Who is best girl of the season?

Who is best girl of the season?

For me it's Kotoha-chan

A tie between Hitomi and 02. Best girl for me just means girl I want to fug most Tbh.

Kotoha and 02.

>girl I want to fug most
Is that what Killing Bites is?

nice autism. anime doesn't exist nerd

How Can Anime Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real

Seriously, why people keep arguing whether VEG or DitF are better when Killing Bites is better than both.

Tamate is currently in the lead.
Rin and Kotoha are tied in second place, where they have this view.

What's the point of wearing a skirt at all if your skirt have less fabric than a hand tissue, this anime makes no sense.

memes and jokes aside, she is the best girl and she would wreck goku

Lin is best girl

How can a guy be this cute?

You're all gay.

>Not watching the unpopular show of the season with the secret best girl

Ai (Blue)

Not even best girl in her own show

I think you meant to post this.

Great taste.

ummm no sweetie

Why does she make this face?

This Tbh.


defense reaction
not every girl has to be pretty but every girl wants to be pretty

What show?



It's a split between Hazuki and Tama-chan for me.