Who else needs to be added?

Who else needs to be added?

You're waifu.

Hotaru from Dagashi Kashi

I guess a girl can’t be best without being called over rated.
I bet you loosers would even put inabests name up just because she’s meme status good

What's Megumin doing there?

Ryuko Matoi
Hotaru Shidare

>rated positively at all

She's overrated as fuck. The other two main girls in the show are better than her.

>videogame character

Why is Rem in there but not Emilia ?

Well, that;s just a silly opinion!

Who the fuck is the red one

The normie VN on steam

>a character from a shitty ameriboo vn

come on user, it's like you're not even trying. go back to redit and come back with something better

A vidja about hanging with your friends

Not my waifu that's for sure.



kanna, nico nico autism, konata, and non non biyori loli

Not even ameriboo, it's from one of those fuckers that posts in the anime cliche threads complaining and saying how their anime would be an intelligent deconstruction.

Megumeme died, almost nobody remembers her.

They're called 'meme girls', shitface.

hipster thread for hipsters

Hipsters don't like anime beyond the surface level ones.

Undertale character

(Overrated mainstream "waifu" bait shit with a toxic fanbase)

That pubic hair girl from hibikek

there needs to be a character first before it can be overrated. Emilia has none therefore she can not be overrated.




/sg/ sends their regards

There are three red characters


Their sisters are so much more better.

megumin is very gud
fuk u

I love Megumin and 02. Sue me.

That list is completely worthless, as the orange rat is absent from it.

but Cred Forums properly hates the rat

Monika truly loves the you behind the screen.

Even umaru is better than your insane edgy loli shit and that autistic antisocial of tomoko



Tomoko got better though.

>american """""anime""""" visual novel
motherfucker get out

>umaru is better than

I like you

Don't forget to put Ichigo up there. That doesn't mean 02 can come off, both of them deserve their position here.

Ichigo is not as popular though

Tohsaka "Anus" Rin

Nigger, did I stutter? She's overrated as is.

Why do people even like Monika? She's evil and sadistic. Is it really all yandere faggots?

It's by a troll.

Monika did nothing wrong

Needs some form of brown girl.

SHE DID LITERALLY EVERYTHING WRONG who's to say that what she said about everything being shit when the game was turned off wasn't a lie you CUUUUUUNT

Fuck you. She caused the suffering and deaths of the other dokis. Even though she still allowed them to come back and she was suffering while you were gone, none of that justifies the evil acts she committed.

No wonder this board's gone to shit

>more better

Add in all the yurus

Here I present to you the most objectively wrong opinion of the thread.

Why am I not surprised that this board couldn't accept a 2D who would choose to love 3D when the denizen of this board loathe 3D with a passion?

Cred Forums hates normalfag VNs.

>hurr Cred Forums is all one person
Fuck off, it was shit even looking at it objectively

Satania is a given

>flavor of the month english VN with the token cuh-razy totally unexpected "twist"

>not the hellhound
>not the manticore

>inb4 OP adds the yuru yuri cast

It pains me that edgelord shit with a shitty twist like Doki Doki Literature Club became popular, while Katawa Shoujo is still relatively unknown outside this site

Anonymous is singular

deleting non-sentient code =/= causing pain and suffering. And then she even sacrifices herself at the end to protect (you) when it becomes clear that there are no good ends.

All shipgirls have flaws.

Not nearly as overrated as Cheshire.

>non-sentient code
Perhaps, but don't forget Sayori became sentient after Monika gets deleted. If we assume all the characters have the potential to become sentient, we can assume they also have the potential to feel pain.
But, even if you're right, she's still a sicko to cause the other characters to die greusome deaths. Couldn't she have just made them extremely undesirable?

It might have been impressive had it been released in, say, 2013.

she DID make them extremely undesirable, the unintended consequences of which manifested in suicidal tendencies. ultimately though everything that happens is the result of the influence of the 3rd eye/project libitina shit, which is why characters became sentient in the first place. any sentience that discovers it's trapped in an artificial construct is generally not going to act as though everything is fine and dandy. There's going to be collateral damage.

Miyuki unlike Monika didn't actually want to spend that much time with *you*. She wanted to experience more of you through the hand puppet that is your character.

>she did make them undesireable
Yes, but the horrible consequences were totally intentional. She intentionally dialed up Sayori's depression to the point of suicide. Monika is a deranged AI with no humanity.

She's neither of those things. She just lost her shit because she realized that everything is a lie, and she's stuck in a video game as the only sentient being until she meets the player. In the end she doesn't actually kill anyone, and destroys her universe to spare everyone from her own fate. Despite everything she still loves you as well. How can you not love her in return?

Because user never could love themselves

Sentient? If the narrative of the game is to be believed, then the puking and the blood and everything should have never existed in the first place. If the Dokis were truly non-sentient, how could some of them react the way they did? Monika was never sentient, she was programmed to believe she was. She's no less sentient than the others.

that's a lotta characters

Other people aren't allowed to like things once they become popular