Dragon Ball Super

Goku Blanco was real 30 years ago, you fools

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Toei needs to get nuked. There's no reason for this shit

They didn't actually pull that off, surely. There's no way that's real.


New daddy found

DBS has spic writers what a surprise

Oh Israel!!

Reminder Goku is Gay and loves sleeping on dick l/balls and has never kissed a girl.

Cabba is Pure Alpha.

Based daddyposter

Dragonball should have ended with Nappa and Vegeta.

God, there's so much mental faggotry in Super I can't believe it's still airing.


>no-sells everyone in the ToP
>bland generic backstory
>doesn't actively try to win to the tournament or save his universe
>zero personality

Why doesn't El Grande Padre end his misery already? If Toei wanted us to root for Goku to be the winner, they pretty much succeeded.

Jiren is the perfect end character for Dragonball. Stupid strong and no backstory whatsoever? That represents everything Dragonball is.



He had a backstory, ok? He had a beanie.

>If Toei wanted us to root for Goku to be the winner, they pretty much succeeded.
It's amazing that Toriyama went right from the best antagonist he'd made since Frieza to his worst ever. But looking over the Future Trunks arc in the manga you realize Toriyama's outline for Zamasu was shit and everything good about him came from Toei.

GODku wins in the end over JOBren.
CHADhan and WINten are so lucky to have Him as their based dad.


Holy shit

CHADbba wins again

Reminder that cabba is gay.

Not including U7 and U11, if you could only bring back two universes going forward into the show, which ones would they be?

What I still don't get is why the anime is ending so abruptly. The ratings were lower than they were for the Black arc but they're still much higher than other anime and the series is sprouting big money like weeds. Maybe they realized that they could spend the same amount of money on a single decent movie and it'll make the same impact as 50 worthless badly animated episodes?

What does Israel have to do with this?

Reminder that broly is beautiful and belongs with kale.

I think it's meant to be pronounced like "Oh it's real"

Based daddyposter


>Does he stand a chance?
>next frame
>"Vegeta Falls!"

why they do this

That's a lot of autism in one picture.


Why are U6fags so unoriginal? They are always copying gimmicks from other fags.

tortuga abuelo...

If Super is so bad why did you watchs hundreds of episodes

Does anyone have the links to the raws of the newest chapter?


17 did more damage to Jiren than Vegeta.Think about that.

It's available in that usual Korean site

I really liked cabba. Sucks he got sidelined for the sayian bitches.
Hopefully super manga can remedy this

poor little lizard guy

Mucho bonito!!!!!

>vegeta doesn't have enough stamina to power up
>gets eliminated
>on the way out, he somehow has enough power to supply goku with the stamina necessary to nearly max out

how does this bullshit work

Toyo seems to be making the U6 Saiyans a trio rather than just Kale and Caulifla doing stuff while Cabba gets cucked. Also he isn't a beta cuck in the manga.

Haha what the fuck

Because Toei is getting dangerously creatively bankrupt. See

ending abruptly because of kitaro, hiromi tsuru's death and staff moving over to the movie.

Not enough strength to transform =/= no strength at all

Also Goku definitely didn't max out

He is fucking them both so. It's all good.

To add on, if Goku maxed out then we most likely would have seen SSBKK instead of just SSB. He probably still got more than he realistically should have though.

Zamasu was literally the only fun antagonist super gave us

Next thing you know Romaine is canon

There is something evil going on at Toei

The stamina for Vegeta to fight at his most basic level is still vastly higher than a regular person.

He passed on the entire lot and brought himself to the brink of death which is why he arrived in the spectator's seat practically dead.

The only person cabba is fucking is vegeta.

Has anyone uploaded this to Youtube?

I'll reserve judgement until they actually start fighting in the tournament.

Why are you so obsessed with Chadbba to post the same things ever time he's mentioned?

Mother of god, you're right

bow to your mistress

>Stupid strong and no backstory whatsoever
That's what dragon ball started becoming more and more as time went on. piccolo vegeta and frieza had interesting backstories but then toriyama gradually stopped caring, the stories and fights got lazier, so that the only thing that mattered was hyping up strength with new androids, new cell revolutions, and endless buu transformations. the characters didn't matter but their power levels were.



Why do you get so mad when I bring up that he's gay?

Nice blank image user

Cabba is married

You're right

Bitch, he's dead.

To vegeta.

Vegeta will wish him back and then teach him SSB you retard.

>Vegeta getting the wish
>Goku not fucking it up
Nice headcanon

El Plagiador

>tfw waifufags are trying to steal breadhan meme

>root for goku
Said literally no one EVER

I wanna beat Caulifla to death

that pic is too lewd user


>episode is called Vegetas Noble Pride to the End!
>Vegeta doesn't make it to episodes end


Stop being such a beta virgin.

Caulifla was made to hurt.

What's the point?
They are getting erased anyway.

>defending fucklifla

Caulifla is fucking hot garbage. Kale agrees.

Shitfla should stop being a cunt

Oh that's right. She can't. She doesn't exist!

I'm really hungry, recommend me something easy to make.

Payback for bradhanfag putting bread up kefla's ass

>Payback for bradhanfag putting bread up kefla's ass

They are both sexy.

this. /ourguy/ almighty PROPHEThan strikes again


Why not eat some bread?
Caulifla's got enough yeast built up in those harem pants, I bet


>gohan getting cucked by his dad again with Blanco
Why does he suck so much after cell arc?

New breed found.

Based breed poster

I'm, sorry gohan but I can't allow you to do that.


soy is good for fighters


Is Nappa Calvo canon now?

T-thanks Toshio-sama for the c-cool Vegeta episode.... it was r-really a-awesome....

I like Nappa because he looks like he could anyones uncle.

>he actually cried


We're getting blanco toys soon.

Isn't this from the first time he attained UI tho?

They are as creative as Toei and just steal memes created by others.

Nope, that's the most recent episode.

His hair cannot get anymore silver than that.


It feels like such a soulless cashgrab.

No, this is from the last episode

>when gokek remembers hes 0-2 against Chadgeta

Holy fuck, Toei really is run by Mexicans.

Keep crying.
Gohan Blanco never.

DB has been a cashgrab ever since the Tien arc, there was no reason to continue the franchise from there.

That's literally what super is, why should anyone be surprised at this point?

Maybe they're selling more to latino countries?

El plagio mucho.

I care not about gohan, all I know is that is not white.


Latinos literally don't buy shit besides games.


Is Kale Berserk form even going to be in the manga? I always thought she wasnt part of Toriyama's outline, since Toriyama adding a Broly rip off always seemed weird to me

Reminder, Caulifla hates thunder storms. Alpha is comfert.


So assuming that Super doesn't end in some silly way to reset everything to set up GT, what would you like to see happen in a new series set in a similar timeframe?

DBS and anime in general are huge in latin america, but I don't think they actually buy shit there, although the movies did pretty good in Mexico.

But cabba's gay.

never forget, Gohan blanco will pay for this.


Sorry that would be Goten. Cabba eats saiyan girl ass for a living.

Remember when they (Toei) added El Hermano into that scene about Jiren's backstory?
That's exactly it, they don't care anymore, they just wanna mess with our heads

can you stop posting this faggy shit and lewding my student

>UI Goku
>ultimate Gohan
Bandai telling us who are the strongest ningens in canon.


>ywn get to see her get bullied by Tien
>ywn get to see her get bullied by Vegeta
>ywn watch her start a relationship with Bulma
>ywn see how she turns into a joke amongst her guy friends after getting blown up by a Saibaman

It hurts bros.

projectin' pretty hard there buddy

They buy bootleg toys and pirate games. They don't buy the official merchandise because of taxes. Toei would never target them.

Vegeta is not the protagonist of the story

Ya better stop beating up on my m'waifu

I can't believe the ship wars in these threads revolve around cabba.

Caulifla needs to learn the true definition of pain. She's still broken and battered with cum leaking out of her asshole. Humiliated and defeated, it's time for more. She knows she can't fight so she tries to flee. It's reminiscent of a wounded bird trying desperately to fly out of a cage. She's immediately struck and sent hurtling back to the ground. The force of the impact causes her broken bones to further crack. Without medical attention, she risks permanent injury. She never gets it. The only thing she receives is more agonizing pain.
The blade cuts into her flesh. The sensation is tingly at first but soon she's screaming out all of the air in her lungs. Her cries fly higher than she ever could and still nobody comes to help her. She doesn't deserve help. She's losing a lot blood, some of it smearing on her skin and the rest pooling onto the ground beneath her. No vital organs are cut though. The goal is to maim, not to kill. Death would be too good for her.
She is gagged now and the only sound she can make is a muffled yelp. This time she feels it against her womanhood. She doesn't try to fight it. She knows it will only earn her more pain. Instead, she retreats inside herself and tries not to think about the unspeakable violation taking place between her legs. A violent blow to the side of her head snaps her back to reality. She will be given no respite.
She is told that this is her only use. There was a time when she would have fought that accusation with every fiber of her being but here and now, she was unable to ignore the reality of her situation. She feels the warmth flowing inside her once more, some of the fluids leaking out and mixing with her blood.
The gag is removed and she is finally able to breathe again. She hacks and splutters, weakened from the assault and loss of blood.

Stop making fun of Vegeta right now

Oe Nappa agarra el caeza e papa xd

Stop roleplaying, autismo.

God I just hate their stringy little arms and no tails

the U6 saiyans could be so cool if they looked like real saiyans

It's only one desperate Cabbafag

Guys these Cauli x Kale ships are getting weird

>female Yamcha

she would have been everyone's slut

Like the kind that chills with the men at the hot springs

He is Based & an Alpha.

You ok user?

No, he's a faggot. Deal with it.

>At least they aren't extinct like U7...
>Oh wait

You know she would've.

This could've been Caulifla
Edgelord Edition, objectively superior to the tape-thin pap-smear eating shitstains we got
Fuck Toriyama

>145 replies
>53 posters

Ha llegado a hora, el Hermano de Jiren!

Correction: They are both prego house wives.

I'm watching this for the first time, don't give a shit about spoilers
In the Future Trunks arc, why the fuck do they stay around to fight Black and Future Zamasu again knowing that they're invincible

Further correction: they are ded.

There's only one waifufag

He said he didn't want it though

manga spoilers coming through

I want to rub Kale's tummy.

>And 1 gaylord that goes to the trouble to post about it.

The way Toei is going, probably they will rip off every spic fan art ever and Romaine will be canon, inshallah

There is no reason, user. There literally is no reason.

Just like Gohan's manhood.

he is one of the protagonists.

I want to watch the Lego movie triogy with her.


Too good for Super

couldn't be more wrong


>he says, when Pan is conceived AFTER Buu arc
Nice headcanon.

blanco SOON

Jiren and Jobku fags btfo next episode when the superior being wins the tournament

imagine if he wasn't dead and in the cast

I can't wait for Frieza to steal the wish from under the two jobbers.

Right after the scene where Gotenks and Goku were naked and Videl was peeking on him.

Still thinks Pan is Gohan's kid. Kek.

replace manhood with importance

I want to massage her feet.

is this a real thing?

>Vegeta vs Jiren was complete and utter filler
>Vegeta is put in the exact same scenario as Goku but he gets cucked out of achieving UI
>Gohan doesn't even get to put his skills to the test again Jiren
>Gohan gets completely cucked out of his blanco form
>Now the final fight is going to be the most predictable, low rating boring shit

Did Goku, Mr. I've never kissed my wife, ruin DBS?

hilarious ;)

Freeza's not gonna win because he wouldn't wish the other universes back


>*one shots your legendary form*

Is there anything he CAN'T do?


I wonder if it's because Toriyama doesn't care and just says "yeah goku beats the bad guy at the end" or because Toei has a hard on for him?


Be a character

Be relevant.

poor veggie

Who is that?

>Frieza is last man standing and gets the wish
>This is the dark twist that would happen in the ToP
>the dragon is summoned and Frieza exclaims that he wants to rule over the multiverse, kill all the gods etc
>dragon doesn't understand his wish because it's not in the language of the gods
>Grande Padre just 1 shots Frieza out of existence because of the wish

There is a 99.99% chance this is going to happen. Everything Frieza has done in this arc has just been a reference to namek Frieza.

>Is there anything he CAN'T do?
Surprise the audience with a "Black is future Goten!" tweest. Instead Black was simply Goku's body hijacked by the villain.

What the fuck is this?


>goten cucks try shitting on CHADly
>get shit on themselves instead
Feels good to be part of the BROforce.

I would unironically prefer Gohan Calvo, Bejita Inteligente or any spic fantasy really instead of the most boring, most predictable UI Goku beating the only relevant fighter in the entire tournament 1 on 1.


You know if we make enough mental gymnastics, SS4 fits the next transformation in a human saiyan hybrid

>we never got an episode about Goten and Trunks on the island

I guess it's a good thing, but now they're really irrelevant.

That's not a thing though user, it's just one samefag.

posting the other part of gotenks

At least Trunks did something during his future self's arc. Goten got literally nothing.

Next series will be centered around Goten and Trunks having adventures in the other universes.

Murisam has to be the biggest loser in all of the tournament of power.

were probably planning one but..
little was lost if it was scrapped

>Next series

Next series will be about the U6 saiyans.

EoZ is going to retcon them into a couple and you're going to like it.

butterfly girl not the first here ,huh?

lilibeu is still in for now.

Thank Toei for spending too much time dragging the tournament until there was not much time left for anything else.

Forgot pic.

>that secret fighter toy was just Goku White

There really is no better shitposting than in Dragon Ball threads, is there?


Link for korean raws?

Why is he gay?

How do you pronounce Cus?

Where's el hermano?


Good lord hit looks so fucking jaded all the time yet WHEN he smiles it hurts.


The mexican fanfiction version of super seems so much more interesting than the real thing.

I have never understood how these panels are meant to be read

>Gohanspics still think Soyhan will make a comeback someday
>never got Blue or even God Ki despite having easy access to the ritual because everyone knew it would be wasted time and energy

Face it faggots, Gohan is to the saiyans what Yamcha is to the humans now. He peaked at age 11.

I'm almost sure the manga will have at least a few pages about the island

>That pic



have good shota porn

Is it wierd to fap to Kale even thou she is a loli.

numbered it for you

That's hot

i doubt that... but we'll see

even here. U7 already smacking the others around

i stoped watching the anime when gohan got knocked out and i came back to see what was going on now that it is ending
holy shit the blanco thing is real

>not fapping to kefla

>fapping to trash

Holy shit Jimeze was a meme.
And Jiren is actually fighting.

>i stoped watching the anime when gohan got knocked out and i came back to see what was going on now that it is ending
>holy shit the blanco thing is real

Just cause she likes coloring doesn't mean she's a loli.

>Tfw if Shithan had Future Gohan's personality, he'd have trained himself to at least angel tier by now

>Black is future Goten!
Why did people want that, again?

They think it would be a good parallel to Trunks and Goten's friendship in the main timeline. But dumbasses forget that Goten never even existed in the future and Future Trunks was never his friend.

Like cum.

But track suit Gohan had a unique hairstyle and was stronger than Future Gohan

Who said I didnt? She is tight and sexy too.

but present Gohan is not a virgin, he has a daughter?

Track suit Gohan is gay

Yeah but you could pull something like Chichi and Gohan hiding him for some reason thinking that if everything failed he could be literally Goku 2.0, you know some parallelism to Goku and Vegeta first encounter but the rolls reversed.

That would be pretty ridiculous.

Flagged for copyright.

Your mom gay

A herpes-infested daughter, yes.

What happened to Future Trunks between Z and now? Did he switch to a soy based diet or what?

Is Super the best anime of the past decade?

But a Goku bodyswap is kind of boring, the saving grace was Black's personality and delivery in the lines

More like Toei doesn't want the world to know about this.

It's the best anime of all time period. GT takes the second place, too.

Nope. THIS is.

he had no food except cat food.
Kinda hard to eat with, y'know, GENOCIDE.

The peak of DBS... then they ruined everything in the next episode.

I could not agree more clownface.

>that comic
toriyama wtf

>pepsiman already out in the manga

what the fuck is toyo doing?


> A dead anime and manga
> only people watch it are 10 Year old's and people with a IQ less than 50.

I'm glad all you stupid faggots will not be on Cred Forums very soon.

It was a different time

Soyo's butthurt about the sentai show killing dbs ratings, so he had the sentai dude bite the dust in the first chapter.

I'm sure you'll enjoy not being emasculated by the chads of Cred Forums for once.

>Implying they won't just migrate and shit up other threads

Link for American raws?

That image doesn't show everything but that was actually the second time she got raped in that comic.

>that phrase
Welp, there goes the thread