Hunter x Hunter

Best crew coming in.

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The Pitou thread is better.

That's not the Phantom Jobbers.

Cammy is a thot and Feitan could beat Meruem in a 1v1

Rihan SOON

I'm thinking about adding a "Less complicated shit" section to the right for all the other characters on the ship.
Any suggestions for this thing before I start working on it again?

the one on the left of Musse is a conjurer and his hatsu lets him conjure a piece of wood that talks to him but only him and it's name is Plank

So Ben10 will really get 14 different powers at the end of this shit? That sounds VERY OP, Ben100 when?

No, the who on the left is a transmuter with electric powers and we call him Cole MacGrath

He's only got ten fingers you dolt.
Ben10 indeed.

I'm not sure if the timetable on the top part is really necessary.

A lot of us presume that he can only hold three at once, but there's the possibility of a hidden star, behind his finger. And maybe his other hand.

Are we really sure about the finger thing, even then, OP as balls.

Someone else appreciated it though.

Having multiple subordinates scattered through the Princes is a lot better than just having a couple of abilities in your barrel.

Through in some confused Gons. You know the ones.

>Basho's description isn't just a pithy haiku about how he's gonna get SPIDERED
You're doing good work, user, but don't forget where you came from.

Both good ideas.

>On paper, hax hatsu
>Useless in reality
>Food for the Spider

remember to vote.

6-7-5, but very nice attempt.

Man, I know Basho from a time before Hatsus had really been hammered out and all, but even so he has a weird ability. He's not really like the normal Conjuror; I guess he Conjured those flames or some bullshit. We need to see Basho in action and see what he can really do. Unfortunately, I just know Nobu ain't gonna let him finish that haiku.

Come on, guys. The power of love always triumph.

Why does Nobunaga have the smallest En we've seen in the series? Is it just case of power creep?

Damn it, how did I not notice the first line?

>Avoided them once
>But not enough luck for twice
>Only Spider food

Killua's is smaller.

Why wouldn't he just have a star for each finger?

Guys, why Shonen Jump directors don't allow Togashi to just go monthly? What's the point in capturing him in regular Jump when it's obvious he can't keep up. There must be a good reason for that

4m is his reach with his sword. If you enter it, you're dead

Meruem and Welfin were unaffected by Pouf's manipulation scales. Meleoron + Komugi were also unaffected by it when they were hiding in there and had to be knocked out by Meruem.

And the most famous example that always triggers the fuck out of you -Killua resisting Illumi's influence.

Your only "argument" against the former is pretending that he wasn't using Nen and that "i-i-it's just hypnosis, it doesn't count" and your only "argument" against the latter is... literally nothing.

I think if he did go monthly the art would look better

Weekly pays better? I get the feeling Togashi has a lot of influence at Jump so if he wanted to go to a monthly format, he would have already.

*+ Knuckle

You are half correct. It is only a consequence of you thinking that the last few chapters were a ""snoozefest"" (because there's no Chrollo in them, and you find the plot too complicated to understand = it's bad). So since you can't keep up with the intellectually demanding discussion about the prince intrigues, you instead shitposting about Meruem/Nen, pretend Pitou is a male, post unfunny anti-Hisoka memes and insult HxH in general.

Everyone else loves this arc.

Hype sells volumes better, and it’s easier to hype up a 10 chapter return than keep that momentum going month by month. The excitement of knowing HxH is back alone sells fucktons of volumes as spur of the moment things. It’s likely more cost effective for them to hype up a single volume a year from their most popular magazine than 3 a year from a less popular one. Also Togashi is really influential in Jump, so if he wanted to go monthly he likely would have already.

2m is the average for most nen users. Killua himself only has an en of that size.

Did you seriously cross link a post from 6 hours ago to try and restart the same autistic arguments we've been plagued with for a week now?

Fuck off. Nobody cares about your hateboner with manipulation abilities.

>Nen beats

glad to see HxH is a JoJo ripoff now.

>finding something to be boring is the same as not understanding
Leave to a dumbass to believe there's a correlation between the two.

>2m is the average for most nen users


Well fuck. So would nen beats be EDM or hip-hop?

They’re more Berserk than JoJo considering most of them are dick or pussy monsters.

I would have argued that three weeks ago, but after Cummy turned out to be a Specialist with an InstaKill ability and Benji turned out to be yet another ability copycat, I have no doubt that we'll have "Time Skipping" (meaning: do whatever you feel like doing) and "Bring stuff to live" (meaning: do whatever you feel like doing) abilities or some other equivalent nonsense from NuTogashi before the series is over.

>people still don’t get King Crimson
Gold Experience at least I’ll give you.

What he means is that to be "En" it has to be 2m and Nobu can only do twice that. Kaito mentioned that seasoned pros can do about 50m, while he himself could do 45.

Like mentioned, Killua's was too small to be even be classified as En. But yeah, Nobu is certainly lacking.

In that pic we get a good look at his thumb and there's nothing and no room to have it hidden.

Not that guy, but even without the meme translation and general dislike for Part 5. Diavalo and KC are arguably one of the worst final bosses within Jojo. And I'm including Us having to settle for alt-Diego instead of ending with Valentine's death.

Togashi could set fire to Jump headquarters, kill every intern there, and fuck his bosses up their ass and Shonen Jump would let him. The dude has the most insane contract in all of manga. Togashi just doesn't want to go monthly and it's not like it would matter, anyway. Togashi wouldn't buck up, he'd still release ~208 pages a year, regardless of how long individual chapters are.

Pika is already skipping time to his death

Togashi has always been pretty consistent with what goes into a Hatsu and Cammy's thing really doesn't stray very far from it. Everyone is caught up on the dying aspect when it's just a condition like Feitan's.

They operate pretty damned differently and we've seen zero punch ghosts so far. And the designs are a lot better. I never liked how most Stands were just dudes.

People without stands can see them though, plus a shitter was able to kill someone with a stand

No, 50m is the domain of "masters".

En tier list:
Killua: 57cm
Nobu: 4m
Babimyna: ~20m
Pouf: ??m (Could cover the upper floor of East Gorteau's Palace
Kite: ~45m
"Masters": 50m
Zeno: 300m
Pitou: Kilometers

Not sure how to rank Meruem.

>Not sure how to rank Meruem.
Like everything else he's broken-tier since by the end of the series he was converting his aura into Photons or something like that.

I loved that after all that bravado, the next panel is Gon and Killua getting away.

King Crimson was fine, it was more Araki being depressed at the time and having them beat him metaphorically with Requiem. The setup with the Arrow was good, the fight over the Arrow was good, but once Giorno got the Arrow it just ends and it feels like a couple chapters are missing and King Crimson is left with an unsatisfying conclusion.

Can Babimyna beat Nobu?

It makes sense in the setting why most are humanoid since you don’t construct your own ability like in HxH but rather get one based on your psyche and what fate feels like that day, but I get that complaint. He’s gotten a lot more out there with Stand designs in the past decade at least. The Nen Beasts are all pretty unique, although some definitely feel like fodder.

Which ones would you say feel like fodder?
Frog Wheels is an obvious one.

Depends on his counter-type ability, I guess. Nobu's a one-slice one-kill sort of guy, so if he has something like Feitan does, it won't save him. If he incidentally has a death activated one like Cammy, then Nobu's up a creek.

Endless standoff.
Babi would wait for Nobu to violate the NAP so he can use his counter hatsu.
Nobu would wait for Babi to enter the 4 meters so he can perfectly cut him down.

Maybe it's a condition.

Pitou is my wife

I'm sorry for your loss.

>Why does Nobunaga have the smallest En we've seen in the series?
>He's not a master
>he settled on that range since it fit his sword
>Togashi hadn't introduced a great need for En
>his smaller range juxtaposes with Zeno showing how much more experience Zeno is compared to a Class A Bounty
>York Shin was our second introduction to Nen, and our first intro to advanced techniques.
Mix and match how you please

Frog Wheels like you said, although I find it charming in how dumb it looks. Momoze’s Beast also seemed like fodder although I thought it being the first to attack and most aggressive would have some significance. Sale-Sale’s beast’s design seemed kind of fodderish but now we know it’s ability I don’t see it that way. Luzurus’ Beast looks pretty generic as far as Nen Beasts go too, though given recent developments it could also be something totally unexpected. On the flip side, Benjamin, Tserriednich and Halkenburg’s Beasts only further the confirmation that they’re gonna be major players this arc.

Where was it stated that Bahababavaimnya had a counter type hatsu?

Speed of Lighting Killua would probably enter it, take a nap and then go out of it without a scratch though.

I see no reason why Nobu wouldn't have a hatsu since it's already been established that enhancers can make conditions for their abilities.

True, we've only seen Nobu take out a restrained dog walker who had a broken arm.

Killua's is less than a meter IIRC. It's probably something that different from person to person. Zeno had a freakishly wide one well beyond that of masters of that discipline, and Pitou's just didn't worked like the usual "radial range", instead like tendrils she could consciously focus and extend to kilometers away,
Nobunaga's En is implied to be a much more refined and focused version of it, which is probably why he says it's "his limit".

Does the Troupe hate Kurapika or Hisoka more?

Probably Hisoka since he was actually one of them for a time before killing a founding member. He did it far more sadistically than Kurapika too.

Machi definitely hates Hisoka more.

to be fair, Bonorenov did absolutely nothing in Yorkshin and then he turned into a fucking planet during the Ant invasion.
Same for Phinks and Feitan just killing mafia goons until then.

Two pages insinuate it. Give me a moment to find the other.


>Shalnark and Kortopi still have reflections


Since Kurapika is pretty much confirmed to die this arc, how do you think he'll die? I'm guessing he overuses Emperor Time or Chrollo kills him.

Use something that's good at resizing pictures, damn.

His Hatsu could just be him slicing his sword in his En. It's nothing fancy, but neither was Big Bang Impact. BBI was super Ko, Nobu's sword could be super Shu.

He won't die until after Tserriednich is dealt with, and possibly the spiders, but it seems Hisoka has taken over that for him.

Kurapikas nen would be too powerful after he dies.

Death means nothing in Hunter X Hunter now.

Kurapika is the number one candidate for achieving a top-tier ability for nen after death. Nobody has a stronger will than he does, so I wouldn't be surprised if he temporarily gains the equivalent OPness Gon-san attained.

His sword isn't 4 meters long though.

Either ET overuse or a mistaken Chain Jail. Convert Hands could feasibly trick Kurapika and once he discovers his caught Chrollo is a fake, he dies.

Chrollo had to revamp his hatsu and use 5 techniques to take care of pedo clown. I'm guessing Chrollo will have to up the ante even more but it'll be a stalemate. I can't imagine Leorio being the only one of the main 4 to make it to the Dark Continent.

His Hatsu could just be him slicing his sword in the closest meter and a half of his En.

Although in-universe it seems incredibly likely for Kurapika to die, I doubt it will actually happen because I'm sure Togashi wants to reunite the main four for the Gyro arc to bookend the series. Hisoka, on the other hand is absolutely going to die.

you do realize slices involve more than just the sword, right? you use your whole body with your movements.

So who is best with the blade: Nobunanga, Feitan, or Saccho? Reminder that Saccho has TWO swords.


Zodiacs are all incompetent jobbers.

I think Nobunaga is the best with a blade but Feitan or Saccho could still probably demolish him anyway.

1 meter arm
2 meter sword
1 meter special aura
Sounds about right.

>Death means nothing in Hunter X Hunter now
Thanks for the reminder.

Kurapika won't ever die:

I see togashi is taking tips from american animators.

I don't think Togashi will kill him, it would be a huge waste if Kurapika died during this arc

We've never seen Kurapika shirtless except for this volume cover which doesn't clearly show anything. I'm still hoping...

By that logic Pitou is a male then?

Calling it now; either Tserriednich dies in chapter 444 or he kills Kurapika in chapter 444.

I very much want him to outlive all his enemies but I hope there are more plot devices than what has been established (nen after death, nitro rice).

You never see Pitou's actual body shirtless, you double nigger.

If he dies we'll never see the Kurapika/Leorio adventures in the dark continent.

hey guys, i dont read the manga. is my husbando, hisoka the great & wise, still alive? please say yes.

We're 70 chapters from then, so it should be around final boss time. Makes sense. A Chrollo or Hisoka death could also be involved. Knowing Togashi's fixation on 4 numerology, something is going to happen.


The dodgeball match in GI

Yes. Chrollo killed him but Hisoka found a way to use Bungee Gum to resuscitate himself via death-based conditions and restrictions, though now he’s kinda butthurt.


Coin guy blew off his left arm and right leg, was top lmao ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

*SCHWING* thanks based clown lover ⭐️—_—

So, what's the level of the Zodiacs in terms of fighting abilities ? Do you think the Phantom Troupe could survive a clash with the Zodiacs ?

Till proven the contrary I will believe all the zodiacs(not Ging) are useless and just have supporting powers like the Rooster girl that can control birbs.

that's supposed to be in reference to stuff like pic related

Monkey and Cow have awesome abilities.

Hisoka gives some of them reasonably high scores. And they all sparred with Netero, so they have something going on. There's a bunch of Double Stars in their ranks, so it's a safe bet they've run into their fair share of close combat. I'd say around Spider level.

Is there not a combat unit with the dragon guy being the strongest (as in close to netero)
The rest I’d assume full their roles like mizau having the police like suppression ability

Geru is much hotter than anyone in the Troupe, I'll say that.

They'll generally be experts at what they do, so if they're focused on fighting they should be pretty good at it.

Yeah, Botobai was described as "in name and in ability the one closest to being chairman," so he's probably pretty tough. And the dude is a Triple Star in hunting Terrorists, so you know he's been around the block.

According to Hisoka:
Normal hunters - 2 to 50
Piyon - 75
Kanzai - 85
Ginta - 90
Illumi - 95
Presumably with himself as 100.

Please keep remember that Netero personally picked the Zodiacs, most likely with the inevitable Dark Continent expedition in mind too.

Hasn't it be implied by Hisoka that the Zodiacs are among the most interesting individuals to fight in the Hunter Association ? + Chosen personnally by Netero to be his sparring partners

>measuring strength by aura
Morel and Biscuit would be disappointed in you, Hisoka.

The Spiders were strong enough to catch Hisoka's attention while the Zodiacs first impression was boring to him. So i consider the Spiders to be on a higher level overall, while some of the weaker Spiders might be weaker than Botobai, for example.

Hisoka didn't give a flying fuck about any of the Spiders but Danchou and kind of Machi before he went braindead. Hisoka never looked at Bono in the church and was like "yeah i want some of that."

Hisoka was only bored with the average hunters. He seemed to like the Zodiacs and subsequently put them in his toy box.


Given Kanzai's non-existent fuse, I'm surprised he never tried anything with Hisoka.

Please resize these fuckhuge pictures.

They were in his toy picture, implying he sees something in them that makes them worth playing with.

Did Hisoka know Gon was Ging's son back in the Hunter Exam arc?

Hisoka is there

I don't take the toybox to strictly be canon.

Kanzai has the cutest interactions.

He will die, can't believe you guys want to cry again that Togashi is a hack by not writing Kurapika into DC afterwards.

Cammy is becoming more lewd over time. No idea what's happening to Wobble.

Fucking Bono man, what do you even do with him. Dumbest ability coupled with a terrible design and next to no lines

I think you mean you don't take it to be representative of what I'm saying it is. It is canon, it's in the manga.

I agree, the toybox should not be taken into account for powerlevels seeing as the likes of Kalluto is included, presumably for his entertainment value in pissing off the Zoldycks and not his strength. Rather than "people Hisoka wants to fight" it depicts "people Hisoka would enjoy fucking with."

Spider toys:
>Chrollo (Maximum murderboner)
>Kalluto (Potential)

Zodiac toys:
>Ging (Resigned)

Of course it's canon. Being in the manga = Being canon, by definition.

I have to wonder what Togashi was thinking first when he made his character design and then later when he made his Hatsu. Also, I like it when he says nothing during Yorkshin and just stands around, but then once we deal with the Ants, he's talking all over the place and arguing about who should go next after Feitan. Bono's a weird character.

Really the only ones to have changed are Cammy and Kacho. Kacho for obvious reasons and Cammy has become fused with spaghetti for some reason.

One of the best designs and abilities though? Are you trolling?

You guys do know that Hisoka doesn't literally have a toybox, right? It was just a metaphor given an image.

>violate the NAP
What does this mean, exactly?

Don't bother taking it back.
Beasts spout gibberish.

His design and dancing is cool, no doubt, but summoning a big boulder colored like Jupiter ain't the best anything.

His ability's kind of cool, though. I hope he has more up his sleeve than just a spear and Jupiter, Battle Cantabile should be a full suite.

It is weird that Bono, of all the characters, has one of the best reaction images.

Of course it's not a real toy box, but it represents his "mental toybox", what he has in mind.

Isn't that the ant that killed Ponzu?
Wtf, i like Bono now.

NAP stands for Non-Aggression Pact.

Of course it's not a real toy box, it's a "mental toy box", it represents what Hisoka has in mind when he thinks about "interesting nen users I'd love to fight"

Only thing that could change my opinion is if he runs around making the solar system on the boat

Non-Aggression Pact, historical/political joke.

It wasn't a boulder. He was the jupiter. He also made a hole many times bigger than Ubo did with big impact.

This is the previous page before my pic to see that he is the jupiter.

The Spiders' chapters in the CA are some of my favorite because Togashi barely justifies finally showing off their Hatsu. He does end marginally relevant characters like Zazan and Pike, but the rest might as well be paper targets. One bug just had a piece of metal as a weapon, man. Phinks' ant just stood there as we saw Ripper Cyclotron in its glory.

I dunno, I could see Hisoka owning a literal toybox and making his toys make out when he’s not actively killing people.

Having to do the dance of your people for every Hatsu is a pretty demanding restriction, so it makes sense Jupiter was so huge. But dang if the whole thing isn't hilariously stupid.

The Batman who laughs is here?

Togashi's not one to stick to initial designs. Senritsu and Pakunoda looked genuinely abhorrent before they because cute.

In YYH, Genkai looks pretty rough at first too.

I imagine at least one more Ben guard is going to eat it before the batch ends. Rihan is the obvious choice, but Fury is being too cool for school and Togashi might cut him down.

I see what you mean, i also remember enjoying those chapters alot because i didn't like the beginning of the CA arc very much. It's just that i forgot some of the details about them since Feitan's scene happened to be the most memorable/talked about, and Shalnark was dehyped so suddenly.

Furykov will become Kurapika's best friend after he kills the assassin.

I wonder how Camilla reacted to the fairy floating up to her and putting an egg in her mouth.

Please, my man. Fury is going to be eyeballing the Silent Majority user laughing to himself about everyone dying for a couple of days until he reaches down to scratch his cock and finds a snake instead.

Nobunaga would sense the cat faster than Musse and cut it down.

None of them saw it, just like how they can’t see the Beasts themselves.

I figured Ben and Camilla could, but I guess the same logic as the beasts might apply.

kek I love how casually Kanzai knows all about Hisoka and his murderous ways. The zodiacs do their research and know their shit.

If he'd actually summoned Jupiter the entire planet would be gone.

Nobu would win, since he probably has more raw battle experience than a bodyguard. Not to mention Nobunaga is said to be pretty strong in a 1v1.

I'm pretty sure those two swords aren't meant for dual wielding. The shorter one is just a backup, you need two hands for a katana.

Wow it's like Squealer and the torturer from Berserk had a baby. I hope Senritsu's nen is like Genkai's and she turns into a qt for a few pages before she jobs with her bf Kurapiaka

She was cursed, she's not walking around like a balding gnome willingly.

On occasion both are used at once. A little more reading for anyone curious:ō

I made this. Waito pig enjoy yes?

You're literally the only one who gets triggered by that. There's no "we" on your side.

I know you're having nightmares about this but else gets offended by someone pointing out mangafacts. You can samefag & shill your fan fiction on an anonymous intellectual forum as much as you want but at the end of the day you aren't going to convince anyone other than the tiny minority of two digiters ITT. Everyone with above average IQ can actually read and comprehend the Hunter x Hunter manga instead of basing their opinions on projected interpretations of a language they don't understand that's not even meant to be Bird of God.

Nen is the most balanced, fair and well written power system ever made by mankind. You cannot name a better system than Nen. Nen being 90% based on training & dedication doesn't make it a "powerlevel" manga (like the exDBZ shitposter says). Wows and limitations make your Hatsu stronger but "making stronger" will never be "making irresistible". There are no absolutes in Nen. There are no asspulls in Nen.

Nen... is simply the best.

This is you by the way. Try being more subtle next time.

For you, there is

I personally think he can only ever have 3 at max. That's what it looked like in the chapter

Ugliest characters? That's all I can think of.



I noticed that too. It's a mistake, it'll probably be corrected in the volume release, just like the needle in the Chrollo fight.


What was the needle correction?

This one

Wait, I forgot. How did Bateman stop Benji from screwing him over with a planted soldier like litterally everyone else?

Tserriednich has the same mother as Benjamin, so he gets to defy his brother.

If this is a power ranking, razor, qoiuufdreddwof and genthru are being underrated as fuck while killua and kite overrated

There is alluka though

Is there a Phantom Troupe popularity poll for these threads?

Why did Togashi add overpowered characters like the Royal Guards and Meruem?
They defied every logic that the manga had. How the fuck does a giant queen ant give birth to fucking immortal insane beings like them? She ate womans, so what? An army of humans put together can't accomplish half of what Pitou could do blindfonded in her sleep.
Also, the way he disposed of them was retarded. He literally went like "Uuuh they're too strong, the protagonist wont defeat them ever... let's make them job randomly and to A POISONOUS atomic bomb.". He literally didn't know what to do with them.
They've should let Youpi job to Potclean, and put the dramatic shit after that somehow, like making Knuckle spare him, maybe Pouf job to Godspeed Kilua, Ikalgo and Pam. The only "sensed" job was Pitou, even if it was shit since we didn't see her fight serious one fucking time

you could always make one, but be sure to include past members like Hisoka so we can all make the right choice

I'll forgive your bait, only becuase you posted Pitou

*because excuse me

It was radiation poisoning
They were the cumulation of hundreds of species including magical beasts and they basically came out in their prime.
Togashi probably did have DC in mind and wanted to showcase how dangerous it is. Also he most likely wanted to show Gons downfall to justify other characters finding him scary


So you waited another 6 hours to post what I can only assume is pasta?

how many more chapters until the real bloodbath begins?

i bet not even 10% of the ship's passengers will survive the journey.

Pointless guesswork, we have no idea how strong most of them are in regards to each other

Youpi V Pitou


they're allies though, why would they fight?

Thoughts on Pitou's dub voice?

Also Meruem's 3/4 fingers.

Good dub voices don't exist.

2011 was fine animation-wise. But I really didn't care for the use of music in scenes like this. A lamenting cello and choir are trying too hard to make people feel bad during the scene when we have a guy getting his brain played like a fiddle by an evil cat.

Dub voices are about as good as I expect from english VA's.

It sounds meh like everything else in the dub. It's mostly due to the crappy studio and them trying to mimic the Japanese voices instead of doing their own thing and making it suit. Like how they go out of their way and get female voices actresses for the characters that were voiced by women in the Japanese version even though it sounds awful in English.

I mean, just listen to that School-Live! dub. It's awful.

One of the best dubs, honestly, easily rivalling the ones at the top, such as Death Note and Psycho Pass.

The Kurata clan has confirmed ties with the Dark Continent because of their runes. That means Kurapika is one of the characters with most potential development in the DC and that means he will probably survive until the end of DC.

I wish they went to Funimation instead but think that Gon would have kid Gohan's current voice actor and I just won't have it

>majority of them immediately stare at horse after being mentioned about the possibility of betrayal
It keep making me laugh.

All the better for when Gon-san beats that ass.

Speaking of Gon-san, is it safe to assume that Janken Rock's charging and stance are conditions?

Hisoka killed a Hunter during the Entrance Exam, so obviously they do know about at least one confirmed kill. That would presumably be brought to Kanzai-s attention during the meetings, since we know they all hated Pariston because Hunter deaths and disappearance became more common since he became the Vice President.

They look at Mizaistom.

Yep, and I also think Gon use his right hand all the time

It's at least preferred.

Did...did you Pitou...ugly?

*unleashes 4m En & unsheathes kataner*

Youpi wins, no contest. The RG have comparable aura MOP POP. But Youpi is an Enhancer, so his defense is up to 60% higher than Pete's. Furthermore, he has more offensive abilities.

How is it guesswork? According to the name record, it was posted by Togashi himself.

>Bonorenof makes the Solar system.
>Feitan makes the Sun in the center.

Now I want to see that.

You know they got me trapped in this prison of seclusion
Happiness, getting outta here is a delusion
Even a smooth Prince one day must get caught
Shot up or shot down with the bullet that she bought
Nine millimeter kickin' thinking about what Benjamin gonna do to me

Hisoka must be a very famous personnality in the underworld. The murders he commited when he was on-screen probably represent a very little fraction of all the slaughterings he made during his life. Plus, he's an extremely famous champion in the Heaven Arena, in which he's mainly known for nearly always killing his opponents at the end of his fights.

Even the majority of standard hunters should know about Hisoka. At least every Black List Hunter and every Crime Hunter.

Day 3 never.

Everyone thinks he's dead now

I love Cammy!


Why is Cammy such a spoilt brat?

It's Duazul's fault. That's why she always looks so defeated.

Theta is dead.

When are you Hunterfags going to move on to a better series?


Luckily I can read more than one series.

This arc is a fucking headache.Way too much characters and the plot is complicated for no reason.The whole queen hierarchy thing should've been ditched,same thing for Benjamin millitary.Some elements are pretty decent and I dont think it's super bad.but for know the overall arc has been pretty lackluster.

Name them.

I'd say most of them hate Hisoka more because he is simply more of a cunt.
I'm not sure about Nobunaga though, since Kurapika killed Uvo. Maybe he's calmed down a little since then.

The complexity is the point of the arc, brainlet. Togashi wanted to push the arc's complexity as far as he realistically could in the medium.

It's not complicated but it is super easy to forget some of the minor characters with the haituses every 10 chapters. I'm looking forward to re-reading this arc when it's done in 30 years.


He set those things up for a reason. If not for the Queen system, people would be able to share information freely. It's supposed to be really hard to openly kill anyone that's guarded (RIP Momoze) and not an open battlefield.

Or maybe he still can't decide what kind of manga he wants to write.
Maybe he should take another hiatus to think it through one more time.

>Togashi want to push complexity
INah mate,it just feels like he introtuced 100 minor characters at the same time with 40 plot elements just for the arc to make a tiny bit of sense.I like HxH,but as it right now,the arc feels like pointlessly complex mess.

>Or maybe he still can't decide what kind of manga he wants to write.
Every arc has a different Genre and Togashi has shown that he knows what to do with them. This is a political/thriller and Murder plot. The writing works in this arena's favor with all these details and rules.

Maybe you should up your reading comprehension instead of complaining that the writer is at fault.

The arc will only be 80-90 chapters long and we are already 30 chapters into it. At a rate of 15 chapters per year, the arc will be finished in 4 years or so.

>Or maybe he still can't decide what kind of manga he wants to write.
Just because you have a hard time keeping up doesn't mean Togashi doesn't know what he's doing. How the hell did you reach that conclusion?

He said that he wanted to create an arc that truly showed what chaos was like so he added as many intertwining plotlines as he could to the Succession War.

ie, he is pushing for complexity on purpose.

I agree. One Piece is way better. There arent many words and my head doesnt hurt when I read it

>like pointlessly complex mess
Why did the Chimera Ants even have ranks? Why did GI have actual cards with desripctions detailed? Why so much focus on Gungi? Togashi always enjoyed going the extra mile, I wouldn't be surprised if this was his favorite arc to write so far.

It feels to me like HxH have become way too much of a clusterfuck with all the new and existing characters, factions, plots and abilities.

haha imagine if she punished me by taking a dump on my face but actually i liked it just kidding haha

The current arc is the best of HxH with the KA arc.

The problem is not that it's wordy,If I didnt like a wordy manga I wouldnt have read 30+ volumes.I'm also a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes and mystery novels,but right now it just feel like a mess.Like I said,for now the arc feel like lackluster,but maybe it's going to be the fucking best arc toward the end,who knows.

Maybe you're just too dumb to follow an intricate plot



>intricate plot

These were conjured fleas that made the person bleed to death.

Shittiest excuse in the book.The plot is not complicated nor intricate,it's just messy.Stop with the pseudo-intellectual bullshit.

It is a flea-bullet produced by a Nen-user

I bet you faggots can't even tell me the ins and outs of Gungi and the symbolism that came with it.

I think the only ones confused by the plot are the people that haven't reread from the election arc even once. I was confused on the return, but it makes perfect sense when I re-read it and paid attention.

I'm really happy to hear that, when is Shalnark coming back?

Wake me up when Hisoka appears

Why dont you explain the reason you think its a lackluster?
A lot of people have analyzed every detail Togashi gave us and the all add up. Every subplot so far makes sense.
I think you just don't care about the new characters because you only want chrollo or hisoka scenes

Barely anything happened and it's super confusing.I like HxH too but now it's just dicksucking Togashi


Rumours are (a very trusty source) that next chapter will have Hisoka AND Gon.

>AND Gon

because its an air rifle round and the flea jumps
is this bait?

Definitely Hisoka. They probably don't hold it against Kurapika as much. Not only that, but now they're in the same place as Kurapika, wanting to kill Hisoka for revenge. Only Nobu would really want to kill Kurapika I think.

That's lewd.

How hard is it to just put conditions and restrictions? Is it a one-time thing after you develop your Hatsu and everything is set in stone?

Stop. Laughing.

Gon made one on the spot. So I guess it's a one-time thing.

wake me up when hisoka and kurapika tagteam the spiders

Depends how strong you emotions are

Never cared about Chrollo and I dont mind a break of Hisoka.I think it's lackluster because of all the thing mentionned in this thread.Too many subplots that nearly feels like asspull,way too many minors characters too keep track of,the story-telling for this arc is messy and it feel every chapter he needs to introduce something for the story to make sense.And Togashi going into hiatus every four chapters fucked up the rythm.Like I said earlier,I dont think the arc is bad,just messy and lackluster.

You can change restrictions (chrollo) but personal connection to the hatsu is an important thing so doing that constantly only makes you weaker.

>Depends how strong you emotions are
This makes sense I think. Nen is strongly influenced by emotion after all. So, what's stopping your average nen user from just doing the same thing Gon did when they're in a tight spot/near death? Assuming their emotions are strong of course.

Chrollo added conditions between when he removed Pika's curse and the fight with Hisoka, which let him bookmark abilities. So hatsus can change.

Phantom Blood.
Battle Tendency.
Stardust Crusaders.
Diamond Is Unbreakable.
Vento Aureo.
Stone Ocean.
Steel Ball Run.

VIZ user!

got a problem with gon faggot?

Viz user where ? Totally forgot viz trad was today

Viz translation for HxH is top notch.MS translation is a fucking eyesore and it manage to shit the bed everytime it gets wordy or a little political.

Read all of these expecting them to be good. It never happened.

>Depends how strong you emotions are
as is shonen traditions

I'm unfortunately an idiot because I don't understand the reason why they need to detain Beyond and why a mole is bad news for them. Like, from what I understand, the Hunter association is pretty much going to just keep an eye on Beyond in the new continent right? And they worry about the mole because he might help Beyond escape from their watch later on the Dark Continent?

>Too many subplots that nearly feels like asspull
Why dont you name one?

>way too many minors characters too keep track of
This is true,specially with the constant breaks. But there are a lot of infographics out there for this reason. They will help you keep track of all characters involved in this arc

> story-telling for this arc is messy and it feel every chapter he needs to introduce something for the story to make sense
It might seem messy because we just started a new arc. Dont forget that we have been on the boat for only 30 hours. This journey is supposed to take 5 weeks I think.
So its normal for things to proceed slowly. This is just the introduction phase

U feel sorry for brainlets. They can't enjoy the current plot.
Try wan piss it may fit your horrible taste.

Gon is a 1 in 10 million talent. Not many people can do what he did

>name one asspull
gon san
wishing gon back to normal
oh my rubber nen

In other words, An asspull.

Why are people so hard on poor Nobunaga? The fact that he can use En up to 4 meters despite being an Enhancer is pretty amazing in itself.

>when you walk out of barber feeling fly

>talking about this arc
>says full of asspulls
>name one
>chimera ant arc

Is this how average IQ person perceives this manga?

>gon san
>wishing gon back to normal
Not asspulls.

There is no point in discussing with your ilk

Nor rubber heart pumping.

I think I need to re-read the Beyond staff too since it was almost 2 years ago. They're keeping an eye on Beyond because the V5 is instructing them to and they want surveillance on him and his people, the V5 want to monitor the DC, they didn't want Kakin to hoard the glory. Or something like that?

t. togashidrone

The only one of these I'll give you is wishing gon back to normal.

Gon-san was far from an asspull, my only problem was that it looked ridiculous but it made perfect sense. Gon spent the majority of the raid on the Castle sitting around in angst, he had been focused for so damn long and even when he gets the power up is just 100% pure enhancement, he doesn't pull a new ability out of his ass.

Do you think we'll get a chapter dedicated solely towards the Spiders in this batch? I just want to know who the two new Spiders are, damnit.

So, question: Why is Machi not in his toybox?
I noticed this before in the anime image: They gave the Silva looking toy Machi's color scheme, but that was obviously a mistake. In the manga image that toy is anything but Machi, probably Silva if you ask me.
So, what to make of that? I mean shit, even Bisky is in there. Maybe it's because she's too weak, or maybe he just views her as a fuck-toy (blow up doll in the corner).

Funny falseflag, Chrollover.

>Beyond and King of Kakin go on TV and announce there is actually a new world out there and they will explore it
>Everyone goes batshit crazy, specially V5 since no one was supposed to know this, because its a dangerous place
>V5 orders Zodiacs to hunt him down
>Beyond shows up in front of the Zodiacs and lets himself be captured
>V5 orders Zodiacs to take him to the DK and then release him
>Monkey is the spy but Beyond doesnt seem to know or he just pretends not to
>Beyond attends ceremony even though he doesnt give a shit
>Goes back to his cell and reads a book waiting to get to the DK

Because Machi is weak and not worth fighting

>So, question: Why is Machi not in his toybox?

Because Hisoka doesn't want to hurt his girlfriend / the mother of his future children.

I hope not. Spiders are yesterday's news.

Because of this.

Started the Greed Island OVAs the other day and it's rather boring. Does it get better? Because I'm getting the feeling I'm not going to like it overall.

killua is 13 years old

>implying anyone cares about who's going to succeed the fat king
The Hisoka vs Chrollo volume outsold vol 35 by more than a 100k copies. The Spiders and Hisoka are way more popular than any new character that's been introduced so far.

Just watch it or don't.

There you go, bet you read One Piece too.
I want Togashi to do new things, not make some hype cashgrab by rotating old characters.

I don’t know if they’ve had time to find replacements for Shalnark and Kortopi honestly.

Because...of a song?

Hisoka and Gon are my favorite character, but I'm enjoying this arc a lot. You dont always need to follow your favorite character's shenanigans to enjoy something

A whole chapter seems unlikely, but the page-time they get probably depends on who the new members are. If the new Spiders are new characters, there probably will be a need to introduce them, so they will show up this batch. If they are old characters, like say, Illumi, it is possible they keep them secret until the Banquet.


when the phantom troupe steals the dragon balls from the ship

Just read it or watch the 2011.The older anime had a good opening and nice design but it's irrelevant and skippable.


You know that there was a time when Hisoka, Chrollo, the spiders, etc, were totally new characters, right ? Same thing for the ants. Yeah, at the beginning of the KA arc, I'm pretty sure a lot of brainlets like you were saying that "no one gives a shit about the fate of these ugly humanoid insects, especially the king, this non-interesting clone of Cell".
That's the principle of an arc beginning, you retard. Introducing new characters that no one gives a shit about, then developping them to make them interesting characters that people will care about. By the way, some characters that have been only recently introduced are already extremely interesting.
And I care about who's going to succeed the fat king.


I was just disputing a statement. You said
>Spiders are yesterday's news
which is false, since they're still popular amongst the fanbase.
Togashi should definitely try new things, it's just that the current arc has been lacklustre so far. He hasn't done a great job making me care for the new characters. Maybe that'll change in the future.

>Hisoka could never feel compassion for another human. His closest relationship is Illumi, but they are ready to kill each other at a moment's notice.
Chrollofag damage control. (No surprise that you find these in the comment section of a YT video)


Doesn't matter what's popular. Every single prince is a better written character than Chrollo.

GI ova is shit but otherwise it's the other way around. There's no need to watch 2011 when you can just read the manga which is superior. While there is a reason to watch 99 since it's a great adaptation that isn't just lazy panel to panel cashgrab with lazy and mindless digital colouring. 99 adds to the manga experience, 2011 is just shoddy remake of it.

He's right, though. Hisoka doesnt care about interpersonal relationships

>which is false, since they're still popular amongst the fanbase.
Popular has got nothing to do with it. Their story is already done to death and now they are all going to die. That's the only thing they are good for anymore.
I like all characters in current art better than any ant at the beginning.

Didn't Hisoka back off from wanting to kill Killua to rile Illumi after seeing him defend Alluka

This. Kurapika and the Princes are fucking boring. Move on Togashi!

99 has a lot of fillers, everyone acts out of character and they censored the whole Hisoka vs Kastro fight. The animation is standard 90s anime style, nothing to brag about

Apart from the waifu pitou posting how come HxH threads are always the most thoughtful

>You know that there was a time when Hisoka, Chrollo, the spiders, etc, were totally new characters, right
Not exactly. The Troupe was given a direct connection with an MC in chapter 2, and after that Togashi did a great job foreshadowing them (the fake Spider in Hunter exam, Hisoka and Machi in Heaven's arena).
Meanwhile the succession war and the princes came out of nowhere. It's tough to care about them.

>the ants
I'll give you that one. We'll see how the succession war pans out in the future, but I don't think it'll be as good as CA.

Because of Cammyposters

2011 censored the fight too and with some shitty flower sparkles too.

Also the animation is better than in 2011.

I love it when adaptions bring some original direction to the story desu


>nothing to brag about
Never forget that some of it will look worse than anything 2011 ever did.

He will be revealed to have revived himself as a talking phone (Black Voice) in Chrollo's possession.

You're wrong.

That would actually be kinda cool



Very convincing argument.

He makes the Japanese symbol for "fuck" with his hands in that scene. He asked Illumi if he could bang Killua to piss him off and give away their position so they couldn't catch up.

>He's right, though. Hisoka doesnt care about interpersonal relationships
No you're not right. Hisoka is not the one dimensional " interesting" sociopath. Hisoka has demonstrated human emotion plenty of times in the series and he cares deeply for his "toys". He was more of a father figure to Gonne than Ginne was.

Technically yes, but he didn't want to hurt Killua,he was just joking / wanted Illumi to reveal his position to Killua, so that he could help Killua avoid Illumi.

I agree, '99 isn't great for a first contact with HxH, it's something to watch after the manga. 2011 is better just by virtue of it telling everything up to the current arc. Although I hate what they did with some character designs.

What’s your favourite Nen Beast so far? Be it for design or ability.

>Benjamin’s Dick-Headed Locust (ability unknown)
>Camilla’s Titty-Tree (ability unknown)
>Zhang Lei’s Hot Wheel (ability unknkown)
>Tserriednich’s Rape Horse [female] (ability unknown)
>Tubeppa’s Frog Wheels (ability unknown)
>Taithon’s Gecko Producing Sky Anus (ability unknown)
>Lazurus’ Stubby Cock Shark (ability unknown)
>Sale-Sale’s Mouth Ball (creates gas that produces feelings of loyalty in those that inhale it, and uses them as a vector to continue spreading)
>Halkenburg’s Ogre Bird (not fully known, though it supposedly spreads things evenly between Hallenburg and his supporters)
>Kacho’s Unknown Beast (possibly shared with Fuugetsu)
>Fuugetsu’s Warm/Worm Hole (opens up wormholes to other places on the ship based on a playground from her childhood)
>Momoze’s Murder Hamster (takes control of the target by asking ARE YA FREE and makes them rampage indiscriminately)
>Marayam’s Bad Dragon (possibly spatial manipulation)
>Woble’s Unknown Beast (SUCC)

Now post the Basho-flip.

Damn, Chrollofag shitposting in full force ITT.



No, when they were in the woods and Hisoka was creaming at the chance for a decent fight with Illumi by getting him angry

succ isn't wobble's nen beast

This always cheers me up. I hope we see him do some cool shit this arc.

Woody and the other bodyguards were killed by Silent Majority.

Basho will be smoking weed with Luzurus until they hit the fake new DC.

HxH lost me with Greed Island
Is that where the exposition started to get lengthy?

That's an incredibly stupid line of reasoning. Since when does a character need to be foreshadowed or to be related to the personnal story of a protagonist to be interesting? Pariston is a fascinating character and yet he came out of absolutely nowhere. Was Biscke foreshadowed before her appearance ? Morel ? Knuckle ? Meruem ? Genthru ? Razor ?
By the way, I'll repeat myself but most of the princes and the characters introduced recently are already extremely interesting (and Tserriednich has a direct connection with Kurapika's story)

Is the 99 version worth watching if I've already seen the 2011 version? I've liked a lot of the stuff of it I've seen posted here.

I really hope shit hits the fan soon. But it'd be funny if they survived just because they were too stoned to participate.

Halkenburg's, Tserriednich's and Benjamin's ones for the design. For know, we don't know enough about their ability.

If you like HxH then of course.

King's titty monster.

>I've liked a lot of the stuff of it I've seen posted here.
Well you've already seen the best parts, it's cherrypicked and reposted everytime because 99fags are pretty defensive about it.

>he cares deeply for his "toys".
didn't he said that what at one moment is considered treasure could become trash at the next?

I dropped it after they made some fillers when Kurapika and Leorio got lost in that tunnel in the first phase of the Hunter Exam


Chrollocuck falseflag

Yeah, he was ready to kill Killua instead of Alluka just to piss Illumi off in their forest confrontation. But after he learned that he could heal Gon without them all dying, he backed off.

What are they saying?

Yes, better to quit now

No, he was going to kill Alluka, so Killua would fight him, then he'd kill Killua so Illumi would fight him

Made me chuckle.Use the correct name user.

Hisoka and the troupe already got plenty of screen time in the past arcs. why do you think they should be focused in every chapter when there are still other new important characters who barely have any details?
Clinging onto only old characters doing old things may please certain fans but in the long run it makes things get stale.
A long term manga like HxH constantly needs new characters and new settings to expand the world and keep things fresh. that's why Togashi intentionally changes the atmosphere when a new arc begins.


I think? Because of the "videogame rules" and stuff

Biscke, Biscuit, choose the one you want.


Well, of course I'm going to watch it, but the pacing and everything is god awful compared to the main series.

I hate Nobunaga. He killed that cool black guy with the dogs.

No idea why you would ever assume such a thing.

Special treat for you.

This always saddens me. I hope we see him do nothing this arc.

for a minute it looked like Nobu wasnt wearing pants

>Yeah, he was ready to kill Killua instead of Alluka just to piss Illumi off in their forest confrontation.
He never wanted to killua Kill. You're an idiot.

>describing yourself

Eyo, it's me, Vizanon/posterfag. Was here last few weeks, etc - Who's ready for chapter 374?

I feel like you people slowly become more retarded. Very soon you will be even incapable of posting.


what does this expression convey?

Asspull doesn't mean things i don't like you fucking retard, we knew Gon was exceptionally talented since Heaven's Arena

>He never wanted to killua Kill.
agreed, he wanted to kill Killua


Because he has 3 stars on his hand, 2 of which are glowing

374? Hell yeah!




It's crazy how much better Viz is then Mangastream. They speak like actual people


She wants you to help her repopulate the Kurta clan.


Look at all this fucking text.


If you can't keep up, go back to your shit shonen thread.


Fucking niggerstream, they translated Hanzo as saying "I'll get back to my body when the ability runs out" or some shit like that. But he actually means when the work break is over, since someone will come and wake him up

This IS the shit shonen thread, dude. What do I do now?







>crying while looking at childhood pictures
Confirmed for merely pretending to be a cunt



I am ready !


Take it back cunt.


Imagine having to stand there while this fat fuck bangs chicks all day.


Why is it smaller.


>called predator but it's actually Alien

There's Chapter 374 "Ability" anons! Enjoy

Kurapika is such a softie inside.

Thank you for your hard work!


>from a state of ignorance
so it's 100% that exposition wrecks his ability

Thanks you ! That was extremely clear.

yes, genthru would be his natural enemy I guess

Thank you for sharing, viz user!

Why do people feel any empathy for the spiders? People who kill and steal whenever they want would eventually be hunted down by peole like Kurapika, Hisoka or even the Zoldycks on assassination missions. Kuroro should realize that he is leading them to their deaths and stop moping every time one of them is killed.

Unless Rihan succeeds in analyzing Genthru's faculty and predicting its functioning BEFORE Genthru activates it by giving explanations.

except if he predicts his time bomb.Then gensuru is fucked

As others have said, it’s the reach of his sword. Nobu is a simple person. He probably only wants to know what is within his ability to change, so why extend it beyond that?

Cammy is pretty relatable. I’m almost always right, and a lot of things would go better if people just listened to me, but they just don’t. I’m less insane I guess but still.

I consider them likeable, but still they deserve to die

I too can relate to the feeling of wanting everyone around you to just die.

Only Redditors like them

i don't want to be near you.

is he ever coming back bros? what is his hatsu?

It always surprises me how much character Togashi gives to random nobodies like Wellgay this chapter and the maid Shimano when she did that phone switcharoo.
Especially when it tends to make the story more convoluted.
Really gives the feeling that the characters have a mind of their own and Togashi can't do anything about it.

People feel empathy because they actually treat each other like family and are highly loyal, not complete monsters. Of course they're the bad guys, but people sympathize with plenty of villains.

He can conjure a mouth.

By sacrificing his mouth he becomes a fast-walker.

Just like Kurapika's chain, he was concealing his mouth with In.


Cute af

Then he'd still have to wait for the predator to grow and Genthru could fuck him up with little flower

We don't know how fast the predator grows though.

I suppose Rihan is at least a bit competent enough to dodge

>not complete monsters
>eradicate a group of innocent peoples


complete monsters would be killing innocents while also looking for ways to kill each other and feel no human connection. sort of like Illumi and Hisoka, of you ignore their pedo-crushes. that's why Gon calls them out on being hypocritical.

You replied to the wrong person

1) Rihan is an elite soldier and he must have a solid level in terms of barehanded fighting with nen.
2) We don't know how long he has to wait before the Predator is full grown. Maybe he can unleash his ability at any moment, ifhe is sure to have perfectly understood his target's ability.

When did Gon ever call Hisoka hypocritical?

Damn the kings genes are fucking inferior..none of his children look alike

The Spiders.

Preforming evil acts like that without good reason *does* make you a monster. Just because they play poker back home doesn't mean they aren't despicable or devoid of empathy for others

Zhang and Tyson maybe.

I thought the ba-dump meant he was already pregnant with a "predator". He just chooses not to let it out until he knows how much time it takes exactly to turn a Sale-Sale drone. That's why I don't believe the speculation that he's guessing wrong about his Nen Beast and it turns out it's something completely else.

You asked why people feel for the Spiders or don't want to see them gutted by Hisoka. I explained it, now you're arguining whether they're villains or not. Obviously they are.

a little bit.

Hey man, I can’t help always being in the right

Gon called the troupe hypocrites when they were captured in the Yorknew arc..


you're right

Yeah, the ba-dump meant the Predator started to grow in his body. I think that from now on, Rihan can unleash it when he wants. But if he activates the "birth" of the Predator too soon, while not having really understood the abilities of his target, then the creature that will come out of his belly will be a failure or, at least, only a semi-success.

>come out of his belly

go figure

It'll probably just be a ghost chestburster. I doubt he'll give birth to an ass-baby while the others watch, atlthough that's one hell of a restriction.

Thanks. Will you upload them on zippyshare or something ?

Heh, Benjamin's guard is in possession of one of the coins.

>Rihan squatting and shitting out his nen ability while everyone else watches in horror and disgust

Volumes 01-33 at 1800px are being seeded if anyone here is interested. The entire size is only 2.2gb.


I could - yeah I'll work on that!

Alright here's a link to a zip of Chapters 371-374 (current run):

Alternatively, here are mediafire folders of each:,e7v5jo7ppb24k,e9857b9am6sof,nk1wl6hs1ymbt/shared

Why is the quality so shit. I'm getting triggered. Why did the real Viz user die.


Sorry user, it's what I've got for now - earlier chapters all have high quality leaks, but there really isn't another option for a while since these scans just got published in Viz's digital WSJ over the past few weeks. Sorry, but I'm doing the best I can, I'd prefer better scans too but it's what we've got for now. Eventually there will be better leaks I'm sure, just like how we've gotten great scans of the stuff from earlier in the arc. Patience is a virtue my lad, we're all waiting.

>When Inzunavi finally reads that book he will find that Tyson is actually insane

"Isn't the Hunter Association... In fact, it only deepens!"
Does Wellgay/Vergei say or think this?


They are worse than last batch viz user's with weird varying resolutions. Just all I'm saying.
Still glad you posted them.

I think he says it out loud, since Pika says that Wellgay trusts no one in the next panel.

Besides, Sale-Sale, Benjamin, Zhang, Tse, Tubeppa, Tyson, and Camilla most of the princes seem reasonable.

I'm surprised that no one has brought up how Camilla is a pretty intense reference to Carmilla.

Where are the brainlets who thought you needed to use both emission and conjuration?

Do you mean last batch as in back during the 2017 run, or as in from the past few days/weeks? Because I'm the same Viz user who posted 373, a bunch of DC reread, and a folder of 371 & 372, tho I didn't post those first 2 right when they came out.

Well, duh. They've been resized and compressed down to a smaller, but more manageable resolution because bigger doesn't necessarily mean better in this case, you negative nancy.

Oh, btw when I did the DC reread & shared 373 again the other night, ya might've noticed (it's fine if you didn't) how I have a combined DC folder. My favorite way to read the arc is that way, where I've thrown all the pages into a single folder & removed the viz recap pages. Here's a zip of that style if you're interested!

What are you talking about? CHAD-CHAD is /ourprince/

Last year of course. This year there have been only fake viz user's.
RIP in pieces.

His mom sent an assassin to kill his half sister.

If Meruem had waited longer to be born would he have been even stronger? Is Kite way weaker because of how early she was born?

Viz user you're awesome

Quality is not that great.

After this chapter I'm not ready for their deaths.

I had a hypothesis that the nen beasts were going to be based on mythical creatures.

>Marayam - dragon
>Halkenburg - cyclops
>Tyson - Fairy

But I don't think a door, an std, and rat fit in my guess.

>If Meruem had waited longer to be born would he have been even stronger?
No, why?
>Is Kite way weaker because of how early she was born?
We don't even know how strong Kite is right now but like Palm is transformation must have made him stronger.

Yeah, your page looks better. Where I can find it?

well your page is better but I don't see any links

if you don't have a dl link, don't get smug

Unlike Palm, Kite didn't have his normal body transformed into a chimera ant, he reincarnated into one. I didn't mean that he's weaker after being reborn as an ant, I mean that he'd likely be much stronger if he'd fully developed before being born. Being born significantly prematurely usually isn't beneficial healthwise.

Use better resize filters. Probably have some kind of fast resize for shrinking on.

I ain't the guy you are arguing with. I was just lurking and asked because I want to reread the entire thing.
So, post if you have a link. Is it the version up on madokami?

That's just the bigger version I resized for comparison.

Most other princes, besides Halkenburg, don't really have ambitions of taking the throne. Just surviving.

Revolution of LN's jinrui watashi

These fucks are complaining about the quality of the scans of the official translation they're getting for free.A couple of years ago that shit would've been impossible so suck it up.It's perfectly fine on a tablet.

Yeah, I looked now at filename. Thanks

Well, he is in a dead game where all brothers and sisters must die.



Would Cammy just strangle Wobble herself?

whiny ungrateful baby faggot

Better do something right don't you ag...
>It's perfectly fine on a tablet.
I see, a moron then.

What else would she do? Give him a gun and ask him to shoot her?

No one here is ungrateful, retard. user just showed that the previous version has a better quality.
You can download whatever you like. Now fuck off


You don't read the manga, so what the fuck are you even doing here?
Did you AT LEAST watch the older anime series?

You're a moron if you read on a TV or monitor you cuck.Manga are not meant to be read in 4k idiot.

I agree with the other user. Suck it up bitch and stop complaining about the resolution and be grateful

It's not bad, either. There's obviously going to be reduction in image quality when optimising for quality while considering file-size.

Then again, I did just use a program to bulk convert all the files down to a certain resolution so it's not like I used Photoshop or any combination of things to get the literal best result.

Do you have a torrent link to the original uncompressed batch?

What the fuck is up with th second link that doesn't let me download and just force me to try to upgrade

>be grateful for a inferior ripoff
Stupid nigger son of a bitch.

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I got it off animebytes, but it should be on the usual comic book cbz sites.

If Chrollo still have their hatsu, then it is fitting.

It's pretty shit.