I'm bored. Let's make anime puns.

If Madoka was a villain she would be Badoka.
If Madoka was depressed all the time she'd be Sadoka.
If Madoka was a father she would be Dadoka.
If Madoka was a boy she would be Ladoka.
If Madoka was happy all the time she would be Gladoka.
If Madoka was angry all the time she'd be, oh wait.

>muh doka

If Madoka was gay she'd be Fagdoka.

What if Madoka was sexy?

If Madoka was black she'd be a nigger.

If Madoka was popular for just a couple of months and then forgotten, she'd be Fadoka.

if Madoka had a VN, it'd be Madoka doka literature club

This one hurts me.

If Madoka was a vampire she'd be Vladoka.


If Madoka was in a good anime she would be Yuki Yuna.

If OP could into grammar, this would still be a shit thread, but at least it wouldn't be using was instead of were everywhere.

If Madoka was a good anime about fish, she'd be Yuki Tuna.


If madoka was a comic character she'd be Captain Maddock.

If Madoka was an awful friend she would be Madoka.
If Madoka was selfish she would be Madoka.
If Madoka was a poorly written Mary Sue she would be Madoka.

t. Homura

If that user did nothing wrong his whole life he would be Homura

maduca, become maguca

Get a job man

If Madoka was in college she'd be Undergradoka

If madoka had a tracksuit she'd be Slavdoka.

If Madoka lost her virginity she would become Chadoka.

If Madoka was redpilled she would be Chadoka.

If Madoka was underwater she'd be DookDooka.

If Madoka was a cheap russian car from the 90s, she'd be Madока

If Madoka was a fighting move special attack from the Street Fighter videogame series she would be Hadoka

Madoka's actions or station in life would not change her name.

If madoka were my penis she'd be smalldoka

If OP wasn't a faggot this thread wouldn't exist.

In Made in Abyss Faputa went directly for his crotch. You could say he was a Regu-lar!

I bet Riko and Reg were afraid of Nanachi because she ate nine.

If Madoka's actions or stature in life changed her name, she'd be Madoka Ka-name-a


If Madoka impregnated someone else, she would be Dadoka.

If Madoka were best girl she'd be Sayaka

If Riko was in a shota hentai, she'd be Piko.

Good One.

Unfortunately for you, Homura, it's only something you can dream about.
You've got that hooded girl Kuro to keep you busy anyways.



Excellent one chap.

if yukko smelt terrible she'd still be yukko

What if she was a nigger?

She'd be a nigger

She'd just be moka

I'd do lewd things to Yukko.

me too man

If Madoka was a tree she would be Mad-oak-a

>watch all the Madoka episodes with Cred Forums back when they first aired. Was part of the hilarious speculation and reaction threads
>never bothered to watch Rebellion as I thought that I was done with the series
>watch it yesterday
>now regret not watching it with Cred Forums when it was first released

I made a huge mistake

If Madoka was OP she would be Fagdoka

If she was a father wouldn't she be padoka?


vampire madoka doujins when?

If Madoka was hip and cool she'd be Radoka.

came here to say this guy has the right idea