Season 3 when?

season 3 when?
>Umaru thread, get in here

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stupid dumb nugget scum

"We do not negotiate with bullies"

Umaru W. Bush

Season 3 never pls

Popuko will be excluded from the alliance immediately

t. Doma Inc. CEO, Umaru-chan


when did they announce season 2 again?

2019, probably. We should get an OVA soon.

do you have a moment to discuss our lord and savior Sakana?

what a qtpie

Yes Please. !!!

she is a cunt

Umaru is not for bully

Umaru is all about riajuu shit now, no more fun like s1.
It's a shame really.



Stop spamming these pointless threads

um no

>literally the same thread being made over and over again even after getting deleted or moved to /trash/
Fuck off

Umaru in any form is cute






>doesn't even know the pocky-game

She looks so cute with a hat chadbana

delete this

Best girls.

I just wish this series had more depth and drama.


Well she is Chadbana.

Incest you mean



I finally got caught up with this show. I think the Nisekoi scene was my favorite laugh out loud moment.

Is this anime worth watching?

If you know enough anime/manga/video games/Japanese culture to get the references, yes. Otherwise, maybe, if only for the cute girls.

Umaru cannot wear bikini at all and wear ugly one pieced swimsuit one masturbates over one pieced swimsuit.