Hi there, Cred Forums. I want to make a deal with you. If you stop bullying Ichigo...

Hi there, Cred Forums. I want to make a deal with you. If you stop bullying Ichigo, I promise to give you the script to Panty and Stocking Season 2.

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My friend on the right

The amount of people that are bullying Ichigo proves the predictable, smart ass nature of this board.

All of you people try and impress each other with these funny bullying images, from someone who doesn't spend all their life online, it looks ridiculous.

Fuck this I'm off, don't wanna waste my life on "addictive and funny" Cred Forums.

see you tomorrow

stale pasta

me in the middle


You're perfect the way you are 015!
I love you!


Ichigo being bullied and teased brings out extra cuteness in her and it also enhances the underdog effect though.

Cocona's boobs are unironically more appealing than Oni's.

I'm actually falling in love with Ichigo

I like them both!

>breast envy
Stop it user, my dick can only ge so erect

If her and Hiro doesn't work out she can always settle for me ;)


Stop posting, Ichigo. Or do I have to post the pastebin?

>My wife
Yuri confirmed.

Even the show official character listing cucks her though.

>Fear of being killed
>Sat right next to her at the beginning of episode 5
Guess they just forgot about that.


>Insecure and look up to Hiro
>Talk trash to and about Hiro from the very beginning of the show

He is consistent.
The only problem here is your brain.

What does that have to do with 02?

You don't understand Mitsuru characteristic, user.

What characteristic? Him being afraid of 02 like the chart says?

Him wanting to disguise his perceived weakness in public by acting in opposite.

Prove that such a thing exists and I'll consider it.

Mitsuru seems pretty good at separating personal feelings from work. He let squad 26 do the fighting for him despite his pride, and he will sit at the table when told to even if scary Oni is there. Its not like she cared about anyone at the table besides Hiro anyway.

true, if only he wasn't so fixated on his one-sided rivalry with Hiro
Mitsuru has plenty of potential to develop into even a bigger asshole or a decent guy who could become second in command. Kinda looking forward to see where they will go with him

You really want to make this girl cry?


Yes, I want to make her cry from the pleasure of being cummed inside



I don't know who I should throw my bags with.
I like Oni and Ichi but I can't handle getting played again.

Someone posted this on fb, what did he mean?

hand holding

But it's impossible. Hiro is cheating?

shut fuck ichigo


She's thinking quality not quantity

?Dear Orog,

>Thank you for your questions. I'll try to answer both in turn. The more troublesome quandry is a classic one that is often mishandled even by the most experienced (mothers with rowdy children will know what I mean!). The key to removing stains from pasta sauce from white clothing is to wet the area immediately with cold water but the trick is to ensure that you don't end up soaking the stain into the surrounding cloth. Ugh! What a mess! Lemon juice does indeed work but only on smaller stains, and who has lemon juice handy on a moment's notice, as you so wisely point out. Then simply blot the moisture with a clean white cloth. Of course, the classic joke about solving pasta or blood stains on clothing is to simply wear red. Just kidding!

> Your second question is much simpler to answer and not as big a deal as you fear. "Whew! What a relief!" you must be thinking. Your guess that your friend had simply grabbed the first pair of underwear she saw in the nearest hamper when she rushed to strip off her messy clothes is no doubt the correct answer. When a lady is in a hurry to save expensive clothes, whether it's men's boxer-briefs, granny panties, or just a towel(!) is not a concern when it means saving a white leotard or heaven help us, that favorite little coctail dress we ladies all looked forward to wearing! A final piece of unsolicited advice I'll squeeze in is that she seems old enough to clean her own room to begin with, so don't worry so much about picking up after her...don't sweat it! You're a great friend who she's lucky to have and we gals are always looking for a man who can make our hearts flutter and still find time to pick up around the house.

> -Agony user