What exactly was the appeal of this scene...

what exactly was the appeal of this scene? was there some sort of hidden meaning beside him showing how "fucked up" he was?

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I don't know about any "appeal" to that scene. it's pretty repulsive, and intentionally so. As I understand it, it was Anno's subtle jab at hardcore Eva fans. At that moment, Shinji was so solipsistic and obsessed with Asuka that he actually jerked off at her broken, unconscious body. I think Asuka was supposed to be a metaphor for the show, in general. Anno was a broken man, through much of its production. the last episodes were about himself, through Shinji, healing.

Eva fans didn't care, they just wanted more candy.

Anno made EoE to stab otaku scum in the back
This scene shows asuka at her most defenseless being treated like nothing but fapbait for his self-insert

>Asuka was supposed to be a metaphor for the show
It wasn't supposed to be anything.
I mean does teh fact that all that angelic bible nonsense was added because it's simply souned cool does not ring a bell?
That this shit is not some complex story with deep hidden messages?

Anno is otaku himself you bleeding imbecile.
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It was left in to show that Shinji desires Asuka in a sexual way in addition to being in love with her.

Shinji is basically a niceguy.

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>something being added because it looks cool means nothing
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Shinji is at his lowest, most miserable moment and chooses to make himself feel good, if only for a moment. He just wants to feel something beyond misery. Then after he cums the shame hits and he feels even worse.

I dunno about you guys but I couldn't ejaculate that much at 14. How did he do it?

its to show how much of a spineless coward he is, if he were a real alpha he'd have just stuck it in her instead of jacking himself off

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I think this is one of the best scenes in all of Eva, and I hate the interpretation that it's just a jab at fans. Anno hating his own fans is just another piece of shit on the burning heap of "shit Eva theories" to me. It's the lowest point Shinji ever reaches (which is exactly what he says afterwards in the JP version - though I still prefer the translation "I'm so fucked up" personally).

First, what's going on here. After a failed suicide attempt (attempted drowning), Shinji visits Asuka. You may assume he wants her to get better, but actually he pleads her to help him. Instantly, he is using her, even at her most helpless. Another example of people in Eva being so obsessed with their problems that they're blind to others' problems.

Shinji's main problem is that he doesn't ever want to choose, because choosing means taking responsibility for your choice. He constantly pretends he has no choice in life because that's the easy way out. If not that, he'll just follow orders, copy someone else, take advice blindly, or freeze up and do nothing. In this scene, he's finally forced to make an actual decision he will be responsible for. He hates it - he thinks he can't handle responsibility. The last time he made his own decision, he ran away from home, and still regrets it a decade on. Should he keep trying to wake the naked Asuka? Go get help? Redress her? Just leave? He doesn't know, and has no source of aid. Desperate, he realises there is one place where he can still take advice from, one outside source to help him... he does what his body tells him to do. That's what's fucked up, as much as the actual act is, the spinelessness with which he is forced to do such a thing by his own obsession with avoiding responsibility and accountability.

I've shortened this a bit to fit in with the word limit (e.g. removing examples), but I think the point comes across.

life is not black and white, user. a creator can put stuff in a show that is nonsense, and still put in deep meanings and subtle metaphors. jesus... Revolutionary Girl Utena must give you seizures

guy who posted that "shit Eva theory", here. I like your interpretation, and I definitely agree with it. I don't think it negates my interpretation, and I do think there is more in the film that supports my theory. Still, your interpretation is better supported by the actual work


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>because not literally everything is meaningful nothing is meaningful

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