You see your thirteen year old daughter carrying a strange baby and then this guy comes up to you and says she's really...

You see your thirteen year old daughter carrying a strange baby and then this guy comes up to you and says she's really been helping him out. How do you respond?

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So she's babysitting. There's no response to be had at all, I did half the neighborhood when I was her age too.

>I did half the neighborhood when I was her age too.

So you're 26 then?

I already resigned myself to this when she wanted to join the cheerleading squad.






Pls delete this and restart the thread.

I want to live together with Homare, just support her without any unfair demands.






>When you're not gay but your new friend totally is

Where's that fine art for young ladies brain picture.

I'll in due time


So this is the future?

The mum is ok but it's not Miyuki's or Ichika's mum.

Hana's dad is where it's at.

I want to carry lots of strange babies with this girl here.

One thing Hugtto is still lacking to be perfect is cool insert songs like Shining Star, Heart to Heart or Heart Goes On, but there's still time for that.

And Ganbalance de Dance as the second ending.

I actually sort of wish they did that just so we could have it as a 3D dance

Honoka is Saaya's mom. Nagisa is Homare's mom.

Would be nice, but they won't age up and give kids to Cures they might have crossover with.
And a certain obnoxious big friends group would be upset.

That implies they're now Yakushiji Honoka and Kagayaki Nagisa.

They could just subtlety imply it.

Actually, that is pretty fitting surnames, even if Kagayaki Nagisa sounds funny.

>Nagisa is terrible at parenting so Homare isn't home most of the time dressing like a slut and going wherever she wants
I can see it
Yes, this is now canon


So is the teased pairing this year gonna be Homare x Harry? Because I can dig it.

Actually it's Homare x me

Oh, are you a cute, fluffy hamster?

I'm a cute, fluffy rat

Good enough. Carry on then.

Well I was over at the used Japanese bookstore near my place the other day and I happen to find these guys. Sorry if the picture quality is terrible, I don't take them very often.

>When you exist solely to fuck with your sister


Unrelated but I got these as well.

>Incest is wincest
Doujins when?

>tags: incest, femdom, exhibitionism, yuri, cheerleader

She came so far.

/our sword/

>sekaiju traveler

Precure threads were never good.

My brother from a different time.

Precure threads were always good


>Glasses cure

Where is Ako?

Kig JAV when?

I hope she gets savagely ravaged by massive cavemen in the Condiment doujins

Fuck off

>massive cavemen
Hey, they can't be bigger than her dad.

>Black Mirror.jpg

I want a doujin where Harry and Hana's dad doubleteam the company GILF (general I'd like to fuck)


I want doujins of Hana's dad fucking imouto while mom hugs Hana trying to scape from reality in the other room.

>only one dot
What could it mean

Episode 48: Hug-tan's dying?!

I want a doujin where Hana is sexually torturing her imouto by jamming her fat futari cock into her mouth for always smugging at her for everytime she wanted a hug from mama.

In the end, I want porn of all of them.


Will Truck-kun become Precure?

/pc/ is dead.

You don't want porn of all of them from the beginning? Weird.

I miss Mana's cock.


Wow, some guy in Pixiv really likes H M R

I need an emotional connection first.

We can all relate to HMR on a fundamental level
Aloof, asocial, dreaming underachiever that likes cute things

Its YuYuXPhantom again.

Himari, dude

That's a good point. Before I get a connection, I don't truly want porn of them, I only want porn of "the new Precure".

She also picks fights with drunkards and runs in front of trucks.

Why is Yuu^2 such a dogfucker?


Please don't tell me purple bad girl will become the fourth Cure

She most certainly will.

In a twist of the usual formula, they'll kidnap her and hack her so the she works for the good guys

Sasuga Saaya


I don't know if this is more effective than turning her off and on again.

Already confirmed by the toys sounds.

It actually makes sense.

I want to turn Lulu on.

Why? She's very cute.

>Hating Yukarin

Do the VAs have any influence on the personalities or design of Cures they voice? Yukarin being the purple is too perfect.

Yeah, but "kill her and then revive her as a Cure" was already done with Setsuna

>Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa? (Andrez Bergen, 2013)
I clapped.


I'm ready to die now.

>Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa?
I hate in your face references.

But in how many episodes?

Episode 5

early 20s probably

Why has Ange only shielded so far? Did she take the Hippocratic Oath?

Kira Kira wasn't really my cup of tea, but MakoP singing stupid food puns still fills me with sweet joy.

What is that bunny doing?

Poptepicfags trying to shove their shit everywhere are the worst

PTE is here to stay.






Angekig looks amazing.




>tfw u enter in a precure thread by mistake
h-how i do leave?

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave

Fuck off.

You don't.

I am watch Heartcatch as my first series because i was told it's the best precure by this thread and it's terrible so far. Boring and formulaic victim of the week, the animation is good at least. Then suddenly a promo for Kamen Rider W popped up out of nowhere and that show did VOTW 10x better than Heartcatch. What series should i try next or are they just as boring as Heartcatch?


What is /krg/?

So, did I miss out on anything skipping the last Maho and Kira Kira?

Kindly take this (You) and remove thyself from the premises

Not much, just sexy Liko and Pekolin

You missed the worst season and a season nobody watched because the previous season was so bad.

You lose my respect. Hope you can live with that.



-Haruno Haruka, 2015

Hugtto Precure? What is that?
THIS is the real 2018 Precure.

Suteeki wa suteki

We Heartcatch now

This whole thing is very mid-2000s.

I'm alone. The park is for myself. Yay.

I'm unironically enjoying this more than I've enjoyed some Precure episodes.


>Hugtan toys receiving bad reviews
>poorly designed switch for "feeding", which, if you force it too much, can collapse the thing's face
Sasuga Ban-fucking-dai


This is the equivalent spic animation of Gohan Blanco?

You missed Ha-chan.

It begins

That's a creepy dad.

I want to marry this fairy.

Her big butt is the hope of all humanity.


I can feel a lot of asspower


Harry will pund that ass.


More like Nyan Neko Sugar Girls.

Is the new precure better than maho and kira?

Yeah, I think Precure's back.

>I did half the neighborhood when I was her age too.
Only half?

Not if you compare the first three episodes.

I guess it's only natural it would happen if shove rocks in it's face.

God what a blast from the past

Sounds like a cleft palate? If only there was a Doc McStuffins sort of precure character. Buki is for real creatures, not sewn together ones.


>that mouth

Face looks kind of like a butt.

I really hope they cut the group transformation in a way where they don't GYUUUUUU nine times.

It's fucking 3 episodes in and Maho and Kira weren't even bad.

>Maho and Kira weren't even bad.

Maho was at least better than kira so there's that.

>They'll go GYUUUUU at least fifteen times when all five cures are gathered

I'm looking forward to Homare's gyuus

>Everyone hates Kira^2 now
I can't wait for everyone to love it in another year or two.

Good luck, it didn't happen with maho and it won't happen with kira because nobody watched it.

You guys know that we're getting 5 Cures, right? Amore is Yukarin and Macherie is Hug-tan.

Enjo Kosai Precure when?

I don't think I'll ever be able to stop humming Shubidubi Sweets Time.

You know they have the same nanori, right? They won't be both out at the same time.

Absolutely based

There will be six acutally, Purple. Red and Hugtan being the extra in White.

The new generations will watch them as they marathon through the series, I leave the future of Precure in their hands.

Even twistier twist of the usual formula: Lulu steals and hacks a PreHeart to get Cure powers, but without switching sides.

I'd love if the both of them do a combined call-out as a tribute to Black and White.

Maho was and still is shitposted by retarded GoPri fans. Doki, Happiness Charge and GoPrincess were the low point of the franchise, Maho finally saved it.


HaCha, GoPri, and especially Doki are all much better than Maho. Then Kira came along and managed to be even worse than Maho.

>3 best season in a row
>low point in the franchise

Sales and viewership are not now, nor have they ever been, a valid indicator of perceived quality. Those numbers are entirely dependent on the economy. A tsunami wrecking everything doesn't make your movie bad either.

How bad was Kira actually? I only managed to watch three episodes (with more than half a year between the second and third), and they seemed pretty good.


Kira's first five episodes were the best part of the whole season. It's just really underwhelming.

It was great and did the best it could with its theme. Arcs were distinct and well-defined and despite the whole cakebeam action style, movement was actually fairly creative.



No they are not. Maho was a good series, not a great one, with a couple of big problems. It wasn't a clusterfuck like Doki or HapCha or bland and soulless like GoPrincess.

Good thing I'm not talking about sales. I'm talking about the quality of the shows.


Kirakira was good and I miss it already.

Nah, episode 10-23 was the pinnacle, then we got a few good ones here and there, but the overall quality never recovered.

You're mentally challenged. I can see why maho had so much appeal to you.

B-but muh Mahomen!
You're all Heartcasuals, Dokidiots and GoPricks I swear.

I'm sorry you don't like being wrong. You can go back to hugging your security blanket now.

I leave /pc/ for a year and you're still here making the exact same shitposts? I can't even tell if I'm surprised or not.

You didn't have to give me two (yous) dude. I see maho salt is still real.

Can't spell DOKI without OK.

You just quoted two different people but whatever. I don't post often in these threads.

>calls GoPri soulless

Is precure saved?

Doki literally saved Precure on Cred Forums.

Don't look at the archive, he's been making the same posts for almost 3 years now.

Doki is a top 3 Precure season.

Every post here is original

>not bland and soulless
yeah, you're full of shit. that series is infamous for having 2 out of 3 of the main characters have literally no defined personality whatsoever, and villains so pathetic they make smile blush.

I want to rape Hime

GoPri > Doki > Maho > the rest > Max Heart

come back when you've seen more than 4 seasons

I love my princesses and doki but you should still fuck off.


Lulu will voice like this:

>"With all that in mind, though, let me just state outright at the beginning that overall for me Mahou Tsukai is probably among the top three of the PreCure seasons that I enjoy "

Score: B+


Score: 7.07

>"Mahou Tsukai was my first "real" introduction to the Pretty Cure series and it gave me a good impression."

Final Rating: 6.98 (7)

>"Mahou Tsukai PreCure is one of my top 3 entries in the franchise so far alongside Suite and DokiDoki!.The magical girl and wizardy combination won me over instantly, the cast are delightful, the mascot and infant are some of the franchise’s best and the vintage Cure action is as good as always. Highly recommended to PreCure fans and magical girl enthusiasts."


>"There was a fear that Maho Girls PreCure! wouldn’t be able to live up to its predecessor, Go! Princess PreCure. For me, I definitely feel that it has surprassed it. For those who are keen on magical girl and fantasy genres, Maho Girls PreCure! is well worth watching."

Score: 9/10

Threadly reminder that Maho being bad is just a meme and that it's actually the best series in the franchise.

Actually those are the only three I haven't seen, so I've seen 11 seasons of Pretty Cure.

GoPrincess has no originality or creativity. Maho was new and fresh and had something called personality. GoPrincess brought nothing new to the franchise, it was a soulless husk of a season and there's absolutely zero reason to watch it as opposed to any other season. What reason is there to recommend GoPri to someone? It has no defining trait and other seasons does what it does better.

Infamous to retards maybe. Mirai is bland, she is the blandest pink we've ever had. Liko, Haa, and Mofurun are great and make up for her. Meanwhile in GoPrincess we have Haruharu, better than Mirai but still a super standard pink, discount Nozomi. Minami, a boring character that is just a copy of Karen with all the heat taken away. Kirara, the one actually kind of different and interesting lead. Towa, a bland retread of things done with Setsuna, Ellen and Regina. And boring fairies.

Neither season had good villains. Shut was great, Lock was pretty good, Close sucked, Dyspear sucked, Stop and Freeze weren't even characters. Sparda sucked, Shakince sucked, Benigyo hardly did anything, Labut was okay, Gamets was okay, Yamoh was great after he went crazy, Batty was pretty good and Orba was the best evil minion we've had since Joker.

>trusting myanimelist
>trusting reviews from people who've never seen a precure season before
>trusting reviews from a wordpress called "yurination"
>implying appeal to popularity/authority are valid ways of judging quality
>especially from internet "critics"

Has this been expanded yet.

>Maho was new and fresh and had something called personality
uh, no. it's at best a rehash of magical girl cliches that have been done to death since the 1960s.
>liko, haa and mofurun are great
no, liko's okay at best, haa is both annoying and devoid of personality, and mofurun is devoid of personality.

>Sparda sucked, Shakince sucked, Benigyo sucked, Labut sucked, Gamets sucked, Yamoh sucked, Batty sucked and Orba sucked.


Maho is scored lower and less popular than a lot of other seasons on mal though.

> What reason is there to recommend GoPri to someone?

the point still stands, popularity =/= quality.

GoPri is a sakugafest, so there's that reason.

I want to fuck Minami so bad.

"I'm a retard".

Fixed. And wow, you've identified that magical girl shows today take a lot of influence from past shows. Bravo. Maho meanwhile did a bunch of things that hadn't been done yet in Precure. While GoPrincess did nothing that hadn't been done yet.

There's no point in responding to this dude, it's been the same argument for a while now.

Thanks for the ear rape Makopi.

People just don't like the sacred cow of GoPrincess being criticized.

You make the same stupid shitposts every time and nobody ever agrees. Just neck yourself, maho was shit.

>Close sucked
Now that is rude.
GoPri had the third best villian trio after Fresh and HaCha.
Also, while Towa is a worse Setsuna, what are you saying about others isn't exactly right. Haruharu, while similar to Nozomi in general, is a completly different character, who had her dream from the start, was more hard working, and is a kind of a baka who relies on her power. She also doesn't have comparable leader capabilities. Their character arcs in the show are completely different too.
With Minamin, I must say that her spin on being an oujo was more interesting than Karen's. We got shown how hard it was to choose a dream for her and how her life was influenced by her family. All that made her character arc much better and more fun to watch.
Aroma, Pafu and Shamour weren't bad or annoying too, unlike half of the fairies, so that's a plus.
In the end, I'd say that even if GoPri characters weren't too original, show used them quite well.

>Maho meanwhile did a bunch of things that hadn't been done yet in Precure.
So did Doki, HaCha and Kira^2.
None of those are good shows.

Found GoPrick

Maho did a lot of "new" things for Precure, and mostly did them poorly. The excellent movie and finale don't really make up for the rest of it.
Conversely GoPri did a standard Precure story really well.
Execution > Innovation

Besides, Pafu was cute as fuck, and Aroma was worth it just for the, "A talking parrot!" joke.

Maho freaks me out because Riko is the only one with some personality. It's like everyone else around her are soulless puppets.

>After Fresh and HaCha

Okay, see I agree with Fresh but HaCha? I would put almost every other villain trio above them. Haruharu just isn't special or interesting, the one thing I really liked from her was when she regained her dream in episode 39 after realizing that she doesn't need Kanata or anyone's approval. I don't think she's a bad character, just other pinks are better or different. I still didn't find Minami an engaging character, but I'll agree with you about her struggle.

When I got into Precure around the beginning of HaCha /pc/ was shitting on Doki how bad it was.
Later I watched Doki and it was fucking great.
I don't listen to /pc/ since then.

Your point would stand if you were right. But you're not. Maho did do everything well and GoPrincess did plenty of things poorly, GoPrincess had a shitty brainwashing plot that has been done to death in Precure and it had the same problem Heartcatch did back with Sabaaku. When Sabaaku's mask was destroyed the character was gone and Yuri's father was completely back to normal, there was no real struggle for Yuri's father before or after. And Twilight's ideals as a princess and her contrast against Flora was never really resolved either, Twilight turned back into Towa, the character of Twilight was instantly dead and there wasn't near as much reflection by Towa afterwards as there was like with Setsuna and Ellen. GoPrincess later had an absolutely retarded amnesia plot with Kanata too. Everything about Dyspear was just an inferior version of previous villains like Noise etc.

The finale is terrible and doesn't make any sense, the seeds Close planted when he came back to life should've been saved for the finale but that plot point was resolved too early so suddenly the finale starts and Dyspear is able to just take over the world and go into an incredibly powerful form even though it doesn't make any sense.

Hugtto made me appreciate a new fetish.

>Maho did do everything well

Enough, please.

Maho was "bad" only because Toei fucked up and didn't have enough people to draw it properly.

It has worse problems than just being an ugly season.

Lonely Hearts trio is one of the few things HaCha did right. They are loveable, cute, fun and they had great interactions with each other. Fresh one is the only better trio.
HC trio were complete shit, being bland and having like two good episodes in the whole show during the last cour.
Suite trio weren't even characters until the second half of the show and even then the only good thing that happened with them is that one plot twist.
Smile and Doki trios are bland, but Smile one were fun and worked because of the nature of the show and Doki one had great aesthetic.

GoPri was fun to watch every week. Maho was not.
Maho's plot was so boring I don't even remember it. The villains were even worse. The only memorable thing about any of them was lizard dude convincing himself boney wasn't dead. I can't name any of them.

Take out all the "Precure" stuff and make Maho about Mirai going to magic school and it might be decent, but even then the show's idea of the fantastical is frozen satsumas.

It didn't stop Fresh from being one of the best seasons, if not the best.
You weren't there when Doki was airing.
Also, it's not Doki that is great, it's sucking Mana's cock that is great.

It was perfect. People only complain because they didn't get flashy action. /pc/ is full of DBSfags.

>/pc/ is full of DBSfags.

pc was here before maho and dbs were a thing you fucking mongoloid. It doesn't matter how many times you repeat this you're still wrong.

Most people would probably put the HC trio higher but I actually kind of agree with you there, they were really underdeveloped but Kumojacky was still pretty entertaining. I think Trio the Minor are actually really underrated, yeah they're furniture for like the first 8 episodes but I think they really improve once they start. Bad End Generals in Smile were fantastic whenever they were together for an episode, individually they were kind of just okay.

I agree, the HaCha trio was fun stuff, they don't get enough recognition.

>It didn't stop Fresh from being one of the best seasons, if not the best.
Because Fresh had fucking Rie "kino" Matsumoto. You can't say it lacked talented staff.

>It was perfect. People only complain because they didn't get flashy action.
Now that is delusional.

I think I'll make a different version for each episode, though I could add a few faces from ep 2 in that one



I'm still kind of upset she never directed a season afterwards.
Then again, if fucking Satojun can come back anything's possible.

it begins

I wish I didn't go back to being a neet. At least I have the gopri and all the pinks acrylic things

He's so obsessed with his Rikka x Makopi pairing...

Does he think Ange is like their gaybaby or something
Is he gonna hold out until they reveal the purple Cure to begin shipping them?



I like it, no homo

I'm gonna need a source, user.

If she feels like it.
I think it was right to let Rie go so she can do whatever she wants. Even though it was a great loss for Precure.


Nao's hunk dad needs to be in there too.

What if I told you I drew it?



How do I get as good as you

Super amazing

>Hamster's sperms is known to be able to penetrate and inseminate human eggs.


But, will widedad fight evil minions?

I'd say you need to add more to that picture. Or link to an account of yours. Or both.

Thoughts on this guy?

PLOT TWIST: Dad work on villian company.

He's going to die soon

She will learn to use her shields to crush thing in time.

I wouldn't mind seeing him gain a more goofy side.

He wiil be FIRED soon.


I'm still mad Hosshiwa and Namakelder didn't end up together. They really seemed to be playing that up.

I disagree with Doki though, Bel was fucking amazing pretty much every time he showed up, and Marmo was pretty great too. I could take or leave Ira but he had his moments.

Needs an interesting personality.

Draw more later, pls
Fun and has potential.

He has good moves.

Personally I think that Smile's generals were very memorable even design wise, probably because they were fundamentally easy and "archetypical" as in old witch, fursona , rapist clown etc.

>Yell: Close fcombat
>Ange: Sheild
>Etoile Range combat
>Hugtan : Beam spam?
Yukarin Cure:???

>The beta Karateka
>The Wide big chad guy

Etoile is beamspam going by the OP

Hug-tan will be the hariham holder and Yukarin will be pink support.

Hagutan buffs the team with stored-up milk so they can beat the second-tier badguys.

>yfw the leaks are a ruse by Toei

Why the fuck hasn't itaoka drawn the huggtos yet.


Reminds me I wanted to make a Chad parody with the dad and some beta data, thanks!

Well I saw that image of ichika's dad being afraid of Hana's so I give it a go too. Maybe I'll draw Nao's dad in the future, he seems a bit popular at pixiv too.

I'm not good by any means. I just started drawing a month and a half ago so can't say much. I always wanted to draw some little girls too.

I have a nsfw blog. But mostly degenerate bara stuff. Thinking of opening an hetero one in the future since I swing both ways anyway.

I can draw a few sketches if you guys have any suggestions I guess?

>that dance when he summons a monster

Fresh cures are fucking jelly.

Maybe he's busy with exactly that. Drawing the Hugttos for the actual show.

Never fails to make me laugh.

>a month and a half ago

I want to die

>enjoy happiness charge
>suddenly megumi steals the focus
>megumi even steals the final battle
it's shit fampai

Sketch Yuko holding out a heart shaped rice ball and shyly explaining how it's made to the yellow from Kira I forget her name, who is also acting very shy and having impure thoughts about her cooking senpai.



Himeness Charge was the best.

I never noticed the disappearing legs on the next shot until now, just the heads in the first part.

Fresh is a gift that keeps on giving.

Fresh was amazing

Post a link to the degenerate bara blog please.

There's something new every time you watch Fresh.


What did they mean by this?

What the fuck

Imagine sitting behind him at a Precure movie.

Thought folks said Hana was gonna be a chunni, very light one if at all.

At least it's not like Doremi, every 5 episodes there's a cutoff, I mean, the anime was pretty expressive and well animated, but the frequency of this stuff is kinda baffling after some time.
I wonder if it looked normal on an actual CRT at the time, so they never noticed during production.

literally my fetish


All ready and waiting for motherhood

Is Miki the only Cure who occasionally changed hairstyle?

And there are people who don't like Splash Star.

Both her hair and clothes.

I miss her so much.

Doremi had the excuse of being one of the earliest digital shows Toei did.

Maybe she'll show up in the next Stars movie.



It's not that bad, we have dank Fate memes.


>villains trying to steal the future by stopping time
Hugtto continues to shamelessly rip off the Splash Star movie.
Ganbalance when?

Do I have to watch anything before start with hugtto?


>Yukarin Cure:???

Buffs, debuffs, and enemy scans

[ ] Every previous Precure season.
[ ] Everything the creative staff has ever worked on before.
[ ] Everything the voice actors have ever worked on before.


Wow, this doesnt bode well.

I was not going to watch previus seasons anyways

>tumblr and VLC
What type of power is this

What if they pull a Pripara on us and she's actually a dude?

not expecting it but i can hope

Watch Totally Spies first.

Fuck off

I have no idea of mahou shoujo bruh

>brainwashing for good

Cure Tender is easy.

And 22. Her turn will be the climax of the first half of the season. Hugtan will be restored around 34.

Aside from talking funny, he is a completely generic villain.

Why does such a great artist have to be such a cuck

That's fucking amazing.

Liked and subscribed.




Poor Ribbon.

>tfw The blanco meme happend
Cure Blanca WHEN TOEI?


Are you implying that that user is the creator? I really don't think so.
It's probably just a teen girl, and judging from the episode, she's too pure to even know this place.
> No using Blanca instead of white.


Evil cake when?

When the tanned fuckboy bites it.

I liked his scenes this episode. Hope he gets a few more like that before the forces of good brutally murder him.

She deserved to be in a better season.


Yeah yeah. Let's say that I got baited and will watch the whole thing. Will I find out that this is only entertaining scene?

And have her cuck the Pink in that show, fuck that! Good thing Mana doesn't put up with any of that shit.


>Three girls fighting against upper management of immoral corporation who want to steal the feature from working-class people.
>These three girls are going to school and taking care of the baby.
>This show encourages family values, education and collective
What is this communist shit

Ok I'm going to sleep

What these two characters have in common?

alas. it was not to be

I need this to happen in the actual show. Imouto with a doll of her sister's secret alter-ego would make Hana go insane.

Yandere imouto when?

I'd settle for her just becoming a fan. Maybe a Yell keychain on her bag.
>she's so strong and cool
>not like you, onee-chan, you're just a big baby
>and that's how you do asymmetrical bangs
>not lame like yours
>aahh, I wish she were my onee-chan instead!
>oh well, a girl can dream

They've seen some shit

>yfw She at of show will be married and Pregnant .



How gay do you like your precures on a scale from Doki to HaCha?

With her love of tech I hope we get to see Saaya get really excited when it 's revealed to the precure team that Lulu is an android.

anyone have that infographic of all the precure shows?

Doki except with more tongue.

She will have to examine Lulu thoroughly.

Lulu is the android 18 of Precure?



Since she's a shield specialist, the bad guys could try to hack Lulu and Saaya could make a firewall or something, right?

the fuck is this

No, you won't.
It has a decent amount of fun, but especially so with this one villian. Michiru and Kaoru subplot is great too.


>not just clicking the Huggle button yourself
>[Material] [PreCure] successive TV series title logo (2004-2018) aspect ratio of the design of the related product because the aspect ratio became the value of the old feeling also change a hunch

They've both voiced Bulma?


Those look very nice! Are you planning to scan any of these? I really love the chibi books you got!

What’s the name of the store? I wish we had a Japanese store here where I live! There’s no Kinokuniya either!

I bet she smells great.


I want to smell all three of them so far

Okay user sorry for being late. Is something like this ok? super rough stuff.

I'm sorry I won't post the link here but you can check rule34 I have post a lot of my shitty art there. Is mostly dangan ronpa stuff.

You're alright, anonymous. Thanks for the cute pic.


But that's a beetle

>Precure used to be good

I guess they do all sort of look like ladybirds. I just wish he hadn't messed up the "named after the thing we wear on our head" theme they had going on.

Megumi has cellulite

That's fucking amazing, by the way.


Not the real Megumi

The real Megumi has something worse.

Don't forget the stay at home dad.

Pafu sounds like she should have big, soft tits.

I hope you have Sweet Dreams filled with cute girls!!

Rape Hime in the ass!

Seems accurate