Which one Cred Forums?

Which one Cred Forums?

I want to marry Ui because she's the cutest and bestest.


none of them because they are all underage and i am a law abiding citizen


the four main girls are 17 at the end of the series which is legal in many places

My girlfriend Ritsu, always.

The keions are canonically in their mid to late twenties by now.


Those long socks/legwarmers look so stupid. It should either be full tights/pantyhose or nothing. Fight me, faggots.


I want to cum on their toes so goddamn much


They all seem too young and childish to sex.

Always the black haired one. I don't know their names/

Mugi is worst girl.

They're 19 or 20 at the end of K-on! College


My niggas

>toeless thighhighs
It's not even a choice

What's wrong with their legs? They're so short, it makes them look like trolls. They are dwarves mining through the mountain who reached too deep. People find this attractive?

That's how the japanese are actually.



This is Nip anatomy.

but anime has thought me that the Japanese have beautiful blond hair, blue eyes, and long legs. Would anime lie?

didn't she dye her hair

short people have short legs, as a drawfag i'd say they look fine

yui best

Ritz a top cute

I'm still disappointed that it wasn't "The Sapphic Adventures of Tsumugi- Now Daddy Can't Stop Her".

Jun in the butt.

I'll take the sensei.
Mugi or Mio for the girls. Then Azusa and Ritsu, who shoots up to second place with her hair down. Yui a shit.

K-ON feets are lewd.

wtf are with those toes


I agree.
What the fuck is wrong with them?

I'm not licking cum off them.

Why mugi is into black guys?

because it's lie

Why do they all sleep with socks on?

I'm not usually into azunyan but when she has her hair down it makes me feel things

Mugi is the only attractive one

So can't do that.

Yui, she's cute.

Dey all shet.

are they all midgets?