ITT: Characters you're glad to see written out of the series

Good riddance.


Togashi did god's work with this one.

Togashi knew he fucked up when he wrote him out. Probably lost confidence in the series for good.

wait what
i haven't read lately did they seriously get rid of the protagonist???

He lost his powers and went home to study for school. it's been about 30 chapters and we haven't seen him since.

Who the fuck has the manga been following then?

Say hello to your new protagonist.

Wtf is going on with Leorio?

>Kurapika as the new mc
good, gon was shit anyway.
can't wait for Kurap and Leorio to become new gon and Killua

picked back up

But won't Killua still be in?

He's still out adventuring with his sibling. Only Togashi knows where they are right now.

And people still read this clusterfuck? And claim it's some kind of high art or some shit? What a bunch of faggots. Worse than Narutards. for sure.

Be honest, how many of you would like Gon better if he always looked like this?


isnt he the MC
how do you writeone of them out?

this makes my wiwi hard

By having other characters with goals yet unfulfilled.

No, he WAS the MC.

So it's the opposite of the Ant arc right now?

There's nothing he wants to do right now since his main goal of finding Ging is achieved. He's not the only main character in the series and it's time to focus on others.

You're probably thinking that the current arc's Kurapika/Leorio will be Chimera Ant's Gon/Killua. Sorry user, Leorio was last seen 15 chapters ago. He's in the same place as Kurapika but in a way they're with different parties, and the party he's with isn't the focus of the current arc.


>Implying they won't meet up at least coincidentally

fuck him

can't wait for him to come back

I think Kurapika will be the focus here while LLeorio will be the focus on the Continent

Leorio is also tagging along on the journey but hasn't gotten much focus yet.

Also pic related

Too bad he dies.