Yuuri and Chito

Please tell me they're okay. That there's a chance the snow could melt and there's food underneath.

Yes, they are okay.

They are fine user. They found a nice farm upstate and they are going to frolic and eat to their heart's content! You won't see them again but they are really happy!

They're fine, they're off having fun drunken college yuri adventures. The two in the alternate universe where the world ends are very dead on the other hand.

That was actually Chito dreaming of Yuu fucking her.

I want Yuu to fuck me.


>the other version with the perky nipples

this potato is too lewd

Me and Yuuri are going to consummate our marriage!

Sadly no.

They're dead.

potatoes are not gay

Thanks, I've never posted here before but a friend told me to watch it and it kind of crushed me.


there fine user the cube there laying aginst is acculy an elevator tyo a better place

also whats the other comic called the other univers one


Yuuri is just the best, she always finds her way out of a rough situation.
She's so smart.
1.She probably smells good
2.She is brave and selfless
3.Her attitude keeps spirits up
4.Her body is wonderfully proportioned
5.She has pretty eyes
6.Scientifically proven high adaptability
7.She gives off a sense of warmth and softness
8.She is beautiful.
9.Hair tastes good.
10.Great sense of rhythm.
11.She would keep you warm and share food with you.
12.She is good at pressing buttons.
13.She would be a good mother.
14.Right amount of crazy.
15.Knows how to operate all weapons.
16. Fat teats.
17.She is protective of those she loves.
18.She has no inhibitions.
19.She could make a great meal.
20.She is probably god.
21.She is the coolest person in the world.
22.She inspires creativity.
23.She is very strong.
24.She is difficult to digest.
25.She makes her friend happy.
26.She knows how not to embarrass her friend in heartfelt moments.
27.She always knows the way.
28.Not afraid to experiment with the unknown.
29.Well balanced.
30.Does not get hangovers.
31.Defends the weak.
32.Athletic, could have competed on an international level if the world hadn't ended.
33. Always helpful, regardless of circumstances.
34.Not ashamed by nudity, finds it to be liberating and beautiful.
35.Greatest philosopher of her time.
36.Can harness the power of the moon.
37.Stretchy and cute face.
38.Fears no man or beast, can defeat foes despite obvious physical advantages.
39.High intelligence.
40.Can discern between the inedible and edible.
41.Her body is warm and would be nice to cuddle with.
42.She is a survivor of impossible circumstances.
43.World's greatest riflewoman.
44.Quick reflexes.
45.Great at holding hands.
46.Greatest artist of her time.
47.Not too picky about things.
48.Great with pets.
49.Talented singer.
50.Can hold her liquor.

51.Possible descendant of Aryans.
52.God emperor of Dune.
53.Know how to FUSION.
54.Understands the complexity of human nature.
55.Cute giggle.
56.Understands the concept of death.
57.Probably fertile.
58.She would never abandon a friend.
59.Very hygienic.
60.She is extremely genki.
61.Very cute when intoxicated.
62.Defines life itself.
63.Can survive long periods without proper nutrition.
64.Understands how valuable food really is.
65.Very resourceful.
66.Highly empathetic.
67.Theraputic, helped her friends cling to life.
68.She is very photogenic.
69.She is an excellent tactician.
70.Cute navel.

Ah look the same SSR/tkmiz thread filled with a copypasta and image dumps repeated over and over again while there's literally nothing to discuss, and pathetically samefagging and bumping the thread once it's on page 8+ and almost archived.

YoU fAgGoTs ArE wAy TrYiNg ToO hArD.

You sound mad.

Sorry. There is only composite ceramics and high-tension steel underneath all that snow.

You know, something I noticed when rewatching the series.
If you play close attention to Yuuri, you can see that she's actually very pretty.

Come on, user. I didn't pay attention at all and even I noticed.


She really is, makes you wonder why Chito didn't tap that

Based partyposter

I've only posted once in the thread besides the OP, like I said this is my first time here. Cred Forums told me to watch it, they said it was comfy but didn't tell me it was sad. I thought the manga would be better but it hurts even more.

they're okay, vultures are dead too so there's nobody to devour the corpses


Chito, pls

They're dead, Jim. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you can accept your own inevitable death.

No chance, but at least they gently slept onto nothingness, instead of starving.

/s spit on their grave



Yuu killed them. Yuu killed all of them. She ripped apart men, women, and children with no remorse. Then she ate all of the fish.

Good girl.

No proof that's a grave

I didn't read the manga, what happens in the end? Did they find happiness?

No. Only hunger and, at best, hypothermia-related sleep death

They fucking die.

They will most likely die young, which the whole story pretty much implies they will.


I want to hold Yuuris hand and kiss her.
Her hands are probably very warm and her lips are probably very soft.
She also smells good.


I think I'm gonna be sick.

They'll be fine in the afterlife


Fuck the mushrooms for not saying "btw there's like nothing on the top floor".


It's not their fault, they hadn't searched the top floor yet.

Yuuri is duumb!!

What did Tkmiz mean by this


They will both starve and die at the top of the levels.



Holy body that will help repopulate Earth again

Saint goddess Yuuri

Yes. YES!

Say this 10 years later.


Why the nose though

These aren't wide enough. They don't look right.

Who nose.

Why not?

When can I buy this?
I need it now.


>extremely gasps

This is nice but the heads aren't potatoe-ee enough for me

I just spent $30 on the fucking cup, now i need these too.