Is there any point in watching Frontier or should I just skip to Savers?

Frontier is pretty polarizing. I'd say try it for a bit and see how you feel.

Is there any point in watching any season?

It does something different, they become the digimon.
It’s underrated.

Savers only gets good near the end
Frontier is only good at the start

Pick your poison

Frontier is pretty good, you just have to skip half a season towards the end.

Every Digimon thread I find myself in dies fast

This is from the /vg/ thread

this guy is lying to you

only the first half is good

>Seraphimon in the 100 deserving column

Id say the gray guy from 02 (cant remeber the name) should be moved couple of columns to the left

Delicious Zoe and watching that fat fuck trying to chase her miserably

cant find kouichi

seraphimon in frontier is a complete cunt

>Delicious Zoe
She's like 10 you sick fuck

Good fucking god nothing will ever be as annoying as this

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Learn English, Pedro.

Frontier is weird but it has a lot of good shit going on, deeespite it having the worst arc in Digimon in the second half. I think it's a lot better than Savers overall, if less consistent.

Yeah, i fucked up there. Sorry

Frontier is great, it's just radically different from the first three seasons.
But skip every other episode once the Royal Knights show up.


Analogman was pretty creepy in Digital Card Battle

>10 years old

I don’t think she’s 10


i feel like he should have been a bit higher considering he died twice and probably a bit more right considering the things he did as velgremon/duskmon

>tamer cast lots of suffering and not deserving of it.
Accurate chart.

where's Puppetmon?

Is Yuujin supposed to be 50x50?
>Haru only 60 suffering