He killed billions

He killed billions

to save quadrillions

Kiritsugu approved

junko double approved

But couldn't even save himself.

he couldn't even kill himself that spineless virgin fuck

bitch say what

>Kills some homo fagboy who was nice to him so he could be exploited
>Has an existential crisis, causing the death of billions and ruining several studio budgets

>Evangelion aired in 1997
>people are still shitposting about it in 2018
>there will still be shitposting about Eva in 3018

really activates the almonds

That's literally part of his character description, found it translated from some setting guide on Evageeks.

Eva shitposting will outlast mankind when AI's take the helm and continue waifu wars to pass time on their galactic voyages

He was the only human being with enough will to live that he didn't turn into LCL instantly. And had the chance to rebuild the world however he wanted to because of that.

Gendo killed billions actually

Correct, that's after the events of the series and his experiences in Instrumentality.

He didn't mean to.

OP proves once again he's a fag who can't understand a cartoon.

The last thing the Singularity will parse meaning from will be Eva, which will cause it to malfunction and implode upon finalizing the truths from the series.

Which is that Asuka is best girl.

He visited a suicide spot before running into Kensuke in episode 4 but couldn't jump.

If they actually want to live they can come right on back. He just made getting to what is basically heaven a lot easier for a lot of people.

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He was complicit, but he didn't exactly pull the trigger on Second Impact and Seele were already going to do it. Yui didn't blow any whistle, either.

>he's a Reifag

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Why was this allowed?

Budget cuts

>murder the rest of humanity, to revive the girl who bitches at you all the time
Was it worth it?

Because End was intended to replace 25 and 26, and Director's Cut was made after End with scenes added from Death to bring the series more in line with the movie and make it all look more planned.

>murder the rest of humanity, to revive the girl who bitches at you all the time
>Was it worth it?
She was also the girl he loved.

i thought the story was that he was given the choice to continue the process or revert, since he was piloting the eva, and he chose to revert instrumentality

Nah, he loves Kaworu.
He hates Asuka which is why he tries to kill her.