Tomo's dumb, get it?

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Tomo suddenly jumped to her mid 20s.



Where are my brothers at?

Wtf why isnt misuzu wearing the uniform ?


what? she can't read?

>this arc is what he took half a year of hiatus to come up with

Customers are coming in next page, right?

just you wait senpai
it's going to be special

This series is getting worse with each hiatus.

carol is SHIT

It's probably a menu or a list of things they expect out of carol and tomo. The motion that carol does could be that heart shaped greeting or good luck motion maids in japan do. Or I could be fucking wrong, who knows. Let's wait and see.

He's no even triying anymore

It's gonna end with Tomo accidently getting the [SPRAY] for Jun's present and using it on him followed by 50 pages of hardcore nonstop fucking.

misuzu is bigger shit


Tomo > Carol > Misuzu

Carol is sexier than tomo, but tomo is cuter than her.

Tomo is the biggest turd

i agree
no need to be salty gorilla-kun

Seeing Misuzu's smile is the only thing that brings peace to my soul before I sleep. I can't fall asleep without now. When I see Misuzu's smile, no matter how bad things may get, I know there's always hope. Misuzu is the mona lisa of our modern time.


If this arc doesn't lead to pic related I'm going to nuke Japan

Tomo is transforming into Akemi

You better ready the nukes, Kim.

Finally read the source of this image and it made me very sad.

thats sad you should just kys

Why? It was great.


Go get your nukes, Jeff.

Anons, Misuzu is wearing a shirt branding her with tanabe's name, isn't that worse than just putting on the maid costume?

You and I, we don't share the same values

Why would it be worse to be wearing her husband's name?

future husband*

She can just pass it off as being the name of the restaurant.

Some people don't get off to rape. Weird concept, right

But these are the people that freak out about indirect kissu... Are you telling me wearing a shit with the name of the guy that keeps pursuing you is fine?

Even if they do that's just biology taking over

Maybe they shouldn't be reading rape doujins, then?


She's always been a handsome woman, just ask the gyarus, or misuzu when she gets her guard down

That hasn't even happened in Tomo-chan yet.

Please make a 'not another hiatus' edit

Make it yourself.

What about the time jun ate from her chopsticks and she lost it?

Can't, on mobile

Oh yeah, that was so long ago
>What am I supposed to do with this now?!

Just for you, my hapless user.

Thanks, I do appreciate it

Look at this little thing I found.

Nice Knockout by Cowboy Cerrone by the way.

Thanks dropout



Moe moe kyun

>Cafe becomes a tsundere cafe laced with selfish moe
I still cannot believe there's a place where people pay to get treated like shit by the staff, if you want that, just go to any fast food joint in America, we'll even give you a free spit filled sandwich

>tanabe kun

its happening, mizuki is going to get with this nerd haha holy shit


Mizuki would never get with that bitch boy.



It begins, next they'll be on a first name basis

I ment misuzu, I guess I got my waifu on the mind lately.

>tomo will never make it yummy for you while wearing a maid costume

so, what are a tomboy's required duties?


ab workouts 7 days a week


At LAST it is his turn. Thank GOD

Purity of spirit.



what an adorable slut

The Hinata family is a pretty good pro-oyakodon argument.

Indeed it is.

Tomboys like Natsumi are truly for oyakodon

damn, Tanabe. I wonder if he did draw the poses, used stock photos, or did crossplay and made them himself.

>tfw protagonist marries the tomboy

He's fucking in.


bitch will try to fuck him over just like in beach chapter. he is too pure for her



She's too flat too fit in them properly.

I need cute cotton candy

had me a giggle

She'll flirt with his father to make him cry

>She'll fuck his father to make him cry


Is it possible to not want to fuck Misuzu?

She'll rape his father to make both them cry

>He'll rape misuzu to make his son cry


Yes, Jun exists

>He'll rape his son to make him cry

She'll forget he exists as soon as the arc's over.

>We'll make it yummy
I wonder what horrors Tanabe had to do before they got female employees?

Trapmaids? I approve.

Was Jun one?

Mizuki is easily coerced. It never occurred to him to just outright tell the trap enthusiast no instead of making up crappy excuses.

>Cute power
>Not "Moe moe kyon"

Dropout has been dropping the ball these past few chapters.

It's in the name, dealt with it

But Mizuki loves her childhood bro, enough to get married.

You're just a shit customer who deserves it.

What does she mean by this?

Turns out the editor never watched K-On, or any CGDCT show, and thought that it was, and I quote, "obscure maid cafe shit", so Moe Moe was changed while I was paying attention to two grown men fighting in a playpen, otherwise that would've been Moe Moe.

Go change it now user. You had one job.

At work. It'll get changed tonight.

I think you mean mindraped by a capricious and uncaring god then told by everyone around him that he's better off as a girl until he caved in.

Nah, Takeru was all about getting Mizuki back to "normal".


>meido cafe
Pure cringe. What the fuck Tanabe.


>being gay
I see there is a immunity to tomboy seductions.

>Being gay
But Misuzu is the one with the boy like proportions.

Why is Carol holding invisible binoculars?

What does that imply about Tabane?

Just look at the man's scarf.

Make sure to nuke all of Japan this time.

Ascot nigga. It's an ascot.

Misuzu should just fuck everyone already

Fred, it's not the 60s, that shit is gay now.

meido ramen-ya
fixed that for ya

also the Tanabe are men of refined taste, hoho~

I can't remember if there was a valentine's chapter

You just know Misuzu is a filthy dom bitch.

A school year starts in April.
Jun's birthday is in October.
February 14 is near the end of the school year.

I want to hug Misuzu.


>Only 6-7 months have passed, and Fumita time-skipped the summer holidays...

I want to cry.

>What is beach arc
>What is festival arc

Not for Tomo

So long ago I actually forgotten about them. I'm sure there was a timeskip as well.

No, I don't think there were any time skips. Nips have school during the summer correct?

I'm sure there was some timeskip, I vaguely remember hoping Fumita would continue an arc but he skipped a few weeks to the next arc.

That's not very conclusive, nor do you sound like you're confident in the time skip.

no, but they get homework and sometimes remedy classes if the student failed the end-term exam before summer break (see Rikka in Chuunibyo for example, or Touma in Index.)

Which is why she's going to rape herself so that nobody else can get to it first.