Loli help

I want to make a maid Cafe in my city, where can i buy lolis?

The loli store.

Hard choice. They are well stocked. The one in my neighborhood only ever has nearly expired ones.

But for what purpose

What city?

Seconding this, it's very important

TraigameA un capuChino Bien Caliente Por Favor.

What the fuck happened to Yui, Chitose and Akari?

You have to make your own.

I don't know what it is about that statement you just made, but holy mother of god was it creepy.

Well I have some sugar and some spice that's all though. Can I make a half loli with just this?

Everything nice you jackass. Don't forget the everything nice.

Sure but it will probably just be a tsundere without the nice in it.

That's not a loli

but it's still the level of nice you need to complete the concoction

I aim to please.

Just like the local loli store

Just buy the seeds, plant them and harvest before they get too big and old.

This guy gets it.

You know that they are overdue when the fruits start to droop.


You know you've messed up when these big buds start protruding from the chests.

You can buy them in bulk at kmart.

Kobayashi sells those now?

Thats why k-mart went bankrupt

When you grow them yourself you have to talk to them every day and let them out to soak in the sun and play with others. And you have tell them that you love them at least once a week, better everyday. Before you know it they are all grown up, move out and you just see them once a month, if even. But you just want them to be happy. And when they struggle, you struggle with them. Sometimes you miss them, their voices when they play or excitedly tell you some mundane worldly thing as if it was the hottest new discovery.
Then you miss them more often, more often than they come visit.

>the feels

Russia, via a Romanian, or Albanian.

Tell me more.


Adopted by me.

>Great new business idea: maid café!
>Obtain proper city permits, trademark company name, develop relationship with suppliers.
>Purchase building in busy downtown district. Put up nice new sign, decorate to fit the theme.
>Time to find employees now!
>As a bachelor, move to neighborhood filled with young couples.
>Loiter around playgrounds, shopping malls, swimming pools, and movie theaters.
>Wear trench coat at all times. Gloves and sunglasses are must-have accessories.
>Talk to little girls and ask if they want to work for you. Offer generous compensation and benefits.
>Great experience for youngsters. Today's youth needs to learn the value of a dollar.
>Most scream and run away.
>A few are receptive, and even let you drive them in your 60's VW van to the store.
>Have 5 employees! Train them up.
>Opening day - a happy, bustling business.
>A few months go by and you couldn't be happier. Maid café is huge success!
>Casual Sunday. Swimming in a bathtub full of money, loli employees bringing you fresh drinks, massage you on demand, fan you with palm fronds. Heaven on earth.
>Big bad government bursts into the marble and gold laden room. Arrest you. Charge you with lots of shit. Call you a freak, evil man, and pedophile.
>In jail, get raped in alternation by black dudes, spics, and white supremacists.
>Think you'll make friends with the gook inmates. They end up raping you too. Tell you anime is for fags.
>Crocodile tears.
>Get out of jail. Full of self loathing and rage.
>See little girl on the street corner, licking lolipop and skipping, balloon playfully bouncing on a string.
>Something snaps. You externalize all your frustration and hatred on the poor loli.
>Kick her in the face. Feels good. Keep doing it. Blood and teeth everywhere. Facial tissue stuck to your shoes.
>Dead loli.
>Come back to your senses. Stare in horror at the evil you have wrought. Ultimate despair. Hell on earth.

Do you want this? Stop while you can.

dern, forced drama out of nowhere

give her a good home

Just hire midget maids, no one's gonna notice.

why does tippy react when chino is touched? are they connected?

only in america can you get your ass paddled by a midget maid and eat a meal that is 150% of your daily calories at one restaurant

Truly the land of the lustrous.

You'd react like that too when you see your only daughter being abused like that


Does something as majestic as a loli store even exist in this cruel world?

>restaurant started by spite flourishes as the owner gets to live his dream of killing fatties

Maybe due to the camera, but that's a really tall sxarp

>old hag maids

How do these girls feel, being measured up by some asian equivalent of a neckbeard to the unreachable beauty of 2D characters all around them?
And I don't mean that in a cringy way, I meant it in the same way as when there would be pictures of photoshopped models in the whole cafe.

I'm not sure what you mean, but I'd hit that cappuchino.

Well they're not gonna hire ugly people.

3d sucks

Fuck off

I remember when I got a month long ban for asking where to buy lolis. Good times.

Holy shit she's fucking beautiful


The mods know that the answer is obviously the loli store

Why are they putting marshmallows everywhere?

is that sharo's vomit?

Why does the food look like loli puke?

And used anal dildos.

Please don't bully my wife Sharo

I like to shop at CunnyMart