Left or right Cred Forums?

Left or right Cred Forums?

Left. Rin should wear her hair in a ponytail more often. It's very attractive.


Shirou is best girl

But Sakura if he isn't a option

Right looks like she wants to kill someone




I want Emiya Shirou to cook me miso soup every morning. No homo.

Left & Right can cook too.

But they are not Shirou.

Wheres Tiaga?

A man of taste

what happened to fate cooking anyways? did it get 3 gatsu'd?

It's a one episode per month format.

Its just like OVA, they animate it when they want it. Its supposed to be 12 eps, right ?




Beneath, where Kuro is.


The one legitimately good joke involving Sakura in CP.

I'll take the secret 4th option.

CP fucking pissed on my girl. Never will I forgive them for that.

My wife Illya is so cute.


Can i enjoy Carnival Phantasm without knowing Tsukihime ?


Yes, the director is a biased fuck who makes most of the scenes about Fate and turns the Tsukihime segments unfunny by running the exact same jokes into the ground.

Yeah, Tsuki is dropped halfway as its popularity drops as well


There’s a edit on YouTube that’s all Fate if you’re that much of a pleb

Imagine standing there, making dinner with your childhood friend and high school romance, while a loli is busily, greedily tickling your knees under the counter.

The pressure would be intense.

Left, the female one of course.



Sakura always wins, baby

Where's Kotomine?


Just watch the Tsukihime Anime.

Shirou looks fly af

I watched Carnival Phantasm after only playing Tsukihime and regret it a bit. You'll probably feel the same

I like my woman pure, good in kitchen, sex demon in bed, with enough fat to grab into her and would allow me to have sex with other women.

>enjoy your food dosed love potion

>I like my woman pure
Then why post Sakura?

Your waifu eat people.

The other option STD infested goddess.

>sex demon

Left of course. I don't want my weewee bitten off by some bug or get infested.

You're saying it as if it was a bad thing.


>sex demon in bed
Reading comprehension.

>sakura is parvati
>rin is ishtar
>both are goddesses of fertility
Both choices will get you AIDS

>Start to read FSN & FHA because of this
>Turns out Ishtar is just a Gacha Mobile game character.
Im Disappointed

Parvati is a shitty SR while Ishtar is a good SSR

I would gladly eat a love potion made from Medea's love juice

The only correct option.
At least she uses protection.

Who ?

Their names are in the fucking filename, retard.

There's a little bit you won't get, but honestly most the tsukihime stuff is just the joke neko's

all you need to know is pretty much in this image.

Fate Grand Order ? Whats that ? Fanfics or something ?


>would allow me to have sex with other women.
That's not Sakura though. She'd never let that happen. Rin might, if she gets her chance to indulge in her homosexual fantasies first.

Sakura will let you have sex with any women as long as you don't do it in vagina.

man that brings me back to the late 00's before fate got huge and TM transitioned from 18+VN's to shonen anime and moba $ cowing.

I think the artist put into drawing the end conclusion of Shiki V Shirou harem debate: Shiki has the larger harem, but Shirou has the quality. Most of the girls in his harem have killed or manipulated him in their routes. Arc is a vamp, Ciel is undead and a killing machine, Akiha can go demon, Hisui's probably the most tame but still minipulates, and Kohaku is probably the scariest of the bunch.

Meanwhile, Saber almost never kills Shirou in any of the routes unless you're purposely a dick and TRY to get the fail clear route, Rin saves shirou and is a kind girl who tries her best to not kill shirou in all routes, ditto with sakura except she goes crazy in F/HA, etc

Both if you can. If not then I pick Rin.

Sakura is a better fit for Shirou though.

But to be honest both Tohsaka girls are just shittier versions of their originals.

A pair of mage sisters, who have foreign blood, but live in Japan, are the magus family in charge of their leylines, who also are born sisters, but have a conflict because both trained in magic, and end up fighting each other to the death over it.

Aoko > Rin > Sakura = Touko

Rin looks the best in ponytail. Most girls do.
>Sports? Ponytail.
>Cooking? Ponytail.
>Slapping some bitch moving in on your man? Ponytail.

Touko's the bislut one though. Rin got that side of her.

Did she become infested from sleeping with old men for money?

>tfw shirou will never cook for you


Illya > Saber > Sakura > Rin

Best Doujin

>there are zero good Archer x Rin doujins


>most doujins are ArcherxIshtar
A weird sensation, but a welcome one

>archer doesn't do mating press
>because he thinks he's heavy
>doesn't know she took the full weight of bull


>there are zero Luvia x Rin doujins

>There are zero "Good" Shirou x Rin doujins

You never head her H-Scene in HA did you?

This scene, many years ago, gave me a legit fetish for long socks.

>as long as you don't do it in vagina
That's hot desu

The one with the fat butt.

Rin sex scene is cute but not lewd.
Defenseless Anus didnt count.

>In UBW Rin blushes like a schoolgirl during her h-scene
>In Fate route she shamelessly ravages Saber to prep her for Shirou and masturbates in the corner while they do it
What's with her?

i am the fin of my fish

I want Rin to cook for me

Sakura food are better

Fear of imminent death by berserker (or worse, being kept alive by Illya's magic amd tortured for years) does weird things to people

>one episode per month

truly this is the worst hell

>tfw can't wait for Shirou and Archer cooking bantz

Best Things always comes last