So were they gay or what?

So were they gay or what?



they are friends. there is no homosexuality in anime

No user. It was all a lie

They were the gayest gays.

>my feelings of 10 years for you
>the two of us together are one
do female friends really tell each other things like this?

Were they gay?

They married via fist bump.

I honestly don't know. People in the west treat it like a LGBT masterpiece, but I wonder what the creator's intentions were.

Were they gay?





>People in the west treat it like a LGBT masterpiece

We treat every yuri as a masterpiece. We're proud to be American supporting yuri and yaoi.

I hope people don't fall for this false flag.


Setsuna wanted MC's dick.

It's not gay when it's with your creation.

So she wants Altair's then?

It's not gay when it's your aunt.


Does this cute girl have a yuri partner?


she has a cute mom!

No, but people like to pretend she does.

The show's quality was too good for them to be gay

Find out in S2!

Moms can be yuri partners.

What could possibly have given you that idea?


Anyone have the gross hyper-realistic looking beato for my beato-posting folder

Is this any good? I have it downloaded but still haven't gotten around to watching it. When is S2 supposed to air?

there is no such picture!



I really don't know. It kinda felt like it and kinda didn't. That episode where Cocona meets all the Papikas and then turns down the slutty one, for instance. Maybe that was just her saying she wanted the real Pap, or maybe that's her realizing her feelings for Pap aren't sexual like she thought they were.

and Narcissists

threesome with princess and ange


You have to ask?

>using 3DPD normie words

it's yuri

You aren't any better.

can you even imagine Ange being straight?



Can someone post the official art posters where they're giving each other lovey dovey looks?


They're such good friends