Hoshiiro Girldrop

So we can all agree that this is most likely AOTY already, right?

I can't get enough of this show.

same desu

Yuhi is just the cutest.

I'm a Shizuku man myself.


Acceptable taste.

whos that semen demon on the far right?

One of the members of their rival group, Devil Volcano.

This should have been a real show.

why does the MC look like moot

>missing the point this hard

I understood it just fine.

>implying the MC isn't moot
PTE is aware enough of 2ch and probably Cred Forums that they might as well have done this deliberately.

If by some miracle of fate they are actually reading this thread, I will personally buy ten copies of the blu-ray if in the last episode, they shot-for-shot lone-for-line replicate the "its not Jackie Chan" skit. Complete the circle of western shit posting

Never trust a girl with more than one different hair accessory.

is her hair supposed to remind me of a penis?

Who is her voice actor, she sounds familiar.


Black=White > Blue > Yellow > Red > Pink

Sumire Uesaka.

Most prominently does Shalltear in Overlord, Dekomori in Chuu2, Fuki in Aho Girl and Mai in Phatom World, most recently.

This is Shimoneta all over again

that girl looks a lot like the rei ayanami from that autism anime.

No user, penises are meant to remind you of her.

>The God of Eurobeat was a child soldier in drug cartels

Eh. None of the episodes so far are really memorable. I can't even think of any noteworthy scenes. Does it get better?