ITT: epic animes

ITT: epic animes.

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what's the name of that show? I keep meaning to watch it, but I don't know if it has been picked up for US distribution, yet

Cred Forums provides reverse image search. Not gonna put that spoon into your mouth.

What are you doing man?

the title has fewer characters than your post.

man, fish, fishing and so on.

Ignore these faggots, they think not giving someone sauce makes them part of some cool kid club

Oh, I give sauce, if it's an obscure manga scan that wouldn't yield any results. But come on that one was 2 clicks. People can't expect to be butt wiped until they need to pay taxes.

Nope, I reverse searched that literally nothing came up. He would have had no way to know

>3 of 4 hits on iqdb
Yeah, literally nothing.



google image search says top 5 martial arts scenes (in spanish) with kill la kill and vegeta

also bakemonogatari which is not op's image

what the fuck am i reading lads?

>that 2b image
jesus christ. please link me that image user

bots ruined gis

The plural of anime is anime.

>being so low that you have to fake iqdb searches to not admit your own mistakes.

Come on user, do better than that.

christ... I wasn't trying to start shit. I know what that little black arrow does. I just like talking to people online. it's fun to talk with fellow anime nerds... usually... I would rather hear from another human being, rather than just talk to a search engine all day.

why iqdb search doesn't give sankaku complex results anymore?

Cred Forums is full of casuals who haven't watch more than 100 anime.

best girl won by not dying

Lurk for 2 years before posting.

Pop team epic
Literally had epic in the name

I know where you are coming from, but have you ever been a mod of a forum, subreddit or the like?
Or let's just step back a moment. Imagine you are a keeper at a zoo and for whatever reason you have to stand next to a cage all day for a week. You love animals and your job and would love to have some discussion about it if you have to stand there anyway. There is a big phat sign that shows what the animal eats, directly in front of it. Now every visitor asks you what that animal eats. Is that meaningful discussion? No it isn't and the information is easy to procure. Would you love it to talk about how endangered the animal is? Sure. Would you love to laugh about some of the animals antics? Give it. Have someone enthusiastically tell you that they love to watch ecchi montages of that animal? Absolutely! But you want to punch every idiot that comes along and asks what the animal eats in the face.

And when you attempt to tell them that there is a sign where it stands on they get prissy and call you an elitist.

You should learn English first

Everyone in this thread is being ironic, right? Please tell me yes.

I know how you feel. I am the same.