ITT: Anime characters that you share a medical condition with

ITT: Anime characters that you share a medical condition with

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Well its in the Netflix translation. I don't know Japanese but I'm assuming there is a call to either tinnitus by name or 'ringing in the ear' itself. Same difference as far as I'm concerned.

she meant a noticeably loud noise within her ear, not necessarily tinnitus or high-pitched ringing

Didnt open the image, but I'm guessing big titties?

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Being an Übermensch

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>noticeably loud noise within her ear
Which is what tinnitus is. There are two types. Pulsatile tinnitus is a condition where the cause is identifiable by medicine. Subjective tinnitus is noises in your ear that are only noticeable by you.


Still have to hear of a character with epilepsy

I'm sorry to hear that bro. That sucks, hopefully a cure for our brain conditions comes soon. Or at least better treatments.

Is there an anime character who suffers from Atherosclerosis?

I actually like to joke about having it, at times I even brag about having it as there are plenty of famous people out there who have been epileptic.
Though the amount of medication I take to keep it under control keeps rising

I'm missing an eye so I don't think I can come close to naming all the anime characters with an eyepatch.

>Atherosclerosis is a disease in which the inside of an artery narrows due to the build up of plaque. Initially, there are generally no symptoms. When severe, it can result in coronary artery disease, stroke, peripheral artery disease, or kidney problems depending on the arteries which are affected. Symptoms, if they occur, generally do not begin until middle age.

>The exact cause is not known. Risk factors include high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, obesity, family history, and an unhealthy diet. Plaque is made up of fat, cholesterol, calcium, and other substances found in the blood. The narrowing of arteries limits the flow of oxygen-rich blood to parts of the body.


Mikami Teru - ocd

Is there any anime character with optic nerve pit?

Ever since I watched a BBC drama years ago about an epileptic little boy prince, I've wanted to see a 2D character with epilepsy. A cute epileptic girl would be really moe.

L is literally me, unironically. We both have aspergers, love candy, are very analyitical and have high IQs, cunning and lovable, and have high data skills.

2011 ended a while ago

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>no anime girl with dysgraphia
>no anime girl with dyspraxia



I got Cred Forums covered


>Not wanting to be the little girl

I feel you man

Are you also nihilistic with a wicked sense of humor?


Anyone character with blood sugar problems?

This girl is going to have it soon if she keeps it up.


>tfw when i googled 'fat anime character' the first suggested result was 'fat anime characters to cosplay'

well... you can guess hehehehe

don't worry, I'm a fatboy too
fatboys make the best otaku

I don't think any anime character has a pachydermodactyly or a narrowed right ureter causing a hydronephrosis.

sorry to hear about your wife, bro

b...but will his daughter be fine?


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down syndrom

all drummers have ADHD

its a natural habitat

This, and excessive flatulence in general.

>Mfw incredibly rare autoimmune condition

I doubt it. There's probably a character with hypothyroidism.

I wish I understood this too.

I am gay

Tell us your story, user. You can't just say you're missing an eye without elaborating on how you lost it.

How'd you get a sharingan?

Are there characters with sickle cell anemia?

There are like three black people in all of anime. The creators probably aren't even aware of that condition.

I don't think there are any characters with dermatitis or even a case of shitty skin unless they're made to be explicitly ugly or a Junji Ito character

Depression is a medical condition, right?

I have a cleaning obsession and go bananas when someone moves ANYTHING from its place, is there any character like that?

How can you tell if you have below average intelligence?

Doesn't that girl from SAO have AIDS? I don't know if it was just a meme or not I never watched it


If you think of yourself as "unlucky", you are low intelligence.

No, that's Light.

Liking Aqua

How was this not the first reply? Step it up lads

I think dumb anime girls are charming though.

I also suffer from fat titty syndrome

It wasn't just AIDS, it was superAIDS.

muh eyes

If it makes you feel any better, Japan has one of the highest rates of non-sickle cell anemia in the world, so there are loads of anime characters with it.

>one of my conditions is disability level clumsyness
plenty of anime girls with that

kimura is better

any anime charcters with reynaud's?

I have a condition that's called myopia so I guess every glasses character.

she has nico nico nii disease and im infected

Is there a proper name for it? I think I might have that as well. Always ripping out my toenails walking into random shit.

It isn't a meme, she actually does have AIDS. She dies at the end of the arc iirc

It also includes losing things, taking a year to learn how to tie shoes, memory problems, and is comorbid with conditions like dysgraphia, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorders.

>blood sugar problems

>4D chess with brainlets to get shit
it's fun in a way

didn't mean to reply. Just trying to bring out the quick reply


>another tinnitus suffer
mine is mild and I only need a fan to sleep at night, but I met someone that's literal suicide thoughts over it.

hope they find a cure for this shit someday.

Not all the way, and probably never will be, but I am legally blind. My vision is 20:250 in my left eye and essentially gone in my right.

The low frequency tinnitus is the worst. It's maddening to have this loud deep foghorn in my ear at night when I'm trying to sleep.

I'd like to see a character with Meniere's disease which is the cause of my tinnitus. The dizzy spells and progressive loss of hearing could provide some drama.

I can't think of an anime character with the bitchiest, most pathetic sickness. Asthma is the dumbest fucking "sickness" to have. WOW I run out of breath quicker, oh no. Are there even any anime characters with this? Even the most obese characters seem to have the stamina and lungs of a Kenyan runner.

I went through a period where mine was pretty bad, but that was caused by a middle ear infection. once that cleared it, the noise dropped by quite a bit where I only notice it when I'm trying to sleep. but before then, it was a constant wave sound that moved in and out after few seconds. I tried not to focus on it, but it's hard not to.

also, I'm pretty sure that's why the character archer drinks so damn much. he has tinnitus real bad, so it probably helps him sleep. better to just pass out instead of dealing with that loud shit driving you mad.


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I can't find anyone with Type 1 Diabetes.

same bro

faggot MC from little busters.

Autism, psychosis, schizotypal personality disorder and various syncopes

I'm special snowflake, I have Ankyloglossia.

>Four Murasame

Dem migraines are killer, and yes they do wind up just as bad.

She have aids

Is there a character with hypothyroidism?

So are you retarded or something?

I thought Hideri was straight?
He only pretended to like guys for the idol meme right?

i feel sad now

At least the novel is still going. But yeah, at least when the anime was airing the threads were fun.

What anime characters have a fucked up back

I get migraines from time to time


Dry eyes

What anime character has gout?


I'm just too cute.

Caffeine withdrawal symptoms?

so you're autistic?

but then again, naruto related pic so I'm not suprised

Tinnitus sucks. I honestly wish I could suicide.

I don't think so I only drink SIPS if I need to stay up really late for something

Anyone with canon ADHD? Mental disorders in general don't seem to get a lot of mention in anime, except the occasional hikki character with heavily implied agoraphobia. Wouldn't surprise me if Japan doesn't even recognize ADHD as a legitimate disorder, given their culture.


Sorry you had to find out this way, but please see

It shouldn't be classified as a disorder


Im blind

actually had really bad suicidal thoughts after my tinnitus got really loud after a loud noise. i slept at 4am on average for a week because of the ringing. thankfully, my tinnitus went back to its tolerable state after removing huge earwax build up. one of the worst moments of my life, really. i cried so much, and the anxiety made the already loud tinnitus even more deafening.

Why can't they fucking find a reason or cure for this shit already. I've gotten used to mine since I've had it for as long as I can remember but I always wonder how it would be to not have to hear fucking ringing sounds whenever there's no background noise.


Tinnitus is a spectrum, 97% percent of people here will have it. Your brain filters it out but if concentrate you can hear the ringing.



don't think i know of an anime character with epilepsy

Quick, someone need to post that pokemon poligon gif/webm

Not doing any brain gains

try it, is funny to shitpost academically

>As you see, the dialects dictate that there can be contradiction in a subject, as it encapsulates the law of motion that while a thing is still a thing it won't remain the same thing. Thus the subject is a capsule in which a contradiction of what something is, can exist.

>Traps are men is the embodiment of this theory as it states that is indeed a man but that is not that at the current moment.

>Thus we can reason that traps are the ultimate stage of dialects.

yeah I know stfu I'm not a dirty commie I'm just into political sciences in general

I'm also malnourished.

that's what ended the career of William Hartnell (amongst others).

I have wathever Schwarzwald had to make his workstation like this

There`s 2 kinds of depression, the one you get after stressful/sad times and a chemical imbalance, I happen to have the latter

any characters with incredibly shit eyesight?



Thanks for punching me in the gut OP


Which characters have ADD

Any characters with any of the following?
>more than 50% silver hair at a young age (naturally silver-haired characters don't count), it needs to have happened in the late childhodd or teenage years
>Guillain-Barre syndrome
Pic related actually looks like me, but I wonder if any characters have the other conditions I have.

L doesn't have aspergers though.

lose weight you lazy fucks

post photo

There should be more incontinence doujins.

Anxiety disorder

>7 or 8 years ago start getting "jittery" feelings
>don't quite understand why, but think it might have something to do with caffeine
>get a particularly bad one whilst driving home on the freeway late at night
>bad enough that I think I'm having a heart attack
>can't think rationally
>drive home to parents and then get driven to emergency room
>find out I have anxiety disorder
>get panic attacks on a regular basis
>can't drink too much caffeine, end up getting rid of it altogether
>takes years to learn how to manage my shit
>during this time, I end up in the emergency room a second time
>get billed for over $1,500 (mostly ambulance fees)
>insurance takes over a year before they finally decide to help with the fees
>during this time, get calls from collection agencies threatening to add interest which makes me panic more

and the moral of the story is, fuck the 'murican healthcare system.

I have it too and it really shouldn't. You can literally fix it without meds by just trying harder.

How can she read if she's deaf?

That's like saying you can fix bad eyesight by moving closer. Some people can compensate enough that they're able to function somewhat normally, but you're still the mental equivalent of a cripple.

insane levels of autism that no one thought possible

I don't have any health problems for now, but caffeine has a similar effect to me. Maybe I am too sensitive to it.
I like the taste of coffee, but upon drinking one normal cup, I become jittery and anxious. Say, I'm returning from somewhere and I'm walking, but suddenly, a police car slows down next to me and keeps up with me. I started panicking, and the cops actually detained me for questioning, as I had looked like a drug user.
My long hippy hair had made me look even more suspicious.
I'm not american, but goddamn. Drinking decaf seems to give me some "boost", but I'm not sure if it's because I like the warm drink, or if it's because of the small amounts of caffeine still inside.

No, user. Bad eyesight is a physical condition. ADHD is something you should have learned to deal with as a kid. Some of my friends who have known me for 5+ years don't even realize.

I guess if you didn't git gud until you were 20+ you might have more trouble.

Not with that hair colour.

So yeah... I'm very big and bald. Poor Phos tho.

You probably have a sensitivity to caffeine. The average cup of coffee has about 95mg of the stuff. Try aiming for something that has about half that amount and see how you feel.
As for the decaf thing, I think it might be the heat because decaf only has 2mg.

I used to be 300 lbs now I'm 190 so still fat but doing better.

Thanks norovirus! Without noro-chan I wouldn't have started my weight loss journey. Literally puked and didn't eat for a month and like 50lbs.

Not him, but if he's speaking of the Nietzschean Übermensch then your hair colour doesn't matter at all.

I feel you.

For you.

Oh, I see.


ADHD is a physical condition, to the extent that your brain is physical. What you call dealing with it is just compensating, and it only works for people with high enough intelligence and discipline to bruteforce themselves into appearing normal despite performing way below their potential.

Hate to admit.

Too often I feel so comfy I can't even move an inch. Same?

I want to touch her hands.

Thanks. On occasions, I do need some energy and I use black teas for that purpose. I reckon they have about 4/10ths of the caffeine found in coffee, and that seems to do it for me.
But I still like the taste of coffee more, so I drink decaf almost every day.

I had epilepsy for 13 years, then grew out of it. Keep going user, I have faith in you. I know exactly wgat you're going through.

Problem is that for me, the epilepsy actually started when I was 19. So I doubt that it'll be going away. I still sometimes have breakthrough seizures so cutting down on my meds seems to be out of the question.

What type of epilepsy? I had tenporal lobe epilepsy.
Do you also get the whole aura feeling? The deja vu and jamais vu?

Is there a name for the thing where your vision turns yellow/orange and your whole body feels weak, very weak to the point where you can barely stand? It's been happening to me multiple times a year since I were a 6 year old.
I've hidden this from my employers, and I've hidden this from my doctor.
I don't drive a car despite having a license for it precisely because of this. I don't want this to happen while I'm driving, so I opt out for cycling and using public transport to get around. Luckily, I'm European and the public transport is good enough, but if I'd been born American it would've been hell.

Visual Snow

not so easy, user. some people get it from medication, some from ear damage, some from probably health issues. if it was easy to fix, I'm sure it would've been done since it's also related to hearing loss.

Severe case of low blood pressure?

I know, I'm just venting.

Sounds like diabetes. Disclaimer: I'm a dentist and my actual medical education was about 10 years ago, so I'm probably wrong, but hey - maybe not.

That was one of the first things I checked - everyone around me thought it was that, too. Parents, school nurses, etc.
But it's not - my blood pressure is completely average: 120/70. I've checked other things, but it's not any sort of deficiency.
It doesn't bother me all that much, because the whole thing last no more than a minute, but it's still quite strange.

Another blogshit thread allowed to stay up.

>I've hidden this from my doctor
Sounds like mental retardation.

Right there with you user. Diagnosed when I was 11 and nobody else in my entire family tree has had it. But it has to begin somewhere I guess.

Any characters with Leukemia?

>way below their potential
Unless my potential is Nobel-Prize tier supergenius, I'm not performing below potential.

I do have elevated levels of ketone bodies consistently when I do my biennal blood tests (required by employer for some reason), but the levels aren't high enough as to relate to diabetes.
Oh fuck, how did that get there? I hide it just frm my employer.
Of course I'd talked to her (my doctor), but it's quite an interesting case. It could be something wrong with my brain's wiring.

Get yourself checked for the beetus anyway. Single indicator testing doesn't say shit.

Any anime girl with big tits.

I don't think there are any anime characters with dislexia.

Post someone with social anxiety so I can relate.

You posted the wrong image for Americanitis

You posted the wrong image for Americanitis

Will do, in any case.

three years with mild and low tinnitus, the best way to really deal with it is to forget about it. Sometimes I go days or at best weeks without "hearing" anything until fags like OP bring it up.

I can wait 20 years for a cure however, some are already in trials and some are more successful than others.

I had hypothyroidism when I was 12, but it turned out to be due to a total removal of all salt from my diet due to my father's heart problems. After I started cooking for myself it quickly disappeared - you don't need much but 0 was definitely far too little.


Try taking vitamin D3 supplements, around 6-8k iu daily and see if that helps it


>more than 50% silver hair at a young age (naturally silver-haired characters don't count), it needs to have happened in the late childhodd or teenage years


>I'm a dentist
Sorry for bringing up your job when you're presumably resting, but I have a tiiiiny, tiny "crack" in one of my teeth that I can feel with my tongue. Now, I'm pretty sure it's caries, but it doesn't seem to have progressed much.
I should immediately go to my dentist before it's taken turn for the worse, right?

If it makes you feel any better there are hair cell regeneration trials and research. Just wait another ten or twenty years user. Its going to be eventually achieved thanks to it being lucrative venture

Of course if your tinnitus is caused by something else...

im retarted


Is it possible to do it in reverse, with ambiguous instructions? One guy at work will do the whole "take out a few of those" schtick without so much as pointing, and then gets pissed when no one knows what he's talking about.

Like fucking hell man there's sixty different kinds of part just on the shelf you pointed at, and you haven't even told us what you want us working on.

I can figure out firmly, over there, or if at least "those" is fucking pointed at (a few will be "a fistful"), so I don't think I'm the aspie... I hope.

not that other user but if i have a tooth that moves out of place sometimes that i can push back with my tongue should i get that checked
i think its why my jaw is offcenter


Another newfag allowed to post.

Fuck, that was a stupid question to ask in hindsight.
Of course I'll go.
I guess my question changes to "Is there a way I can avoid going to the dentist for as long as possible?". Just brushing, flossing, and meticulously cleaning my teeth at home didn't stop the caries from developing.

It falls under being a social retardation because it's a pervasive inability to understand the social cues considered "normal" by most people when giving vague instructions. I think it might be compounded too by people aware of it who then stress out and can't figure out what to do compared to a normal person who would just guess or figure it out roughly and not care if they got it wrong. One of the big things about Asperger is you get really obsessive about details to the point where it can stress you out if you have blanks left unfilled.

is there a term for the medical condition when you think that you have aspergers because you did stupid things as a child and cant tell the exact value of "many", but actually youre just unconsiously pretending because you want attention

Well since my memory is average I guess that's one thing I don't have.

You're just an attention-seeker, plenty of people are like that, and that's no medical condition unless you're taking it to extremes.

People think I'm slow because I'm Canadian eh?

Why would having a recessive trait make you an übermensch?

>is there a term for being an attention whore
It's called being a woman or a faggot.


One of the good anime not getting a fucking sequel

Some kind of personality disorder. Narcissist PD seems likely but it could be OPD which tends to lean more towards people that feel a reflexive urge to always stand out in the crowd to the point of being obnoxious.

I don't mind.
Is it around the neck of the nooth and you can feel it with your tonge? Probably Caries. And it doesn't really matter if you go now or in a month. If it's caries the filling will be about the same size in any case - but better sooner.

Could be a problem with you grinding your teeth during your sleep. That's known to sometimes slightly dislocate teeth. Our teeth aren't just stuck into the jaw. There's something called the periodontal ligament, a sort of membrane between the two that may allow for some 'play'.
Again, hard to tell by description alone.

>hard to tell by description alone
i think ill go to a dentist in person then
normally my jaw sits lopsided, the bottom of my face is shifted very slightly to the right
if i hold my teeth so the top and bottom front teeth match its even

I have a case of chuunibyou. When talking with other people, I assume a personality called "Thanatos" (it's a dual pun, in my language it sounds pretty close to "father", so it's called "Father Death"). I don't go all out and act and claim I have some superpower in my right hand, nor any special eye, but it's helped me cope. Girls also seem to like it for some reason, and they're attracted like flies to honey. I don't talk to them first - they do.

Braces, my dude. Two+ years of discomfort and that can be fixed.

I have never seen any character in any sort of media with it simply because why would you?
I have a concave sternum, while I'm not that hindered in my physical abilities other than my breathing may be a little worse than a regular person without it, its more about the psychological aspect of it rather than physiological. Its something you've born with so I'm used to it but I've always had that weird look from people whenever I've exposed it in public - like swimming and such.
Missing a body part and such is much more common and ""better"" design than just a malformed chest that you'd never see if the character has clothes on.

cant do that, i start university in a few months
id like to have friends and im not a cute girl so it isnt anyones fetish

I've never been tested for schizoid personality disorder but Lain's character just comes a bit too close to myself, without the split personality stuff

that sounds likely since "aspe"-chan is also a cosplayer whore

That's just autism.

You need to elabore morr

I have nosebleeds more often than most people, so I identify with 30% of male characters.

beeing a loli

haha, how can autism be used as an insult? Only an ignorant cunt would use autism as an insult. (And there's nothing I hate more than ignorance)

Autism is a gift in my case, I have an IQ of over 150 which makes me technically a genius thanks to my autism. I've been going through school all my life being bored out of my fucking brains getting at least 95% on all my tests (and all the incorrect answers were silly mistakes) because I'm just too fucking smart for school I can't wait for everyone else to learn something I already knew within the first day or too of being taught it. Every year I scored the best of my year on these stupid multiple choice tests we do and the headmaster came to my class to tell me that, which obviously resulted in being called a 'nerd' which is true but I shouldn't be ridiculed for it.

I recently became home educated so I could learn at my own pace and I'm getting my GCSEs done in 1/4 of the time everyone else has to do it in, I'm also doing more than double the average amount of GCSEs that usually would be done.

I used to get paid $30 an hour working online, which is more than the teaching assistants at my old school earned, it was so fun pointing that out to them.

So, in conclusion, calling someone autistic is not an insult, in my case, it makes me highly gifted.

One more thing, I don't know if this has anything to do with my autism but I am a sociopath so I'm not hindered by irrational emotions like guilt, compassion, empathy etc.

haha, the most satisfying this is to know that you will all see this as a waste of a natural gift that I am undeserving hahaha, that brings me great satisfaction.

I'm practically perfect, let the jealousy flow through you.

Every male in my family has nosebleeds daily and the females are about half and half. It doesn't really effect daily life its just a pain to stay on top of.

English's my second language so excuse me if I don't make much sense. One of the teeth affected is a premolar, and the other is a molar. It's not on the side, but on the "upper" end of the tooth, in the middle of the tooth. I can feel some sort of cracks with my tongue.
I haven't really had much opportunities to go to my dentist; the times I've went there were in middle school and I've forgotten everything. Getting away with a two caries makes me kinda lucky, I guess, but there isn't a way to stop the progression except by getting a filling, right?

>chronic rhinosinusitis
who could forget that show about the cute girls who got their nasal polyps surgically removed. a true classic

The thing is that I can actually eat what ever I want with no problems, but I need to take a small pill of levothyroxine every morning until I die apparently

Damage to the enamel of a tooth can be repaired with fluoride tooth paste and care, but once it's through the enamel and forms a cavity it's over.
>last dentist visit was in middle school
I sincerely hope you're 12. The biannual checkup isn't just because we are greedy kikes but necessary to point out areas where people aren't cleaning right. Haven't actually met anyone yet that manages to brush and floss EVERYTHING the right way.

I'm basically live-action role playing as Gautama Buddha. I read some books about him as a teenager, and I'm basically just following in his steps. The edgy name? It just sounds cool.


is it normal not to have any pain despite having caries and big chunks of enamel missing from your teeth? Heat and cold sensitives sure, but no throbbing tooth pain like people always associate with cavities.

I have MBD so pretty much every single harem romcom protagonist. Pretty nice.

Yes that's normal until the cavity reaches the nerves and then you're in for a fun time.

sure is taking its sweet time then, I've been neglecting getting them fixed for years now and nothing.

Until your tooth fills with infected pulp and you need to get a root canal procedure. I'm not your mother and hopefully also not your father, but I recommend you get them checked.

I'm 25. I won't go too much into detail, but I didn't go because I was fine. No monetary issues or anything of the sort.
I guess I should get checked at least once a year from now on, these tiny caries are concerning.
Oh, and speaking of concern, one last thing - is a white "dot" (it's whiter than its surroundings) a cause of concern? I have one of my fang tooth.

At least you can still watch stuff. I'm 20/300 on both sides, so I can only post glasses

Doctor doesn't know what it is, I've had MRIs and CAT scans, but they just can't find out what's the issue. Though they mostly occur when I'm asleep, however I've had some when I've been awake as well. I'm completely unconscious when I have them, though after waking up I have this god awful migraine and need to throw up several times.

I thought I was fine*
accidentally a word

There's no character with Neurofiberatosis.

>Mfw I took things a bit literary sometimes
>Teacher says "those who didn't get a homework sheet shall scream"
>Little me: "Finally an oppurtunity to scream from the top of my lungs again"
>Whole class is shocked, teacher shocked, makes me stand in the hallway
>Learn from my parents the scream sounded like one of her students is being stabbed to death
In hindsight it was pretty fun though. I feel kinda bad for her, cause she was already old, so I probably took a year or two from her life. Also realized I probably shouldn't do such spontanious stuff

That white spot can, ironically, be either because you use too much fluoridated toothpaste/ swallow some/ drink too much fluoridated water OR because caries bacteria is eating away the enamel at that spot which can turn it bright white - for a while. Or it could even be calcium deposits that attach to plaque on your teeth - because you don't brush enough.
Shit, dude. Make your appointment tomorrow.

Shit. Maybe there's a way you can stay overnight so if one happens, they can see it in full in the cat scan? Before I had seizures I'd get a really bad deja vu feeling, have this weird rotten smell in my nose, feel really weak/ disassociated, and then I'd have them. And I was conscious for them, at least for the first 5 minutes.
Obviously you should lay off video games and stuff, but a blue light filter helps alot. However, given a long while, you could eventually grow out of it. I wish you the best of luck, user. If only there were direct cures for this shit.

It's quite persistent; it started out of the blue about a month ago. I actually lied about it being every day for a month, but for the first 3 weeks, it was. It actually began slowly disappearing, and now I'm getting it twice a week at best. Still have no idea what provoked it.

ADD, the evil brother who fucks everything up but has nothing endearing about it to make up for it.

Feel like I had that shit, wasn't near as frequent though, just as I was about to drift off, massive explosion and all i can see is white. seems to have gone away now though.

I'll still get checked within the week, thanks for answering all of my (stupid) questions.

Thanks, but don't worry. I try to keep a positive outlook on it anyway, and as I said before, I use to to brag to other people.
Funny thing is that flashing lights don't affect me. It just happens out of the blue.

sorry, what?

>tfw Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
I get a free bus pass in England though which is good. My meds work fine but there are times where I miss a dose and I can have another simple focal seizure

Any anime characters with Hashimoto's thyroidism? Just got diagnosed last week.

I feel you dude

I’ll try it, I’ve been taking probiotics and they helped a little bit but I haven’t had a normal trip to the bathroom in six months

Anxiety disorder
Practically a midget
Flat headed on the back
Asian ( instant asperger)
Wears glasses
Extremely sensitive nose

Thankfully, my family is wealthy and i pretty much bought my way through elite college