My hero academy is pretty good?

So after yesterday I started reading my hero academy and I don’t get why everyone hates it?
What gives?

Everyone hates it because the fans are obnoxious as fuck. Most of the manga ranges from pretty good to decent. The most recent arcs have been mediocre though.

If the recent arcs happened in Neverland, Stone or Kimetsu, I'd bet my butt that people would say was great.

People lost their minds with Eri, but found Pig-kun and Nezuko-chan plausible.

I don't hate it but it's also it's not much better than average shonen, it just has a setting westerns fans can enjoy more than ninja, samurai, spiritual type shit.

it's popular so hipsters shit on it for imaginary internet cool points

>People lost their minds with Eri
This is really maddening because it was a very good twist

This series got little to no hate before the anime started. Hell, the hate here didn't really start until the second season.

If a good or decent thing is made the way it attracts 14yos it's doomed to have rabid haters.
Nobody wants to feel cucked for nursing another's shitkids and their Opinions splattering their comfort zone.

They're mad that Deku isn't BATMAN

It’s literally Naruto. The entire premise also becomes a joke as soon as Deku gets OfA

You have to be 18+ years of age to post here

it's generic and predictable but everyone acts like its the second coming of anime christ

Fuck off.

When was the last time you actually didn't act like a little bitch online, bnhatard?

It's because they're faggots who hate fun, like Dr. Stone is also a good manga, I'm writing an autistic crossover manga with it that hopefully some anons will help me draw.
Westerners love ninjas and spiritual nature settings, what are you on about?

I think ninjas and other shit shifted away a lot. There were a bunch of asian martial art movies and ninja shit in the 80s and 90s but it all shifted towards capeshit. I don't think it's a stretch to say that something with a theme of superheroes would be more universally beloved.

Mechs, ninjas, and supeheroes have always coexisted in anime/manga, but given how heavily inspired by American comics manga was, I'd have to strenuously disagree with the idea that it's moved more towards superheroes since the 90s. OPM and MHA aren't exactly a huge trend. Also magical girls are superheroes and always have been, and a lot of "ninja" stuff like Basilisk for instance is in reality superhero stuff, with unique personal superpowers and all.

You make walls of text in ever fucking BHA thread all about how Deku not being batman is apparently bad writing and expect not to be called out on it.

I should have specified I'm talking about the western stuff. VHS era was brimming with lots of cheap ninja movies and every other action flick had someone use karate or some shit. Now west can barely do action that's not CG models blasting each other with lasers or some shit.

Its just another case of Cred Forums hating popular things.

Okay, but that isn't manga/anime performing in the west?

But didn't you see that it has an anime that people have actually watched? That means it's garbage and needs 50 threads a day talking about how shit it is.

Well it seems to be doing well outside of Japan or is at the very least popular on the internet cause I think the setting is just more relatable to people since ninjas and other stuff are distinctly japanese in appearance and cultural elements while superhero movies are gigantic so everyone is familiar with them.


I don't see your point. I was saying that in the west, as in, works that are produced outside of japan, capeshit is more popular than ever. Because of that something like BnHA and indeed OPM are easier for people to relate to and get into. The comment about japanese media doesn't contradict that.

It became normalfag ground mate. Before the anime, threads were pretty comfy and actual discussion was held.
Now is literally tumblr: The Thread. Fuckers don't even have shame.

You were talking about "settings western fans can enjoy" as if ninja/samurai/spiritual stuff isn't/wasn't/won't continue to be IMMENSELY popular in the west when made by the Japanese.

>followed by
Fuck off normalfag, this isn't Cred Forums or Cred Forums.

Cred Forums hates everything, even when they don't.

>Newfags try to feel part of the ""group"" by calling out other newfags for things they don't even understand.
Absolutely disgusting

You know that not only white people watch anime right?

because people want (you)'s just like you.

Brits and Australians aren't white? Wooooow.
>do thing
>samefag as offended outsider when thing is done right back to you
Terrible post.

Most of battle shonen started out decent. Later they will turn to repetitive pattern and you'll see the flaw. After repeats of training, tournament and saving arc i'm sure you'll get it.
In BNHA case the main flaw is the MC:
>Personality as flat as soggy bread. You can imagine any scenario in your head and predict his reaction easily, no fun allowed.
>Boring power. "He will have strong muscle, how strong you said? Here we provide All Might the final form of MC from the start."
>Ugly design.

It's actually getting to be enjoyable how blazing mad so many people are that Deku isn't an edgelord.

That's cause it's not, just by the numbers. When was the last movie of that kind that could come close to the popularity of pretty much any superhero movie in the last few years? Even the godawful Batman vs Superman garnered more attention and money than Ip Man 3. In the anime community who regularly watch and read current series sure but mainstream is more likely to pick up on less japanese centered shows.

Sort of popular. Which attracts hate. It's alright but under delivers on a lot of set up. Still miles better than trash like black clover tho and even one piece for that matter.

I'm actually baffled by how you can still be so fucking confused about this.
Was Batman vs Superman produced in Japan?
Was Ip Man 3 produced by Disney?
Then fuck off, retard.

No chance for him with those cookie cutter villains, in turn he got jesus complex.

You're so fucking stupid holy shit. The point is that people don't IMMENSELY enjoy japanese shit outside of the niche that watches japanese shit you drooling fucking idiot.

ur a faget

No, retard, the point is that you can't read and think at a grade school level.

It's the other way around you fucking mouth breather. You never had a point and only screeched like an autist cause you didn't understand what was said, it's embarrassing.

Can't speak for the manga since I haven't read it. The anime (which I forced myself to watch both seasons of) is mediocre and all the "wow this reminds me why I like/used to like shounen" really rustles my jimmies. Perhaps if Naruto had been my first shounen I would like this more.

No, you worthless piece of shit, things produced in a country almost always perform FAR better in that country than other countries, so fucking Marvel movies outperforming fucking Ip Man does not mean that incorporating western themes into a medium which has incorporated them into since its beginning, and is based on media composed of those western themes, will make it more popular in the west than media with eastern themes.
So no, you're just a dumb piece of shit, fuck off.

Hate is a strong word, for me i just couldn't give to shit abouts its MC, the story concept of a Superman stand in pasing the torch to another young hero great but Deku has the charm and personality of a rice cake

You absolute baby look at this
>BnHA is doing better outside of Japan cause it has themes people can relate to superheroes more than japanese shit
>westerners love japanese shit what are you on about
>it was more popular few decades ago when japanese shit was mainstream, now capeshit if more popular than ever
>In japan these always co-existed
>I'm not talking about japan
>redirected back to the post where you talk about japan
>what's your point
>japanese shit was is and will be IMMENSELY popular in the west when made by the Japanese
>point out once again how capeshit it's irrelevant cause capeshit genre is still more popular than any japanese shit
>From my point of view, you are retarded
Which wasn't a point? You also talk about how some themes were incorporated from the beginning but I don't know if you're just desperate to be right of genuinely retarded if you think anime beyond 50s and 60s stuff had any meaningful connection to its roots in trying to copy Disney.
And yeah a manga about superheroes is more likely to be popular in the land where comic books and movies about superheroes are popular forms of entertainment than a manga that focuses heavily on japanese themes. To deny this is insane.

>it's literally naruto

FUCKING THIS. Why is it that everyone on this damn board thinks they are top shit by bashing on popular series? Like damn it got popular for a reason, your not a special snowflake for being a fucking hipster.

This guy is right, also because Cred Forums has really fucking bad taste in anime and manga.

It was great until it minimized the best moment it had to end Part 1 and then went straight into a mediocre Part 2 with nothing to show for it

It's alright now but now we know there's no stakes so it's hard to take things seriously

Deku winning with the help of his fucking OP power instead of using his brain. The one instance where this was not excuesable was during that one tournament short arc, where there was this body/suggestion control guy.

I know they try to handwave that the whole thing is going to cost him every time he uses it, and they handwave the instant heal nurse by saying she will not always be there, but fuck off. He has always been restored.

OH MY TIME POWER ERI did not help it either. Not counting the low death toll for suppose to be super villains that are evil.

>Story starts out good
>Gets popular so it gets dragged out
>Goes to shit

WOW WHAT A SURPRISE? Also Deku is seriously a shit MC.

>Deku a shit MC
Pretty much this. But Ka-chan is also shit.