Kamisama Pripara: Aikatsu no Fairilu

Which idle helps you get up in the morning?

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Pic related helps me get it up in the morning.




My sun.


Which of all the ties in Aikatsu was this?




Is there a molded bulge in his underwear?





The most recent, and it wasn't a tie. I guess the writers were desperate to make people believe that Elza winning over Mahiru wasn't a foregone conclusion, which of course it was.

I want to die.

I want to cry.


When will we have a PriPara episode where Lala needs to go to the toilet but people keep talking to her or the toilets keep being out of order and in the end she ends up tripping and falling on Mirei and peeing through her panties and onto Mirei's face?

When you stop wishing for impossible things.

I suggest you research Go! Go! Itsutsugo Land if you want to see little girls wetting themselves. Most of the Mikan episodes have something to that effect in them.

The show has already had a girl peeing on Mirei though. And I've definitely seen kids shows where the main character can't find a toilet. TV Tropes or something probably has a list of such episodes.

>Only release I can find has Chinese hardsubs
Wouldn't be the first anime I've watched like this.

That's the only release there is. Never got DVDs outside Taiwan, and for whatever reason they like to hardsub their anime apparently.

It won't happen, don't be stupid.





Yeah, I read the torrent description, which explained this.

I'm obviously not actually saying I think it's likely, any more than people think Kirara will be made to slaughter Caroline, a nuclear bomb will actually feature in the plot or Garmageddon was ever likely to get another song.

I'm gay

I'm straight

I'm a girl, I may be 6 foot with a baritone, but I'm definitely a girl. Now come and fuck my hairy ass.


>Now come and fuck my hairy ass.
No, you sound like a cheap slut.

>pretty rhythm
>Rhythm is pretty

I promise I'm not, I'm just in love with you. We can take it slow and, have dinner and kiss a lot first.

No, thanks, you sound fucking desperate, you can hang out with one of those losers of /pc/ though, they might love you back.

>meme goes on

Rola, will you marry me?

Her name is Rizumu, though.

Right after becoming an S4

>they might love you back
But they're not you. Like I said, you're the one I'm in love with and attracted to. I'm not starved for affection, only for your cock specifically.


>Pretty リズム
>りずむ is pretty

Mission fucking accomplished.

Hi imouto! I was just wondering if the other 2 colouring books are going to be uploaded today or tomorrow? Hoping the other regular hugtto precure colouring book gets uploaded!

Forgot to add that I also hope the deka colouring book gets uploaded too!


stuck in Wonderfest hell forever?

Holy shit, Rola is so cute.

Regular one should be uploaded tomorrow.
Not sure when I can finish the deka one though.

My wife and daughter

God I want to go back in time and fuck myself.

God I want to hug Rola so hard.

I want to hug you too Mahiru

it wasnt a tie.

>this is the logic of a loser

I feel second hand embarrassment for her.

I have never wanted to hug someone so much in my life.

It seen Rola is a pro at learning that.

>Going my way!

I'm still mad

>futari nara saikyou was a lie

Cute dream.

I'm going to kiss that dream.

That dream is not meant to be dreamed.

I am your loyal bodyguard ainon-sama. What are your wishes?

Make out with and then perform cunnilingus on Otome-dono.

Assassinate Elza.

What's going on in here?

So she's basically saying never.
She's going to marry me instead

I love that loser

Most likely.

Ako is straight.


Let's see, 2 boys and one girl/sheep. I would say she is 2/3 straight.

Is Rothy cute?

Is rola an extrovert or an introvert?


She's a rollobert.


Cute flat akuma. I want to roll her up and tuck her under my arm.


Who are the official/ai/ tomodachi?

Everybody, except Precure.

How many episodes until Friends?

Six until Stars dies in magma


Best girl

Hibiki is making a huge mistake by only focusing on a few idols. People are going to get sick of them real quick.

Hibiki might be intelligent, but he's not very wise.

Hibiki's strategy is basically running Pripara into the ground. Everyone is going to get tired of the same 5 idols sing the same songs. It ends once some new team enters.


There is no male successor to Hibiki's country's thrown. Therefore Hibiki must act like the male role model it needs.

>Hibiki's country's thrown
Prance has a president.


From the third movie commentary
>"Apls" already has a P in it. Did we really have to change it?

Some countries have a royal family and a president.

Prance is probably the country best known for NOT having a royal family (anymore).

Holy crap Meganee is performing? I didn't expect it this soon.


It's the best performance in the series.

The plastic used to make Patarina's egg is a bit shit apparently, suffering from an accelerated case of photo-degeneration. She doesn't have the glowing Amazon reviews she used to.


Meganee is duplicating, wait is that lag I see? Making more Meganees will lag the Pripara system.

I enjoyed this performance, I love her VA's singing voice a lot.

Will prichan have lore?

>I love her VA's singing voice a lot.
Kanae Itou truly is the best. A shame she couldn't sing more.

>meganee doesn't show up in KoP
>no meganee design released for prichan
system ded

Bitmap recently watched all of Idol Time and hasn't at some point during it mentioned something about working on a Fairilu script


I am going to cry if Kanae Itou does not reprise as Meganee for PriChan.

Does Meganii at least?

Rate my Megane

Dammit Mirei, your drama made Sophie pushuuu~

Fuck off Kaiser.


>no meganee design released for prichan
There are characters not revealed yet, like that red haired fourth girl voiced by the last RGR member, have hope.

>They view you as a lolicon



Nah, that is how all slav lolis look at other people.

No worries Imouto! I hope you get through and you're able to upload the deka colouring book as well! Can't wait to colour the other regular colouring book of hugtto!


At least it has raws. You should be grateful.

For now.

>Miracle Tunes raws

They can't possibly make a Pretty installment without Kanae Itou.


I think it says she will be there

Can't confirm anything about Pretty Rhythm and PriPara characters, but Meganee will be there in a new form.

But how will they further one-up the idea of a staff of workers consisting entirely of endless meganee clones and a single genderbent meganee?

She will be that youtuber who reviews other youtubers.


By being the top trending youtuber.

I'm sure they'll talk to her to publish new videos or something. Maybe she'll provide them with helpful tips, if you know what I mean.

>helpful tips
"If you want an easy way to gain viewers, don't forget to show some skin. System desu!"

Why are cats so shit?

I can't imagine Meganee as an individual being with a human personality anymore, knowing TT they will pull off some even wackier idea, like tiny meganee robot fairy guides.

Her fingertips?


In one early IT episode when the audience is only Meganees she has a line like
>Lala, I love your fingers!


My favorite was when Mirei performed and they went
>Mirei say something other than Pri!
>Mirei, I moderately like you!

I remember vividly. Still not sure what that line was about.

It's fine, this user watches without subs.

I wonder how much Jymmy fucks with those lines?

Just enough


all little girls shouldn't wear bottoms I declare!



Mahiru has a good song but why the fuck is the dance so bad? She looks like she is having a seizure on stage, whoever did the choreography for it should be fired. did she do the choreography for it? whatever, I stand by this, it's really bad

>wanting more Stars

There's still three episodes free for that, and taking in count only Song and Beauty matter there's still a chance.

>Not wanting to see Rola's third year of Yotsuboshi

Does anyone yet know when the last episode of Aikatsu Stars will air? What will be the episode number?

Episode 100 on March 29.

I never want it to end. I hope Elza-sama losing causes her to have a mental breakdown and Yume has to save here ala the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars finalé.

>I never want it to end.
I'm so sorry about your terminal shit taste.


>Wanting to see Rola fail at life for another year


I want Elza-sama to win and shut down Yotsuboshi and Venus Arc already.

I'm sure that doesn't happen.

This is literally the best season of Aikatsu ever. Anyone who disagrees is just wrong.

How does Elza keep winning against girls clearly better than her?

I think Venus Ark in particular has been great but I haven't been able to give half a damn about Yotsuboshi all season long asidefrom those couple episodes where Rola got a brand and wings since they were a nicechange of pace that redeemed her character (until she went right back to the directionless loser fold) and while Elza has always had a ton of potential, the way she acts and how others react to it clash horribly due to Aikatsu's stern refusal to write characters who are seen unsympathetically by others. Shit should've been like Bell in Rainbow Live.



uh oh

Rola has always been short sighted with goals. She doesn't have a reason for doing aikatsu. I'm sure her parents pushed her and she skirted by on her family name and everyone had super high expectations for her. She hasn't been doing anything for herself.


>you may dream

>it's so gross. you shouldn't be talking about lolis anywhere and especially not on a kid's anime
But kid's anime have some of the best lolis. I don't think that user thought this through.

Based PewDiePie inventing the Japanese language

What about lolis? Post it.

Might as well git gud.

This. Late anime don't have good lolis anymore.

*late night anime

Indeed, which is why little girls shouldn't come to place like this, but they come anyway, asking for subs and shit.

user I..


Cocotama is dead now.
Her song is pretty good desu.

*latte anime


Rom will be bigger than her sister!

i'm happy that anime for little girls are real


I want to cry.


>look at another post
"kamen rider is real and he ate me out behind an arbys"
>sexualizing one children's show while condemning the use of the word loli in another
SJWs everyone

And that's why I evade the english part of Twitter like a plague.

I am glad Pripara died before it got any more popular in the west.

>sexualizing adult males vs. sexualizing underage females

Yeah okay.

Indeed, young mothers should stay on their young mother circles.

MadoRin anthology

MadoRin is the true futari nara saikyou.

That much effort

But they already don't do that

Imagine kyupikon is the only thing you live for.

Well I am back in the game and it looks like my girls have grown up.

Rhythm is still pretty and seems to be a bit more top heavy shall I say.

Isn't that nee-san's Pokemon?

That's a big ribbon.

Did our main character just get arrested on the first episode? Stuff like this gets you street cred, Rola should take note.


No more boys.

This girl is loud, pushy, and leaves a wake of destruction wherever she goes. She is pretty interesting so far.

She is the only interesting thing in the first half of the show.

Mia is the best, just the best.

So that is why they let Mia join.

She doesn't know how to skate.

Elza told me she saw Mahiru and Rola going out on a date together.

I know how to skate.


Elza told me "get the fuck off my ship loser"


How many roles does this make?

You again. But now transparant.

not enough


So far it was a fun debut episode. Glad to see everyone is doing well. I feel like this first episode was more fun than the original series. The music is really good with the OP, the remix MAR music, the ED is awesome. I like the fact the 3DPD parts were pushed to the very end and are short unlike in AD where they could b half the episode.

They should just make a Pripara/Pretty Rhythm episode with her doing all her characters. I don't know what it would be about but it would be interesting.



Amongst /ai/ series, Kanae Itou is Amu, Kokone, Meganee, Hye In, Kaname, and young Sonata. She is also Jack in Rilu Rilu Fairilu. She really should have more roles, she is quite diverse and underrated.

watching aikatsu right now on season 3. juri is making my dick go diamonds


Sexiness is her especialty. I wonder f her carpet matches the drapes.

Fuck Mia!

I'm number one in the line!

Juri is completely shaven down there, as that is Hinaki's preference.

I've heard the director said they based Kaname off of Kanae Itou's personality. I wonder what he means by this.

Does this mean she will jump on my face crotch first in real life if I meet her?

She didnt do that to me when I met her. I must not have been enough of a cute girl.


>no precure thread

3 Kanae Itou roles in 1 episode. I must be blessed.


They should really interact more. I died laughing whenever Meganees talk to one another.

There's one.

/pc/-nee is terrible, they should just die.

>/pc/-nee is terrible
Just like their newer shows.

Only if you smell good. You could get licked too.

Use the search function from the catalog instead of ctrl f.

It is funny watching them try to do things together.

I'm sad.

I'm going to leave this here.

which doesn't matter since they are too busy sucking HC and GoPri's cocks

You forgot Doki there.

I'm going to take this.

As do I. Funny thing is I learnered to skate with roller blades because I lived in a place that didn't have an ice rink. I remember the first time I tried ice skates, the feel is different in that you can move in all directions and the skates are much lighter than roller blades.

God, I sure love Mana's dick.

Everybody does, she is an awesome girl and people love awesome people.

Join me for some hot passionate love making ainon!


Will you sit on my face and rub your butthole on my nose?

I've never tried roller skates.

In school all the boys had hockey skates and the girls had figure skates like in Pretty Rhythm.

this. search catalog looks at the filename too so you get better results


They are great depending on where you live. Like I said the range of lateral movement is less and don't even try any figure skating moves with them because of their weight unless you are strong. Hockey wise all you need is a ball or a puck with bearings, the movements are the same.

I'm cum

Let me get cleaned up.

That's atsui.



Reminder that Aurora Rising Dream is a shit tier jump and if Rhythm didn't left halfway during the performance she might've actually win.

She had to save her mom and future imouto (which she hugs everyday). Rhythm also had to stop and eat those cows on the the road Both of them were worth a DQ because they are also Kanae Itou. Wouldn't you stop everything to save Kanae Itou?

Cows are also Kanae Ito?
And Rhythm ate them?


Goats too.

This is my first time in these weird threads, is this yuri?

It's actually extremely het. I assume they made that pic to bait big friends into buying DVDs.

Fuck off.

It's as het as it gets.

Super het.

Boys have this thing called a penis.

Only Mion-sama is somewhat pure.

She wants the original STG

Mion is in to older guys.


I wish that was my face she was sitting on.

I'm not trash

I just like Lala puri~!


>Wouldn't you stop everything to save Kanae Itou?
I would sacrifice my life for Kanae Itou.

What a fucking slut.

And a Jewelpet special with all Sawashiro's characters. It wouldn't make sense, but nor does Jewelpet.

Watch Pripara instead.

All three of them want dicks inside them at varying degrees.

Start Pripara for the yuri.
Stay for Leona and Meganii.
Leave when WITH debuts.

But are you human? ewww.

>Pretty Rythm
>Mia is prettier

>leave when best >boys debut

>Leave when WITH debuts.
But Asahi is the best boy!

>best boy
best shit is still a shit.

>Leona and Meganii

boys ruined Idol Time.


Hahahaha keking so hard with Memehiru losing

Slow plot ruined Idol Time.

>one of the best /ai/ characters is a boy
>all boys are shit
Huh, so why do you even visit this thread if you think that most characters in the shows that are discussed here are shit?
>Boys and sheeps not appearing more ruined Idol Time


Not boys in general, just boys in pripara.

Why did he/she/it write jymmy stylized in caps, instead of just writing "those silly SMC guys"?
Are we being raided?
What's next? Cold Burger Challenge?

Cold burgers are ok though.

Only if you don't know how to cook.

>hashtag is Idle Time Pripara
Gee, I wonder if it could possibly be an ainon.

>Idol Juan PriPara


I don't get it.


Juan is a common spic name, like Pedro and Juri

I wish I was Rin so I could kiss Madoka.

S2 sucked ass.

I want to die.


B-but muh corpse waifu!
Yes, it was. didn't even got a single useful screenshots from it.

>several anons currently watching pretty rhythm(despite rhythm not being pretty)

are we entering a new golden age of /ai/?

Only if everyone also watches cool and spicy.

Rhythm is pretty, but you're not.

I like my burgers cold and spicy.

>despite rhythm not being pretty
Rude, uncalled for, and objectively false.

Ritmo is very bonita

I'm prettier than Rhythm.

t. Mion

I'm more stacked than Mion.

t. Ito

They will leave soon enough and everybody will forget that forced drama garbage again, thanks god.




Thank god we'll all be dead soon.

Thanks god for Pewdiepie.


Which idle is that? I don't think I've seen her show.

Why do you hate drama? IRL ice skating has all sorts of drama like girls hitting each other in the knee with pipes or using performance enhancing drugs and judges who cheat. Then there is the whole Icefight (Hockey for you normies) thing.

Cutting your opponent's Achilles tendon!

I've watched that masterpiece already.

>Icefight (Hockey for you normies)
Nobody but canadians give a shit about that.

I'm watching DMF but it's so bad I want to nuke Korea.
Thankfully, it has Mia.

excuse me ainon but do you have any DrrrUUUUUgSSSS?

Okay, I'm 44 episodes behind with Stars. It's time to catch up.

You mean you wish you were Rin so that Madoka could pump whipped cream into your ass

And Russians.



I wish I was Rin so Madoka could do anything she fucking wanted to me.

>there are people in this thread that hate perfection

And Russians!
Bear with it. Third cour is great and has some of the best insert songs /ai/ can offer

I want Dorothy to smother me with a pillow.

I didn't hate most of DMF as a lot of other people here seem to.
But I didn't like the finale as much as they do either.
Still think it's the weakest Pretty Rhythm series though.

>tfw Elza-sama will lose to some special snowflake like yume

Join our crew ainon!

Why not waterboard her with maple syrup?

And that faggot from NOT-Edel Rose

>Yume loses to Elza
>Gets a hug from Elza's mom


Mion a slut.

You know that would be amazing. She only wanted to win for her mom hug. And even if she won she still didn't got it.

But sadly it won't happen.

What, just because she happens to be gorgeous?



Mion's mions are sagging.


Juri told me that Rin and Madoka are more than friends.

>ai threads are nothing but RP now

Yeah I'm going to finish it no matter what.


Blame the Rolafags.

I blame time travelers, they went back and made everybody even gayer.

Yeah it should be RSP.

Who is the Queen of /ai/?

Could be worse. I'm trying to watch the first Jewelpet.

>PAKUPAKU, the air says you're a virgin loser who doesn't like DMF, care to explain user?

>Waaah, everything needs to be all friendly and boring as hell like Akarigen!

Thanks rollerfags.

Akarigen was so boring that's no wonder it got axed.

The air makes a good point, but I don't think those things are related.

The air should watch its fucking tongue.

But Pripara isn't drama, its more akin to action.

Give me a hug!

An eternal hug?

The air is telling you things? I think you need professional help.


>Cows are also Kanae Ito?
Also this wouldn't be the first time she voiced a cow.



I wanna eat Yurika's ass.

Cold clammy vampire butt or hot smooth chica ass?

Can I even download it now.

Yes, I'm still seeding it at least.

>But I didn't like the finale as much as they do either.
Are you me?

I downloaded it not long ago. Not much was ever subbed though.

We're both anonymous, so it's hard to tell.


Doesn't matter. I'd sell my soul to have either on my face for even just five minutes.


What an idiot

Hatsuyuki subs did both english and russian for Shugo Chara.


I don't know what New Zealand school she went to but my one certainly taught us that the Sun was a star.


Shame that your soul is worthless.


They see your ___

Mina porn. I showed it to these girls too.

Self esteem


Me on the left.

Me on the right.

Mist Match

I'm so lonely.

I don't have any friends.

Me behind the camera masturbating

I'm so popular, happy, and successful.

I was actually the one who said she said he said that.

I didn't cry. That's for faggots.

Crying is tomodachi


She obviously goes on Nyaa.
Didn't they write "Idle" on some piece of official merch?



Imagine putting your hands around Mion's waist.



Imagine picking up a shougakusei Reona and waking away with him while a tiny Dorothy cried at you to give him back and pounded you uselessly with her little fists.

And then you fuck Lala.

I want to marry a loli idol.

>while a tiny Dorothy cried at you to give him back and pounded you uselessly with her little fists.
I just got hard from thinking this.

Fix your damn resolution, Sapphie.

One day she'll grow up and stop being a loli.

>Say boys
>Post picture of two girls



You're not marrying Non.


I'm just a poor girl, nobody loves me.

I love you, Shuuka.

Whoops, wrong trip







Why was I even born?


Wrong name, then.

It seems fine.

Loli Ran is the cutest.


I want to die.


cute cat






user meant to say aspect ratio. Unless it has MacBook-tier bezels only on the sides.


You need to spank your daughter more often. She's the most spoiledest brat I've ever seen.





Can I eat this?

You're my only friends, /ai/.

My everything.

I want to sniff Ichigo's hair.

>Get hugged by Mikuru
>No emotion at all
What is wrong with Mizuki?

Emotionally dead


>Kiss Mizuki in front of everyone
>No emotion at all




4 episodes into the second season of stars, it's been pretty fun so far. 51 felt almost shounen like in the way it suddenly bumped up power levels. Not really a fan of that, but it got the job done introducing new rivals. I really liked Elza's song too. 52 had Elza being incredibly overbearing, so it felt good to watch Yume and Rola set her straight a little. Lily and Yuzu's interactions are the best, so I enjoyed 53, even if I prefered Lily's old song. I'm not sure how to feel about Kirara yet, it seems like she's mostly oblivious and not malicious.
Overall, Elza comes across as the sort of person who gives the advice "git gud" unironically. Just be perfect lol. I can already tell she's going to frustrate the hell out of me for the rest of the season.

4 episodes down, 40 to go till I catch up (although at least one more is gonna air before I get there)
I figured rather than posting thoughts as I went along, I'd just do it when I finish watching a batch of episodes. That way you only have one blog post to ignore.

I can assure you that Elza only gets more frustrating the further in you get.

I can assure you that Elza only gets more perfect the further in you get.




It's correct one.

*unzips dick*



You guys never behave.


Roller knows exactly what's gonna happen to them.

To be added in a matter of weeks?

I can't stop thinking about these two. This kind of relationship becomes more appealing with every passing year.


Stop being old


Same here, I'm glad I look super young so I wouldn't look creepy with a girl of Hime's age.

You always look creepy.

Nah, people say that I look like a teenager so I'm fine, heck, I can still wear my old school uniform and look like a normal student.

Some of you are okay. Don't come to /ai/ tomorrow.



I'll see what I can do.

I should have killed myself years ago.

>Pripara day
Yeah, pretty much never will come tomorrow.


I mean nobody* what the hell I'm drunk.




PriPara's today, cockshitter


>living in the future

You guys also probably shouldn't download the next subbed release.


I don't Corea speak


New colouring books today YAY! I’m also enjoying Aikatsu Stars so far & I’m going to watch episode 72 next! I can’t wait! I really love Elza's character as well & can't wait to see Rei perform next! I spoiled myself by watching episode 93 which aired few days ago but I’m catching up!

You never know, you could die in your sleep tonight.




Does Rhythm's shirt say "SUCK COCK"?


Do it faggot.


Rhythm can't read English. Rhythm can't read Japanese either. Rhythm isn't a very smart girl.


Pull the trigger.

Smart Rhythm

I think the original just says 'ROCK'.



She's pretty enough that she doesn't need to be smart.

Better go to sleep now.

Don't worry Rhythm, Otome isn't a very smart Aikatsu. She fell for the paper cat trick.


next thread will have more Kanae Itou characters

MIkan isn't very smart either.

A paper tiger?

this, but with a cat


I just want IT to end already.

I just want it to end already.

god i want to smell lala's swimsuit.

Looks like Lala wants you to smell it.


I'm so gay


I'm not real.


What happened to their arms?

Sumire happened to them, obviously.