Maedchen Maerchen

Hazuki is such a soothing person. She makes me feel warm. She makes me feel safe. I've gone through a lot of stressful times lately, but every time I watch Maedchen Maerchen, I feel as though everything might turn out okay.

i know this show is bad, but its very comforting it watch

I want to make Hazuki the happiest girl in the world.

Hazuki fills me with joy too. It is so relaxing and I look forward to her every week.

I don't find her very soothing, she's always running around naked, shouting, hitting herself with books, and falling out of the sky.


I want my NBR onee-san to kabedon me.

Why is she so fat?

You already know why.

Imagine if it's in the manga "High-rise Invasion"

> fat
Explain? She's not even big enough to fit in my IMAGINEation

Are you deaf?
Watch the image again.

I love hazuki!

Lynne is almost as cute as Hazuki.

Murrican bitch can go die in a fire.

I haven't watched the show, but she sounds annoying.

We put up with her because she's cute.

>tiny fang

too cute

I don't believe you.

Praise Sädohara.

She did it!

She didn't do shit

More like SADohara, am I rite

She is very cute.

Useless Ran pnly good for sex appeal.

which is best? vanilla or transformed?

They're both very good. But I have a thing for white/silver hair so I pick transformed.



so uh whats thing show about


How will Hazuki handle Shizuka's huge D?

Fuck off.

Just make up some new bullshit spell to counter it


Rewrite the huge D's story.

And make it a small D? Are those the ones Hazuki prefers?

Please, stop posting this image. I want to keep myself pure for Häzuki.

God bless queen of burg.

What about this image?

She is the only one who hasn't cast a single spell

Watch Kägimura Häzuki wa Märchen de aru.

Is there some way to add umlauts to kana

Why is the bottom of her shirt colored like her skirt?

>that red strip in her hair
Someone get me a pair of scissors.

Fuck you


>Traitor loli with absurd platforms
>American brat with brain problems and a gun
>Random ninja from a hentai
Yep, this sounds fun.

Fuck off.

America fuck yeah.


hazuki blanca

I identify with Hazuki.

Don't bully Häzuki teammates or this pumpkins will kill you.

I actually like the transformed better.


>These pumpkins too away all of the focus on me, causing me to look QUALITY
The magic of the rewritten Cinderella turns people into mush. Brutal.

>this show has zero budget
It's not fair. It deserves better.


あ̈り̈ま̈す̈よ̈ although it might not display properly depend on your fonts

Stop watching this moeshit

What's the odds of BD removing the steam?

Wörks in my font.

why is he happy?


Why are her hands green?

Why would Shizuka reject Häzuki as a friend?

Why would she want to be stuck as a friend?

I don't think this show is bad. It looked awful in the last episode, but otherwise I can't find many faults with it.


Because she wants to be her löver instead.

Is Häzuki cute?

Yës Häzuki is cute.

Episode 9 or 10?

You sure is forgiving

Maybe, but here I don't see what's wrong with Màrchen Màdchen. I saw people complain about Hazuki's, how useless she is etc., I do understand why they think that but I think that's on purpose and well paced.

What is that you don't like about this?

I would say the plot is ok, but the animation quality is mind-intriguing