lazy writing maybe


>Comi san ha Comyusho desu
To what purpose?

Shit translation. Google translate always translate the title to "Komi san is a communist" in my native language.

Pretty sure a boy not giving a girl chocolate on White Day is sacrilege. He'll do it, but I expect both of them to be blushing messes. I also predict Najimi being smug in the background, while Yamai whips out a knife

Komi's pent-up lust will finally explode and culminate in a kiss on the cheek followed by the world record of speed achieved by a girl in slippers..

>while Yamai whips out a knife
this, we could even see Yamai trying to stop Tadano

or a "thank you Hitohito"
no, that would be too much

The logic is sound, it comes from the word communicate. The fact that westerners prefer to just use K for every hard K sound means very little to them.

That's hilarious.

>Komi-san is getting eaten out by Najimi-chan
>Tadano walks in to confess
>Tadano isn't sure if he's being cucked or just walked his life into a porno
>Najimi only increases the confusion by screwing with both of them (by trying to screw both of them)

This series is cute but once I noticed the artist can't draw mouths well it started bugging me.

will komi san accept tadano if his chuuni comes back ?

>"Komi san is a communist"
This would be a fantastic spinoff.

Yeah. Komi will get a fuckton of chocolate.
But hopefully Tadano won't do the same thing as Komi did. Most probably Onemine, Najimi, Yo-yo and Shogi will push him to give her chocolate.
Also, the fujoshis from the class will go crazy when Tadano gives Katai some chocolate


Lads, we forgot the biggest question here. Will Katai give chocolate to Shogi?

Hopefully. Maybe Tadano will say something to him to do it

I want a doujin where Najimi takes everyone's virginity.

Tadano is dense as fuck. Not a chance.

Is she... is she going for a scouting mission for his beloved brother?

Best sister ever. A fun character, has her priorities straight and is ready to help. Onemine-san would still make a better older sister, but Hitohito sis is fine too.

I want a canon chapter where Najimi takes everyone's virginity.

Add Momoiro Meloik

They are simplistic because it's a comedy. See the lip balm chapter for better drawn mouths.

His sister will force him.

why do you asume he will give her choco? anime thought me you have to give her something 3 times more expensive or something like that

This is the best panel of Komi-san in the entire manga. Prove me wrong.

According to google translate he's thinking about giving her marshmallows or candy.

In part you're right. Komi handmade a very delicious chocolate and gave him the best ones she made. A simple chocolate from Tadano won't be enough.
I guess that's why he's so conflicted

>gentle sex-hair


It's impossible to pick a best panel user, you should know this by now

There are a fuckton but definitely that's the best one

I prefer the page leading up to it.

I like my Komis blushing and flustered

She learned from the best


It's the correct romanization.


I still don't understand what "HItomi isn't just a girl" supposed to mean.
All I know is that it plays off "Tadano is just a guy", so does that mean shes the opposite of normal? I need more info.

Probably she isn't normal. At all.
If Tadano is the pinpoint example of average, maybe she excels at everything

Maybe she's like Hitomi from Hinamatsuri and secretly has influence every where.

I find it interesting that they're drawn together talking with each other. Maybe they go to the same class or at least the same school?

Or she's the opposite of normal Tadano.

She's a magical girl.

>Najimi is silverhaired and not a redhead

I will never forgive the author for this.

This isn't the first I've heard this but I still desperately want it to be true. Dammit and now I want Komi-san in Magical Girl garb

redhead? blonde would be better

it's impossible to pick one but I really like this

Where is the komisan porn ?


I got the image from another Komi thread.

Yeah, sure.

>saving an image from another user who saved the image from mangafox


Enjoy your ban.

Ignore the image-source-elitists. We're all friends here, in Komi-san threads.

Except for , he's fucked up.

I'm not your friend.

This is correct.

That's okay, I'm yours though.

I'm Komi's friend tho

Grand Blue is the same atm

They'll come back once the anime starts airing

God I want to cuddle Oni so hard.

Sleepy girl is underrated

Please define "CUTE" for the class.


I love the panels like this where just the tips of her ears are blushing, like the tip of the iceberg of her true feelings.

See pic.

How is she so cute

This is true cuteness