Where did everything go so right?

Where did everything go so right?

I feel like this is the worst example possible when people are shit talking miura. the best girl cannot be badly drawn, she is just that good.

>faggots enjoying right pic over left one
Nuke Cred Forums already

Do you guys think Misty Valley will ever get a proper adaptation. I just want a good complete adaptation of berserk to happen. Miura can stop drawing, since he obviously doesn't want to, and just hand them an outline for the ending.

nice reading comprehension and quoting.

She now looks like an alien.

>7 more days till next chapter
Will Casca finally regain her memories? Or will Miura stretch a couple more chapters. Will Judeau be helping Schierke and Farnese to regain Casca's final piece.

You know the answer. Miura is going to stretch this for longer than you and I will be alive.

No. Miura will cuck us from a healed Casca.


idolmaster was a mistake

No she won't and no Miura will not "stretch" anything because he's gonna take as long as this 20 years old plot needs to be to wrap up in an impactful and satisfying way. If you can't handle the wait you can always stop reading now and take the parody comic where elf king goes shazam as the definitive ending.


pretty soon they'll be stick figures

The reason I don't really care about this is because Miura is obviously saving his strength for when it really matters. The most recent chapter looked really good. Berserk obviously isn't as consistent as it used to be, but it still hits highs.



>it looks really good

Sea God arc looked better.
Lost Children arc looked better.
Conviction arc looked better.
Troll Sex arc looked best.

Why are her eyes so weird in the 2015 version? She looks like a reptilian :/

Miura forgot how to draw after the hiatus.


Why is Luca so pure?

The word you're looking for is 'experienced'.


Male characters look fine

Miura goes overboard with the cuteness factor for the females. I feel he is into moe and wants to create a cute manga but he is trapped with berserk

Miura gets a pass from me because he’s not as experienced in digital as he is with traditional , the backgrounds are still flat out amazing, and most importantly because at least he’s publishing again.

He did a few hand drawn images for that one spinoff novel about that apostle Grunbeld. He’s still got it.

He literally just said that it doesn't look better but still looks good. Can you read? Can you comprehend the English language?


Ancient anime characters looked like actual humans. Interesting. What went wrong?

Pre HRT vs post HRT

Are you his maid or something? user was just joking around.The joke is kinda true tho,unlike Togashi who has legitimate issue,Miura just take break whenever he wants for seemingly no reasons.And the healing Casca thing has been running for a few years at this point.


she had strong eyebrows before, now she is weak

dat :3

I like both of them. The only bad drawing of Luca off the top of my head is that one bathing scene, where it looks like she has a granny arm.

>he ruined Luca

The last nail in the coffin.

>there are people on Cred Forums that have been around less time than literally who characters from berserk

>best girl is literally a prostitute
How does Miura do it?

>Miura in 2027 after he's finally finished with Berk
>Makes a fluffy Mahou Shoujo that's literally just magical girls battling against cute Toriyama-esque monsters with lots of worldbuilding as to why things are the way they are, but without any edge or cruelty

How likely

>crossboarder faggots
berserk threads are the worst

Are you daft? How can it look good when it looks worse in comparison to everything else?

What the fuck is this thing? I haven't read Berserk for a long time.

Keep it that way.

It was her? Holy fuck. I know Miura got old and isn't in his prime anymore but didn't realize his art became that terrible.

To be fair Farnese became terrible ever since she cut her hair.