What do you think about White Fox adapting the Goblin Slayer anime? Do you think they will do it justice?

What do you think about White Fox adapting the Goblin Slayer anime? Do you think they will do it justice?

i hope watanabe self-inserts as a rape victim and gets FUCKED

There's already a Goblin Slayer thread, you faggot. Check the catalog before creating a new thread.

White Fox have never made a bad anime so yeah, it's perfect.

have you seen akame ga kill? theres you answer

The source material was also shit though.

Literally 100% impossible that they'll be able to do justice to the original material. It will be some watered down anime version for tv.

>when everyone expects White Fox to fuck up, but then they pull a new Katanagatari or Akame ga Kill on us

>White Fox have never made a bad anime
Let me guess.....Re:Zero is the only anime you watched from them.

>white flops

no thanks

So far i have yet to see a SINGLE show that have surpassed this scene on episode 15. So yeah, i think they will do a great job with it.

>Rape non-existent
>anime original ending

Can't do much when the source material is shit.

I have no idea how they're going to handle the nudity and gore on TV.

But the anime was great, and don't reply talking me about the plot.


>yfw all the goblins and even Goblin Slayer himself are poorly integrated CGI models

WF scarcely uses CG though.

this scene was kino

>The original material is not enough
>still make the serialization great and even predict the ending on manga
>is shit

I think they could save a ton of money on voice acting by just have Priestess and Monk get gob'd for 12 episodes straight.


How do you expect to make gold from shit?

You at least need lead to do that.

>Overrated Fox
No thanks. Re:Zero & Akame Ga Kill are shite.

They even lose GochiUsa franchise to other studio now.

>the devil is a part timer
>is the order a rabbit
>grimoire of zero
>girls last tour
oh and AGK and Re:zero
you can studio bait all day but you should probably either wait until episode 2 flops

>Akame ga Kill
Literally shit

wait for the BD like a normal degenerate
they've already shown that they are not opposed to blood and violence so the only reason a manga fan should be watching this, is to watch the 'fight scenes'

mine won fair and square
it's not a valid reason to hate the anime
or are you implying that the manga is better

>Katanagatari or Akame ga Kil
People think those shit are good? What a shit taste