月曜日のたわわ その157 「(ゴシゴシゴシゴシ)」

>no ass

Is this the only weakness of the tawawas?

>not mixed doubles
>no story about the romance between the pair

Tawawalympics? Is it Gym-chan's time? (Pic unrelated.)

"Sweeping intensifies"

TL Note:
ゴシ is an onomatopoeia for scrubbing/sweeping.
シコ is an onomatopoeia for fapping.

Is it true some people actually fap to the tawawas?


Japan's star entrant in the Tawawalympics.



>fapping to tawawas

No...what kind of depraved creature would do that?

Will Senpai ever kiss her?

It just seems so wrong.
We've agreed that they've done much more than that.

When have they done more than that?

how do I cope with the fact that season 2 never?

Realizing the fact that the anime was shit

Why not? Not enough BDs sold?

>curling targets are giant circles
Missed an opportunity there, Himura Kiseki.

I'm Canadian, but I've never understood Curling.

Do you want to?

Is she the first non-Japanese tawawa?

I only fap to blue tawawas

Me neither but damn are the womens teams consistently hot

Game is simple, I think user doesn't understand the appeal

I'm gonna wait and see how the waitress figure turns out.

So is there a continued story between the tawawas or does he just draw the same few tawawas doing random shit?

I might be getting my Tawawas mixed up, but I'm pretty sure someone called her in the middle of sexy times and she answered the phone

I personally find it boring to watch (as most people I guess).
But if you play it, it's not a terrible game, kinda like those britbong games that look like absolute fucking nonsense but are actually alright as a sunday kind of deal (with lots of drinking of course).