Ok, so what's the deal with this? Any anons seen this? If so, what will I get out of watching it?

Ok, so what's the deal with this? Any anons seen this? If so, what will I get out of watching it?

I've been on Cred Forums for half a decade now and I still haven't watched Utena, and then my friend comes around telling me to watch it's "spiritual successor". Unlike Utena, this one actually looks really interesting and kind of my style (as in it's about the emotions and melodramatic baby shit I'm really into), but I still wanted to get the general consensus.


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Watch this AND Utena you won't regret it.

just watch it you faggot

you've stayed away from Cred Forums's pretentious garbage this long so don't give in now

Fun. Watch it nerd.

Pretentious shit


I can't tell you how good it is, but it was probably the most fun I've had watching an anime with Cred Forums.

Thanks for the legitimate response user!
That pic actually did a good job of convincing me honestly.

just a heads up: Kunihiko Ikuhara's shows are a bit unique. He has a thing for repetition and rituals. like, every time Utena walks up to the deuling arena, the exact same animation sequence plays. you would think this is to save money on animation, because that is why earlier shows had complicated transformation scenes, but Ikuhara does this in every show he makes. He just does it on purpose. Also, he has a thing for mixing diegetic and nondiegetic elements. there will be characters on screen who don't actually exist in the show, or look differently to the characters than they are represented on screen. He also fucking HATES to tell a straightforward story. Yurikuma Arashi is full of flashbacks to shit that was never actually shown. You will think these shows are a sloppy mess, but they are actually constructed that way, intentionally.

people who call shows pretentious are angry that they don't get it. sorry that we can't all love plebeian, straightforward crap, like you do. when you eat peanut butter sandwiches, every day, don't get bitter when someone else decides they want salmon

Thanks for the warning.

I'd like to say "I watch, love, and endlessly analyze Trigger, so I'll be fine." but from what I've heard this guy's works are kind of on a whole other level.

I've always been conflicted towards it.
I hated as many parts as I loved.

In the end I still considered it worth watching.
interesting to say the least

I totally expected a bunch of these responses; there's a reason I've been kept away from Utena for seven years. (I'm the OP)

I get why people hate "you don't get it" shows, but I'm pretty neutral on the subject.

What's the deal with Mawaru Penguindrum? I mean, what is a Penguindrum, and why it's spinning?.


It's a fun series to watch because there's just so much to analyze, even in the transformation sequence.

>best mahou shoujo

golden classic

desu, I watched the show, and I have no idea what the Penguindrum is. I need to watch it again. I mean, its not some macguffin the characters were fighting over... That show is a mindfuck

I should proabably care that you cross your arms and stomp your feet and refuse to watch Utena, but I really don't. it's a fucking cartoon, in a sea of cartoons.

And you really should not care what anyone in the world says about the cartoon. because its a fucking cartoon. if I think it is the gleaming pinnacle of Japanese animation (which I do), or if I think it's dog shit, straight from a dog's butt, should not matter to you, or anybody.

Watch the show and be entertained. or drop it after 3 episodes. we will both live happily, either way.

was this the time when Brain's Base still made good shows?

that sounds like post-mortem- err I mean postmodern art bullshit

It's a fun series, it takes a lot of symbolism from Night on the Galactic Railroad so maybe you should watch/read that. Also I'll never forget the greatest livestream thread ever where we broke 1100 posts with the old bump limit watching the last episode. 2011 was such a fun time to watch anime together with Cred Forums.

t. doesn't know what post-modern means

It's an interesting series, but I remember it not being quite as good in the second half. It's okay, maybe outright good, but not the best. Utena is still the best.

it's shit

don't bother

Utena is way better than penguindrum but even then it's no ideon be invoked.

>(as in it's about the emotions and melodramatic baby shit I'm really into)
Then why don't you watch Utena? Everybody will boast about Ikuhara's use of symbology, when it's the worst and most blatant factor of his work. His handling of repressed emotions though, that's the real deal.

I've always wanted to read someone's detailed breakdown of symbolism in Utena. Anyone know if such a thing exists?

try the archives

You may find it in scattered posts in tumblr. If not, hanakotoba, meaning of stars and repeated images through specific character episodes.

user, would you become a terrorist to save your sister?

Utena is much better. Penguindrum was missing the focus and character development of Utena. Penguindrum tried to be too many things at once. Utena is the height of Ikuhara's achivement.

Personally, I thought Yuri Kuma was better than Penguindrum. But there's no doubt Utena was better than both Penguindrum and Yuri Kuma.

Watch Utena. It's way better.

What japanimation is this?

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