Dragon Ball Super

Say whatever you want about Super but the hype for the last three episodes is unreal.

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TOP was a mistake, we could have had at least 2 arcs with real villains...


Alpha fathered Caulifa & Kale's kids.

Kale would rip his dick off and hurl it into space for putting it any where Caulifla

>Still think Goku will defeat Jiren.

Jiren will win, then he will re-learn the meaning of trust and friendship thanks to U7 (especially Android 17), he will forget his past and selfish wish and will revive all the universes, then he will protect the weak!

Id so drink caulifas wii

JOBren is a cuck who existed purely to build up Blanco. GODku will shove his fist up his ass.


nah, it's gonna be underwhelming.

I would be surprised, but get real lad.

Jiren's fucked when El Hermano stops hiding under the stage.

I still can't believe Freeza made it into Goku's "friendship" montage.

Garbage. Goku is just gonna win like always, maybe Frieza will pop up at the end.

no it's not, the only thing real is how much of a mongoloid you are, there are 8 shows airing this season all better than super and you still willingly open your mouth and let Toei pour fanfiction mixed with shit into it.

Death is meaningless now in dragon ball


Frieza is what make the final episodes unpredictable. He is the only reason to watch.

Jiren >> UI
Jiren == Blanco

Double ring out, Freeza gets the wish,
and you all know it's gonna happen


What's Jiren wish again ?

Going back in time to kill his own parents so he can become the strongest ?

Goku took a lot of hits to the head in this tournament. His monkey brain can only remember Frieza giving him energy.

Bitch. This is the goku show.

Jiren getting erased

What hype? They already kiilled any chance of excitement with the way they disposed of Vegeta. The episode was worse than the average DBS episode, and that says a lot about it.

>last three episodes

Is that really what is left for this shit show.

I don't know what you vegeta tards expect when the man in charge of the show admits he hates vegeta and only keeps him in because of fan backlash

The only type of curiosity is the same of when an accident happens in your field of view.

You just look to see how much worse things will get.

Why arent there other humans learning ki based attacks?

Back in Dragon Ball it was well known humans could shoot beams. You would think there would be more martial artists in the world

His wish is return in time and defeat the evildoer, but that create a paradox, a new timeline where Jiren never become the strongest because he had a normal life, in that timeline U7 win because U11 strongest member is Toppo.

Screencap this!

Prum, Jimmy and Katopesla eliminated too soon... are we sure Manga is better?

>hating one of the only characters with actual development in DBS

Wanna know what will actually be unreal? The sheer volume of shitposting if they fuck up the last episodes

ikr, I can't imagine what he is going to wish for.

what are those 8 anime?

honestly this.

It's his decisions don't get your hopes up

you know something crazy is gonna happen with him

Last episode will be first episode of gt then then there will be some dumb dragonball gt kai shit

>that fight was a 3v5 and would fit perfectly for U11 vs U7
Someone edit this right now

Dragonball super will end with this line

"All hail King Goku"

Isnt it just a U7 team montage

After this show is over, I'm gonna miss all of you. Is there a way we can still keep memeing and such together?


>implying we won't keep making generals about this show and keep shitposting
this franchise was dead for 20 years, comes back and has the most replies and active threads.
we are the chads of Cred Forums for a reason

That's good to hear.

I don't know about all that, but Vegeta is undefeated against Goku.

Everytime Goku goes Ultra Instinct, I feel like a damn kid again. All the hype around it makes it so incredible. The fact that Goku can't simply transform into that everytime he wants makes all of this moments more special.

Especially the part when he transformed against Kefla, that came out of nowhere.

Here's to Migatte No Gokui, and to the final 3 episodes!

>3 episodes or so left then long hiatus
its gonna hurt

someone actually believes this?

the manga will take us well into 2018

Can I just say I've been watching this show since I was 6, watched the English dub weekly, I remember the excitement of watching goku go SSJ first time. Pure giddiness. Same with gohan ssj2 vs cell and ssj3 goku all scenes that gave me that feeling.

But the amount of butterflies I get watching the ultra instinct parts is beyond anything. Seeing the transformation happen (The Animation for UI might be the most beautiful piece of anime I've seen) and his all around demeanor. So much more calm and determined. Really sells the fact that goku is 100% zoned in.


I definitely agree. It feels just like watching Goku go SSJ on Namek. Heck I think it's even more awesome. The calm, graceful nature of the form coupled with the finesse of it's movements gives off a truly awe-inspiring vibe that feels godlike. It's a nice parallel/contrast to SSJ on Namek, which embodied rage over tranquility and sheer, raw power over graceful, perfectly fluid movement.

I'm absolutely hyped for the next episode, as well as Mastered UI. I think the silver hair looks really good on him and the stills shown in the V-Jump reveal don't do it justice, because what little we see of it in the NEP (which is not even him fully transformed but during mid-transformation) looks incredible.

>(The Animation for UI might be the most beautiful piece of anime I've seen)
I dont even mean this as a jab to super bu objectivity there is better out there

Well said!!! While this might be the end for super, this last arc certainly gave me feelings of being a kid in 2000 again and the pure awe and shock we all had for dbz. A bit funny that such a series can bring up many emotions when I want to marry the person that has communicated with me and been there. A bit off topic, but you encapsulated my feelings and excitement over the next episode! I sometimes wish this show could go on longer...

What would it be like if "/dbs/" had a meet up?

He's for vegeta user we've been over this.


kale can't string a sentence that long together.

I love when the horns start playing for the UI theme. But every time the whistle flares up for the UI aura appearing, I just lose it!!

Easily my favorite transformation. I literally opened my mouth wide open when the horns started playing against Kefla. I got chills all over me.


>last thread full of waifufags
>gets deleted

>Be a competent GoD who supports your universe's heroes and is a reasonable bro to your Supreme Kai and angel
>Kindly offer the strongest ningen in your universe a chance to get the wish that he yearns for
>Trust your successor and friend to fight bravely in your honor and for your universe's survival
>Watch as the majority of your team drops, putting you at an early disadvantage
>Watch as your hand-picked successor is eliminated without having scored a single elimination
>Watch as your trump card, who is only here because you offered him a chance to earn his wish, fucks around and lets the one person you told him to defeat recover and power up numerous times.
I swear Belmod's going to die of a blood clot before Zeno can erase him.

>competent GoD
>universe's mortal level is under 7

It got deleted because someone posted the forbidden phrase and got into an argument with tourist moefags over said phrase.

>Hightest mortal level among the competing universes
>In the upper half of the GoDs
It's still bull that he needs to be lumped in with the likes of Shitrus. By all means, he's the most deserving of a chance to live.

Who else here grew up in the early 90’s watching db and dbz on toonami and is just happy to have Dragonball back in our lives to enjoy?

People are overly hypercritical these days. The episode was kickass. Vegeta was amazing. Goku is amazing as usual. The way this is playing out makes sense. Just enjoy it.

I’m calling the next installment by ‘20:

Dragonball Unlimited, Dragonball Ultra, or Dragonball Universe.

Which one are you gonna get?

cheez TV
rip :_;

I will be doing it from now on as it is the story of the future I wonder what
was Goku so much aho?
The seventh universe Wang King god should not be too weak, but it will be too rude wow
king king of the world King god was at the Zamas level I guess I kept a little more dignity

Although the past of Jillen was spoken in about 3 minutes,
if it was a one piece it used about 10 episodes I
do not stretch in the past edition is a good part of dragon ball


ToP arc in manga would last about 6 months I suppose? Would there be new arc thereafter?

So we're all in agreement that Toei!Geene is the strongest/smartest character in the series aside from EGP, right?

Vegeta is the Big Brother Master. Caulifla and Kale are Alpha's brides.


It would probably turn into a race war.

Last episode was anti-hype. It was just 20 minutes of Vegeta and Goku being pathetic and Jiren being petty. Why didn't he just pick them up and chuck them out of bounds?

that would be anat.

Makes my nethers quiver

Based Chadbba

>last three episodes
user, I hate to tell you this but this fight between Goku and Jiren will last for next episode then maybe half of the episode after that. The second half of 130 is going to be using the Super Dragon Balls and 131 will be the wrap-up episode for Super.

So really all you've got is one, maybe one and a half episodes of hype and fighting. The other one and a half episodes is just wrapping up the series.

It's past your bedtime kale, go to sleep.

Kill yourselves.
>I literally opened my mouth wide open when the horns started playing against Kefla
Soyboy confirmed.

>thinking Beerus is a bad GoD
>it's all the Supreme Kai's fault U7 is so shit, because Shin doesn't do the creation half
>manga confirmed Beerus is easily top three GoDs in terms of strength, if not number one entirely.

Lmao. Cat God is best.



All I'm hoping for is a well animated final fight. I know my expectations are unrealistically high but I can hope.

He's bad at his job. doesn't make him a bad character.

His boipussi is for stretching.

Kale you have a field trip to the aquarium tomorrow. I need to go night night.


This FAGbba is for fug.

It was all the u7 fighters fucking speedwatcher


because you have autism kale

Beerus is fucking lazy as shit and regularly destroys populated planets because they don't have food that he likes.

He's a fucking shit GoD because he has no real standards for what he should and shouldn't destroy (typically, if you're in a universe with only some 30 odd life holding planets, it's best to NOT destroy any of those unless entirely necessary because they pose a threat to some of the other life holding planets like the Saiyans or Frieza).

Yes Shin was a lazy shit too for not creating and elevating the development of more planets to hold life and civilizations but he has the excuse of being a kai who never got to finish his training because his mentors all got murdered (and where the fuck was Beerus when that was happening by the way? Oh yeah he was fucking sleeping).

>no rolf
>no esposa de gohan
>no peter griffin

this is just terrible.

Cabba and Caulifla are eavesdroppers.

Cause broly's older than you.

It was ok with just shaggy
You normalfag discord tier retards ruined a fine meme

Who'd win between Jiren and Lord Boros?

I'm a big DBZ fanboy and this post is one of the most retarded things I've ever read around here.

>Caulifla slapping away Goku's hand and talking shit to the U7 saiyans was Toei fanfiction
Based Toyo does it again. Now it makes sense why when she challenged Goku to a fight he had no idea who she was, despite meeting her 5 minutes prior.

Yeah UI Goku was really a-awesome... thanks Toshi-sama for the c-cool Vegeta episode... was really w-well written...

Becuase he ate all his vegetables. And you didn't finish your carrots.

so? I admit that Toriyama is incompetent

t. cock sucking faggot

Mr. Akira Tori "I did not intend to give out Vejito Blue" The

only excitement factor It was not a Toriyama idea or it was incompetent

holy shit guys new episode leak

Hit vs. Goku was much more hype than this.


I said it once and I'll say it again: Toriyama is a senile old rabid dog that needs to be put down.

Then Beerus should be a bodyguard for Zeno. NOT a god who's in charge of overseeing a universe.

This would actually save his character for him. At least him being a weak worm pretending to be a pompous badass would be an interesting development.

Aren't the guards that Zeno far above a GoD?

Think about what you're saying. With Toriyama gone we'll have Toyo managing all of Dragon Ball canon. The best case scenario right now is that Toyo takes more charge and Toriyama takes the place of his old editor and beats him up when he takes things too far. It's already starting as Toyo wanted to ship Macarita and Belmod originally, but Tori stopped him.

What is the point of having a benevolent destroyer god who never bothered to stop Majin Buu? Shin nearly died

>this is the end

Get fucked. Anyone outside universe 7 is a fanfiction character and will be erased

They are his guards. They're probably as strong as Grande Padre, or slightly less so in order to take him out by teaming up if they had to.

>him being a weak worm pretending to be a pompous badass would be an interesting development
It was only kind of interesting the first time Toriyama did it

Will xer save the series?

literally this

It wasn't misdirection in this case though, we were shown Satan's true nature early on and had reason to be skeptical about him the moment he was mentioned.

what phrase?

UI is the hypest shit.
imagine if instead of the god crap we had UI since the start, a convenient transformation always there when things couldnt get worst.

its shit writing but whatever.

Everything about that outcome was unnatural. No fucking way Vegeta would do anything less than start tearing up the bleachers.

>When you realize Beerus is the true big bad of the Buu Arc

Toriyama plans to end super with a carefully timed national operation involving costumed gokus

At the end of the episode goku will look at the camera and say "I know your world exists"

He will punch the camera and appear go through the screen and the signal will go static at that moment

At which point his operatives will break into the houses detected to be watching super at the time of the live broadcast and they will beat them up

You rike?

yeah all spics hate each other very much

Kale is not a child you stupid fucking faggot.

U9 can stay. They can be the new shu mai and pilaf.

They kind of fucked up the whole Toppo selling his soul to the devil thing when they made his true nature more apparent.
Now it doesn't seem like Toppo was making a poor decision at all, he could probably remain a hero of justice even as a GoD in his universe.

>sperging out over an internet meme

that's fucking embarrassing. sort yourself out, little man.

I thought I said it's time to go to bed little girl.

>U9 Angel
He fucking hated his job

Whis is for ______

Giving tasty food to stop Beerus from destroying earth



who the fuck even is esposa de gohan?



What kind of dumb BULLSHIT is this fucking lizard gonna pull

jiren for sure, boros is planet buster, and we are now at universe buster
if we continue this path soon we will be borderline reality warpers

Man I hope Shitza doesn't get to do anything. Lizardcucks will never stop spamming

Is it weird that it hardly feels like the characters have actually gotten stronger to me since the last tournament?

Why didn't Goku just instant transmission everyone to Old Kai so that they could be as strong as Gohan?

freeing from having to work with an incompetent piece of shit like Beerus

but why vados?

Platinum Frieza transformation

Shut the FUCK up

When I saw Ultra Instinct again... MY. JAW. DROPPED. I thought it was over and that Universe 7 was going to be erased. But then it happened. The teleport. The music. The animation. So beautiful and perfect. Goku was amazing as usual. The way he thrusted into Jiren was bliss. I couldn't have been happier when I saw that face of ecstasy Goku had. Ultra Instinct is the best thing to come into my life and I'm so happy that it's saved my marriage.

So a literal plot armor transformation?
This arc have many problems but UI is the biggest mistake.

try harder

majin buu alone was an universe buster breaking reality with his shouts.

nowadays goku is above time and can break kachin as if it was nothing.


I like to think Ultra Instinct is simply Goku's no Bullshit Mode.

It's really easy to see, Goku's always looking for fun even at the threat, during, and after death. However, anytime other peoples' lives have been sufficiently lost (normally about 3 to 5 people seriously hurt or murdered) Goku then considers the blood sacrifice paid and plays his part in protecting the universe.

UI is the natural evolution of this, Goku hits a wall where it either looks like (A) He won't be allowed to train anymore like with Chi-Chi, so he got serious and got super rich and (B) There is a literal end of existence that he has to get past so that tomorrow he can keep powering up.

UI reminds me a lot of how Goku acts when he goes SSJ4 in GT.


Frieza sure was tired this tournament

Nice headcanon

>i did this unironically
>i was underage when my cousin showed me the UI fight against jiren
>even now that i am barely legal i am still a child
a strange kind of feel

Penetrating timespace in a localized area is not the same as universe busting. It would probably take him a long time to even take out a galaxy.

What is this thread

Frieza will attain his ultimate form
El Lucifer

People love DB. I love DB. I don't even care the DBS is clearly a money grab anymore -- we get to watch Goku save the day.

We are but simple creatures, and this is what we want.

He is copying messages
that means someone actually wrote that and is enjoying the show
It's a shame you can't do the same

What's the worst DB community on the internet?
Is it
>youtube comment section
>Cred Forums

are you from the future

Someone trying to anger everyone by copying pasting shiteating shill comments from other communities who defend Super no matter what


>>i was underage when my cousin showed me the UI fight against jiren
>>even now that i am barely legal i am still a child
Kore de owari da

being dead consumes a lot of energy

worst community list
>youtube comments > plebbit = Cred Forums
i don't know what the fuck that other thing you listed is

18th birthday was one month away, mother fuckeer
i am clinging by the skin of my teeth here

>mfw SSJ3 Blue Never Evar

I wish SSJ3 got more love, it looks cool a fuck

Current Golden Frieza vs SSJR Goku Black

Who wins?

I'm sure whatever it is will end with him being humiliated further.

You first

Bubblegum Pink Frieza

Current Golden Frieza hardly has any impressive feats.

They're all shit, Cred Forums is above the others because it at least has some degree of immunity from today's internet SJW pandering culture but not completely

Jesus christ

so does that mean rampaging Kale would win and Goku never got UI?

>Tien only realized he was outclassed during the Androids/Cell
He knew ever since this moment right here. Skip to 3:25 if you must


This is when Tien knew he would never be as good as Goku, way before anyone knew what a saiyan was.


Never been there but I imagine it's a circlejerk of Super and anyone that criticizes it gets banned, at least based on what I hear.
>youtube comment section
Literally just spics yelling at each other over who's more powerful between Goku/Vegeta or "insert other character here" and getting angry whenever someone insults Goku/Vegeta.
>Cred Forums
Ironic shitposting, falseflagging, and characterfagging.
I'd have to say Cred Forums, because most people here hate the show, myself included, but continue to watch so they can shitpost more. Other sites seem to at least enjoy the show, despite it being a shit pile.

Hercule launched a propaganda campaign smearing all Ki techniques as fake and gay,it's been ongoing since the Cell games

Based Toyo loves drawing SS3. Expect it to finally get a win in the manga ToP.

Agreed, only Cred Forums allows us to hate the show, continue to watch (or not even watch it) it and laugh at it. Every other community would expel anyone who says they outright hate the show and the worst you are allowed to say is "I like the show but it has problems" and even then in some places that is grounds for ban.

who dat?

She's mommy material


how long until we get this chapter in english

/a is a bliss compared to the others

here is the only place I don't find a circlejerk on super, on the contrary, most people here dislike it and I feel good about it

*Ox-King Goku

no, you dont get banned on reddit or kanzenshuu for disliking it. on reddit its extreme disapproval, but never a ban just for saying something negative. Kanzenshuu is more flexible. On youtube it depends on the video and on what channel

I thought it was added because of some autistic spat who liked vados

because tit reaffirms your opinion?

>Hmm, that pink creature Buu is killing the Kais
>Well only a few more years until Beerus wakes up I'm sure they'll manage until then

I can understand why Whis didn't deal with it himself but it's just a continuity error why he didn't wake Beerus up, or why the kais didn't try and contact him

bullshit, reddit literally downvotes anything negative said about the series into oblivion then stealthily removes anyone
as another user said it literally is north korea on the internet and goku is kim jong un

No, because I know I can state what I like and hate about the series without people trying to hide it under the carpet. There's nothing contrarian about hating Dragon Ball Super.

At least you have self-awareness.

just sort by controversial on the episode discussions I'm aware they are on controversial for a reason, yes it is true they overreact. I'm not denying that. they are there, they dont get banned just for disliking it. You probably got banned cause you called them autists, toyocucks or spics or something like that

not really

>most people here dislike it and I feel good about it
So it's a circlejerk about people who hate super?

that's because he didn't fucking exist back then, the story was supposed to end with Buu and toei milked a deadcow out of it which gave us this queer

Anonymous 02/19/18(Mon)16:36:02 No.168722502▶
not really
Anonymous 02/19/18(Mon)16:37:00 No.168722530▶
File: dicholsoncomputer.jpg (36 KB, 177x174)
36 KB
>most people here dislike it and I feel good about it
So it's a circlejerk about people who hate super?
Anonymous 02/19/18(Mon)16:37:35 No.168722546▶
File: 1509403600966.jpg (24 KB, 500x375)
24 KB
that's because he didn't fucking exist back then, the story was supposed to end with Buu and toei milked a deadcow out of it which gave us this queer

There's still the manga and the english dub. The english dub is still at the black arc too.

Go back to where ever you came from

wakey wakey, Superfags.

Everyone get a load of this autistic

Are you ok? Do you need to go to the hospital?

Heem sleepy

Looks shitty desu senpai



Not really. While Heroes did release that video of Goku/Frieza vs Jiren, it was just promotional footage for Frieza's return and Jiren's arrival. The original intent of the video was never to spoil the ending of the ToP, it's just a funny coincidence.

I'm looking forwards to it. It might be a soulless cashgrab as well, but it might be a good one. I'll shit it on it at a moment's notice if it isn't any fun to watch like DBS. For now I'm enjoying Kamen Rider so gegege no kitaro will come second to that.

>Goku solos all 7 pride trooper in SS except for Jiren, Toppo, and Dyspo
B-But I was told Toyo would make the other universes actual threats.

What could Frieza really wish for that does not result in him getting humiliated again?

We know he wants to control the gods, but I don't think the super dragon balls can just delete Zeno or remove him from the throne. And immortality isn't good anymore since Hakai ignores that shit now. The best he could do is just resurrect himself and fuck off until he trains enough to get stronger than the gods and eventually job to vegeta again.

I honestly cannot forgive Toyotaro for getting rid of the GREAT KATOPESLA so fast.

Frieza is nakama now


no one cares about katoshitspa

I have no hope for the manga, the only things I wish for so I can watch the fallout on Cred Forums is:
17 gets eliminated early
Gohan gets eliminated early AND to a furry
ToP only lasts 5 chapters or less

He got rid of Jimenez too. What the fuck was the point of having a Yardrat if he never used IT.


>Gohan getting eliminated by a furry was part of the outline napkin
>Toei decided to make it be Dyspo but Toyo will make it be Sorrel because only Goku or Vegeta get to fight actual threats
I can't wait

>5 pride troopers
You're retarded buddy

Heroes has spoiled Super at least twice.


Yeah really there's a TON of other fodder characters to get rid of before those two, hell Jimeeze was one of the few U2 characters who was actually pretty cool.

>ToP only lasts 5 chapters or less
>It's another "the black arc ends next month, for real this time I swear XD" episode

kek, poor toeipablos


Why did he stay in the ring after the Toppo fight? He literally added nothing to the plot after that happened

So how hard will the Manga wank 17? I mean though it's all broadstrokes given to both Toei and Toyo the SHEER AMOUNT he got in the anime leads me to believe Toryiama directed "GIVE 17 A TORYIAMA HAND JOB" to both Toei and Toyo.

Plus Friezas torture scene of Jimenze wont happen now.
Hopefully he still tortured someone. Its like only evil thing hes done this tournament


agreeing to take part in this shitty arc was pretty evil

>What the fuck was the point of having a Yardrat if he never used all the weird techniques Vegeta had said they had back in the android saga and only spammed IT like a retard?


the shitlifla and jobdroid 17 wank is toei shit for toy sales. Wont happen in the manga, watch

Manga 17 got the first elimination and was already praised by Jiren for his strength.

He needed to get his ass handed to him completely, as is tradition.

Yeah Freeza better torture SOMEONE hell with the Manga not having to deal with the restrctions of the Anime's timeslot I want him to just go full on Brutal as fuck.

Today I will remind them

Is your english ok buddy?

There really wasn't any Caulifla wank in the anime other than her getting SS2 early and some people commenting about her meme potential which everyone and their mother has at this point. Also
>Not liking CHADroid 17

who'd he get.

And wow Jiren himself wanking 17 ALREADY. what made Akira fall in love with him so much?

UI is the welfare of transformations. Goku is also a cuck and Chi Chi has guys on the side because Goku doesn't even know how to kiss her.

He watched the plague videos, that's all.

That annoys me so much about dragon ball. When tien, yamcha, chaotzu, and piccolo all went to king kais planet, they never learned kaio ken or any other abilities to make them stronger. I was really hoping for super to actually focus more on the side characters rather than making everything about goku, but no, it's still always about goku

>I don't know about this vados! I know master Vegeta said to wear this but isn't it a bit lewd?

>mary sue with gohan is over
>now my new self insert is 17

Why manga Kale have so much personality? Also Cabba in the manga behaves like a chad, Caulifla still a shit though.

assburgers is not a replacement for an actual personality

How can anyone defend this trash?

Wow.... at this point I half expect Jiren and Goku to knock each other out, Freeza to brag he got the wish... only for 17 to be revealed to be alive and blast him off and win the entire thing, and then the entire cast sucks his dick.

Because anime Kale had absolutely nothing in terms of personality so anything is an improvement.

I want whis to suck my cock

Super ruined Vegeta's character. The end of Z Vegeta's arc was complete. He acknowledged Goku was the best, and he was willing to die for others.

But, his pride always came first. He never sacrificed his pride for anyone no matter what, that is who he is, and that's what made him such a cool character, that his pride was worth more than literally everything. He chose to sacrifice his pride once in Z, when he fused, and he really did not like that, to the point where he chose that he would never do that shit again(and then he does it again in Super).

In Super he does so much shit that forgoes that, he sacrifices his pride for others, he literally becomes a more stern Goku. Vegeta has no identity anymore.

>who'd he get.
A nobody from U10

>manga Kale
>much personality
She's still autistic, but without the dykeness.
None of the U6 saiyans have any personality.
Not like it matters, they are going to die.

fuck off

Good, the pride thing was always cancer and autistic

>implying any character from Super has an identity anymore
Super killed every character, not just Vegeta

dumb fujoshi.

Reddit and youtube comments are filled with all the mexicans

Good, lets hope he doesn't appear in the next DB show.

Don't talk about Goten's dad like that

uhh dude.. at the end of Z Vegeta literally acknowledges Goku is better than him, he does so again early in Super but decides he's going to try and surpass him again anyway. His Pride is all still there, he's just gotten to a point where his family is more important than it.

are you implying that this isnt filled with mexicans too?

What a fucking pointless arc.

o so... basically same as the Anime, no one from U10 other than Obuni is gonna matter.

welp poor poor Gowasu. May his Godtube channel get many subs.

does his godtube channel get deleted too?

>white knighting super
kys faggot

I'm sure there are a few mexicans here but i doubt the majority that try to post can figure out the captcha when they have to select all the store fronts

This, absolutely nothing in this arc ended up mattering or advancing anyone's character, just increasing Goku's power level. No character development for Goku evolving into his EoZ self. Vegeta's backwards character development. All the other universes will be wished back anyways. The two zenos will still rule everyone. Frieza won't accomplish anything. What the fuck was the point of Super. In the end nothing really changed. Even Krillin's retarded filler episodes about being a fighter led nowhere and Gohan will just go back to being a scholar by EoZ anyways like he was in the beginning of Super. None of the new characters introduced have anything going for them either, the biggest waste being Jiren who's the most generic antagonist in the history of Dragon Ball and will just lose to Goku and turn "good" like all the others.

chupamelo bien rico amerikano de mierda deseguro vei esa caga de kamenrider asldkjasklfjlkdsahgkj

El MexicANO...

Actually we don't have to solve the captcha at all now. Enjoy selecting images amerikek


ah no no no

You must be new here then

El ChileANO(gay)...


O Terramoto....

I'm not a fujo, I just know that FAGbba is for begita-san

Reminder that Cell is so weak now that he can get one shotted by SS Goku

>Cell absorbs the 2 Zenos

Tenshinhan could now defeat Cell

Let's not get carried away now

>Didn't throw him out of the ring
Toyo still screwed up desu
At least the ensuing 18 part in the anime was enough to make up for it

Buu could do that. Cell isn't designed to keep absorbing people after reaching perfection

>reminder El Preecho was the Cell of the science universe

So,Goku will defeat Jiren and then he and Frieza will fight over the S dragon balls?
I really want a super saiyan or base form Goku fighting a base form frieza over them.

You know nothing.



How about after 4 months?


>Post yfw "Team Bald Earthlings" kick Frost ass in manga.

what you on about, monstruo?
i am proud descendant of supain desu

He's going to make some crazy wish on the super Dragon balls and blue ball us with a cliff hanger until the next series or he'll make some stupid wish that will backfire and then everything is back to the status quo

Holy shit its real

The amount of people that are bullying Gohan proves the predictable, smart ass nature of this board.

All of you people try and impress each other with these funny bullying images, from someone who doesn't spend all their life online, it looks ridiculous.

Fuck this I'm off, don't wanna waste my life on "addictive and funny" Cred Forums.

The CITY of Belmod



So do Angels have white hair because they're mastered having UI active at all times?


i think they either have Blanco activated at all times, or that its their base state

Is there one for Hyper Perfect Cell?

>Episode 110: UI Goku appears, Jiren doesn't give a fuck and just fights him until Goku runs out of energy and kicks his ass
>Episode 128: UI Goku appears, Jiren shits his pants and cries like a bitch after one punch

So I guess the special was just Jiren wanking

I bet Goku will get a halo around his neck for his mayo kamehameha at the end

People should have never taken DBS seriously.

Base Saiyan = black hair
Super Saiyan = yellow hair

Saiyan God = red hair
Super Saiyan God = blue hair

God in a Saiyan body = black hair
God in a Super Saiyan body = rose hair

UI Saiyan = white hair
Super UI Siayan = ??? calvo perhaps

Forgot some

UI Saiyan God = ???
UI Super Saiyan God = ???

It'll finally be over. I hope you niggers get purged the moment you start congesting the place with endless generals after the anime finishes. DB is alright, DBZ is ok, but DBS is ultra garbage.

And when the movie makes Toie a trillions of yen and we get DB Ultra, what will you do then?

>can't even beat the actual Prince

hey, user, let me tell YOU something YOU are, such a GOOD player, that
i am gonna shit my pants,so you dont have to post any more replies, you win

this but unironically

Nope. It's over.

Even when the SHITnime is over, the manga will ensure these threads live on, although on much lower frequency and with less shitposting, until the new movie. Then if no new series is announced you can celebrate over the death of dragon ball super threads.

Ya think Heroes' story would be neat to adapt as an anime? The whole Demon Realm Army stuff was pretty neat, and this new Planet Prison Arc seems promising too.

Didn't Toriyama said that Goku wouldn't get near to beat Bills in the anime? Goku is literally now as strong/stronger than Jiren, someone already stronger than a GoD, this is a little ridiculous if you ask me.

It's been said in the anime that Beerus has yet to master UI and that's why he can't beat Whis in a fight. If Goku masters it, as the title implies, he will be objectively superior to Beerus. Doubly so in the manga because Goku can already use Hakai

Does heroes have all the saiyans with Blanco unlocked already?

Shut the FUCK up

No, the avatars just barely unlocked Blue-tier forms. That includes non-Saiyans too.

The problem is that the story is pretty generic
Towa (or Towa's bitches) attack, heroes stop her, repeat in every arc.
I would like it if they did something different with that.

What will Genome look like? SSGSS Golden?

3-0, when?

that sounds like some super sentai bs

>goku and jiren at their final breathes
>beginning to land the finishing blows
>frieza sabotages goku
>jiren knocks out goku fag
>frieza proceeds to knock out tired jiren
>gets the balls
>wishes for power hax

i could see it

>He is the only reason to watch.
Fucking YES

>anything about the ToP
This arc is "hype" only if you haven't watched any action cartoon in the past 20 years.

While that is true, seeing the crazy shit Heroes makes up in 22-minute animated form would be a treat to behold.

I dunno, probably Blue.

>The end of Z Vegeta's arc was complete.
Vegeta literally says something like "I'll never fight again" at the end of the Cell arc, it was the Buu arc where his character was ruined.

>The fact that Goku can't simply transform into that everytime he wants
Pure bait


Berserker kale is confirmed weaker than controlled who got completely btfo by ss2 goku

>it was the Buu arc where his character was ruined.

Holy shit, you're so fucking retarded.

Cry more, Buufags. Toriyama's heart just wasn't in it by that point, it's by far the worst arc in the series at that point. Pretty much every character was ruined in that arc, even Piccolo got benched for the first part by being fucking spat on, and then he had to babysit some fusion Chad until he got eaten and then blown up with the rest of Earth. Nobody aside from Goku comes out looking better during that arc, and even then it turns out that giving up 7 years of his life and his son's upbringing didn't amount to anything

reminder that everything is so fucktarded now that roshi could probably beat zeno and el grande padre at the same time

>it's by far the worst arc in the series at that point
Nope, Cell arc exists

is that a fucking namekian with a dog nose cosplaying as cell


>those fucking punches

A lot of people meme about Buu being tacked-on and shit-tier but a majority of the Cell Saga is rehashed bullshit for the sake of padding. Cell had a tournament because...? Not to mention Buu being an almost objectively superior version of Cell (specifically Super Buu).

Honestly, the only really great part of the Cell Saga was the ending, and even that's because people remember it fondly and then look at the entire arc with rose-colored glasses.


What is the LuKa of dragon Ball?

for fucks sake i hear those granny DADADADADADADADADADADADAS in my head

Did they just fucking copy the Jotaro and Dio punch exchange?

>jojo reference


Tough to get over how ugly this looks

Whoa... So this is the power of Toei...

Goku's battle cry is ATATATATATA, just like...

... Fist of the North Star. If you're looking for some ORAORA's, go watch Caulifla fight.

>people still think super looks any good

this shit is straight up jojo animation bad foh

Toriyama plans to end super with a carefully timed national operation involving costumed gokus

At the end of the episode goku will look at the camera and say "I know your world exists"

He will punch the camera and appear go through the screen and the signal will go static at that moment

At which point his operatives will break into the houses detected to be watching super at the time of the live broadcast and they will beat them up

big if true

>Cell had a tournament because...?
It's how Goku and a lot of the other fighters that Cell is comprised of used to measure their skills. Goku's long-anticipated fights against Krillin, Tien, and Piccolo were all saved for the tournament and Cell was trying to do the same. Cell was never a homicidal maniac like Buu, every life he took served a purpose and his suicidal attack was a desperate move made by someone with a shattered ego. The entire Buu arc was everyone fighting a retard and then prolonging the fight because they themselves would do something retarded to prolong it. Honestly anyone who thinks Buu arc is better than the android saga has horrible taste and should kill themselves

if Disney buys Dragon Ball from Toei, do you think they can improve the series?

>prisioner trunks
That's a great concept that could work with semi competent writing.

>trunks in chains
They'd print fujo money, that's for sure.

The amount of samefagging is incredible

the rat cant touch anything jap, even if they are beloved there
they arent retarded enough to let themselves be bought up

There's gonna be cards of Prison Arc Trunks, so I'm sure that's gonna make money.


there he is, i wonder how much blanco will sell
its fanfiction tier in our minds, but japs are all hyper autistic so it would probably fret well

If you say so... I've been laughing all the time so I guess it's a good comedy.

>expanded universe is not canon
anything didney touches will die


>frieza proceeds to knock out tired jiren
Won't happen. Even a washed up tired jiren could violate Friza's boypucci with ease

El Goku Blanco

It's kinda amazing how good Ultra Instinct Mastered looks in PS2 graphics.



Beerus can still obliterate Goku from existance with full power hakkai

el goku cuello elastico...

dragonball doesn't rely on character interaction only powerups

both Vegeta and Freeza were able to overcome that and Goku's a lot stronger than they are

1. Toppo was a baby GoD
2. The power if the GoD scales from their base power. Beerus clearly is naturally far superior to Toppo
3. The Hakkais used in the ToP were purposely nerfed to be non lethal.

>Jiren then
>literally no reaction to UI, handles it just fine
>even getting hit a few times doesn't faze him

>Jiren now
>gets punched once and pukes his guts out

Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei. Fuck Toei.

>the ending was literally spoiled half a year ago by Heroes OP
>Jiren is going to job like a pathetic cuck after 30-or-so episodes of being absolutely fucking invincible
>not only is going to job pathetically, he will probably have some moral epiphany about how he's been living his life incorrectly thanks to a backwater hick retard who thinks of his wife as a friend and admitted he never thought about saving the world

>Vegeta's full weight is being held up by the fold of his boot on some rock
>0% stamina Vegeta gives 0% stamina Goku energy, causing Goku to instantly go SSBlue
>Goku gets an actual, literal power of friendship powerup


>Jiren is nothing more than a smug asshole at this point
>is going to job solely because he refuses to actually knock out opponents that can barely even fight back


eres débil
yo soy más fuerte que bills y wills
la oscuridad es mi poder

that thumbnail looks way to good to be a fake

U mad


I'd say you literally couldn't make it up, but...

Not even El Hermano can stand against the canon-changing might of El Akira, el grande señor del manga.

Super UI Siayan = Rainbow Hair
UI Saiyan God = Clear Hair
UI Super Saiyan God = Bald

Anonymous 02/19/18(Mon)19:40:47 No.168726421▶ File: ElHermanoMaloso.jpg (42 KB, 808x456)
42 KB
eres débil
yo soy más fuerte que bills y wills
la oscuridad es mi poder
Anonymous 02/19/18(Mon)19:42:27 No.168726446▶
that thumbnail looks way to good to be a fake
Anonymous 02/19/18(Mon)19:43:03 No.168726454▶
U mad
Anonymous 02/19/18(Mon)19:43:50 No.168726468▶
Anonymous 02/19/18(Mon)19:47:03 No.168726535▶
I'd say you literally couldn't make it up, but...
Anonymous 02/19/18(Mon)19:50:25 No.168726581▶
File: 1517866854269.png (1.46 MB, 1280x720)
1.46 MB
Not even El Hermano can stand against the canon-changing might of El Akira, el grande señor del manga.
Anonymous 02/19/18(Mon)19:51:10 No.168726594▶
Super UI Siayan = Rainbow Hair
UI Saiyan God = Clear Hair
UI Super Saiyan God = Bald

Monkey D. Rufy BTFO

name characters that went Blanco before Goku


Welp... so who is the last U7, Goku or Freeza?

Probably Goku, but I want Frieza to be it just because it might lead somewhere interesting, but knowing Toei it will just be played off as a gag or they'll find some way to make it disappointing.

Im imagining a scenario where Freeza wins... then Nowzawa dies and we get no follow up ever.

Definitely Frieza.

Goku will beat Jiren, power down and drop his guard, and then Frieza will shove him off the tournament at the very last second so he gets the super dragonballs.

I'm imagining a scenario where Frieza wins, and he's about to make his wish but he runs out of life energy and goes back to his Cuckoon while Goku laughs and wishes for King Kai to be revived as Vegeta cries in the background.

This arc sucks, so I hope it doesn't get too many chapters.


Esto es el fin, Jiren

The last good episode was 125.

126 made no sense and forgot everything that happened on the previous episode.
127 was super predictable in the most disappointing way. So many flashbacks for Vegeta to do absolutely nothing may as well just give Goku his energy earlier as he was not going to achieve anything during the episode.

awww shit wheres the BROforce at

Not being atomized by destruction energy is about the extent of it.





>that Trunks
This should definitely be a real arc

Why is he so fucking based? Sure he did get BTFO by Dyspo, Toppo and Jiren but he is still in the ring and he still hasn't given up.

Lizard boi is resilient

>its fanfiction tier in our minds, but japs are all hyper autistic so it would probably fret well
You fail to realize Dragon Ball is huge because of how much it sells for the western audience. The Tv ratings for DBS in Japan are average yet it's being dubbed worldwide because how much the rest of the world loves Dragon Ball. It's merchandise outsold Gundam which means japanese people aren't the ones responsible for those sales.

>surviving the most powerful energy attack in the db universe is about the extent of it
i'll take that

It's so everyone can have EPIC shocked reactions when Goku rings out Jiren but goes limp with no energy and is betrayed/knocked out by Frieza. This shit is so fucking obvious it hurts.

2 - 0

>This arc is "hype" only if you haven't watched any action cartoon in the past 20 years.
That's the case of about 70% of the people who post in these shitty threads.

How the fuck did 17 get so strong when he doesn't even have Ki or anything? His power level is literally static.

>betrayed/knocked out by Frieza
but he was in the friendship montage!

Infinite energy generation
Maybe a way to turn it into ki
So you get an infinite loop
Nigga could be stronger than Jiren or Daishinkan

Because super is non-canon fanfiction.

Everyone knows that at this point.

He's a cyborg, I don't gotta explain shit.

No, it's obvious at this point that the 17/18 fellation is according to Toriyama's intent.

but Vegetas pride did the same thing

Toei wanted to sell more 17 toys. In the manga he's around SS3 level, which is still a huge powerup for him. But they do mention that him and 18 and not really mechanical androids, but have had their cells altered to be superhuman, so it stands to reason that he could train to become stronger, and since he never gets tired, he can do it for as long as he wants.

no, Vegeta survived his own selfdestruct attack, not destruction energy.

>*cries about shota*

He punched through that destruction shit like it was nothing

He was punching through destruction energy just by being stronger. It seems like you can only Hakai beings that are much weaker than yourself, since anyone comparable to you can just tank it.

Toyopedros will defend this.

What's wrong with this, besides Toyo's quality cuck circle?

He didn't even color Frost's tail the right color. Look at the guy's neck he's holding.

I binged Super last week and the ToP is mostly foggy for me, but did 17 have impressive feats or is everything just him being middling strong but without a stamina limit?

universe 2 best universe
best fight in the whole show is vegeta vs magetta, reminded me of old-school schenanigans

Another weird thing is that they have organic parts and cells etc. but still don't age.

Aging is mostly degradation of telomeres and mounting DNA copy errors, if you're rebuilding a person from the cell up that'd be the first thing to fix.

Holy shit, I just noticed. How will Toyodogs ever recover from this one?


He gets a month for this shit

He truly is Toriyama's successor


Literally the "it's okay if Z does it" argument


Go to sleep Tyrone

What kind of snipers attack from close range?

I don't speak Gook/Chinkonese.

>never said anything about that shit being okay
>Literally the "it's okay if Z does it" argument XD
Learn to read, Toeipablo

The kind without any kind of terrain to snipe from, judging by these panels.

>world of the void
>it's an actual blank void with no sky, arena, or background of any sort


It's 12:00 retard


>mfw no filler sniper shit in the manga

>no sky
Fuck off speedreader

she looks pretty badass in the manga, at least more than the anime

then that would mean that freezer tanking sidra's hakai like it was nothing made him think that he could tank toppo's
and toppo didnt erase him because it would be against the rules

>Nigrisshi's first fight in the ToP is against fucking Jiren

Man, that QUALITY.

Sidra just gave a little bit of his energy to the assassin, that's why Frieza was able to tank it easier than Toppo's, who made a huge fucking ball with it.

It took him a month to draw that? Fucking christ, it's not that fucking hard to draw on model.

So I haven't watched DBS.

What's with these retarded faces? I hardly recognize Goku and 18. They look like cosplayers.

I miss Z's sharp and distinct faces.

>added to fighterz
>adored by Cred Forums

Feels good to support CHADly.

Why the fuck are you posting here then?

It's alright, he's turning into Aniraza in two chapters.

t. booty blasted superfag

i am waiting for him to unlock blanco

I see the dumb murricans are awake

Because modern digital anime is soulless and looks like Flash trash.

Does this honestly surprise you? Anime died in the 90s.

>added to fighterz
>gets raped by Gotenks

>digital anime
The fuck is this guy talking about?

No. The mouse ruins everything these days

>anime today is done entirely digital
>anime in the 80s/90s is done by hand

Only reason people give a damn about this dumb musclehead with no techniques is because muh legendary saiyan. He was no different than any other crappy movie villain.

No it isn't.

>anime today is done entirely digital
Are you the same retard who got BTFO some days ago? Wanna start again?

the only ones who getting BTFO here are superfags

It's been 128 episodes and they still don't know how DBS is animated

No one cares about DBS because it's non-canon.

What did you expect from retarded shitposters

Who is they?

Spics mostly




Except for the fact he's in all the merch, everyone loves him, and he's always on your mind.


popular =/= good

itt: Super-drones in damage control

How can people actually have the suspension of disbelief enough to wait for a dub episode when they could just binge watch the japanese version?

Only absolute saibamen have a problem with Japanese voice-acting - and they wouldn't be posting on Cred Forums.

>They think anime is done entirely digital

We call them retards

You are just being educated because somehow, on the animation board, you don't know what animation is.

to show he was better than he was against buu and he can throw a weak punch or two after killing himself

>t. Cuckjay

A new meme from Cred Forums ?

Or maybe someone who isn't a retarded newfag.

stupid taco-munching faggot

Shut the FUCK up

Don't waste your time, that retard got BTFO like 2 times in other threads

>I want Goku to sound like a grandma!

Subfags have such shit taste.

post yfw this happens
>goku and jiren knock each other out
>u7 is declared winner since frieza is still in
>frieza gets the wish
>2 minutes of frieza shitting on everyone and talking about how everyone will rule under him
>"anyways i wish fo-"
>runs out of time
>goku gets the wish instead

Samefag, not even trying to hide it.

>anyone who btfos me is a retard
nasakenai, just stop fucking posting.

>look mom, i can use ms paint!

this 1 subfag/superfag really is pathethic lol

>No Goku, YOU are the Dragonballs
I can't believe people actually prefer GT over Super

Don't cry user, just don't talk shit about things you don't know about and this won't happen again.


They're both shit.

GT slightly less because SSJ4 > SocialJusticeWarrior-hair.


>Bu-But user SS4
>Bu-But Gogeta

GT is Trash and Super is Trash but if I had to pick one then its going to be Super.

>GT slightly less because SSJ4 > SocialJusticeWarrior-hair.
Nope, still better than GT, pedro

Super is nowhere near as bad as GT, Guillermo.

Nope, GT is still better than Sup, Amerimutt.

>sound like a grandma
she is a voice actor, she acts like a guy and it works for everyone who isn't a retarded american who grew up with a shitty dub.

>No, Goku, YOU are the Dragon Balls

Super is better, the only argument you have for GT being better is SSJ4.

Meanwhile Super actually gave us some pretty good stuff.


>No argument

Superchads win once again

I'm an Ausfag

Funimation dub + Falcouner soundtrack is the only choice.

Because SSJ4 has an actual function in the games (Budokai 3).

I don't want Super's shit SJW transformations or shit-designed villains in my games or canon.


>tumblr gifs from google images
the city of gtpablos, this is no competition.

Lol Nigarrishi is rekt like nothing in both mediums. so sad.

>GT is better Because SSJ4 has an actual function in the games XD
The city of Pedro Rodriguez Mendoza

Doesn't mean her portrayal is good. There's a reason why Toriyama tried to get her fired before the Battle of Gods movie came out. Nobody in Japan likes Goku having a granny voice. It's weird and unsettling, bruh.

Toyotaro completely forgot to draw Roshi in this specific panel. Do you think he did it intentionally as revenge for Toei Animation forgetting to animate Tenshinhan?

>It's another "Supercucks get BTFO" episode

Came home from work right in time to extract some salt.

>Because SSJ4 has an actual function in the games

Don't forget Goku having to transform into SSJ4 just to hold up a building.

Nope, GTjuans are getting lit up as usual.

Why do Gohan and Piccolo's pants make it look like they shat themselves?

>Why didn't he teach Instant Transmission to anyone else?
>Why didn't he create any technique whatsoever and uses only stolen ones?
>Why Didn't he train Goten to reach SSJ3
>Why Didn't he performed the SSG ritual on anyone else except Vegeta?
Because he's a prick, that's why.

no one is saying GT is good you sub-60 IQ brainlets

what we're bullying you for is claiming super is better, which is not true.
super is 100% garbage
GT is 90% garbage

>GT is slightly better trash.

Who gives a shit seriously? They're both fucking trash so why do you care about which one is slightly better?

This, but m expectations are still super low. They’ve already botched what could have been a potentially great subplot with him and Frost, plus they’ve had him jobbing like fuck for all the meaningful fights. It’s bullshit. He should’ve at least wrecked Dyspo.

>DBShit-defense force getting obliterated
>He is so delusional he thinks Spics are behind the attacks on DBShit

Stay mad.

>Why Didn't he performed the SSG ritual on anyone else except Vegeta?
Vegeta never did the ritual. He trained his way into SSB territory unlike Goku who, as usual, got the welfare handout. It's actually sad seeing how often Goku gets handouts, I guess when you make a character that's a walking plot device, it's a bit hard for them to earn anything legitimately.

But you're wrong retard. While the only good thing about GT is its transformation (even that's debatable), Super have transformations, actual likable new characters, great emotioanl scenes, and character development.

>tumblr gifs
user i......


because it makes the dbs mutts so angry and upset

everyone knew GT is non-canon trash, a laughing stock that everyone forgot from its memory. now DBS manages to be even worse than that, which is fucking embarassing.

Nope, Super is still better, keep trying Pablo

Literally all they have to do in order to make the series good. That, and add the classic violence from DBZ and longer fights.

i can see the watermark juan

>le trollface

So this is the power... of GTPedros... amazing...

I get that you wanna piss them off but seriously I see this debate in these threads way too often its always the same autistic shit.

This is why DBM is better than DBS.

DBM actually takes existing characters and gives them interesting what-ifs. DBS just creates more unnecessary, uninteresting, bland and autistically designed characters that no one really cares about.

A Goku that never hit his head is far more interesting than "Goku Black" which is just a Turles ripoff. The comparisons can keep on going.

DBS is awful, and there's lots of denial from people who can't let go.

>This is why DBM is better than DBS.
“Please, a little fight!”
“We'll make the Earth shake another time, dad. I've many things to do since Pan's birth. The administration is requesting completely stupid things! Do you know that because of her grand-father, she's considered a princess? It doesn't give her any privilege, but I still have to fill up the files.”
“Pleaaaase! I'd like to see you motivated for once! We can go on Jupitron-9? The air is breathable and the gravity is 200G! We can break anything we want there!”
“What? A gravity of 200 times Earth gravity?”
“Ah ah! I knew you'd be interested!”
“So it means that the gravitational acceleration reaches 1962 meter per second squared! I don't think that rock or earth can take such an heavy pressure. I wonder what is it made of.”
“And how can the air be breathable? The oxygen should at least be liquid on that planet. I suppose it's still dangerous for the body.”
“But what are you babbling? The air is breathable, that's all there is to know! Bra didn't complain about it.”
“What? You had your little girl support that pressure??? But she weighed about 25 500 Newton over there!”
(Little game, for you, readers: what is Bra's weigh in pounds/kilograms when she get on a scales?)
“Gohan, what you're saying doesn't make sense. All I can tell you is that Bra and I survive very well when we go there. Anyway, I can see you're in no mood for a serious fight. You never are.”
“Eh... yes, dad. I'm sorry, but fighting isn't my favourite pastime.”
“I know. Yet you never fought better than years back, when you fought against Buu, Ah, I remember that one! Motivation can change everything with you!”
“Eh, I guess so. So, I've to go dad. Dad...? Are you ok?”
Vegetto had just stopped moving, his fingers were contracted and looked like claws.
“I... huh.. no, it's nothing. I'm going. See you later, my son.”
And he teleported himself.

It's either that or

>Dub vs Sub
>Anime vs Manga
>Faulconer vs 60's godzilla tunes
>Goku vs Vegeta (2 - 0 shitposting)
>Gohan vs anti-Gohan shitposting
>Blanco/Calvo posting

Vegetto had materialized in a barren place on the Senzu planet. He didn't want his friends to detect the anger – and power – excess that he was about to release.
“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” he yelled to the sky.
It had lasted less than half a second, but the thought had crossed his mind.
“How could I thought of doing such a thing?!?”
He still was feeling the disgust from the image of his hand, tainted with blood.
“That old Namek was right! What an ass-hole!”
The steam that was rising behind him, the destruction of the entire planet, but more important than that...
“No, I'm the ass-hole! Ass-hole, bastard!”
More important than that, the injured body, yes, injured, not dead, for it was more effective...
“Monster! You Saiyan jackass!”
Gohan's little baby, held hostage in his hand.
“That was only a fleeting thought... Yes, I've been bored for so many years... I'd like to have a good challenge for once, that's all... I'd never do such a thing.”
Gohan was the strongest being in the universe, second to Vegetto. Even if he didn't transform in super Saiyan, the Immortal couldn't be a good and interesting challenge. But Gohan seldom agreed to fight, and when he did, and even if his strength was the same, it was obvious that it was just a friendly spar in his mind. Anger... Yes, anger and the need to protect and to save his friends, weren't here, and his fighting spirit significantly lowered.
Subconsciously, Gohan used just a ridiculously small part of his true power when he fought against his father.
In order to make him truly fight, Vegetto could have torn the planet apart and hurt his wife and his daughter...
“What an horrible thought.”
He thought that all that was behind him. And now he had a thought that was like one Perfect Cell could have had.

Did someone say 2 - 0?

Why are GTPedros so stupid? They actually think all anime now is completely done digitally.

Oh thank you

The problem isn't that you posted a tumblr gif though

Is this serious? Is this truly Dragon Ball Multiverse?

Yup, Salagir wrote that

This level of edge makes me happy Salagir got cucked by Toei after they ripped off his characters and plotpoints.

This is what antisuperfags think is better than DBS?


Everybody had a map that had a red colored part in their hands: that was where they had to plow the fields. Kulilin and Vegetto smiled.
“It brings back to the good old time!” exclaimed Kulilin.
“Yeah, it also brings back memories…” Vegetto muttered.
“Should we do it bare handed?” asked Trunks, frowning.
“We’ll be faster that way.” Replied Vegetto as he stretched. “Besides, you’ll exercise.”
“Go do it instead of talking. Then you’ll be faster!” growled Bulma.
The men nodded and then took off.
When Vegetto arrived in his field, he put his hands on the soil. He felt a sort of nostalgia overcoming him. He saw smaller hands, the hands of a child plowing a field with difficulty. Dazed, he closed his eyes for a few seconds then opened them to see his own hands. He felt a tear in the corner of his eyes, but he didn’t rub it off. With rage, he put his hands in the ground and started working, his mind elsewhere…
Further, Kulilin bustled about working as fast as he could. After half an hour, he allowed himself a short break. He had plowed about thirty miles square of field, he could rest a bit, couldn’t he? He exhaled heavily and let himself fall on the ground, his eyes focused on the blue sky. Memories of Gokû and him came back from time to time. No matter how he liked Vegetto, it wasn’t the same… On the other hand, he had none to blame for anything… After all, there was no one to blame… Besides, it had been only a few months that he had been gone. Time would heal. Kulilin closed his eyes that tears had filled at the thought of his best friend, almost his brother… After a while, he dried his tears with his sleeves then got back up and stretched. Those fields weren’t going to plow themselves!


The plots in DBS is even worse.

stop replying to the "dbs is good" faggot.

it's just 1 butthurt amerimutt samefagging and astro turfing.


That's called stretching

Well as much as I hate this blatant cashgrab show, Super is objectivly better than GT in every single aspect. Okay to be fair here GT has much better powerscaling, but everyone getting bullshit boosts is in my opinion better than just Goku getting them.


>motto, hyaku!

If you want a retarded multi-verse tournament fan fiction, DBM is better than DBS.

I can't think of any redeeming qualities of DBS. The art/design is ugly, the animation is awful, the plot makes the Buu saga look like a masterpiece.

>superfags think this is worse than dbs
you do know vegito is part vegeta right? he has both personalities

but please, keep posting these comics to prove our point

>More character development going on in these 2 images than all episodes of DBS combined.

user, do not confuse the Toei fanfiction with the actual canon manga, please.

God bless you, drawfag

>character development

Nope, 1400+ pages and still a butthurt bitch

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upset because your non-canon shitshow is getting cancelled? lol

>tfw you're a Toyochad

Not really, I'm actually happy, "lol"

i don't even know what that means.
i dont care about dbs anime or manga, they're both shit and not canon.

only DB and DBZ are canon

but stay mad tho lol

>I don't like it so it's not canon
Sasuga retard-chan!

>dbs drone calling anyone else a retard


But dbs is already dead garbage

>but stay mad tho lol

I won't, I'll be having fun with other superbros in the next thread. You should consider doing the same in your GT threads... oh right, "lol"

GT threads? i don't like GT, it's garbage just like DBS

keep crying though lmao

So it's settled. DBGT > DBS

Glad we could all agree.

Retard, try watching more anime and not garbage like dbs

He's not that strong, he just fights smart.

I just see goku not being able to win against jiren in time and U7 wins it because freeza is just chilling in the back