Looking forward to some animated goblin fun

Looking forward to some animated goblin fun

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Thou shalt not suffer a Gob to live

>creating a thread when there's no new content to discuss
What's the purpose of this?

Sorry but there won’t be any penetration shown, just some humping moments.

I hope they will use more of this primal music.

boy do I fucking hate goblins

Because anime just got announced.

>GS will get an anime before RE:monster
gobs lose again.

Monks are the undisputed worst class.

This will be good.

Goblins did nothing wrong.
They merely lived their biological nature.

This anime is adapting the LN, not the manga, that means they can do what the LN did and make the rape an offscreen mention.

Yes, and that nature involves active ndamagae to other species. Would you leaveba killer parasitic in you because "is just acting as nature intended"? Hell no. Also, not even nature made them that way, it was an asshole god.

It's his biological nature to kill the goblins.


I wonder if a goblin has ever felt sorry for a captured woman and tried to free them.

Like if they recognized one who let them live as a child and returned the favor by letting them go.

For all the thousands of goblins out there it makes me wonder if there's even 1 that is capable of empathy for their enemies.

It's not racist if it's against goblins.


There is no such thing as a good goblin, plain and simple.

While you ponder, the goblin in front of you lunges at you, eyes glowing with the desire to kill. What's your AC?

No, they were designed as a chaotic evil race, as soon the gob gets contact with other gobs is too late.

I find weird re:monster don't have an anime already, wasn't that shit popular?

And Goblin Slayer is simply living his biological nature.

it was yes, but god damn it also pisses alot of people off.

>Call the goblin slayer a racist while he kills you
You forget that word holds no power. If you were a goblin and you called the goblin slayer a racist do you think he would stop in his tracks? No he would continue slaughtering you and your kind. Your words hold no power.

isekai burnout maybe


Rip and Tear
Until it is done good slayer

>GS anime
>threads may become BNH's tier
>But at least Japs will make more fanart

what if a lone, starving child goblin were to be taken in by a human family and shown nothing but kindness and acceptance?

When isolated, would they still succumb to their primal instincts once they grew of age?

More annoying will be the youtube "anime intellectuals" coming in droves and trying to pull another SAO by nitpicking the setting for views, then having fags regurgitating their opinions in here.

There is no saving goblins. They're all the same. They all need to be exterminated.

And why that lone and starving and alone in first place? Because adventurers detroyed his nest, he already hates humans.

what if it had incurred amnesia? can goblin brains even experience that?

im just speculating for fun, I really like the universe lore.

I hate normies

Are we talking about goblins or niggers here?

it'd still be similiar to animals who are raised in captivity
all it takes is a single small event to make them snap, perhaps you bump into them on accident, then boom, you're getting gobbed

Why are you trying so hard to put this scenario? Are you a gob?

>Goblin Slayer got an anime before Re:Monster overpowered Goblin isekai powerfantasy
>Goblin Slayer got an anime before that lvl. 99 overpowered Goblin loli waifufest.

Feels damn good, even if I don't have a lot of hope on the anime being good.


I thought it was jews

>Maaya Uchida as Guild Girl

Is not the level 99 goblin loli just a gag manga that releases some pages per week? Except for pop team epic, those never get animes.

so its just like a shitbull then? i've seen enough horror stories about those in /an/ to know the nature will always trump the nurture.

4koma get anime all the time

I don't even think some shitbulls need an event to set them off.


imagine getting isekai'd into GS world as a goblin.

at least you'd be aware of GS existence and 1 step ahead of the game, but you'd still be fucked.

Oh boy, I cannot wait for censorship the anime.

Goblin-slayer mod for DOOM when?

Aho Girl.

im glad their world has no goblin sympathizers unlike the shitbull owners and defenders here

It's based on D&D. Goblins are horrible monsters that rape and kill, but goblins are also a race with culture and civilization.

I wouldn't be surprised if GS is forced to hold back his horrible fury when he encounters this particular scenario with the upper class.
>pick up your dishes so that he can wash them, dear. Please sit back down.

Slow Start, K-On, Working, it happens all the time

>Shitty CG cave
This looks grim friends.

>A 4 koma
What? Wasn't a full normal manga?

Doesn't matter. They all need to be destroyed. They're a disgusting subculture that crawl around in their own shit. There is nothing good to be brought from goblins.

what the fuck is goblin nobility really a thing?
is there a goblin princess?
why are there no female goblins?

Not GS' Goblins, they afe specifically show to be unable to culture on their own and ineatd imitate everything they can steal

Aho Girl got an anime??

In GS? No.

that red eye glow thing is lame, though i guess asians like edginess

will we get to see his fucking face in the anime?

this is what is face will look like

dunno man you tell me

what a hunk, no wonder everyone was blushing

Is this what you call happiness?

Imagine.. Gobs existed for centuries yet cannot breed by themselves. Imagine how many females have been gobbed to keep the gobbo population not only stable, but rapidly growing. Humans and elf are true cucks in the end.

stop posting this every thread, dumb phone poster

what the f are rheas? just another species like elves or dwarfs? they look like gobs.

Fucking retard.

Perhaps they could breed by themselves at some point, but the gods decided it would be more fun if they couldn't.

>bounty hunter dd mod
is this real

I'm also a Raging barbarian, come the fuck at me


Don't you dare insult my wife, asshole.

Reminds me a certain faggot.

Until that gets confirmed we must assume we are cucks.

God I wish there was a proper mod, but that's it. Just the single image someone made in the style of DD. It hurts.

A literal conan the barbarian was killed by a gob.


>no snort

Are you retarded, woman?

>all those cuck comments defending it and praising them
fucking hell

I hate niggers


>not realizing dogs are wildly a product of their nurture
>like humans
I wish people under a certain threshold of intelligence were punished by death.

do you own the doggo of peace user?

There's some things you can't change. Dogs only exist because of already friendly wolves getting along with humans for food. There's no such thing as a friendly, or even good goblin.

What the fuck? GS was moot this whole time?

I hope you're happy you ruined this image entirely for me


>no dwarf and lizard
>fucking cow slut gets a pres
They're really aiming at waifufags aren't they?

Don't use emoticons on Cred Forums.

I'm not the guy who you were talking to and don't care about your discussion either but if you want to use emoticons fuck off to somewhere else.

Only read the manga, are the novels worth it?

not really. I mean, literally just don't do anything of note to gain human attention.

GS generally just works quests, and quests are only filed when a group of goblins is causing problems. if you're not causing trouble it's unlikely you'll run into him.

Hopefully it will be a 1:1 conversion.

The intro cave is perfectly paced for a first episode.
>GS shows up right before the break
>episode ends on the image of GS swinging his club down on the gob kids or a fade to black where you hear nothing but squishy sounds of bashing
>credits roll over chapter epilogue of Monk huddling in the cart as the narrator talks about such disastrous adventures being commonplace in this world
>optionally includes Priestess running in and calling out for GS at the guild, if they want to take off a bit of the edge

Yeah, there are some minor differences. Also GS is more gruff than silent in the LN, a lot of mildly annoyed grunting.

Is the Elf actually a boy?

Hell no.

that's hotter

Hell yes.

pls no

You forget the part where GS’ actions get himself killed. And then the rapefags laughter.


>mfw rape soon

From where? Year one already blueballed you.

Someone edit his club to the ban hammer


Stupid cute and sexy high elf.

Just say jews already anons.

Fuck off, Cred Forums.

>yes goyim don't compare them to us


Literally who?

What the fuck is a goyim?

Your wife moaned like a whore. As they ravaged her again, and again.

Hopefully the anime will bring some more porn doujins. I can't wait to see Priestess get gobbed hard. Maybe if we're lucky Asanagi will grace us with his work.

newfag out

>be monk
>get raped by low level goblins
I told you stupid niggers not to role monk but you didn't listen. Next time role paladin. Paladins excel at purging degenerates in all forms. Niggers included.

The monkey's paw lets out a cringe inducing CRUNCH as one of its fingers curls diabolically.

The week following the first episode airing of GS, Asanagi posts the cover for his next doujin. Elf dismemberment with 1% rape.

Ep 1: Priestess' first party wipe out, babies masher.
Ep 2: Some sol, elven fortress, ending is Elf listening to barb.
Ep 3: Ogre fight.
With decent animation and that VA list, this can turn into decent sleeper. First drama CD already do a very good job portraying Priestess first encounter.

holy shit please leave this board forever reddit is that way

>I sure do hate Cred Forums
>I sure don't know even the first thing about Jews except that I must always protect them from any criticism or banter

When is this coming out? I get 2018 but do we know a month?

monks just need babysitting until they are high level, if she was level 9 she could have soloed that lair

Year one is way too rushed and makes GS seem OP, Am I supposed so believe he successfully taken out a large nest (which had both a shaman and a hobgoblin) in his very first raid?

Remember if you're a Barbarian or Monk, or any adventurer that can get overwhelmed by Goblins from hubris or lack of awareness- you're retarded and need to rethink your life.

have they casted anyone for Goblin Slayer's voice yet? 90% of the success of this series depends on him

Quick, Cred Forums. Who is the BEST voice for GS?

Yes, they're keeping the Drama CD cast.

Goblin Slayer : Yuuichirou Umehara
Priestess : Yui Ogura
High Elf Archer : Nao Toyama
Cow Girl : Yuka Iguchi
Guild Girl : Maaya Uchida
Dwarf Shaman : Yuichi Nakamura
Lizard Priest : Tomokazu Sugita
Sorceress : Yoko Hikasa
Lancer : Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Doubt this will ever get an English dub, but I always read GS' voice in pic related voice

>Ogre fight?

Nani the fuck? I can see the episode ending at the raped elf part.

How hard will this board rage if there is no rape in episode one?

>English dub
fuck off

Goblin thread?

"Goyim" is plural, retard. Have you ever talked to a Jew in your life?

You mean "rape sounds off screen and some shadows" soon

> English dub
Are you 10?

The fucking people in this setting are mind numbling retarded. I get it, the series wants to remind you that people underestimate goblins and they can be a real threat. But some of the shit they do is just fucking stupid.

I think this works. I can see the anime adapting only volumes 1 and 2. They could adapt the 3rd volume, but it's rather uneventful compared to volume 2, and the only good part of that volume is Priestess dance, and the fight against the Dark Elf.

You somehow missed how he barely could do it?

Waiting for BD quality rape

Mark my word ! It will be glorious in BD

No and even if i did, it would have been in spanish anyway.

Like that doesn't apply to the shit outside your bedroom door.

It's not just that they underestimate goblins, but that there are a fuckton of bigger threats out there, and thus the stronger adventurers and the military focus solely on them.

Only noobs are left to deal with Goblins, and the governments of the respective areas don't really give a shit about what happens to the villagers, since a world-destroying event occurs on a regular basis.

This is precisely why GG wants to change the Adventurers Guild into a place that, in addition to hand over quests, also trains adventurers so that they don't go completely unaware of the situations they're about to face.

>Goblin Slayer : Yuuichirou Umehara

i havent watched any of his shows and looks like this is his first main character

Disgusting, kill it.

He voiced Kircheis in the LotGH remake.

Here are the Goblin Slayer Drama CDs if you're interested. Someone shared this link in another thread:

Sephardi Jews use Hebrew words, too.

Which is pretty stupid. If villages are losing to the goblins as badly as the setting makes it out to be there is no way anyone would underestimate goblins because people actually come from those villagers. Even Goblin Slayer came from a village. The only way they do is because all the adventures apparently get mind wiped when they walk into the Guild. Even with the world destroying threats occupying high level adventurers, which I can totally understand, the rest of the guild should not be so "meh" towards goblins. It's just stupid.

That's probably the most jarring plothole in the series, it seriously expects you to believe that people commonly think of goblins as a minor hassle instead of a serious threat, when from what it was shown they would have every reason to think otherwise.
Fuck GS's village was literally destroyed by maybe a dozen or so goblins, and that's supposedly not an uncommon occurrence. Not to mention the goblin takeover of the holy city's sewers. If anything, the common people would have a lot more to fear from goblins than demon lords.

That's a cute gobbo

he's currently voicing goro in ditf

I'd think defending villages and farmland would take higher priority since they'd be economically important. Unless they were frontier villages like the one Cow Girl lives in.

This happens on a frontier region, literally the edge of the human Kingdom. The area is so far away from any important capital that the government doesn't give a shit.


Are there any translations floating around for these?

Does this looks like "just a dozen" to you?

Villagers are not adventurers. So, if villages get destroyed by Goblins doesn't change the fact that they're weak creatures.

Also, it's also been explained that the average Adventurer wants to make a name for himself, and goblin slaying won't make you famous, so most of them just avoid those quests, sometimes even noobs avoid them because people are indeed aware those missions are high risk and low return.

Only very naive and inexperienced Adventurers ask for Goblin quests. Them and Goblin Slayer.

Even in the city they don't give a fuck for the exact same reason you posted they should.

She's old enough to be your grandma, many times over.

Maybe two dozen, even then, not an absurdly number.

Fans won't care as long as it's stated even if not shown.
Horny teen fetishfags who is the minority will shit up threads though.

The problem is they're at constant war with the forces of Chaos. The LN makes it clear that a world level threat pops up very often.
Villages are left to fend for themselves, and low ranked adventurers exist for that reason.

I don't think so.

How I feel it works, is, you know when you play an RPG or MMO, you fight the low level shit first and then move on to the higher shit. In that MMO or RPG, you fuckin never go back to fighting the slimes in the first area. Even if you've got some quest "oh the farm is being attacked" you don't bother, because you want to move forward. That's what's happening in this world. Even if shit's getting attacked, they wanna go fight the next thing and move to the max level.

GS is the poorfag who couldn't buy a subscription, so he stays in the first town and keeps protecting the farm.

If only GS could be set loose on the mountain-sized robot from FFXIV that's swarming with gobbies. I'd fucking love to see that.

he's gonna need a really big river

This is going to be the new Berserk all over again...

Breaking news: national dam fucking blows up

He could single handedly bring that entire beast down if he found out it housed goblins

You should fuck off as well.

So do the gobs just spawn out of nowhere because the gods of chaos will it? It seems to me that at some point in the history of that world some ruling government would have thought to wage an eradication campaign throughout the continent. Seems like gobs are relatively successful if they can keep replenishing their numbers from captives over the centuries.

>decided to read this
>damn, I like this
>fucking only 20 chapters over like 2+ years
Read through it in about an hour and a half.

>Alexander stops time
>thump, beep. thump, beep. thump, beep. BEEEP.
>GS isn't fazed and keeps swinging

You don't really fight Gobs inside Alexander, mostly robots.
He would kill all the Illuminati in the ruins around Alexander, though.

The joys of monthly manga.

It only just recently got somewhat bearable with Year One.

It works like D&D sans the rolls are arbitrarily very good or very bad.

So it's like D&D minus fun?


Is she okay?

That's life when you start reading works other than weekly shounen manga.

No you stupid fuck, she is fucking dead.

You should read berserk next

No. Look, we'll play well of fortune with over 100 outcomes BUT instead of rolling the wheel I have these set outcomes (like 10) and we'll work with these, I will handle them to the players. Also certain players will never be able to lose the game.

So everyone is going on with their story and the DM is keeping the ball rolling, but GS is an autist who doesn't want to move on and is exempt from the game.

so he's the little brother who had to tag along so they set him aside and gave him always good rolls

I tend to stay away from ongoing manga but dammit, I was bored and wanted to read it. Oh well, hopefully it's something I'll forget about and remember one day awhile from now and get to read a decent amount again.

Does the author at least update regularly or am I getting sucked into another Berserk?

I started reading that shit in 2010 and I'm pretty sure it's advanced like 10 chapters since then. As I said here, I hope it's not another Berserk.

As far as I can remember in the manga's whole run the guy only took took one month off


Well that's good to know at least. Hopefully he stays the fuck away from Idolmaster.

I wouldn't worry, one of his characters is a Guts expy, so he's a fellow Berserk reader and most likely just as pissed off as you at Miura and Idolmaster.

>one of his characters is a Guts expy
The original work is a LN, though. The manga is an adaption.

That being said, the LN author has released 3 volumes per year, which is quite a lot.

in the story encounters you almost always fight waves of them on the way to the boss

not to mention the bosses of A2S, A5S, A7S, and A10S are all goblins as well

How did that Barbarian get stabbed? Doesn’t he get defence bonuses from being half naked? Isn’t a barely clothed barbarian actually a decent tank build?

Except dead ones.

what tipped you off? the fact that it was just stills and no animation? or the fact that it looks like the entire presentation was rushed as shit

Goblin rolled good plus surprise.

Villagers are also the bulk of society. Even if they're on the frontier, guess who else is there? Adventures. Who would be hearing the CONSTANT stream of goblin harrassment, rape and pillaging. This entire plot point relies on adventurers being selfish pieces of shit which is just shoddy.

>tfw more rape soon

He was probably low ranked, since he was in a goblin hunt mission, and high ranked adventurers simply don't bother with them.

Just stole Dragon Crown designs, desu.

The LN artist came out with the designs the manga artist uses.

>he got lucky besides he had surprise when the barbarian knew he was there
>also he had to stab through two people so more physical effort

>comparing an animal to a chaotic evil entity
are you retarded

chapter 21 when?

See I don't take issue with the fact that low ranked adventurers deal with it because of all the other bullshit threats. I take issue with the fact that NOBODY takes goblins seriously and laugh at Goblin Slayer when it should be common knowledge how dangerous they can be. Apparently the village raids are common and apparently a lot of adventurers have died already and yet nobody retains this information? They still just laugh at the "lol gobbuns"? It makes no sense.

The goblin having rolls that are way too good would explain him inexplicably leaping taller than a grown women as a baby too.
That was a home invasion and his axe was a strong one.

Who needs Berserker if Guts himself is in GS with all the advantages and none of shit that wear him down in the ither setting?

delete this

MMO quests tend to have you "erase" the problem but keep it there for gameplay purposes. You kill King Dick but just because he reappears doesn't mean King Dick is an immortal.

He threw the girl. Lowered his guard. Surprise!

They're taking on chimera's, demons, dragons and all other shit like the dark lord. Shit that's working to destroy humanity on a large scale.

Contrast this to goblins that terrorize small frontier villages that don't even have a name or place on a map.

>What if we gave Guts goblin autism
the manga.

>lower guard
>okay guys I lowered my guard thus my skin of titanium is soft now
>tfw all Luthor needed to do to kill Superman was to shoot him when he isn’t looking

Once-a-fucking-gain I don't take issue with the fact that low ranked adventurers deal with it BECAUSE of all the other bullshit threats. THE GUILD KEEPS GETTING REPORTS THAT GOBLINS INVADE VILLAGES, KILL PEOPLE, ALL THAT SHIT. The fucking guild chick AND GS said plenty of adventures have died to goblins. Yet NOBODY knows this? NOBODY remembers this? NOBODY goes "yeah they can kill you piece of piss be careful" they continue to laugh at goblins. It makes no fucking sense even if these attacks are happening in god damn siberia.

That's the type of world this is. It's a "dog eat dog" type of world. High ranked adventurers simply don't bother with them - and they also cannot since there are other threats to be taken care of.
Then you have low ranked adventurers who don't bother with them because they know those missions are very dangerous and the spoils are rather poor. Think of the time they defended CG's farm. They only did it because GG promised a piece of gold for each goblin they killed. Otherwise, they wouldn't have bothered, as it was a high risk mission.

The only reason GS hunts them is because of trauma and a personal vendetta.

>no berserker armor
>no arm cannon and crossbow arm

GS is more a batman with punisher's no mercy and Doomguy's hatred. The actual guts is there also

Rolls. Rolls away!

Adventurers* fuck how do I keep mispelling that word today.

user, this atory is not for you, is obvious you want worldbuilding. Go to read meshi or pverlord instead.

i hate nothing in the world more than anime youtubers using western views to analise anime
>oh rape is problematic

No excuse. They just don't give a shit.

>Reckless attack give your enemy advantage
>Rage over after some titties thrown at him
>Gob roll 20

Well, none of the traumatic shit that let him to obtain those happened here.

The anime is going to kill the manga like it killed AGK isn't it.

All stories have plot holes. I'm just bringing up the one that bothers me. Especially since in this case it is central to the story. It is literally the crux of the problems in Goblin Slayer and it's just illogical. Unfathomable even.

Obligatory pasta

It’s a conspiracy you guys. The guild uses it meaningless rankings and promises of adventure to lure young and able bodied people to join them. This leaves their original villages lacking in workforce. Then they send said able bodied youth back to similar, but not the same villages, to do jobs they would have done for free for family or at a cheaper price. They guilds then take a portion of the fees for their own sake even though they’re the reason the villages couldn’t handle those jobs to begin with. Worst yet, the guild deliberately poorly manages everything, providing no training or resources, so a simple job a halfway trained team can do will take multiple teams wiping. This is so people think of the threats as way more threatening, ensuring that everyone is too ill-defended by a lack of young manpower to defend themselves this reliant on their purposefully poor services, and keeping the population scared enough to go to them, thus keeping them both constantly having a stream of jobs and making sure nobody else can. The guild is a conspiracy. They want to weaken everyone else so they can profit.

fuck if it 5e she could have soloed them, fucking ki spending every attack is a special move, it's bullshit how they can throw 3 punches and 2 of them can have a stun effect on level 5.

>more a batman with punisher's no mercy and Doomguy's hatred
So he's Guts.

You are focusing all your attention in something the story makes clear is not it's main point. GS is about GS himself, not the world around him.

Guts doesn't pull Batman like strategies, he is just "Attack! Attack! Attack!"

They do, that's why low ranked adventurers don't like taking goblin quests, because they know chances of dying are high. Only naive newbies take them - and most of them die.

Adventurers have a thing against GS because he's a Silver Rank even though he only hunts goblins. Compare him to other adventurers of them same rank, and they're hunting bigger threats. So, although the goblin missions are dangerous, most of them don't think he deserves to be on the same rank as other adventurers who hunt chimeras, ogres, demons and whatnot.

There's also the fact that Goblin Slayer is a rather odd/creepy fellow, and that also adds to people disliking him.

and there are literal cities built inside of him. what do you think they're full of?

>not the main point
It's literally his entire god damn backstory and character. He does what no one else wants to do and everyone finds it weird and time consuming. Because in this world nobody has long term memory.

That's seen as the life of being an adventurer. They made it a point to have characters say they've taken on goblins before as kids and don't see them as a real threat. Also the guild isn't JUST getting goblin quests and those are the lowest paying ones so there's no real incentive to pick them.

She's not wrong though. The adventurers take on the responsibility of seeing the mission through. They choose to put their lives on the line and it really isn't their fault if they get in over their heads.

I fucking give up, in the end is just you giving a shit about something i don't, this is going nowhere.

>The adventurers take on the responsibility of seeing the mission through. They choose to put their lives on the line and it really isn't their fault if they get in over their heads.
Not that user but that’s really unreliable. How would the people at the guild know they’re dead and it’s time to send another group or anything like that? Dudes dying is paperwork and time wasted compared to a job done. I’m surprised these guys are still in business.

Well then fuck off. If you don't want to talk about it don't post "OH I GIVE UP" just don't fucking respond

If seems most of the adventurers forget being strong is not the only thing that determines your promotion.

I was just going to do that after last post, but now i gonna reply just to spite you.

I wonder if you can get promotions brainwashing people.

Some are probably aware, but they still look down on GS for not taking any missions that involve stronger monsters.

I want goblins to do to GG what the Soviets did to the Nazis. Only instead of raping for weeks, they go for years.

Pretty sure they are prepared for that, they got a lying detector girl

user, goblins are not a fucking threat for any decent adventurer, and even the champs and lords are no big deal for the high tier ones.

Yes, they're an absolute plague for the villagers and newbies... exactly because they're villagers and newbies. Chumps.

It is fairly well known that there's a rather high mortality rate on goblin quests, but people dismiss it because 99% of goblin quests are taken by newbies, since adventurers aren't under contract and the guild can't force them to do them once they become good enough for higher stuff. End result is that you have 6 types of people dealing with goblins:

>1. Ignorant noob who gets slaughtered and is forgotten about
>2. Ignorant noob who succeeds and quickly grows stronger, remembering goblins as fodder
>3. Informed noob who gets slaughtered anyway and is forgotten about
>4. Informed noob who succeeds and knowing he most likely got lucky, quickly tries to move to different prey as he grows in strength
>5. Noob who got fucked by goblins but managed to survive, gets laughed at for being a fucking noob and as he grows to better things while leaving the dirty job of goblin-killing to future noobs, he's done.
>6. Goblin Slayer and co.

>I’m surprised these guys are still in business.

The wonders of a demon-lord based economy.

It's already said that they'll sometimes send in a 2nd group to confirm if the first is dead.
Not much paperwork besides besides stamping an expired on their sheets. Considering everyone loves to get rich quick there isn't any surprise in how they're still in business.

She's saying it's the overall attitude and competency that determines a promotion. We're literally shown this later on with the rank ups of another team.

Cred Forums, fuck off.

Why would Cred Forums support nazis getting raped?

We're not talking about "any decent adventurer" for fuck sakes how are you people not getting this? It's the rookie adventurers that apparently die quite a bit to them. AND the villages constantly being raided. Yet all the newbie adventurers go into this shit blind and are suprised by this shit because apparently word never gets around. Meanwhile all the other adventurers are like "goblins? That shit is literally nothing. Low pay. Waste of time." Everyone keeps laughing at GS for taking on shit jobs not worth the hassle. Jobs that end in a lot of deaths. What this paints a picture of is a Guild of sociopaths and that's not what the author is trying to say with all the characterisation of said Guild members. He's trying to have it both ways. Either they don't give a shit about anyone and are all money hungry cunts or they're all a big dysfunctional family who need to be trusted to actually gain ranks.

Your forgot
>Decent group that was just unlucky
Like the steel group.

>they have another target for brainwashing
Sounds fun. The rapefags would love it.

If they got to the point that they had to do a goblin quest to eat then I would hardly call them decent.

>Cred Forums

Sending a second party is still time consuming. Besides. What if they get there and find the job done? Do they just return home and still get payed? Finding the adventurer sheet, having to chalk the, off as dead is a pain and what if they’re kidnaped or their bodies aren’t recognized? They could be anywhere between chasing the enemy away to dead.

It also says they were tired. How's that even a factor?

If the story went like you wanted, then there won't be a story in first place.

So if women become breeding sows for goblins, aren't they half human/elf?

I forgot manga cut off that detail, why wasted pages in fodder anyway?

not an issue since the gods create them too.

I can't give explanation about the guild except the whole concept is silly. But there are many more dangerous monster that need to be taken care of.
For example, Lancer-guy mention he fight Mind Flayer before. If he abandon that for goblin, you'll have a whole colony with battle ship lead by Elder Brain or worse Neothelid. Even a champion is small fry compare to these.

In some fantasies, they're just pure goblins. Sometimes there aren't even female goblins or orcs, and they have to mate with other races.

Take their plates as proof of death while checking the area to see if it's clear
If nothing and they've been gone a while then assume they're all dead
They'll have a description of the party so check equipment on bodies that are destroyed beyond recognition to confirm a match

No, gobbo genetics is vastly superior and strong, wiping out puny human/elf genetics

Your problem is that you are unable to do this

No, goblins in this setting only produces pure gobs

That made me remember Arcanum gnomes..

>the threads will be flooded with even more speedwatchers complaining about the guild, noob deaths, village destruction by gobs even though it's all explained

At least that sounds better than what happened to BNH's threads.

Not that user but suspension of disbelief can only go so far before it becomes ridiculous.

The guild just pretty much burned itself.

So your argument for the giant gaping plothole that is "the guild are sociopaths until they aren't" is I can't sit back and turn my brain off? I am all for convenience for plots and hell I even like GS but this is a crucial part of the story the author should have been better prepared for. He certainly shouldn't have shifted the story into this weird comfy camping simulator between GS and the adventurers who also act like fucking sociopaths until they don't.

Most of the other silver-ranked people at the frontier looked down on him till the farm invasion. Afterwards they saw him as a competent guy who had his niche and stuck to it. Guts and Lancer in particular went on a short quest with him and saw how useful he could be with his Batman bag of tricks and unconventional tactics.

Jesus man nobody is saying "why is Lancer not there killing goblins?" the problem is nobody goes up to the innocent adventures and goes "watch out for goblins" they literally do not care. Even though at this stage goblins and their danger should be well documented.

>Experienced adventurer taking a bigger threat.
>Leave unchecked it will turn into national crisis, some can turn whole kingdom upside down, literally.
>Rookie left with goblin/giant rat.
>Hear story about high ranked adventure one shot them all the time.
>Take goblin quest, underestimating them
>Leave unchecked it will turn into local crisis.
It's not that hard to understand. Or do you want all high ranked fight goblin and leave all that young dragons to turn into adult?

NONE of it is fucking explained aside from "but bigger threats" which is not an explanation. Your dumbass greentexting doesn't change that.

No, seriously, that is up to personal opinion, what you call "ridiculous" could be irrelevant for someone else.

Who fucking cares, they're just goblins that pay like shit.
The guild does warn but but they aren't there to babysit the noobs, they are a middlemen.

How the fuck do people continue to go back to the high adventurers. This is the most retarded thread I've ever seen. I'm saying after all the shit about hearing high adventurers 1 shotting goblins have they not heard about the 1203120120312031202103 rookie adventurers who got gang raped and massacred? Or the villages that did so as well?

That's not a plothole though. Being an adventurer is a high risk low reward job with high turnover. We're shown exactly how and why people underestimate them in the 1st chapter.

>Literal dark lord attacking the kingdom and they need all experienced fighters on the front line taking down monsters
>Lmao not a gewd excuse cuz dem goblins do

That's just my point though if nobody gives a shit why is the author trying to do a 180 and show all the guild members being cool guys who bro out with everyone else?

Believe it or not, this annoying situation is better than rapefags spam. Is like the BNH's threads were full of discussion about the implications of Everyone having super powers and not fujosji's shitposting.

Unless you are near those big guys. Then you can count on the people you can't count in town for the reasons you told me I should not count on them.

>Japan 40 years behind on CG compared to the rest of the world

How is this possible? Even the baby channel my nephew watches has better CG in its shows.

Here's the real answer, friend.

the author didn't think about it this far.
he's having his cake and eating it. it's a story that's clearly meant for teens and young adults,
not wise old wizards; unfortunately we have to deal with this plot hole and accept it for what it is... or stop reading entirely. I choose to accept it for what it is.

The sheer damage goblins do to villages and shit was only shown later on and the fucking whole reason I started talking about this is it became utterly unbelievable rookie adventurers wouldn't know about the threat goblins impose if they've caused so many deaths and so much chaos.

It’s the same for everyone. Some can swallow a random scavenger spontaneously developing force powers more than others.

yeah. i think we should just agree that some things are just excuse plot and the guys who take it 100% seriously should fuck off.

there are way too many adventurers, the rank system is terrible, guild dependence is silly... it's just a videogame element.

GS is soo much more than that. I mean, D&D dude.

the real issue in my opinion is the inherent clash between wanting to do SoL haha isn't GS a funny autist? he's funny you guys, and grimdark OH GOD EVERYONE'S GONNA DIE AND THERE'S NOT ENOUGH STRONG MEN TO HANDLE ALL THESE GOBBOS, WE'RE GONNA GET GOBBED
it's a clash of tone and I mean
once you see that the anime teaser prominently features GS first, then all the girls second, it's like, "okay yeah maybe I'm reading this story for the wrong reasons"

and I don't mean to be dongescending or anything, this is my genuine input. it's a little late so it's probably all disjointed to shit.


I have a serious question

Would Goblins fuck a plump female toddler if they couldn't find any adult females?

Do you think they would think "Eh, this is sorta messed up" and have some standards?

Why are you asking this serious question, Anón?

Gobs have no standards, they are gobs. Kill em all.

So which studio gonna make GS? and when it gonna come out?

I am glad I am not you, user

You would think that there would be horrific stories about them, but they all have the view that they are weak.

>bigger threats with bigger rewards
>outskirts rural villages which are not important to farming or anything
>goblins are weak and pay badly
>recent goblin activity spike causing quest inflood that can't be covered so noobs must be sacrificed for the extermination turnover rate
>noobs know about the dangers but don't care since goblins
There you go.
It's a deadly profession, people die all the time.
noobs dying doesn't mean anything.

>read as character commits rapes over and over but justifies it that they ended up liking it dieback to aphrodisiacs so it’s okay
>randomly kill cool and friendly characters to satisfy bitchy women
>wins everything while being a total villain but author shitposts about how he’s a good guy not a villain
I dropped it when there was a tourney and the MC killed another Isekai protagonist for no good reason, like he had dozens of other ways of accomplishing his task but kills the pretty cool character and we’re supposed to agree with it because the character wasn’t atttacted to a female that OBVIOUSLY belongs to MC

>why doesn't a world based on fucking D&D hold up under realistic social scrutiny?
Kill yourself my man

>the problem is nobody goes up to the innocent adventures and goes "watch out for goblins" they literally do not care
Except they do speedreader, the guild girls explicitly tell them.

Goblin can think, they know the toddler is too small so they just eat it instead

Katakuri is just rolling bad.

Again this is such a fucking stupid argument. Fantasy or not a good story makes sure it can hold itself up. I like Goblin Slayer but this is a massive CENTRAL point that isn't well thought out.

I mean I still like it man what do you want from me

girls read Twilight because they wanna be the cute bumpkin that gets seduced into a life of exciting werewolf sex, and they don't care that she's written to be some shallow base brooding bland bimbo. sometimes you gotta ignore the bits you don't like so you can enjoy the bits you do like. that's what love is all about.

As I said before. in the first chapter you get kids talking about how they fought off a few at their parents farm or how they've been trained to fight or were given highest honors at magic academy.

again, they're random frontier villages. not many are going to go out of their way to spend more money than they're going to get for a terrible job. like, they literally make a point of showing you how poor the village chief is that's trying to get a quest issued for goblins.

Well, what if the toddler was super lewd and wanted Goblin dick? Like she starts shaking her butt and even shakes it as she coos and makes love shaped pupils at the goblins..

Would this make the Goblins question with what's going on here?

Not just a little bit?

Okay but what if the toddler is a slut and wants it, while the goblins haven't had sex for a while, would this go down or....

Should I read the LN or the manga?


how does the toddler even know it want to be rape.......
how does it even know anything beside cry and poop.....
If we talking about a 6-7 years old then maybe

All she says is you should wait for another adventurer who might be coming. That's it. But by all means show me where she explains the dangers of goblins to the rookies.

Why aren't you doing this on /lit/ on all western fantasy works like Tolkien and Rowling.

They are worse than this author in term of terrible and nonsensical worldbuilding
Or is it only the west get to write drivel and get away with it?

Guild can't refuse someone take the quest as long it match their rank, they don't care. Guild is shit, almost everyone agree.
Goblin massacre is rare, Lord & Champion is equivalent of platinum for most people, things that exist in legend. Most newbies take small goblin quest like Not-Rance then move on to bigger threat, so they can't really give advice about how spooky goblin are, the rest is wiped and the report is sent to shitty guild.

>they're all a big dysfunctional family who need to be trusted to actually gain ranks.

What are you talking about? The guild workers are people and have empathy and friendship and stuff, but the guild as an institution doesn't give a fuck.

It's nothing but a hub for people to give and accept quests. Its only real duty to the client is to ensure a quest will be handled by someone of the appropiate level to accomplish it, and like it or not, no matter the high lethality of them, goblin quests CAN technically be done by porcelain scrubs PLUS nobody higher will bother, so they're pretty much stuck with throwing the scrubs into the meatgrinder, not that they care too much on an institutional level as long as quests are given and accepted.

That trust stuff? That's only for the publicity. Show that your higher level adventurers are reliable so your quest-givers will be confident in giving higher level quests and not have scrubs sent to do them. Inbred villagers virtually don't matter because they literally have no other options but to ask for help there, since the army sure as hell doesn't have time to help.

You may think that the guild is being dumb and wasting resources by not caring for adventurers, but as shows it's the ADVENTURER's responsibility to get themselves informed and prepared. If they're retarded enough to think they can get into this line of work without preparation then they do the world a favor by getting slaughtered. What is this, a daycare? Adventurers are literally murderhobos, the guild has no obligation to hold their hands until they git gud, even if some try. There's always a stream of new redshirts.

I don't have just the bottom half as a reaction image so fuck it

>slutty toddlers
user you need to seek help

They literally doesn't let her finish.

Because I'm currently reading Goblin Slayer and not anything on /lit/? You really trying to strawman me by pretending i'm just picking on one series? Are you really that fucking dumb?

Do you happen to have the Ichigo one?

GS avoids this by having no worldbuilding.

Oh yeah I can see that what with the fact that she is standing there silently while they walk away. And you called me a speed reader.

Not that user but she's having one of those "oh god those poor motherfuckers" moments, you can see it in her eyes as she watches them walk away.

Now, you might argue that if she was hardcore she'd yell at them like HEY DIPSHITS YOU'RE GONNA GET RAPED BY GOBS, YOU'LL GET GOBBED, and they might perk up... but there's a 50% chance that they'll just say "haha, nice one! we'll be back in a few minutes WINK" and leave and die.

If you ask me, though, you should stop it

Then why can't you even expound the plot points and resort to screaming about something on first few chapters of the manga that is already properly explained and discussed in the books?

Please don't tell me you call looking at pictures reading, burger.

>Dwarf Shaman : Yuichi Nakamura
>Lizard Priest : Tomokazu Sugita
Sugita and Nakamura: bros4life. It's like they do this on purpose.

In the end, all what this user is bitching about, is important for the story in the long run?

Champion choose Priestess while leave Elf to his subordinate. So at least he have some standard, or piss fetish, or not gay.

As important as saying there are rolls.


>the story
>enjoyment of the story

Let's not pretend this is a flawless work or that pointing out flaws in something you like means you're "bitching". What else are you gonna discuss? Goblin toddler rape? Oi.

Nope, that's the only one I saved

It. Isn't. Properly. Explained. I love how people keep saying it is but all the evidence they give me is "but there are bigger threats" which does not explain anything other than why the other tougher adventurers are busy. So please. Enlighten me. What am I missing?

Goblin slayer himself, "who is best girl?", Memes, OC stuff...

No no, I'm saying if the toddler was slutty and lewd, let's say she's 5

I'm just creating a realistic scenario

Let's make it a slutty 5 year old elf toddler that craves big Gob cock

Okay I got it. Let's say that you're a warrior killing Goblins but this elf toddler has this power of killing goblins with this magic... but she must be raped by goblins and you gotta watch it to take the magic within your body to gain super goblin killing strength

Would you do it?

Oh well, thanks anyway


Oh shit really! That's so awesome!!

You make me sick, fucking gob.

he's autistic
>who is best girl
hey guys what if the anime had the DOOM soundtrack
>OC stuff
moot was GS all along!?

Oh wait we already did all that, didn't we. It's fine to take a step back and talk calmly about something bothering you in a work you like, y'know? That's what people used to do. Well, before the roaring 2k10s, when everyone suddenly became hormonal and hysterical and couldn't stop insulting each other over random things that don't matter.

>Explained that it's a shit tier low paying job where you extend more effort to just about pay for repairing equipment or even lose money taking it
>Why does no one do this???????
Can you stop speedreading

you just wanna see toddler rape, don't you?

5 year old elf? that's like, a fetus, you fool

Where do people read the LN?

The hell does this have to do with killing gobs?

Go to BNH's threads, you fit more there.

You seem like the expert so, maybe YOU should go back?

I swear to God I don't, it's just that scenario was on my mind

Okay 5 year old human toddler then

Let's say this then, what if you're the Goblin Slayer and to defeat the Goblins, you must rape a Goblin female toddler in front of your party members

Would you do this?



I'm optimistic. White Fox isn't that bad.

Goblin Blanco?!

female goblins don't exist you speedreading child rapist

Listen Mr. Pedo Goblin, no one is getting raped. Now sit tight and wait for your eventual slaying.

No, literally the only thing i know of BNH is tintin

Wait what the fuck is there actual rape? I thought this was a tropey manga about an adventurer who really hated goblins to a comedic effect.

Maybe they won't. But Goblin Slayer doesn't care about that.

Okay that's fair I'll go check it out and see if they're more my speedos.

literally the first chapter of the manga


The baby shows probably have 3x the budget of the average anime

Do not worry, I protect.

t. merchant

there's too much gay shit in there man why the fuck would you wish this upon someone

When's the release date for the next volume?

there are no female Goblin though.
that why they can't do birthing on their own and need human girls

But to answer your question: No, too tight

Season 2 when
Chapter that isn't about cows when

White +jew =jew, Black +jew =jew, chink +jew =jew, kebab +jew =jew, demons +jew =jew

When did you all realize that goblins are a metaphor for muslims?

Because i hate that user

The goblins always win baby

They are always a threat though. There's just no money or glory taking that 1% chance of getting gobbed.

>That’s why I always say, as long as you’re prepared, goblins ain’t nothing.
>But say you knew you could win ninety-nine times out of a hundred. Who’s to say this isn’t the hundredth time? There’s no guarantees. You’re just playing the odds.
>If you’re gonna die because of a bad roll, you might as well do it fighting a dragon.
>T. Heavy Warrior

>ADVENTURER's responsibility to get themselves informed and prepared
Not that user but does this mean that the job sheets they get don’t say anything? The fact that the guild doesn’t take any responsibility is both lazy on their and and counterproductive. It’s like not having a biohazard sign and just shrugging your shoulders when workers die and lose productivity. In fact, this raises questions about how the guild operates given how it provides astonishingly little to its members. For an organization who takes a piece of the payment to pay its own expenses, they don’t do much to earn the piece it takes.

I thought SNK's thread were the worst of Cred Forums, are we really that bad?

>goblins always win baby
I think you're the real gob

so where will the show stop? right after the village got attacked storyline?

from an outsider just getting into the series you guys arent the worst i've seen but you guys have some issues. dont let it get to you

You have the same problem than FFXV.

Can't find the fucking translated ln guess ill watch the anime

>there are people here who are anti-rape

How new are you? You get this shit the same place you get all your other stuff if you're not a ddl faggot.

Rape are fun
unless it happen to you, then suddenly it bad

Probably at vol 3 where a dark elf attacks with a bunch of goblin and demon fodder.

Rape isn't bad, it's how the Japanese say hello to women.



And GS is their natural predator
This is nature and food chain working at it's finest

Goblin Lord survived long enough to become a Lord exactly by doing the shit you say, crying and seeking help from humans just to stab in the back and rape a woman or two for breed a bunch of gobs to make up a band at they very first chance
Multiple times

And some cuties took pity in some ugly, skinny rapist with a goatee.

Yeah, we are filled with fujoshit, shitposting and avatarfags. The threads hit their lowest with the Yakuza arc, but I hope they'll get a little better with the new arc, La Brava a cute.

Not a Final Fantasy guy, what would that problem be?

And they got what they deserved
Fat goblin cock and birthing more of them

Can I have a source on that picture?

fujo's have been on Cred Forums a long ass time, its only a problem when the thread get all taken up about that, besides they have those its time threads to talk about that stuff
cant really do anything about shitposters

>not knowing the mastermind of floorboards

I do feel sorry for the poor elfgirl who got eaten by the rockworm

The shitposting in the Yakuza arc wasn't even funny, it was all just "O MY REWIND QUIRK", "Water is wet", Grapefag having a mental breakdown and HunterXHunter comparisons. Season 3 will make them unbearable.
The manga is great tho, and Season 3 will be awesome. I hope you are enjoying it so far.

I just got done with the second season, I hav to finish up a few manga before I start reading the manga on my own, I really do love it. Its become one of my new favorites, having all these great anime to watch like goblin slayer and BNHA make my day.
I hope you enjoy yourself too user!

I fucking love High Elf Archer

Monk girl was cute. That is all.

El Goblino


Yeah roughly 4 episodes per book would work out pretty well, though they might have to embellish the dark elf fight a bit to make it a good finale since Ogre fight was a far better boss fight, and the water town shenanigans was a string of good fights separated by downtime and recuperation.

Also, watch as the waifuposters' shitflinging go into overdrive around ep 11.

Dumb Frogposter.

Fuck off you goblins

No, both you and SNK are no where near comparable to DBS. That is an actual Cred Forums and Cred Forums colony that needs to be banned like Naruto now

la creatura

But user, DNS successfully memed their memes into existence.

can someone shop GS helmet (red eye) on him?


>anime announce
>here comes all the normies
>plus side we probably have more doujins after this

cant wait till sjw complains about killing gob babies. i'll just wait for my elf lewds.

I don't have much of a problem since you guys are pretty localized and don't shit up the board but threads about long-running shonen tend to be autistic at best.

I found it good when the character was still somewhat of an underdog. It all went to shit when he became an ogre and started raping everyone

What are orcs like in this world when Gobbies are that bad?

>there are anti-rapefags


It's from the manga. The texts were edited.

>tfw gobbos are always chaotic evil rape parasites
Ln/mango/animu with slutty lunatic mechanics grills fucking when?

>Realistic scenario
>Slutty 5 year old
user, are you alright?

I am surprised by the occurrence as well, but Im seeing more posts about race, countries, politics, wojaks and frogs then ever before.

There might not be an actual separate orc race. GS universe hobgoblins look like our usual orcs, so their goblin race might be a general greenskin race.

thats complete horse shit and you know it.

She doesn't look very high desu. Some forest elf is more like it.

So what if this series has it's gender switched?
Including the gobs?

>everyone is retarded but mc
>mc retards himself to join a party
>gets a harem
I'm not even sure if it counts as shit writing at this point it has transcended long ago.


Seek help.

Death to the gobs. Death to gob sympathizers!

No one post famous awesome ass page. WTF is wrong with you, guys?

world peace
and happy fucking


Not much to kill desu.

Maybe that's the better if mixing the Original Goblin Slayer story with the "Year One" story. In this we we can see the beginning of the GS too,

>The fact that the guild doesn’t take any responsibility

It's cute how you think there are worker rights or even human rights around.

>this raises questions about how the guild operates given how it provides astonishingly little to its members. For an organization who takes a piece of the payment to pay its own expenses, they don’t do much to earn the piece it takes.

The Guild's sole function is to facilitate the taking of quests. It gives adventurers a place they can locate easily where quests can be found, rather tham just going door to door asking people i there's shit that needs killing, or from the wall of some shady tavern. On the quest-giver's side, it gives them the security of knowing their request will be passed on to a registered warrior(s) that hace crossed a certin competence line.

alright guys whats the difference between manga and LN?
i have read the manga but no idea about LN

The guild is a quest bulletin board copy pasted from rpgs because that's "how fantasy works". Primary use is hub for gs to interact with others rather than have him travel on his own which makes things harder to write.
Expecting that some serious thought has been put in the setting outside of goblins vs mc, and later harem, is silly. Defending it through headcanon creations as some faggots do even more so.

Do you think the anime will cover GS giving out love advice?

Just read the Goblin Lord chapters to see get how the guild works

I want to love Paladin in a romantic and loving way!

I want to love Sorceress in a romantic loving way

Don't they get an immunity to non-magical weapons at a certain level?

Man I wanna bone elf so bad

Do you mean "empty body"? That's level 18. Have fun getting there in the first place.

It doesn't matter why he's pissed. What matters is that he is pissed.

Hm, seems like a goblin nest.

I guess that’s why monks train in the mountains for decades usually. Must be only the retarded and arrogant ones that go adventuring at level 1.

wait no i'm human

You might be joking, but the monk was always a horrible class when it comes to pure game mechanics. For instance like how long it took for the monks fists to become somewhat better than weapons. Regular weapons. Though don't know if 5e improved them.

I can't believe elf-chan is fucking dead.
Fucking giannt worms.

She is 2000 years old dude
Her pussy dried out centuries ago, not even gobs wants that garbage

At least she didn't get raped.

>Elf Archer: Nao Toyama
Filthy slut who swallows human mens sperm by the barrel load confirmed

Are you from the 1960s? Why are there still people who dont believe in DNA? Are you upset that Trump is president?

It was until the author when full retard edgelord self-insert mode. I like my rape, but it's become excess to the point of unintentional comedy.

Elf-hater please go.



> gob emperor is behind the guild
> he sends low tier adventurers to fuel the goblins numbers (doesnt send only females adventurers to not rise suspicion) and experience
> probably has a bunch of propaganda to keep the idea that goblins are "weak" and "stupid"
> he will end up raping guild girl

Nice anime and manga.


>Finally listen to drama cd.
Those are one hell of cast. I hope they still have budget for animation. My only complaint is CG sound like 10.

That doesn't say anything about why elves should be bad. Why are anti-elffags so retarded?

has GS every rolled a 0, or been targeted by a 20 roll, since he became GS?


Well they all failed their spot/perception check when they tried to rescue the captive girl in the catacombs.

Bad idea. You don't fuck around with the folk. They're not your family-friendly American AD&D or Disney elves. They're evil. True evil.

This is a fundamental issue with fantasy or sci-fi writing. Generally, lot of things that we can explain with "people are dumb" in a story written in our world need a better reason in those genres, or your average person will find it a bit silly.

Elf rolled 20 on diplomacy in the Let's Go Adventuring! check against GS. Everyone gets a free 20 when rolling Sense Motive on GS.

>girl is called ``Priestess´´
So how do you call the rest of priest girls?

Because anti elf faggots are a bunch of dwarfhumping homos or stupid memers, so you know for a fact they're mentally disabled. Just ignore their posts.

Rape victims.

So where the fuck are all the bards in this series and how would they deal with gobbos if they showed up? Assuming that they're not more filler characters for the rape machine of course

Where are you getting the drama cds? I can't find them at the usual places.

>Just ignore their posts
That works as well as ignoring shitposts.

Just finished the second chapter. Does she come back or did the Goblin Rape scramble her brains forever?

As of the most recent chapter she hasn't showed up. Probably never will, starting party was just rape/slaughter bait to show how scary gobs are.

Nico, but i think someone posted it on previous thread.

where do i find the LNs? i found first 4 vols where is the rest?

Is she secretly a goblin?

Oh cool didn't expect it to be there. Thought I'd have to torrent it or something. Thanks.

Rape is not why Goblin Slayer become popular.

The bards here are regular non-combat tavern musicians, not rogue/sorcerer hybrids like in D&D. They just stay in nice, defended towns playing music. We saw at least one bard singing a song about GS early on, which was how the party even found him.

For divine casters so far we have Sword Maiden, Apprentice Priestess, and the inspector.

>tfw anime will double rape in manga that doubled rape in ln

I see, you weren't in the first threads.

Ah I see so they're the only one with good self preservation skills as usual.

She is dead in ln.

>mfw seeing rapefags after the anime tone down the rape just like Gate.

Gate had rape? Nice, picked up.

He's lying.

I avoided them after skimming over one or two because you screeching perverts made GS look like just another boring porn cartoon. I believe you without doubt that you could attract no one but rape fetishists with your autistic threads. But this doesn't change the fact that the rape is not what made GS great.

Hah I knew gate was shit after all.

Someone post articles of Swedes and Germans getting raped and murdered when they sheltered refugees.

What's her relationship with GS?

Is she from that novel I keep hearing abojt

Is this written by a woman?

>a woman understanding the pleasure of monster genocide
I doubt it.

>excited for a Goblin Slayer anime
How? It's fucking boring as shit

I hope this anime isn't censored, wouldn't be the same without the rape-

Because most fantasy works nowdays are either terrible isekai or SOL set in fantasy worlds. So GS is one of the things most close to actual fantasy you can find.

It's shit? May be, but is the least smelling of the avaliable pile of shit, Better a GS anime than another Death March.

>Not Stephen Russell's Garrett voice

GARlin Slayer

>Goblin Slayer is gay

This. If I had a dime for everytime a new isekai came out in the past year I'd be filthy rich.

>manlet slayer
When will he learn?

oh gosh he's so smol

I've always thought it was something more along the lines of master chief's voice, maybe a bit younger after seeing his fucking bishounen face.

Not our fault that you're ugly.
>mfw born with bishounen face

Ironic, he's as tall as the average Goblin

I never said it was a bad thing though. Also never said I don't have one.

GS is an enlightened individual that realize oneesan>everything and Priestess have such huge perception that she can succeed insight & investigation check even thru GS autist screen helmet. So now she reserve her oneesan mode exclusively to GS while charmed others with her imouto mode.

>Gob tunnels are small, so they can move easily but hinder humans trying to drag them out
>GS hindered his own growing so he could fight gobs evenly in their tunnels
The absolute madman

Isn't that a good thing for his job? Before he joined a party, he was mostly delving into gob caves and tunnel systems.

>"In other words, I am to goblins what goblins are to us."

That doesn't make sense unless he starts raping goblins sexually

Leave it to an Cred Forumsutist to need everything to be an exact 1 to 1 comparison.

>GS hindered his own growing
This is what all manlets say.

El manleto de goblino conquistador...

I keep reading comments on how the guild system and adventurer premise of the GS world isn't realistic and doesn't make any sense, but isn't the whole point of the GS world that it's actually a game of D&D played by the gods?

>tfw I'm about his height
should I pick up goblin slaying? is it worth it?

Guild system like in most Japanese fantasy setting isn't exist in any D&D manual/module.

You're about 50 years too late.

>salty lanklet

i've always imagined GS voice sounding like roscharch from watchmen