ReLife 219

New chapter out, commencing dump.





Hishiro isn't in the support division because she needs to bear Kaizaki's children.





And they both head home and never talk again.

Amen to that.


It'll be very awkward having a teenage father though.





I hope this isn't going to hurt me like Tsuredure's recent chapters.



Almost there...





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Will "The Power of Love™" allow our heroes to remember their true feelings? Will Onoya and Yoake finally fug? Find out next week! See you next report!

Thank you for dumping good user.

Braids girl is lovely in her adult form.

Is it next week yet?

10/10 Would smash.

Only 2 or 3 chapters left boy-o's. Will they or won't they? They better fucking do it or I will drop the third bomb myself

It’d be retarded if they didn’t

Everything going as planned.

You should cut all the useless white space andsave 100 KB of every jpg

Fuck yea... For fucks sake mate.

I’m not gonna take the time to crop every page just to satisfy your space-saving autism. I post’em as downloaded.

Hey where’s a good place that I can catch up and read everything that the anime previously left off.

oh my god

is it finally happening

Not that much of a difference.

Your favorite manga reading site. Apparently chapter 100 is where the anime leaves off. Whiteout scans does the translations and has every chapter, if you don’t know where to go then go there.

Come on.

Well, it could be worse.
Much thanks.

Hishiro will remember!

Cute! CUTE!

Progress in communication skills: 0

She is fine the way she is.

Absolutely adorable!

I just want them to fucking put the last chapters out right now

There are people who thought they wouldn't get together in the end.

Didn't they were threads for this. Can't fucking wait for next week!

Blue-balled again.

No, there were people who HOPED they won't get together, because like that the story would have a deeper meaning. Like this, it's only a love wins all bullshit.

what meaning? The amnesia was complete forced drama bullshit and never made any sense.

I hope this isn't just a Kimi no Na wa ending

It made sense, and the meaning would be, that their experiences and willpower made them able to go forward alone, and they have the power to live their life how they want. Like this, it just shows that love is the power that makes them normal.

Bittersweet or whatever is not the same as deep you retard.

The next is where the deeper part is. -> >Who is the retard now

>pointless tragedy

Are the blurays releases for Volume 7 out yet?

Some people just project their loveless life onto the manga in a hope to make everyone as miserable as them.

Fuck off my manga Shinkai.

They better fugg


>love shouldn't win because of muh narrative

Dropped. My balls are fucking violet at this point.

Did you ignore all the parts where the story shows you can’t go it alone, or are you just retarded?

Am I the only one who thinks she doesn't deserve a guy like him? She's literally useless and hasn't learned a thing if it wasn't for him, she actually hasn't changed much either. There are much better girls out there for the MC than this autistic piece of shit.

>deeper meaning
>pills that make you young again
>pills that eradicate everyone's memory of you
They didn't even bother to explain how that could possibly work. I mean do they just send some weird ass brainwaves out that rewrite brains Or do they get DNA samples of everyone the subject has ever interacted with and cook up some shit that they throw in the water supply. This seems illegal as fuck.
What cocksucking deeper meaning are you people looking for? This shit is full of pantsu on head retard-tier "lore". The only thing that matters is love and healing, everything else would make one's head explode.

The retarded explanation was some sort of memory-erasing virus afaik.

>When there's literally 3 chapters left

It was never supposed to make any kind of scientific sense. The pill and the ReLife experiment were plot devices to set up the story. The important thing is the consistency, not the plausibility.

Thank you user, I normally dump it but I've been wiped the fuck out recently and forgot all about it.

I'm willing to accept the existence of the drug as long as they don't change how it works suddenly.

How do i skip an entire week?


This manga really blue balls me

If they don't get a happy ending I am ripping Japan in two


I hope it takes some tragic turn, like she getting assaulted on the streets. There's just so much fucking build up to this scene and "hey I like you" won't cut it.

>diablous ex machina
>not trash

I'm half expecting Yoake/An to lob a picture of the two of them holding hands at them.

>Love, the most powerful and defining human emotion is not deep.
Okay kid, exactly how far up the spectrum are you?

>Will Onoya and Yoake finally fug?
Probably not
>Will "The Power of Love™" allow our heroes to remember their true feelings?
They fucking better or I'm burning this motherfucker down.

Thank god it seems to be going a different route than that shitty live action ending.

How did it end?

Typical open ended and non conclusive Japanese ending. Kanzaki ends up becoming a teacher, and Hishiro ends up getting a job at the same place. Then the movie ends and you're left wondering if they somehow got together or simply moved on.

At least the movie got kissu.
Let's see if the manga can deliver some kissu too.


No, no, no, no! How do I skip forward a week?

I wanna fug all the Hishirons

Amazing, I was afraid it will be another shitty ending. But I see theres hope that they will remember each other. After so many things that happend they better remember each other.

I'd take a satisfying conclusion where they actually end up tougher and can do all kinds of lewd things instead of a single kissu to be honest. Thankfully the manga seems to be heading in that direction as opposed to an open ending.

I am sure that as soon as they remember each other feeling that they have been holding back gonna explode and they will instantly go to the Hotel, their senpais of course will follow them and will rent room next to theirs.

based gainax

We got hand-holding, so it evens out.