Cred Forums...are brown girls best?

Cred Forums...are brown girls best?

user... I don't think this is a girl, and I don't think this guy is liking the thing that his face is stacked at the moment.

>and I don't think this guy is liking the thing that his face is stacked at the moment.
How would you know

Suffocation is a shitty way to go.

Tan Pussy is good pussy.

Long lost brown childhood sweethearts are best.

goddammit im still mad

a wild guess.

Is it worth watching? I'll admit that I didn't follow it past the first couple episodes.

shinji ikari ?

Filename, user, file name.

Nope, not a trap. Only russian on panda though.

OP here...Russian on panda? She's supposed to be half English, half Tunisian.

No doubt

The browner the better.

As required by law.



And gentle, decorrupting, immense loving.

This mangaka right here is the inventor of the miracle of the Universe - brown girls with blonde pubic hair. There are better things in life, but they are few.



White actually. Sara is what Kaolla Su would have been if she was made to be like Kitsune.

trying to turn us all into criminals user?

Yeah, white is what I imagined... I don't think I ever saw her nether regions colored. Witchcraft was amazing overall, Sara especially. In my book it scored Yamatogawa the status of one of the elder gods of hentai.

Brown is good. How long until we can make anime brown real?

She's literally just dancing. Not even in a sexually suggestive manner, what's wrong with you?

Its legal in those countries.


No, albino girls are better


The first arc is great, then it becomes worse and worse and ends up completely disappointing

This character doesn't seem albino...Just seems like generic anime character number 35675

I like inhuman skin colors but I feel I don't see a lot. I really love blue.

How about brown older women

i think user meant it'll turn us to pedophiles