Animate the worst phoenix game

>animate the worst phoenix game
>don't animate the best phoenix game
Where's my second season?

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>>animate the worst phoenix game
I didn't know Apollo Justice got an adaptation

There he goes again pretending justice for all doesn't exist!


Case 2-4 is the best case, though.

Godot did everything wrong and he's overrated as fuck.

Great tase.

Mia is such a Mary Sue that she ruins the plot of AA3.

I think you should be relieved Godot dodged a bullet.

They animated Spirit of Justice?

>Rise from the Ashes never
Now I officially hate A1 Pictures.

Winning against Payne doesn't make you a Mary Sue.

They should have had the season focus on the first game but have some filler cases with mysteries that work better as an anime. Similar to what the manga did.

She near beat Edgeworth and would have if it weren't for Terry "falling".

Objective fact. Justice for All is so weird, it follows up the worst case in the series with the best case in the series.

2-3 isn't that bad. It has exactly two flaws: the circus is difficult to navigate and the ventriloquist guy is a cunt.

I think the worst cases are Apollo Justice's concert case and AAI's final case.

Ablaze and Airlines were the only good AAI cases though.

Ablaze is bad when you face off against Alba. You point out a contradition, he blows you off, someone comes in with new evidence, then repeat. It just gets dull.

It's a fun game to play but I really don't get why an anime would be something people wanna watch.

especially those who already played the games, like you already know everything

ALL the circus performers are awful and annoying characters. It's a horrible case when the (admittedly tragic) murderer is the only likeable character in the case.

Justice for All was completely redeemed by the final case and Edgeworth being based though.
Fuck the circus case though, what the fuck were they thinking.

Where's my English dub?


Is this TJ "Henry" Yoshi?

They should have made 1 game per season, the first game, including Rise from the Ashes would have easily covered 20-22 episodes(two cour), it would have been a really good adaptation.The second game could have easily be covered in 11-12 episodes(one cour) and Trials and Tribulations in 13 episodes(one cour), it would have been glorious instead of the rushed(this wasn't even the biggest problem) version we got.

How hard the anime flopped?

Very, but it had high TV ratings, and for this kind of morning type series, that's more important than BD sales.

So we get a season 2?

I'm really hoping for a second season even though the first one was awful with the best cases getting butchered. I just want to see my daughteru animated.

Technically, Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice had "animated" scenes.

I mean, animated for more than a grand total of 2 minutes including the trailers.

>animate the worst phoenix game
>animate it with no budget
>end up with QUALITY anime