Yuru camp

You told me Rin was an expert, Cred Forums...

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The fact she batons a knife tells you she isn't

holy fuck this

what's your camping style, Cred Forums?

>that webm
did you screen record a fucking web stream? is this bait?

My eyes.

somebody edit the sub to say 'Oh no. She's retarded.'



> camping disasters up 300%
Yuru camp was a mistake.

I like older tech now more than newer tech, especially since I usually don't have the tools on hand to repair newer tech while camping when it inevitably breaks. Somewhere in the middle for minimalist/gear indulgent though, some stuff is just too useful to not have.

This counts as camping, right?


>Not enough Seyana this week

>a hatchet designed for chopping wood is a knife
more to life than twisting memes into every moment of your existance


This is the cutest/comfiest hair of the season.

batonny chop chop thread?
batonny chop chop thread.



please stop, it hurts

How laid back is this? Will it give me warm fuzzies?

if it was a normal knife, you'd be right, but it isn't and you're stupid

She doesn't.

The problem is that she keeps her hand on the wood.

Vector it.

>please stop, it hurts
No, don't.

Ow fuck

She's not using a knife like those dumbasses. She's using a Japanese style wood hatchet.

Buckle up your hot cocoa nigga

Comfy of the season.

she's an expert at her own stuff, she's using two things for the first time in this instance so she's not an expert in those things



proper chopper

Do middle-class people actually do this?




Yuri in tents when?

Girls can't engage in intercourse with girls.

Not with that attitude

Reminder to ching your chong?

Old-type stuff out of modern lightweight materials

oh no

It's forbidden knowledge, you have to learn.

That's a Japanese hatchet she's using you retard

yeah if you're a 4th grade teacher

I'm like onee-san. I'd just sleep in my fucking car.

Is this yuri?

No, Yuru.

No, it's yuru

Camping is not for sexual.

Shut the fuck up Hitomi

How good are KOAs? There's one near me.

Probably a $15–20 taxi ride away, as I only take Transit and don't have a driver's license.

You know it to be true

Okay guys, tell me the truth. Is Yuru Camp as comfy as they say? I'm not watching it, but I really love comfy CGDCT

the comfy is so strong you may actually overdose

You can't even spare one hour to watch it yourself?

It takes 20 minutes to find out.

I'm watching too much shows already user. Also, I feel kind of down and don't want to start anything new that's not worthy

The opening is the same melody as jacksons 5 abc.

Then miss out on the comf of the year.

Just watch the first episode, don't bother for the 3 episode rule, just one is enough.

I'm watching only Yuru Camp and it's comfy enough for me.


Also it was kinda cool to see a japanese Jackson 5 cover vs Shiny Days close out Mogra

Allright anons, I'll trust you.

My wife Aoi is so cute

I don't even feel much of a sexual attraction to her; I just want to us to rest together like this on a train, but with our heads touching and our eyes closed. I'd love to just stay there in the warm train as the sun sets together with her. I'm no good at talking, but if she wants us to talk a lot, I'll do my best at keeping up; though she is pretty laid-back herself and she probably wouldn't talk as much as other teenagers do.

>can I help you?

Fuck, wrong pic.

Yes, I'm having a problem with your tits, they're too distracting and I keep forgetting what I came here to buy.

>milk in boxes

What else should you put milk in?

There's obviously multiple cartons/bags of milk inside, user. Have you never been at a shop and seem them stock the shelves?


Maybe it's a box of bags

They come in crates in the US.

source: watched it get stocked at my job

The show don't actually takes place in Japan or even outdoor. It's in Canada, and Rin (actually named Rita) is just an autistic friendless weeb who's retreating into her fictive world where she lives in Japan, populated with people she recall from elementary school.

my mouth





Yeah, Quebec is a pretty weird place.


She was using a cutting glove

It doesn't look like a stream to me. It looks like a low-bitrate screen recording that was also shittily cropped.
But don't get me wrong, that's still a very stupid thing to do.

Why? I streamed it all in 1080p off CR and had no issues.

Minimalist Old Tech.

Oh, user.

Do you have terrible internet or something?


>watching anime in some shit flash web-based player

Let me guess, you think there's a difference between mp4 and FLAC too.

You shouldn't use CR based on the fact that it's run in flash which is absolute shit and a security nightmare.

>downloading anime

Not him, but there obviously is? I don't care about you using CR.
I know you meant "mp3", but there is a difference. Maybe not to your ears, though. For starters, FLACs usually have a significantly higher bitrate than mp3s, which allows for more information.
It has an HTML5 player if I recall correctly, I remember hearing about that in a thread a while ago.

The state of neo-Cred Forums, ladies and gentlemen

Streaming is downloading.

If I remember right, they had some beta for HTML5 but it was pulled because they are probably incompetent.

>getting butthurt about the way somebody else watches anime
The state of neo-Cred Forums, ladies and gentlemen.

You wouldn’t stream a car, would you?!

>I started browsing Cred Forums this week
Streamfags were never welcome here. You can fuck right off.


>neo-Cred Forums
People who uses this term are not from Cred Forums so you can stop pretending


says who?

Says me. I'm Cred Forums. Fuck off.

If you want to be technical, yeah. However, web players have absolutely shitty down/upscaling, among other things. Streaming technology might be better than the past days, but there are still some big, glaring flaws. Despite [HS] being CR rips, with a decent, well-configured player you can make them look a lot better than CR's own player makes them.
Yuru Camp is produced at 720p, you're just getting a blurry upscale. Also, download your shit for fuck's sake, for the reasons I stated above.

I was just mocking him anyway.

But the video/audio quality are HD, I don't care about the subtitle appearance (they're words I have to read, that's it), there are no ads, I have unlimited viewing time, old releases are easy to find, the file thing doesn't seem like a + or a -.

I'm not disagreeing with you user. I'm the first guy there. Read the reply chain.

Oh shit, it's been a while since the last time I saw that image.
Anyway, there's only 1 (one) type of streaming that is tolerated by Cred Forums. Live stream.

also summoning Daiz

>Yuru Camp is produced at 720p, you're just getting a blurry upscale.
Different user, but I thought the deal with this was that their source is 1080p regardless, so that 720p is just a downscaled upscale at a lower bitrate.
I always get 1080placebo anyway.

>But the video/audio quality are HD
HD doesn't mean anything besides resolution. I can encode video that looks like shit at 1080p really easily. Web-based players will always have shit upscaling and fucking CR still uses fucking flash which is absurd.

Flash is currently the cheapest way to show video that has DRM.

That's extra stupid because youtube-dl works on CR.

It pretty obviously looks great. Anyway, I'm done talking about this, I didn't mean to trigger autists and cause them to ruin the thread.

Isn't HorribleSubs just a direct webrip/download of the file Crunchyroll subscribers are paying to stream? Why would there be any quality difference?

Except it fucking doesn't. HS is very likely to have banding issues.

A quality media player (mpv or MPC-HC with madVR) will upscale chroma and luma much better than a shitty builtin-web player. Also like I said above, CR is prone to banding issues thanks to the low bitrate which a good media player can alleviate with good debanding filters.

Pretty great compared to what? Have you ever downloaded anime and played it in a dedicated, well-configured player? Streaming technology has gotten better than the old days, but just like other anons have said, there are still reasons to use a player.
CR's player can't deband your videos; that is reason enough to download anime. You can pay for a CR subscription but still download anime and play it back in a player if you're a moralfag and believe you're supporting the industry that way.
Multiple posts ITT have mentioned shit up/downscaling. And I'd also add debanding to that list.

>He didn't realize that he's the one who trigger all this shit
If only you haven't been in Cred Forums for merely a week, you should've known that stream is a no go in Cred Forums. Just go back to plebbit, I think there are lots of people who like to stream their cartoon there.

>You can pay for a CR subscription but still download anime and play it back in a player if you're a moralfag and believe you're supporting the industry that way.
No one is stupid enough to think that by paying for a subscription in CR, they will support the industry right? ...Right?

>the banding is shit on crunchyroll and it's all upscaled
>this is why I only torrent crunchyroll rips

Minimalist on the border of new and old tech. For instance, I use a modern water filter pump thing (since I don't carry water) as well as a modern shelter and sleeping gear but I cook using an old milsurp mess kit and one of those little blue white gas stoves that's probably older than my dad (pic related). Goddamn I love that stove.

Who /usenet/ here?

>I have no idea what debanding filter is
>I know absolute nothing about video quality or playback
>posts simpsons reaction picture
Checks out. Head back to plebbit.

Serious question, why bother with 720p if you're likely just going to filter it and upscale it to a 1080 display? Unless you have 4K, but then either one scales cleanly.

>all upscaled
I download 720p videos, most anime, with the exception of some, are produced at 720, or 810p at best.
Banding is a problem in the CR vids, yeah, but any player that's worth a shit could deband the video and make it look mor presentable.

1080p releases are just bloated upscales of the 720p broadcast source anyway.

Aren't there usually torrent releases with XDCC releases anyways? I don't see the point of XDCC anyways
Also this is some great Yurucamp discussion, rate it △/△

This isn't as clearcut as it used to be in the past because a good amount of anime are produced over 720p. However, the reasoning is that the 1080p is merely an upscale (usually bilinear) which is considered to be a poor algorithm. This can be downscaled perfectly back to the source with bilinear and then then reupscaled on playback with a better algorithm (like ewa_lanzcos/jinc) in a proper media player. Also there are other things you can do that are generally considered desirable like a debanding filter or certain glsl shaders (RAVU and so on).

I've heard simulcast sources are 1080p, but I don't know if that's true.

When will Ena join the campers?

So what you're streaming on Crunchyroll is no worse than torrenting with VLC or stock MPC? You're not arguing aganst streaming. You're arguing against peasants who don't use god-tier MPV with profile=opengl-hq tscale=oversample interpolation video-sync=display-resample

VLC and stock MPC are shit yes.

It's gpu-hq gramps.

Ena is just a normalfag girl who's friends with Big Boss' granddaughter.

Well there's only 5 episodes left which is at most two camping trips, but my guess is one longer one that Ena will be on.

That hasn't been true for years. Anime is done at greater than 720p (but less that 1080p). HorribleSubs 1080 would be better even if that weren't the case because the bitrate is higher

comfy thread ruined, thanks cancerous autists

rin is like a ton of anons on any board here that think learning stuff on the internet is equivalent to experience
that being said shes still amazing and I love her

I'm sorry. I was baiting them initially then got carried away.

>Anime is done at greater than 720p (but less that 1080p).
Depends on the show, but this is common now correct.

>HorribleSubs 1080 would be better even if that weren't the case because the bitrate is higher
This is not true though. You don't need as much bitrate for a lower resolution video.

Welcome to Cred Forums

There are various scaling algorithms; bicubic and bilinear are usually used by CR and Funi to upscale 720p video, and they're shit.
Any man of taste uses ravu.

>waah, autism!!!!!!!
Nice buzzword.
Been a while since there was a good video discussion, anyway.


Nadeshiko gets sick
Another Rin solo camping
New (drunkard) teacher got suckered into become the Outclub Advisor
Ena show off her richfag status by buying the best expensive camping gears
All the girls + Drunk sensei camping trip

All the girls is only one ep? Or is that just how you phrased it?

>all this anger over video quality
This was supposed to be a /comfy/ thread

Not him, but it's obvious that he's talking about 5 separate episodes. Fitting all of that in a single episode would be ridiculous.

then discuss it elsewhere

What would be Ena's role in the potentially unadapted chapters?

Didn't you notice that everyone has stopped talking by now? It's not because people were warned or banned; it's because they know they were derailing the thread.
Instead of bringing in something new, and on-topic to discuss, you're picking a bone with that user.

The sound track is the best part of this show.

here, have some rin bun.

My fucking sides gone beyond

Streaming isn't /out/ viable either. If you go camping deep innawoods to watch anime, you won't have strong internet speed to stream at high quality at all so you should download beforehand.

>watching a screen while camping
Bring a camera and make stop motion anime with sticks and leaves, 100x better


>uses Flash
That picture may be older than Crunchyroll.

Will Rin trigger more boards?

>out in a nutshell.webm

I hope you guys are just larpers

How do you think several cartons/bottle gets shipped?

Canada is an asian colony though

Camping store (ep 8)
Nadeshiko sick + Rin solo (9 & 10)
New advisor + 5 girls x'mas camping (11 & 12 end)

If it's 13 episode

Ena tags along with Outclub, New Advisor GET! (Ep 11)
X'mas Camping with all the girls + advisor (12 + 13 end)

She's sadly underused. Volume 5 she barely shows up, but she gets a part time job sorting mail with Nadeshiko, who delivers it. She's still not a part of the club, but basically one of the gang and plans on camping again.


From what I can tell quite a few of them actually go /out/

What a shame then. Is she even billed as a main character in the manga?

I hope we see more of her in the anime. I have a soft spot for cute girls with short hair and her voice is amazing.

All I'm seeing here is that nee-chan never ever.

I wouldn't call her a side character, but Nadeshiko and Rin suck up so much screentime and there's not much you can you can do if she's not in the club yet. I'd imagine she'd have to get more focus and officially join soon.

She is all over the Christmas camp, so at least there's that. Notably she also convinces Rin to join them, since Rin refuses right away when Chiaki asks.

Choose your allegiance

>Secret Society BLANKET
>Leader: President Chikuwa

>Festive Sentai (All Red) Christmas Rangers

Why would any of this surprise you? Ena has said all of 10 sentences and that's 7 episodes into the anime. Her reason to exist is to push Rin to do more adventurous things.

Rin really can't deal with Chiaki huh

In Rin's words, noisy and annoying

Rin's right


she can't even cook pasta without Italy declaring war on her

Because this isn't such an intensely character driven story. I like Rin a lot but she doesn't need Ena pushing her along whenever she shows up. They can spend more time idly hanging out. Chiaki and Aoi do it just fine. Their relationship is curious anyway, since Rin's very social with Ena despite being a loner. There's room to explore that.

In crates.

She can't be that smart. Hell she spends all her free time out in da woods instead of being home like the rest of us complaining about her being out in the woods.

Sorry I'm a little late, but fuck you you streaming faggot.

We're beyond that dipshit. Talk about the series.

She'd still win that war.

delete this

>Her reason to exist is to push Rin to do more adventurous things.
Like gay sex?

She reads a lot of different books and she's introverted. She's probably not an expert (yet) but has high general intelligence and learns quickly.

Plus she's a good girl.

Can you still enjoy summer camping? To be extra prepared, you need bug spray for your skin and bring those bug repelling torches too?

I disagree, I think it is character driven. It's a character study of Rin. Still, in that context, there is more room for Saitou, and I wish she got a bigger role. From what other anons said she'll be a bigger part of the last couple episodes.

This is a camping anime.

How do I marry Rin?

Probably minimalist and old tech. My primary camping these days is military reenacting. I would like to get back into regular camping though, since I still have a lot of general outdoors gear.

I said I was sorry, you asshole.

>tfw to intelligent too join the outclub.

Too late I've already married her.

Summer camping is fun, but bring OFF! or some equivalent. Also those mesh hat screens are decent for keeping them off your face and neck.
It's fun, I go about once a year to Zion.

That's no moon....

Anyone like the club group campings more than Rin's solo camping? Both are great but seeing the characters interact is a lot more fun in general.

I like the contrast best. When they show group camping and goofing off and then cut away to Rin calmly doing stuff, that's just the tightest shit.

Please refrain from using African American language.

Bunned Rin really is the best. Got the grandma look without the age.

>This is a camping anime.
You know what the number one camping activity is?


Well shit. You know what the second most done activity while camping is?

Listening to your drunk friends/relatives bullshitting some stories around the campfire about how something totally happened to them.

Why would you ruin a knife then you have a perfectly fine hatchet for the job? The stupidity just hurts.

No one actually listens to your stories user. I'm sorry.

They've got no choice, they're stuck around a campfire without internet.

What the fuck, is this a new one?

They're looking at the fire and tuning you out.

ghost stories

Bring a lighter?


Now I just want a cute girls fight fires anime.

What the fuck are they even trying to do?


Pretty much. If you paid some attention, the contrast is amplified by the OST. Happy, lively tracks get played when the camping club are onscreen, and soft, atmospheric tracks for Rin.

Sex in tents sounds uncomfortable honestly.

I love the soundtrack in the first half of the first episode. Really beautiful and comfy.

Camping? None of these girls could climb a tree to save their lives.

Yuru, you fucking nigger.


They'll wish they had one when they get lost so he could get up high and scout the area for them.

Need more Onee-chan.

don't we all

Nigga pls, they're not /out/ autists that like to go innawoods.

Why would you camp on a tree.



is she bigger than aoi?

>you're /out/ for once
>this happens to you
What do?

Insta kiss

Check the date user. That’s right. I have turned back time. Your marriage never happened. Everything you did was for nothing. Rin is mine now. You have been ntr’d by time travel.

Give her some ramen, after which I allow her to call her sister from my smartphone.

Help her so I can get to know her sister.


Sorry if too off-topic, but Halifax user from last thread, it's not too cold to camp! I just did. If you want a "real" campground with amenities, Shubie might be your only option for transit-accessible, but check out crown land near Tantallon, BLT area, Herring Cove, Fall River.

I only torrent seasonal anime (like Yuru Camp) but if I'm going to watch something that came out in 2010 I'm just going to stream it rather than torrent all the episodes.


Make eggs

>BDs are long out
>opts out to use an ad-infested streaming website which offers a bitrate-starved encode
I understand it's for convenience's sake, but do you have slow internet or something? When I'm downloading an anime that's ~ 7 or 10 GiB in total, that doesn't take any longer than an hour, or hell, half an hour for popular series.
You can also subsequentially download your anime (it downloads ep.1 first, then ep.2, then ep.3 and so on, you get the idea), so you can start watching the anime the moment your first episode downoads, and in the meanwhile as the minutes pass, the other episodes will download as well.
I don't want to start the debate from earlier, I'm just curious.

>Ena show off her richfag status by buying the best expensive camping gears
KEK. Poorfag /out/ members BTFO.

Stop burning our estepas amigo

Are you fucking retarded?


It really just boils down to laziness on my part.

Forgot to mention a part of it is that I don't really watch much anime either.

Leave, now.

I should have added that instead of watching anime, I read far more manga.

Not him, but Kissanime is my go to website for old show.
Their catalog is pretty damn good. Also, I'm too lazy to deal with elitist prick on AB, BakaBT, or whatever.


This thread hasn't been very yuru

Anybody find rins toothpaste color scarf yet?

Yuru =/= Yuri

Yuru = laid-back

I'm talking about the prior arguments in this thread. It's not very chill.

The fire rises

What is it like to overdose on comfy?
Because I think I just did.

nadeshiko rises my fire if you know what I mean

says you
i say different


good translation fot "yuru":
Casual, Amateur
Bad translation for "yuru":
Lazy, Mild, Laid back, Dilly Dally, Easy Going, Loose

That's fucking bullshit. There are no "bad" or "good" translations in any of the ones you listed - you have some wiggle room depending on the context.
"Easygoing camping", "Laid-back camping", and other variations don't roll off the tongue as nicely as "casual camping", but they're just as valid.

I don't trust people that get into Yuri Camp through Aoi.

They aren't true comfyfags.


Episode 5 pretty much shows why it works so well.

I don't understand those who don't watch for Nadeshiko.



Is it programming socks-tier item?

Nadeshiko's Nadeshiko is not that big.

they perk perk up and enlargen when I'm around

I watch it for comfiness, camping nostalgia and the yurus in general. But Nadeshiko is a miracle

Please waste your money on our merchandise.
k thx


>is this a new one
Yes. Different shelter too

I bought a bottle of captain Morgan spiced gold and I've to say it's pretty good. I am not a huge fan of rum/rhum/ron desu, so I don't really know, but I might buy it again.

That's so Fargo

Dilly Dally is objectively bad.



So, between the last 2 seasons the 3 shows I’ve enjoyed the most are this, Girls’ Last Tour, and Place Farther than the Universe.
I’ve never considered myself a moe fan, but the facts speak for themselves.
Is this just how it happens? Do I just give in and watch K-On and Lucky Star next?

>give in
Stop being dumb and just watch a few episodes and see what you think yourself.

Pretty much this. Nothing more needs to be said, really. Only that user knows what he will enjoy.

He's turning it into excalibur.

ESL here, how is that loose piece of cloth Rin wears called? I kinda want to buy one for meself.

Bump for interest.

How is grandpa minimalist?

A mantle or a poncho.

We have reached quantum levels of comfy~

Watch it.

Cloak, poncho, dicken's cloak, ulster coat, riding hood. Many names.

Thanks. I just looked it up and that looks about right.
I'm a bit concerned about the way it would look on me, but I'd still wear one.

I want to join this secret society, how do I apply?

Just go camping over 2000m, you won't get any bugs. Not even an ant.


Where is that? It's not just beautiful, but it also looks like it wouldn't be very windy if you picked the right spot.
Also, is that a Chie nendo?

Which episode is this one from?

Yama no Susume nendo
French Alps, Vanoise National Park
Sadly you can't camp there, it's the only national park in the country where it's not authorized. Though, I just walked a few more miles, and set up the tent on the border of the park in another beautiful place

Ep.1 if I'm remembering right


Ayy who else here /climbed a mountain with their waifu/

>Yuri Camp

We invented the axe for a reason

How can anyone be this stupid? The first guy even had an ax. Why not just chop the wood with an ax?
What the fuck man.

>Sadly you can't camp there, it's the only national park in the country where it's not authorized.
I doubt it is authorized in any Spanish National park.

It's amazing how dumb some people are.


I had no idea the alps on your side looked so nice. The mist also adds an extra level of allure to the whole place, as well.
Not allowing campers to camp in such a beautiful place is a sin, but I guess I can see the reasoning behind forbidding it - they want to keep the place as clean as possible. That still sucks, though. I'm glad you found a place nearby to camp at.
Also, that first pic totally made it look like a Chie nendo, yellow/green lines and whatnot. Only when I saw the other pic I could tell it's Aoi from YnS

Shit, that sucks. Though, it's kinda understandable, with your climate and vegetation, it's very prone to fire. I'm pretty sure you can go to the Pyrénées (Pirineos in Spanish?), you'll be able to comfy camp there

Olive oil is the best alcoholic beverage

>wind blows

I """stream""" my anime from my MBP that is running Plex Media Server to my Apple TV 4K that runs Plex, and the quality is comparable to me running my MBP directly to my TV or AirPlay-ing my MBP to my Apple TV (3 or 4K.)

Guess it's time to climb the highest mountain near me.

spoiler that shit man

it's like you ruined the whole episode


Yeah, once I get myself a mode of transportation I'll drive to the Pyrenees every weekend desu. I live in Catalonia so they're like 40 minutes away.
Campfires might not be as big of an issue up there, specially if it's snowing.

post 2 and 3 faggot


Great shots guys.

Not enough art of Aoi's butt.

I'm a sucker for Kajiura, and although I really like Yurucamp's current OST and how fitting it is to the whole anime, I can't help but think of what her take on it would be.
She's probably throw some chorus on it like she always does and I'd love every second of it.

She actually looks better with her clothes on.

Anyone looks better with soft fluffy heavy winter clothing on.


Are the Aoifags coming for the big titties or because she reminds them of Yui aka the best keion

Other than the voice they have literally nothing in common.

I almost screamed at that image.
How the fuck is a chair and table minimalist?

And let's not forget the full fledged bed, it's the worst offender here

I'm here because she's cute.

Nadeshiko is for anal

Yuru Camp manga is garbage, the mangaka kind of sucks in his drawing. So be thankful you are not struck to reading his shit.

That one guy that's Rin's friend is for shoving


>grandpa got a wooden chair and a fucking portable bed

>it's clearly going to get stuck

But you can't baton a hatchet with a knife.

MP4 is a container that can hold both AAC and ALAC audio. ALAC is identical to FLAC.

wait, is this why the anime is so popular? it's better than the manga? i only read the manga a while ago, it was enjoyable though.

Going camping in japan this summer. It wil be like yuru camp except the campsites will be packed with sweaty otaku and families on vacation


ALAC and FLAC are different dude

So were these dragons purely imagined by the Ars Magna guy, or were they there all along? I haven't read Index since NT10.

No one really knows, sasuga something written by a middle schooler.

You're dumb.

That scene almost ruined Yuru Camp for me because it awakens long suppressed memories from middle school


Probably a poncho.



I can't believe they are dead.

You haven’t been b& for this shit yet? Or maybe you have, and you’re just that stupid.

Not the one that made the request, but thank you, user. Nice, crisp, and sharp.
What do you use, and how much time does it take on average? Just interested.

That image should be added to the filter already. Just like certain images (CP) whose hash has been added and can't be uploaded, this one should be added, too.
At this rate I'm convinced it's just a bot, I see no reason as to why somebody would actually waste his time filling in captchas just to post that shit.

Some say that the knife is still in there to this day.

Macromedia Flash Professional 8. It's for animation but I just can't get into illustrator after using Flash since 2005. The time it takes varies a lot depending on shading and such, I used to be a lot faster when I did this more frequently. I spent probably 30 mins on this one.

Pretty much. You watch the good ones and it teaches you to enjoy the less good ones.

this. i watch most of my stuff on kissanime until it gets taken down again and i just find something else.
the quality is the same as when you download so there is no difference in experience.

I wish I was new and unjaded like you. Watch all the moeshit.

what?? i do the exact opposite. if i want to watch a full show i just download it if its seasonal i just watch one ep a week in 720p.

I just have my torrent client download seasonal shit automatically from RSS feeds, then torrent batches to watch older ones.

You should get Inkscape bruv

i have been using cccp pack with media player classic for 10 years now.
its still working really well and i have not searched for any other media players since then.

I think you're responding to the wrong guy, I was suggesting a different vector art tool instead of Flash

Inkscape is a program to draw vector images


now this is a master scholar

That's abandonware user. Update your shit.

Not him but i've been using cccp for about 8 years now. What is everybody using now?


i dont know man there are still 0 issues whenever i watch something so i see no reason to update

But it just works

mpv for GNU/freedom or just use the latest MPC-HC

fuck off back to Cred Forums

I went camping with Scouts like 10 times (one time in Switzerland even) over a decade ago and I still don't know the appeal. I only remember the bugs, cold in the morning and the stench of burning wood.

I'm not too fond of mpv, I've been using KCP as I want MPC since at least 2014 and it still works like a charm.

Maybe it's one thing when you're camping with a bunch of people where you're too busy with keeping up with everyone to pay attention to anything else and another when you're by yourself and can do whatever at your own pace

It's still cold and you don't get to shit post on Cred Forums.

In my country we can legally go innawoods anywhere and camp one night but I'm a fag who is scared of wild animals.

I know, truly awful, right? How can one feel satisfied by missing out on their internet drug?

I get 4G even in the middle of bumfuck nowhere in the Alps while camping. Heck, one time I even shitposted on Cred Forums before going to sleep. Well, not everywhere, obviously, but you can sometimes get a faint signal.


Used to be minimalist old tech, then got sick of it after doing it so much and went to top left

Good post

Maybe he has american internet.

did you parents never take you camping?

every summer my parents would take me and my brother on a boat and ride the rivers and canals in the Netherlands. and sail on some lakes. we lived in gelderland and would float to friesland where i could barely understand the people living there and they had restaurants entrances adjacent to the rivers. you could park your fucking boat and go eat.

after my sister was born me and my brother where kicked out of the boat and forced to go camping at the harbors though. since there was not enough room inside.


I can confirm that if you go out into the middle of nowhere in the US, you'll have no coverage. I'm impressed that you can apparently get internet in the Alps.

Yeah, my dad made a point to try and have me experience all the outdoor stuff, camping, snowboarding, fishing, and a whole bunch of other things. Then he divorced my mom, disappeared and my mom then joined a cult. Fun fucking times.

>my mom then joined a cult
seems like he was onto something

And now you watch anime. Truly a dark story.

I got teary eyed at the end of this episode.
What is wrong with me?

Me too

I can't camp anymore.

It was fine until I was about 25. I would get a couple friends or just go off on my own for 3-5 days whenever I could, eight or ten times a year. Ever since, I just lie there in my bivy sack and everything that's happening or going wrong just floods in and there's nothing I can do to shut it out. It makes me so melancholy I can't fucking stand it.

I need to get a gf and take her or something. Camping was my favorite thing to do, but now I can't stand it.

You're human

I'm afraid to go camping because of this very thing, normally it's easy to keep off shitty thoughts by keeping myself distracted but I find it hard to do that with the outdoors. Not like my yuru camps at all.

I just found some god-tier Yuru Camp OST cover

>k-waves LAB
No wonder, they do some nice Touhou arranges.

That was nice. The OST of this show reminds me of Choro Club at times. Especially this one:



Was supposed to play at 1:45. I'm dumb.

Teach em young


>I see no reason as to why somebody would actually waste his time filling in captchas just to post that shit.
Have you ever met people?

It is 56° outside right now. The only reason I’m not innawoods currently is because I have classes tomorrow and the weather is miserable. Welcome to the northern Midwest, where every day is cloudy and/or precipitation.

>That spoiler
Hold up, what.


And Chrono Trigger/Cross
And Madoka

Fuck, I knew I shouln't have opened this thread. Now I'm going to have to make OC in order to compensate from the laughs.

Leafs genocide, when?


Reminds me of atelier music.

why are her arms so stubby

why does onee-chan drive a Golf Syncro?


why are they so lazy

that's a sharp as shit axe

/ss/ when?

Yurucamp makes camping look easy and fun...
When at least it's not easy.

I want Rin's and Nadeshiko's fingerless gloves and hats.

And hats.

And I'm a guy*

How did that happen, I don't know.

Mein Komf levels


How did it go? Did you like it?

What does Rin's phone say?

>Rin-chan! Let's go camp together!!
>No thanks.

Download good subs and find out.

>Rin-chan! Isshou ni kyanpu ikou!!

Inuko and I last night

poka-poka to

She's way harsher than just "No thanks"

Okay how about.
>Fuck you.

>Doesn't see the salad

You're pretty bad at this.



>google translator as proof

Noisy and annoying

What was with that groundhog thing drawing with a top hat waving around two muttons?

Yes, as he said, an abrupt "no" is harsher than "no thanks."

ka wah eh~