>it's been 5 years
>people still act shocked

>you can't catch speedy loli


>Show name implies Incest route
>People still are shocked with incest ending
am i being memed or some shit?

They should make an Imouto show but where all of the girls are brown. Incest is cool and all, but if we add brown people to it, It will be awesome

How is it that Japs keep fucking ruining their romance shows,.

what? it was not an incest ending

oh yea i forgot they retconned it so it was just half siblings or some shit right?

no they were like, let's be a couple until graduation and then go back to being normal siblings
in the end the guy rejected all the cute girls who confessed to him just so he could date his cunt sister for a couple weeks

Read the after story, you fucking imbecile. It was because of greedy producers, the retarded Tokyo bill and nekofag anime staff that made it look like the siblings broke up.

I legit cried in that scene when Kirino runs fast because of big brother love

A miracle

Kyousuke break the promise in both the anime and the LN, in the LN is much more clear of course, without to mention that the anime basically remove EVERYTHING related to Kyousuke and Kirino as a couple(sexual), like the whole 3 months living as lovers before the wedding.

>"""life counseling"""

meh, kyousuke and kuroneko should've stayed together

Kuroneko never had a chance.

>the anime basically remove EVERYTHING related to Kyousuke and Kirino as a couple(sexual), like the whole 3 months living as lovers
That's so lame, why are japs so prude

They did as friends!

This is why I don't watch Eromanga Sensei. Same person who wrote this garbage ending.

I don't care about incest. It's because the better girl lost.

who's the better girl?

You're upset that a show about a biological brother and sister ended with them not marrying.



If you fell in love with your hot little sister and she fell in love with you, you wouldn't marry her? fag

Who was in the wrong here?

sometimes, both sides are full of shit, however, in this case, one side is shit, and the other is incestuos shit

>the good girl was the villain all along

Nobody, they both decided to have a fight to vent out all the frustration they had accumulated during all this time, it was the most healthy way to go, the only one that didn't understood the situation was Kyousuke as always. In the LN the situation is even foreshadowed the previous volume.

It didn't solve shit, the bitch was going to tell their parents about their relationship until Kyousuke begged her not to

She was testing them at that moment, her words were half true of course, she was still losing at the moment, of course she was going to be sad/mad, but there was nothing else for her to do that give up in front of Kyousuke firm resolution.

She was so fucking cute, I hate that they broke up