How did FGO and the secondaries ruin the nasuverse? It was going so well before

How did FGO and the secondaries ruin the nasuverse? It was going so well before.

Nasu ruined the nasuverse. Secondaries are natural consequence. Fate Extra was the last straw, hell I'd say even Zero anime shouldn't happen.

>fatemonkeys surprised their franchise is shit

>implying the Zero anime wasn't the apex of the nasuverse

>It was going so well before

FGO is only the result of Fate being shit from the very beginning

Since Fate/Extra I knew there's no hope for Nasuverse.

well unlike most mobage spinoffs which are considered goofy omake and dream matches FGO is taken completely seriously a majority of the time.

>It was going so well before
It really wasn't

It wasn't so well before. Things like extra showed how lazy they are and how much they want to milk fate and saber. Can't blame them for it but at least they can be mote creative.

How did FGO ruin the nasuverse? And don't give a shitty excuse like muh waifus and husbando

Like did the main story of the game retcon anything from the original Fate?

Fate is definitely the easy road to fame and fortune. Nasu wants money, so you really can't blame him for taking this route. I just hope he would work on new, smaller stuff while maintaining FGO, but I know that's wishful thinking.

I actually like the fact that I got one thing for me to put all the blame.

>It was going so well before.
Oh wait, you were serious?

>did the main story of the game retcon anything from the original Fate?
If anything it justifies the simultaneous existence of all 3 FSN routes via its timeline shenanigans.

The fact that Camelot falling was a quantum timelock as well would mean that Arturia's wish for someone else to pull the sword out instead of her would just put the role of "King Arthur" on someone else, and Camelot would still fall.

Nasu was preparing to George Lucas his own franchise even before GO. It was only a matter of time. The missile has been launched: there's no going back to the way things were. It's dust and ashes from here on out. Loli's and titty monsters sell more than plot. Nasu offered us this fate and we devoured it like the good goys we are.

Was Fate ever good?


For some, it helped cement the new precedent. Many people were drawn into the Nasuverse through the stories and worldbuilding told in FSN and Zero. As of now, Strange/fake is the only new "traditional" Fate series that's being published.

Yes. It's really impressing how F/SN characters are still so popular after 14 years.

Stop treating Fate like if it were some sort of sacred cow and start reading better visual novels.

Fate peaked with the original VN and has only gone downhill since then. When people ask about getting into the series I tell them to read the original VN then stop because that's it, it never gets better.

And this is from someone who actively plays GO.

Fate died with zero lol

>it was going so well
Let's not play pretend. Extra was shit and the only remotely good things after HA were Carnival Phantasm and Melty.

>do the battle royale format better than the original
>dude the franchise died lol
Why do you guys keep doing this? Same happened with Apocrypha despite the acclaim.

Mahoyo came out in 2012.
In Extra CCC Nasu was still trying at least.

People who just want Servants and battle royale shit are the reason TM became this way. FSN used that as a bait but then completely shat on the concept of the Holy Grail War, in classic Nasu style.


>Like did the main story of the game retcon anything from the original Fate?

It actually did. F/SN, Zero, and Tsukihime are separate universes now ruining the entire DC/Marvel style shared world they had.

Werenn't they always separate universes?

And yet Zero somehow didn't do the same by making life miserable for all its participants? Only Apocrypha went head first with the concept, but still made it entertaining nonetheless by throwing away rationality.

>Battle Royale Series
This is why Secondaries are the cancer

Illya zwei was the peak

only downhill from that

It ruined it for you cause you didn't pull a 5 star you shitter.

and this is bad why

Fate, Tsukihime, and KnK universes were always separated. They were alternate realities.


>7 people participate in a fight against each other for a prize
how is this not a battle royale

War is hell
Holy grail war is stupid
Dont do the same thing like my father does, faggots.

Official Typemoon Tier List

Worth Experiencing
>KnK movies

Not Worth Experiencing
>literally everything else

>not written by Nasu
>apex of nasu-verse

Zero caused the secondaries and normies. Zero was a mistake.

>were always seperated
Redman and Ciel used to hang out secondary-kun

too bad Cred Forums missed the whole point of Zero and think Shirou is actually sane

What's a quantum timelock?

I want cake Aoko to sit on my face with her jeans, and I want to eat her ass.

>reading 2004 Nasu
>reading 2004 Nasu with a bad translation
No thank you

Pic related

Yes, the characters still exist in the universe but the realities wasn't. Like the story of Tsukihime did not happen in Fate and KnK reality, or KnK story did not happen in Tsukihime and Fate reality.

>being an EoP

>Mahou Tsukai no Yoru
>Fate/hollow ataraxia
>Kagetsu Tohya
Add them you nigger.

>Ciel during her church work met Shirou during his siegi no mikata bullshit
>Ciel working for the church is intrinsically linked with the events that start tsukihime
>Shirou doing his bullshit is intrinsically linked with the events that occur in F/SN
Just admit Nasu retconned it.

Only Tsukihime/KnK were.

They had a better more expansive, interconnected world and dividing it up made each new one less interesting.

>bad translation
this meme needs to die. i see people always say shit but never give any examples of bad translations, they just state it as is and expect others to believe that.

it's impossible to learn Japanese, unfortunately

The "save" points of the timelines. Events that must happen for a timeline to exist.

Basically common major events across all the timelines that still exist. Timelines that stray off and have those events not happen or end up differently are culled because they led to a stagnant future.

Another quantum timelock is the fact that regardless of timeline, all Fate/ timelines will have a HGW in Fuyuki in 2004. FGO's timeline had 1 single proper HGW and it was the one in Fuyuki 2004.

Very overrated. It's a mess of a VN full of shallow characters that there really is no benefit to reading. By far and away the best thing to come out of it was Melty.
>Mahou Tsukai no Yoru
This isn't even overrated, the general opinion is that it's average at best.
>Fate/hollow ataraxia
If you loved the characters of F/SN so much that you are content to sit through SoL shit interspersed with Nasus pseudomoral wank maybe but it's certainly not worth experiencing on its own
>Kagetsu Tohya
Same thing as Ataraxia but replace pseudomoral wank with needlessly complicated branching choices

cyka blyat

Are you pointing out things that were mentioned in FGO? Cause I don't remember those details. But to be fair it's been a while since I was into nasuverse. I just remember that the alternate realities thing was mentioned somewhere.

>Only Tsukihime/KnK were.
Oh, I see.

Can you provide the quote from the actual VN? Nasu's meme answers change every time. They establish fuck all. Now fuck off, secondary.

You can't hang out with a very dead woman because Roa was killed and Ciel was never possessed in Fate.

It's from mats and interviews from like 2005. Retconned a long time ago.
I said used to you stupid nigger, it's clearly not true any more.

>the writing is bad, so it must be the translators fault

This, Basically Shirou want to avoid the shitstorm F/Z does. Fate is Antiwar series, not the opposite.

>the general opinion is that it's average at best.
Weird, because all the opinions I've seen say it does what Nasu set out to do with Fate and fights in general best

The Ahnenerbe existed because the fate and tsukihime version of the characters did NOT belong to the same timeline.

You had this started since Extra loud and clearly with Sion being informed as still birth and dead in Fate worlds.

Tsukihime has the best vampire lore outside of the World of Darkness. The Tohno stuff was also golden and Kohaku is a more interesting Sakura.

Mahoyo is one of those cases where it has a lot of people who believe it's great because it's untranslated. The reception when it came out in Japan was very lukewarm and Nasu didn't bother with even hinting that he was working on a sequel.

>The Ahnenerbe existed because the fate and tsukihime version of the characters did NOT belong to the same timeline.
Ahnenerbe was to mix KnK characters with Tsukihime and Fate ones originally
>You had this started since Extra loud and clearly
Extra came out like 5 years after Nasu originally said they were connected.

I don't know what is so difficult to comprehend about 'this used to be true but isn't any more'.

I thought that was because of the low production values and no voices rather than the content itself.

It's pretty animated for a visual novel though

Mahoyo had great production values and the effects are fantastic, it's just boring.
>no voices
All Typemoon vns were released unvoiced.

>I said used to you stupid nigger,
no, it never happened, "nigger", all you have is some joke that Nasu made because he never took seriously shit like Archer's clothes.origin. He's not fucking Tolkien who thinks shoes need a backstory.

Zero was Urobuchi not nasu. It should have ended with this light novel... maybe Prisma manga staying underground just like MBX. Nasu should have finished Mahoyo and return to Turkeyhandle. But thats just my Tsukihimefag wishful thinking.

>never took it seriously
>talks about the magic properties it has and its origin
Is your argument really "He said it but he was joking trust me", because that's pathetic.

>Ahnenerbe was to mix KnK characters with Tsukihime and Fate ones originally
Yet it's used mostly for Tsukihime and Fate, you drooling retard.

>Extra came out like 5 years after Nasu originally said they were connected.
Please quote this, and from an actual official work. Because the only connection FATE has is with KnK due to Touko. Which makes sense considering KnK world also got incinerated.

Nasu retconned the entire setting of when the wars took place creating continuity problems (like making Karen 14 when she used to be much older) way before this divide and people give a shit about two separate works being two separate works?

Sounds like oldfags aren't really fans and hate to have their headcanons challenged.

Its a perfect Pleb filter who likes SAO, Mirai Nikki, DBS, & Naruto.
Real fatebros only Read/Watch F/SN, F/HA & F/Z & understanding the meaning of it.

>Yet it's used mostly for Tsukihime and Fate
Because they have more characters. Saying mostly means not entirely anyway, so great job.

>please quote this
It's in Fate/complete material III.

>It's from mats and interviews from like 2005. Retconned a long time ago.
What was retconned, the Ciel-Archer relationship or the multi realities thing? Archer still could exist in Ciel's (Tsukihime) reality and Ciel still could exist in Archer's (Fate) reality. It's just that the events that happened in their reality might be different than the actual events of their game, therefore not connecting them directly. Pretty sure even Extra is an alternate reality.


But they're still worth experiencing, at least as a 2nd tier if you enjoyed the 1st tier. Unlike the rest of TM trash.

>Pretty sure even Extra is an alternate reality.

Redman, for one, made a contract with the Moon Cell instead of Alaya in Extra's timeline, resulting in a much happier redman.

You could just not watch them. It's not like the type Moon routes that need to be watched/read in order to understand the whole story.

>fatefags think their shonen powerlevel shit is better than other shonen powerlevel shit

this is why everyone hates you

No one cares about Karen's age; shared universes are a huge selling point though, to the extent that it turned the MCU into a juggernaut. The Nasuverse, in Urobuchi's words, used to be Japanese Marvel.


The problem is that nothing good will come out of TM again, since they're fixed on pandering to secondaries by misusing Servants, and put literally no effort into anything they do thanks to a shitty mobage making them all the money they'd ever need.

uhhhh seems like a bunch of neets just don't have phones



Wow, look at this image full of shitty bland and meme characters.
It'd fit right into /vg/.

It's im@s cg all over again.

>Going so well before
Bullshit, it started with Zero but adding gachashit just exploded Fate's popularity plus we got that piece of shit Apocrypha with a pull towards Trapfags/ Trannies (people with bad taste.) Either way TM is normie now, deal with it.

This.Fate should be nothing more than a glorified eroge.

Sorry but there was no fate community on Cred Forums before F/Z,now do me a favor and shut the fuck up.

Zero is the reason fags want EPIC battles from the franchise, completely misunderstanding the whole theme of the Grail war being a pointless and vicious slaughter.

>no fate community on Cred Forums before F/Z
yeah, when F/Z was airing there were totally no lnfags pointing out how adaptation sucked.

People always find a way to bitch about something.Consensus is not fun.
F/Z as a standalone is a better anime than much of the overrated shit we've been fed this last years.

It was still mediocre adaptation. They even fucked minor, yet important details like Iri's dress color.

but that was the beauty of Kerry, he partook in the epic slaughters and realized at the very end THE GRAIL WAR WAS A MISTAKE and commanded Seiba to excaliblast his cupwife only to stumble through the wreckage desperately searching for some meaning in all the pointless bloody destruction their tournament causes literally every time.

It's a mediocre adaptation(your words,not mine) but a fucking great anime.That's what matters,not your mickey mouse virtual coloring book with words

It's fucking great anime the same way Tsukihime 'adaptation'

Im curious how Ufo gonna adapt HF2. since the mid part are almost all Drama between Shirou, Sakura, And Rin.

>but a fucking great anime
>begins with an anime original hour long episode of two men walking in circles explaining everything to you like you're a retard who couldn't possibly understand anything through context
And that just set the tone for all that was to come. There's a certain audience they were going for and I'm sure they loved it, but it was not fucking great by most standards.

Because it was the first anime adaptation in years and it was introducing the fate world to new people?Or are you a pathetic elitist that doesn't want people to have fun without giving a fuck about the source material?

>but it was not fucking great by most standards
What standards by the way?

At least FGO settled whether Prillya was canon

>At least FGO settled whether Prillya was canon
And what's the verdict? Is FGO canon anyway?

The answer isn't as simple as you would expect, it initially appears that it is combination of people being too stupid to understand that the series requires a high intellect (that many anime watchers do not have) and the fact that some people see it as over-rated. This plays in to the gacha elements, you have many servants from various holy grail wars and it's your fault for not keeping up with every single one, there's not too many servants, you're not smart enough to understand them all.

Everything is canon, because fuck you we got timelines shenanigans here

It’s as canon as GO is, which is what matters.

Fucking Zelretch...

The Nasuverse ruined itself


FGO is spearheading the canonnity of the series.Every other timeline has been ''closed'' or ''settled''.

There's no nasuverse,there's only a faggot that is retired but still making millions on royalties.
The lack of work on new novels,etc shows how much respect he has for his fanbase.People still eat his shit.

>People still eat his shit.
I haven't touched anything new since Prisma. Anything not related to original cast and places is a trash.

>Anything not related to original cast
That's actually the biggest problem,the constant pandering to saberfags is pretty fucking annoying,there must always be a fucking saber face in every iteration or people would go mad.

They have to move on,introduce a fresh cast in a F/SN sequel set in 6th Grail war.This is all we're begging for

Why are fate threads on Cred Forums such cancer? Is there any other franchise where every thread is just oldfags whining about secondaries? Fate went mainstream 7 years ago with the zero anime, you would think people would get over it at some point


Thanks. Who determines the culling of these timelines though? Old man Zelretch?

FSN is over, Holy Grail on Fuyuki is completely destroyed. theres no need for sequel.

>popular = good
sounds like something a brainlet would say

Everyone went to /fgog/, EOPs got left behind in Cred Forums.

Alaya does it.

Some people just hate fanfic-like shit that starts living it's own life and takes over original product. (Comedy spinoffs are okay).

Like Angra Mainyu says, All good things must come to at end.

I think you mean Fucking Solomon.

It's Alaya, implementing the Human Order upon the world. This is why Tsuki and Fate are now completely separate, but very similar, franchises. Either that or the Tsukihime universe is set to be culled. Sorry Arc


Tsuki no Sango is Tsukihime universe in the year 3000 so I'm pretty sure it won't get culled

What exactly is wrong with Fate? I haven't read the VN or seen anything to do with this series.

The original? The problem with that one is that it tries to be something it is not, it tries to be deep, but is just chunni shit with badly drawn hentai. Fights are all over the place with everyone withdrawing and not killing each other for several hours and doing other dumb shit to draw the whole thing out

Extra? Nothing, is chunni shit that is not taking itself seriously and can now be fun. Fights are 1vs1 till the death with no one leaving a fight.

FGO? Mobage shit that is now the main series and anyone not playing the mobage are secondaries in the Nasuverse. Problem is the bland shit MC, shit draw rates and shit design on a lot of servants.

Extella? A little too much of Nasu sucking Nero´s penis. Is fun if you like Musou and Attila being an alien.

TM Milking it after Fate/Hollow ataraxia
And See

>This, Basically Shirou want to avoid the shitstorm F/Z does
Did you forget that was what Iskandar was doing for half of Zero before he exhausted himself? He only attacked Assassin that tried to murder Waver after he offered nothing but good will and Caster who was some abomination.

Ignore this post & read this instead

>Because they have more characters. Saying mostly means not entirely anyway, so great job.
The characters didn't meet without it, you dumbass.

>It's in Fate/complete material III.
So it's non canon? Got it.

>shared universes are a huge selling point though,
Explain how. Literally nobody wants Tsukihime shit in Fate world. I cheered when I don't have to deal with shitty Tsukihime fans shoving their bad doujin meme in my threads or wanked literal whos.

They basically write the story around being able to introduce more 5 star waifus/husbandos for people to collect. They're probably shoving Caren into a psedu-servant slot right now

Am I supposed to take FGO seriously? The events don't seem like anything serious and the story seems self contained. Only on NA though since I have no idea what JP is up to

Nasu still writes things for FGO. Nothing really that good but he still writes.

That only works when the series are both popular like KnK and Fate. Secondly, the characters appear in different versions. Roa did when he got roasted by Dantes. Zepia was in Case Files. So on.

>Remember when Fate was good
It was never good.

>pandering to secondaries
FGO players are the primaries now. You, on the other hand, are the secondary who don't belong in the TM fanbase. Nasu doesn't want you.

What do Shirou know about 4th grail war anyway ? All he knows is that war cost lots of innocents lives. His father failed to do it, now its Shirou job to prevent it. Read FSN first, user. dont start Fate series from Zero.

Not everyone is you. Also Tsukihime characters still show up in things like Case Files and SF.


It's just three bitter Shittyhimefags circlejerking and whining because their shitty vamp VN doesn't get a remake.

Paradox I see with Fate is you have to read everything for overall world building, lore and characters knowledge (which is a chore most of the times) so you can enjoy little details that come from it, i.e. reading full FSN for Zero. For me it's a love/hate relationship. I like secondary characters the most and consider Prisma pinnacle of Fate.

KnK >>> FSN and Tsukihime

Don´t be retarded.

Zero is the apex and still shit.

see Zelretch is just a nice CE that is used for farming.

Goetia said so: it's a great evil brought by humanity itself. Its nature is eliminating on purpose what considers too divergent of what's settled from the chosen course of proper man's history.

I did, I was saying that Iskandar had his role in Zero, but didn't have his disgusting plot armor.

If you want to start, heres a guide.

How about a tldr version?

Tsukihime Far Side + MB > KnK > Tsukihime Near Side >>Fate spinoffs build on Fate knowledge >> fields of bland >> Vanilla Fate > shit >Fate spinoffs build on waifufaggotry

Literally explained in the PV:

>As there is competition in life, History also has victory and defeat
>The "Present" is the history of the winner, their choices and prosperity are the correct ones.
>This is called Generalized Humanity History
>The history of the loser, their choices and prosperity are the false ones
>It was scrapped as an "unnecessary things", it was even abandoned from the parallel world theory, a "Stalemate Human History"

"Solomon" (Goetia)
>"By the name of the King of Magecraft, I'll reveal the true nature of this planet.
Behold, this is what awaits in the end...
The atrocity that was done by the history of humanity itself."

>"Humanity's answer towards the elimination of the weak isn't about survival of the fittest but rather eliminating them on purpose."

Humanity self-regulates itself.

That was before, we have no idea what's going on there anymore. We know it's a dead end thanks to Wallachia in MB Nightmare manga anyway.


>Another quantum timelock is the fact that regardless of timeline, all Fate/ timelines will have a HGW in Fuyuki in 2004.
Not all, Prototype didn't have it, but it's another world tree.

I want to cum inside Jeanne while Mash watches!

>shit draw rates
Not really a problem when you can fucking clear the story plot and majority of the events with a team of 1*s and 2*s no problem.

If you know what you're fighting and how to build a team, you can clear most of the stuff in the game. One of the many valid strategies to beat Goetia was centered around Asterios, a 1*. Another valid strategy was to throw Astolfo, a 4* that everyone agrees is shit, at Goetia and watch him solo Goetia.

What? It is still Land of Steel that Zepia visioned. Humanity is still alive and "reached stars" so timeline is fine.
>A:Tsuki no Sango is a world where the event of Tsukihime did not occur. Different from EXTRA's "what if" scenario, the one of Tsuki no Sango is "a degenerated world where magecraft yet lingers". Tsuki no Sango has a Land of Steel type of world.

MB Nightmare imply everyone will die in in the future of their time unlike the "other world" which has a more open possibility.

I'm not sure why are you quoting Extra. The only set up in Tsukihime that still remains is MB Nightmare and there it's gonna be apocalyptic.

I dislike reading for long stretches no thanks. I guess I will just watch the zero anime, ubw and try the mobile game.

>Not Memelin, Memelin, Jeanne Alter and a Waver
Is like you want to be bored to death.

This Nasu Q&A about Tsuki no Sango so why are you being a moron?

Tsukihime's timelines is missing the Human Order Foundation entirely. It can't cull something it has no power over. Iirc without the Human Order Foundation, there is also no system of manifesting Heroic Spirits as Servants as we know them in Fate.

Are you being a moron about it being meaningless because Nasu is overhauling all Tsukihime world? The DAA list is also non canon because Nasu said he's going to change it for the reboot.

The only thing we know from Tsukihime world is that they are all fucked according to the only work he approved and coached post his universe overhaul.

>tfw no Tsukihime 2 merry adventures with Satsujinki

Oh God user, dont do it, you gonna misjudge Shirou & Kiritsugu & Rin character like most of user here if you watch it from Zero.
The VN is Fully Voiced & lots of characters movement, trust me. You wont regret it. FSN is beginner friendly for those who want to read VN.

>4 man team
Goetia's first turn wipes your front row, he also buffs himself to pierce any invulnerability skill you try with Merlin there so yeah, good job, all you have left is Waver on his own. Try again.

Honestly, most people stop because the Saber route bored them to death. I got my friends to watch UBW and Zero with that in consideration and it was the right choice.

Tsuki world going towards destruction was a thing since MB but death of the planet=/=death of humanity. The fact is they are alive in the land of Steel of Tsuki no Sango as for the year 3000

Because Saber route is introduction route to show how Fate universe works.


Or just watch that one 50 mins episode of UBW and be done with it. Infodump can be fast and fun. No need to have a few hours wasted.

Not that user but I think I've missed something these years, what the fuck is MB Nightmare and what about the Notes?

>the spinoffs to my hentai visual novel about a Japanese teenager fucking rule 63'd King Arthur ruined the franchise by not taking it seriously enough

Do yourself a favor and go read a real book.

This is why people think wrong about Fate series. They are gonna think Fate is powerlevel battle Anime.

But it is, especially glorified HF with retarded super saiyan zombie Kirei vs Shero which is, ironically more over the top route than UBW.

Fate was trash from the start but the sort of trash that I like so things like FGO are only a natural consequence.

>what the fuck is MB Nightmare
2 vol manga about Arc infodumping Sion about GO and Tsukihime worlds

it isn't?

I'll never get over people from a fucking eroge about a female king Arthur acting like highty and mighty.

And I read the source material (Sadly(

And people wonder why there's no official 2hu animu.

So instead the Grail War is about your seel insert fantasies? Cool.

This is actually a pretty good take. Good, Fate fag are so protective of their hentai game.

go eat a bag of dicks, Cred Forums

Couldn't have said it better myself.

>It was going so well before

9/10 Bait

It's canon because Nasu already said so.

But it'll never be canon for the delusional minds of the people here.

>Artoria being a girl was a unique case of legend obscuring fact and reinforced her inner turmoil about being king
>Now everyone and everything was actually a cute girl because

>A big point was made in the original about how these supposed glorious battles between legendary figures for the ultimate prize are nothing but glorified, selfish slaughters where it's nearly impossible for bystanders to not be killed, permeated for years because of a handful of ancient families who are a bunch of cunts, and whose prize is just an angry jew who can pretty much only be used to hurt people.
>Now it's played completely straight and it's all about the historical pocket monsters using flashy moves and being cool
I won't blame the secondaries, though. You can't blame a fly for sticking to a turd. I won't even blame Zero since at the end of it all it did stick to the message of the original, even if you can tell that most of its fans just like it for the fights and for muh barabando Iskander.
Nasu and his buttbuddies fucked it up themselves. Nowadays I just remember Fate for what it was, and the Tsuki remake is bound to be dragged through the shitter if it ever comes out, too, so no use bothering with TM as a whole ever again.

>Why are fate threads on Cred Forums such cancer?
All the people moved to BL and /vg/ thus left Cred Forums with secondaries parading as oldfags.

Cred Forums even defends apocrypha now

I'm not sure we're going to enjoy it as much as you do, user.

Jesus Christ, fatefags are worse than kyoanus.

Accurate post, user. Sums up my feelings nicely though I still hope the Remake can be good. At least Nasu won't be limited by Servant shit that is now meaningless, and it'll be a VN.

>Cred Forums even defends apocrypha now
Only a handful of secondary retards, who are precisely the people who only like Fate for Servants and action shit, and the same fags who make /vg/ unbearable.

It's natural. You see fatefags even in VEG threads parading around memeing Violet as Seiba

He's clearly not, given Redman.

How is this in any dispute?

>The original? The problem with that one is that it tries to be something it is not, it tries to be deep, but is just chunni shit with badly drawn hentai

I know hating a franchise for its fanbase is retarded but ever since I met the first nasufag on the internet, they have always been retarded cunts. Every single one of them. I have never had a good experience with somebody that revealed himself as a nasufag, and I'm not even talking about "secondaries" I'm talking about the true fans. You're the most awful people on the internet, secondaries are just to a lower degree the same thing as all of you. Not a single fanbase pisses me of more than a nasufag. FGO didn't ruin anything.
Sorry for coming to your thread to talk shit about you.

>I know hating a franchise for its fanbase is retarded but ever since I met the first
you could say this about every series that exist

>says the tripfag

If you had ever been part of the fanbase you would've realized why GO was the last nail in the coffin, or you would've liked GO because you never were that into TM or you only liked it for shallow reasons.

>A:Tsuki no Sango is a world where the event of Tsukihime did not occur.
Can't wait when it turns out that Shiki is Tsuki world Jesus who'll save it from going to Notes path

I'd be OK with him sacrificing himself to save it, since he has a short time to live anyway.
Actually I'd be OK with anything Tsukihime that isn't stuck as a GO shit event, but that's too much to hope from current TM.

I'm bored of using 4* and 5* servants and want to try out 3*. Anyone used Jekyll/Hyde? How useful is it? Or is it pure gimmick?

It's the gimmick of asking that on

>, even if you can tell that most of its fans just like it for the fights and for muh barabando Iskander.
As opposed to the original fans who like because muh self insert and muh moe saber and muh tohsaka anus

It's not worth it. Jekyll is completely useless and you'll have to basically waste turns keeping it alive and build up its NP for it to do damage. You're better off just using a Berserker right from the get go.

Are those curry spaghetti?

I always thought it was ramen, actually.
Maybe Ciel-senpai had some sort of influence there.

Primary material = F/GO
Secondary material = F/GO anime OVA
Irrelevant trash = F/SN VN, F/Z and the rest of the non-canon spin-offs.

Jekyll's great, but he needs a strengthening quest. Can't wait for Fate/Prototype to be animated.

Use Medusa. Fuck what does gameplay fags say. The Original Servants always a best.

1/10 bait
feel like you don't even try anymore.

Doesn’t mean they couldn’t make a new one, or a FAKE one *cough* Strange/Fake *cougj*

I'll remind you as many times as necessary. Grand Order is the only thing that matters.

Nasu is still working on Tsukihime, it'll happen.

Don't mind me, just posting the saviour of F/GO and reminding people that doujinshi is what made TM what it is.

Reminder that with Medb not getting a figure we have officially confirmed a number of things, and debunked medbfag memes:

Memes debunked:
>Its too early for her to get a figure, it needs more time
Cu Alter, released at the same time, is getting one. Cu Alter has never really appeared without Medb, and is heavily shipped with her, meaning with him getting one now and her not, she's never getting one.

>She's Nasu's favorite
This was already hilarious, but there are actualy a number of things to unpack here

>if nasu even liked her, she'd have a figure
>if anyone at type moon liked her, she'd get a figure
>if anyone at aniplex liked her, she'd get a figure
So, the "wank" she got is probably just coincidence. Meme dead.

>she is popular
This is the ultimate one. With Fate getting everything and dominating wonfes right now, this is the only time it is going to happen. With new servants coming out every week almost, and medb unlikely to be in any more events in a major role now, the time for her relevancy is well and truly over. Suffice to say, if she hasn't gotten one by now, it's never going to happen.

Game over, medbfags. Everyone at type moon hates her, the fans hate her, and you're never, ever going to see her again, except maybe as a throwaway summer version if you're lucky. Though judging by how she's too unpopular to even get a figure, it's unlikely she'll get anything like that too.

Just stop replying to him.

>Now it's played completely straight
But the only straight war was the one Marisbilly won with Solomon and that was played off screen?

You posted this on the wrong board, GO shitter.

>doujin game has higher production values and looks better than the main project and its spin-offs


The reason why Fate was popular in the first place was the idea of heroes fighting, NOBODY gives a shit about Shitrou. Sakura, Rin, Ilya and Saber are only worth by their designs. Prisma, Extra, etc show you can just reuse the designs and nobody cares.

nice try, medbfag, but there's no such thing as a wrong board when it comes to BTFO ing your ilk

Just use Hercules lmao he’s the best Goetia soloer alive

Cred ForumsBTFO

Why do people hate FGO?

Go back to naruto thread.

Why would you not hate FGO, assuming your only reasons to like it aren't "more porn and more Servant shit" (which is assuming a lot).


keep crying Cred Forums keep crying hahahahahahaha

>GO shitter.
Cry more.

>or you would've liked GO because you never were that into TM or you only liked it for shallow reasons.
Not even that guy, but who even gives a fuck? It's entertainment. People taking seriously a chuuni garbage story about a boy obsessed with swords who fucks King Arthur is just plain retarded.

You'll have a point if it ruined something that was supposed to be a masterpiece instead of a work designed to pander to the worst since the beginning.

Mobage is infinitely worse.

Subhuman Tsukicucks like this faggot aren't people.

>People taking seriously a chuuni garbage story about a boy obsessed with swords who fucks King Arthur is just plain retarded.
This is the reason your opinion is worthless.

>you can't have a passionate, flawed work with a clear vision if it's not a "masterpiece"
>this can't be ruined by eternal, careless cashgrabbing

F/Z has accel zero collab, friend, so you need to move it to "secondary material" at least along with KnK, CCC and Prisma.

How is it "ruined"? It's more successful than ever.

Gudako in that outfit should have been animated in the OVA instead of faggy beta guy.

>Three fucking Gils in one picture

Popularity and broadening your appeal usually means watering down what made the original good in the first place. This can work out, if you make up for that by putting more effort into everything else and delivering better products.
In this case it's not only that, but also putting less and less effort into everything, for more and more money.

Nothing is wrong with FGO besides its format
If it weren't originally meant as an ad for Extella the writing probably wouldn't have been so terrible for the first 2 1/2 singularities either
Blame aniplex for bringing the secondaries in with Zero

why Cred Forums alway seething when fgo get mention

>Cred Forums hates Zero and Butcher passionately
>Nasu loves Zero and Butcher passionately

Potato Potatoe. It was always silly pretentious garbage for waifufags.

FSN was cashgrabbing. If it wasn't, Saber would be male and there wouldn't be sex scenes and it wouldn't have been a VN. Don't be hypocritical.

I don't hate it. I just think it's kinda mediocre. I mean, I like the basic concept of adventuring through different ages and whatnot, but since the plot and interactions are mainly sandwiched in tiny portions between fights, you don't really get much sense of fleshed out characters.

FGO has brought in literaly millions more secondaries than FGO ever did.

"Nothing wrong with FGO besides its format" is just admitting that the whole thing is nearly worthless, and the couple of good parts of it are wasted on a really shitty pseudo-VN gacha game with a terrible protagonist.
It's not just about judging GO itself either, but the effect it has on TM as a whole and will have in the future.

>Cred Forums hates Butcher passionately
Not anymore since his puppet masterpiece.

Cred Forums
It's literally two guys.

It's the impressive side of autism which makes me like fanfiction.

The difference is that FSN was good, and the obvious pandering to the target audience did not have a huge negative impact on the final product as a whole. FGO is a shitshow from the start, and the few interesting ideas/characters that it has are drowned out in a sea of shit.

Remember when it was 3 guys? You know, you, me and moot. ;_;

>If it weren't originally meant as an ad for Extella
Who even told you this? Extella was going to come up first, but they had schudle issues. By then, Nasu already wrote the last chapter and Suzuken and Sugita had recorded their last battle lines.

Extella shit has no bearing in FGO except for Altera who is a shit flop anyway so nobody gives a fuck.

FGO is an original Fate story written by Nasu, if it's secondary than the fucking Fate/Stay Night VN is secondary.

>FSN was good,
In your opinion. To me it was the most infodumping, pretentious and mindnumbing VN I've read.

>And don't give a shitty excuse like muh waifus and husbando
>Does literally that
It must be hard being so retarded

>Extella shit has no bearing in FGO except for Altera
Except you know, the Lostbelts and pruning of timelines being mentioned in Extella now being a major issue in FGO part 2

>these supposed glorious battles between legendary figures for the ultimate prize are nothing but glorified, selfish slaughters where it's nearly impossible for bystanders to not be killed
This is practically what every singularity is
The only difference is that you're led to believe the innocent bystanders aren't really real and that the grails are why the battle for them is possible in the first place rather than the reason why people are fighting over it

>made the original good in the first place
The original is a porn game, dude. That's not exactly a high standard.

holy cringe

The vast majority of FGO is not written by Nasu. Even the parts he writes aren't always great, and they're still stuck in a really shitty game with a really shitty protagonist.
And I never said GO was secondary, it is (very unfortunately) the main project for TM in the late 2010s. But it certainly did attract millions more secondaries than Zero ever did, because it panders to them with the focus on Servants.

Yeah alright buddy, you're just another "it was always shit" fag. Quite funny that 90% of the people who defend FGO were never that into TM in the first place.

Waver and Roman talk about that already in Accel Zero, though. Not "lostbelts" by that name but that isn't mentioned in Extella either.

Extella/Extra is called a "spinoff' by Nasu, by the way, while FGO a "main franchise work".

And getting shit mentioned first means absolutely anything, otherwise it means Extella and FGO are just Fate/Labyrinth and Melty Blood Nightmare manga "shilling" because they laid down rules before they appeared there.

>altera forced into septem and various events/servant promos just because buy muh umusou
>originally teased for FGO when she's not relevant at all in it

Exactly. It's incredible that they fail to meet that standard by a country mile almost every time a new TM product comes out.

>tfw everything is actually labyrinth shilling. All Hail Manaka!

Oh user, it just means Extella is being used as infodump-set up backdrop for the story that really matters: FGO.

>FGO has brought in literaly millions more secondaries than FGO ever did
user are you having a stroke

Also Zero popularized Fate amongst jap normalfags three whole years before FGO even came out

>The vast majority of FGO is not written by Nasu.
The PLOT outline is by Nasu since the beginning, except for Ebin. Nasu only wrote 5% of FHA too, I don't see anyone bitching over that.

If it wasn't obvious, switch the second FGO with Zero.

80% of FGO's fanbase are newfags who couldn't care less about the rest of TM. Confirmed by Nasu himself.
Zero might've done some priming to make it mainstream, but GO caused the real explosion.

Because FHA is a fucking fan disc.
How is that a difficult concept to grasp.
People have different expectations between a fan disc and the next huge entry in the series.

FGO would be totally fine if it was just a shitty phone game with some cool new lore and a lot of Servants.
It's the fact that it is the main project, while also being a clusterfuck of various authors, inconsistent quality in writing and art, and in a terrible medium that makes it objectively bad and a target for hate.

That means absolutely nothing. They also teased Darius and Mephistopheles. And they were more irrelevant than Altera.

How the fuck Attila the Hun being the enemy of Rome in the Rome singularity "forced"? Altera is a shit forced character, but she's sadly Attila and would make sense she's an enemy boss in Rome.

Altera being the final boss of Septem makes some bit of sense, what with her being Attilla the Hun, who did campaigned against the Roman empire.

Altera appearing for Bunyan's event is more about the nature of the 2 characters. Bunyan's legend is in building a nation, Altera by nature destroys civilisations.

Atilla was never a serious threat to Rome despite how much Altera stomped in Septem.

It's a bit sad how much they tried to wank a new Saber and still made her awful.

They succeed with Musashi and have discretly trying to sweep her off.

>and in a terrible medium that makes it objectively bad and a target for hate.
Yeah, from fans of an hentai chuuni VN.

Tsukihime Servants when?

A chuuni eroge that was written all by the same author, with art all by the same guy, in a medium fit for Nasu's long-winded, description-heavy storytelling.

It's pretty pointless to explain all that to him. FGO is aimed at that kind of shiting losers, who enjoy crappy story, bland self-insert mcs and cheap pandering. That's exactly what they want. Thats what anime industry mass produces in form of isekai/shounen/mecha shit.

Because people here hate on Zero despite it going above and beyond criticizing Shirou's ideals, even though they're totally fine with it happening in FSN

FSN is almost entirely mystery and horror. Of the 'cool fights', Saber route battle vs Gil is basically the only one where the significance of the fight is not main character death or Shirou condemning himself to the life of a 'Hero of Justice', a wandering killer whose only home is the battlefield, and even that one is bittersweet because it ends with the twist of the corrupted grail and Saber and Shirou parting forever.

> forever
The only thing Realta Nua did right.

I'd rather not want Tsukihime get sullied by GOshit pandering

Arc is going to ride Guda's cock.

>bunch of psuedo servants thrown about, novelty servants, retarded star system
No. FGO is an undisputed cancer.

Archtype Earth and Shiki Void are going to get fucked by Guda.

good i hope this game gave your kind a cancer

Wrong hairstyle

It's happening
Dumb male masters

It’s ok user. You’ll have better luck one day.

>If you loved the characters if F/SN so much
>not liking Cu, Rider, Medea, Sasaki etc shenanigans
what are you gay

FGO got Asagami Fujino from KnK 3 when they rerun KnK event.

There was a ponytail theme on the draw tag.

Not him but you should stop with this retarded assumption. I've played for 2 years, never roll unless I have 700+ to make sure I always get what I want, and I still think the game is the cancer that killed TM.

Damn, that's ridiculously cute.

>only 700 quartz

I've never needed that many to get the 5* I want. Though to be fair I only roll like twice a year.
Point is, luck is irrelevant to recognizing the negative impact GO has had on TM, and how trashy it is.

>Not him but you should stop with this retarded assumption. I've played for 2 years, never roll unless I have 700+ to make sure I always get what I want, and I still think the game is the cancer that killed TM.
Try not being a lucklet. I hoarded once but got but only turned into disappointment when I got Jackshit.

The moment I started to fuck off from saving, doing a 10 roll or ticket roll on every gacha I want, I started getting what I want.

How can FGO be bad when it gave us so much feet art?


>I hoarded once but got but only turned into disappointment when I got Jackshit.
I don't understand how that makes me a lucklet and not you.
I got Abby in like 15 tickets. I barely ever have to dig into my massive quartz fund.

Because feet or the porn were never the main appeal of Type-Moon.
If it was for you, then you're obviously GO's target audience.

>anti-GOfags will never experience the most GAR moment of TM history

Feet/Grand Odor

The beasts are such a shitty concept. The DAA and Types are all you need for world level threats. FGO has taken humanity wank to whole new extremes.

Shirou is going to ride Guda's cock.

That's Muramasa. Shirou already was in game as Emiya and nigger version

>The beasts are such a shitty concept. The DAA and Types are all you need for world level threats. FGO has taken humanity wank to whole new extremes.

People haven't even dug deep to the Outer gods yet that were revealed on the last chapter

>it's a pseudo-Servant and not actually Shirou
>shitty Higashide chapter with shallow chuuni tropes and 0 depth, as usual for his writing
>wooaaah yet another Emiya remix, so epic guys!!!
>Remember when this guy was an actually good main character of an actually good TM work?

No. As an anti-GOfag, I experienced it and it has nothing on Nasu's best GAR moments. Stop pretending like your game is worth shit.

Beast is just a another name. PM is considered DAA and Beast

FGO is better than the nothing we were getting from Nasu before. He's never going to remake Tsukihime.

If anything, it's probably gonna be a Tsukihime collab with FGO

Cred Forums literally secondary central.
FGO haters are secondaries.
This is Fact.
Cred Forums doesn't even know how Nasu writes because they consume shitty translations.

Fuck of DIshitter. You don't know anything


being this mad

>ITT: Fatefags try to fit in by shitting on everything they hold dear
No one is going to reward you faggots for cucking out. Why don't you stand up for yourselves?


Real proof that /vg/tards are cancerous

Well I suppose Cred Forums secondaries really don't read anything outside FSN Takajun fanfiction.

Fuck off footfags.

Modern TM is trash and absolutely not worth defending.
I will defend pre-2015 Nasu no matter what.

Then don't reply to them.
Then again this thread is made to be bait central.

Nasu teased an actual world threat for Tsukihime, interested to see what it will be.
Not until Tsukihime R is done.

Is this some kind of EOP irony?

Shiki's feet!

>I will defend pre-2015 Nasu no matter what.
Can you defend last chapter in DDD vol 2?

Why did she undress for her master?

Kohaku and Sakura had similar circumstances (and even that isn't true because Sakura had constant living experiments done to her body, as opposed to the synchronizing and physical abuse Kohaku suffered) but are totally different.

Sakura attempted a long time ago to move past her trauma and just live as best she could. Kohaku coped by just mechanically following a plan. Sure, she cared about Hisui, but she threw Akiha and Shiki under the bus from jump street. Sakura had to be pushed real hard to break down, and Shinji was never a source of help unlike Akiha.

See Hollow, the reason Medusa loved Sakura so much is that she acknowledged her life sucked, she stopped being a doll and tried to get the best out of life, however crappily she felt.

She didn't attempt to get out of the situation because there was no good way out, not with Zouken constantly monitoring her with being inside her. Compared to that, Kohaku's plans were practically laid at her lap by a family that was a second away from pulling the trigger on themselves.

KnK ->Tsukihime/KT/MB -> Stay Night -> Zero -> Mahoyo -> Case Files -> Strange Fake

This is the true path.

What happens in DDD vol 2?

what happened to the Dies Irae anime? I haven't seen anyone talking about it

Oops, HA after Zero.

Doesn't exist in Fate timelines.
Why do they need to step in when the Beasts themselves do a great job of fucking humanity up?

Having something about Humanity's Evils doesn't mean world threat. Could be just Primate Murder getting referenced or appearing briefly.
Either way I hope it's exclusive to Sacchin route, so as to not ruin the feel of the originals.

Untranslated, but I will still defend that it was a Nasu original project, with no direct connection to his previous works, and without relying on the Fate brand crutch for easy sales.
Ãnd pelase do not use my kemono-dono to shitpost.

>Wasting time on shitty VN

He does it again.

Suddenly X-man garbage. Like literally.
You better to forget about this trainwreck. They gonna stream final episodes in July.

So it's a typo again?

Why it's shitty?

Nasu is saying 3 events would have happened at the same time: Humanity's Evils in UBW, the climax of FGO, and a certain plotline in Tsukihime R. There was nothing in the original Tsukihime that's on par with either of those events, so it sounds like there's some big story thing that's been added.

Call the border patrol

Oh. Im still interested in it because I heard it's the closest thing to Kara no Kyoukai. I saw that the MC lost an arm as well which reminds me of Shiki. Too bad there is no readable translation.

>this thread

It could be Nero going full CHAOS or Arc going demon lord

>this thread
Was it autism?

Absolutely disgusting.
Secondary EOP talking shit about others. No any shame at all.

>fgo is good

Geez, you guys sure are obsessed with me.
Yes it's a typo, I know "and" does not require a tilde.

I don't think it's a matter of "being on par", as it is just being related to Humanity's Evils.

Either one of these sounds pretty cool, but they're not very related to Beasts.

In Melty Blood the Dust of Osrias tried to repeat Goetia's plan.

>fgokek mad that his gag waifu characters will never be in a relevant VN or anime


Nah mate the true point of fate has always been "if u love swords bitches will love you." Also your cultural heroes were all little girls.

>Cries about reading
>Wants to waste time playing gachashit
See you in future threads only to be told to read the VN.

>Geez, you guys sure are obsessed with me.
Pretty sure it's the other way around user, stop being so obsessed it isn't healthy.

Delete this. I want them to do the Imperial HGW next

if you can't remain anonymous then I will shitpost at you
also you denied being a huemonkey despite having that character available on your keyboard and I won't forget that

Nasu himself ruined the nasuverse.


FGO did

I wasn't the one who took a minute to remember an unrelated post from another thread and immediately shitpost about it because of a repeated typo, as if that's relevant to the discussion.

But I'm not a hue monkey I am a yuropoor, I admit.

He's completely different. Out of all TM mc Arika is guy who don't give a fuck about others and their problems. He has no sense of fear but he has memory loss problem.

We have Guda Guda Order at least

The cutest.

>Tsukihime is good

Nasu is the primary culprit for FGO, and for making it the main project instead of making something good himself.
He just wants to be lazy and let other hacks milk a shitty mobage.

Fate/Zero is the only good story in this entire franchise and I dare any of you bitches to challenge me

Well they didn't expect the mobage to actually explode. It's harder to keep it afloat if he alone writes it.

But the new FGO chapters are pretty good too

He shouldn't be writing it at all. All of his good ideas and concepts, that could've been their own cool standalone LNs are wasted on a trashy gacha game, in the middle of medicore/bad chapters.
It is his fault, because he could've kept TM's main works good by focusing on other shit, and letting GO be the bad spin-off for secondaries.

He wrote the scenario and then handed it off to the literary geniuses responsible for Apocrypha and Proto Fragments, only bothering to take the reigns again after FGO's story developed its reputation.

those feet are pretty good

sakurais vns are better than nasus tho

Why the fuck are Type-Moon elitists so triggered by Fate/Grand Order? What is it about a spin-off mobage that causes them to turn into such mouth-foaming autists?

stfu fag

Because it took over as the main project, and TM is likely to keep pandering to the secondaries that like it for Servants, rather than understanding what made Nasu's old works good.


western fanbase
pure cancer

If it was just a " spin-off" no one would care

fgo gets nice foot art

Same people crying about Tsukihime Remake in Cred Forums but still don't know Japanese.
Same people crying about Mahou trilogy without reading Mahou (untranslated).


Would you be allowed to point out how shitty FGO is as a "main project" and that Nasu should be doing a billion other things if you knew Japanese?
Because I've seen plenty of nips complain about the neglect towards Tsukihime/Mahoyo/DDD, and they obviously don't consider that FGO shit fills their spot.
Stop pretending like it's a west-only thing to bitch about current TM.

Outer gods are just shitters whose purpose is to buff random girls to be gachabait. And it's written by Meteo so it's never going to be relevant in Nasu's outline.


>Stop pretending like it's a west-only thing to bitch about current TM.
Sorry but japs play and read FGO ongoing.
Of course they want something new but it's different from blind hate of secondary degenerates in Cred Forums. Proofs: check their boards.

Sure, but it'll be Extra Nero as a vampire replacing him.

No, originally everything was implied to be connected. For example, Shirou get's his new body from girl whom gives Turkeyhandle his glasses. And Redman timeline Shirou met Ciel. And Ciel and Kotomine were in the same church doom squad.
It limits storytelling opportunities. Now instead of a wider world an author literally has to make a choice between Servants and Dead Apostle Ancestors, because new canon is they cannot exist in the same timeline. Flying in the face of Zelretch, of course.

You never played MB or FGO. Lion King was the one doing the same which isn't the same as what Goetia wanted to do, idiot.

I don't mind Shiki fucking her in Nero route

>Now instead of a wider world
DAA never existed in FSN universe.
This is nothing but theory and funfiction.

But Guda characters appeared in animated versions.

Dead Apostles can exist in Fate/ timelines, they just don't reach DAA level.

No, fuck you.
I play FGO ongoing as well, and follow the story to the best of my ability, by whatever translations are available. It's not as different from those nips who also want Nasu to change things up as you want to believe. They feel the same neglect towards other franchises in favor of Fate, and I'm sure there are nips who aren't that into FGO shit and only play primarily because it's Type-Moon.

And even actual secondaries who don't follow GO at all have all the right to complain. What if they only like Tsukihime, or they only like VNs? Fact is, TM is wasting a lot of potential for actually good products, just because their current cash cow makes a lot more money with a lot less effort. It's perfectly reasonable to be mad about a mobage-only focus, even if FGO was the best fucking mobile game and TM story to ever exist.

He wrote the last chapter before he handed that. Nasu wants to leave type moon in their hands, if you actually follow anything he says. That's why link is written by higashide.

>And Ciel and Kotomine were in the same church doom squad.
Kirei was never part of Burial Agency though

You're in minority. Sorry.

If you meant to type Shiki *raping* Extra Nero with violence and lust, then yes, I'm fully in support.

What's so funny? Both Hakousai and Abigail are Meteo's doing, they are stuffed in irrelevant playable classes too. Your outer gods got sacrificed to become waifubait-buffers of characters completely unrelated to them.

That's what an 80% new fanbase does to a franchise.

Who is the true Scotsman here?

>I play FGO ongoing as well
well go back to /vg/

No, Fai, you're secondary by definition and part of problem.

>More power levels and trash writing

FGO generals are shitholes.
No thank you.

Stop this boogeyman. I doubt he's even been on Cred Forums since fucking UBW.
Please do explain how I'm "part of the problem" in any possible way, when everything I say in this image board is completely worthless and will never reach Nasu's ears through his stacks of money. Don't worry, I'll never be able to derail TM's downfall and Nasu's spiral into more laziness.

N-no. Tsukihime is 10/10 VN with GOD TIER translation from Takajun (tm). Magnum Opus of TM. Only GO secondaries disagree.


>Shirou get's his new body from girl whom gives Turkeyhandle his glasses
This is how I know you're a secondary.

Shiki gets his glasses from AOKO Aozaki.
Shirou's body is found in an abandoned TOUKO Aozaki's workshop, who is, you know, a big KNK character, a timeline that does exist within Fate or closeby since Fujino got incinerated along with her era.

> And Redman timeline Shirou met Ciel.
That was just from CM III which holds 0 impact to the story since it was never actually mentioned. Furthermore, his appearances in the animu which covered his backstory didn't have him with it. So Nasu changed his mind.

>And Ciel and Kotomine were in the same church doom squad.
Except they aren't. Ciel is a member of the Burial Agency, Kotomine isn't.

Type Moon is dead anyway after FGO is over. Nasu would be lucky if any of those people riding the Fate/Go hype train even remained after it is done. Nasu talent has already withered and his plans for trying to make successors for himself doesn't seen to have pan out that well for his fan-base. Once he is done trying to milk and destroyed all his old works he doesn't have anything left to show for himself since can't even create a new work entirely from scratch. Although, he doesn't have to worry about having to make any more works because he already rich enough to retire by FGO.

>this falseflagging shit
>when even the biggest Tsuki fans won't claim the VN is above 8/10, and not better than FSN on a technical level at least
Fuck off.

All of that might be true, but I can't just give up my hopes of TM finally putting out some good stuff whenever GO starts dying down (or after part 2) in a couple of years.

>all those wrong facts
Are the anti FGOfags the true ignorant secondaries?

>Please do explain how I'm "part of the problem"
What is your age and when you discovered TM.
You didn't grow up. You stagnating. Look how JP oldfags who read Tsuki in 2000 treating TM. Now look at you.

>Shiki gets his glasses from AOKO Aozaki.
She did stole them from Touko and only make them indestructible though. But you right for the rest

You didn't explain how that makes me "part of the problem" at all.
Anyone who disagrees with the majority who now just take whatever they get from TM because they no longer have hopes remaining for anything genuinely great from Nasu is a "problem"? Type-Moon meaning different things to different people is a "problem"?
Eat shit.

Some of them.

So? He didn't have any contact with her, he got them from Aoko, and Touko is more a Mahoyo and KnK character (which alone is impossible to take place in Tsukihime according to Nasu).

Nasu simply chose to put his biggest success: KnK and Fate together. In the past he only associated Tsukihime with Fate out of popularity too. It's not rocket science he shoved it aside not due to Fate, but because of KnK, I'm not sure if you were aware, but Tsukihime was his attempt to promote KnK which was a failure first.

KnK now exists along with the main focus of his work.

M-m-moogy said TM is mainstream.
Only DDD fags are special.
What we can do now?

Fuck off.
He's wrong, FGO launched Fate to "mainstream" on a whole other level that further dilluted the focus of the series and what once made it any good.

Mahoyo is prequel to Tsukihime in a way. And DAA are mentioned in it so it's definitely not in Fate world.

>Mahoyo is prequel to Tsukihime in a way.

And? Mahoyo was an even more incomplete sidework while KnK was a complete one. Touko is known not by Mahoyo but by KnK.

The point is irrelevant too, Nasu is just making his two hits share an universe. He saw male Shiki and female Shiki and approved female Shiki to exist in Fate instead because she's way more popular. This has nothing to do with Fate, it's because he's taking a bit of revenge of those years KnK was ignored.

>He's wrong
Doubt. Moogy-chan has more knowledge about TM fanbase than Cred Forums.

KnK never was connected to FSN.

Actually he's not wrong in that particular pic, FGO NA had no effect in dilluting TM. I thought he was talking about FGO in general before looking at it.

I hope no one seriously keeps replying to this ignorant/bait poster.

>those years KnK was ignored.

Mahoyo is still incomplete
>Multiple sequels confirmed
>Haven't heard anything since

You have weird headcanon here. He separated Fate and Tsukihime universes and as he mentioned before you can't have both Shiki in the same universe so he thrown her in Fate

>ignoring that KnK flopped until ufotable saved it from obscurity

>brainlet wojaks are still up
Usually they're taken down faster.

>KnK flopped
another anecdote

>Shirou gets his puppet body from Touko's workshop
>HURR it was never connected to FSN

Read interview with Nasu.

You're the same kind of person who says Mahoyo flopped, aren't you?
And the idea of Nasu personally "taking revenge" is laughable.

Mods decided this was the shitposting thread the moment they saw it was about GO, they know it attracts /vg/ crossboarders like flies.

Why do bitter faggots need to say they hate FGO every single second?

>Tsuki is not connected to KnK
>AOZAKI AOKO still in Tsuki

>the focus of the series
What's the focus of Fate/ again?
Normal human MCs given plot devices that let them fight on par with superhumans who fought the likes of monsters and gods in their time?

mods see individual reported posts in a queue you shitposting retard

It's very important that you know.

> Eat shit.
He does and he likes it. It's pretty pointless to argue with morons.

To derail threads. They can't discuss anything outside FSN lore. And wiki information about fgo is very limited.

What is transpiring there? It looks upsetting.

That's why no one arguing with him and you anymore, moron. It's pointless to argue with morons.

That's about right, yeah.
The ascension of a hero, and wether it's worthwhile to become a hero at all. Servants as heroic figures serve as a perfect backdrop to that.

She receives valentine's gifts from the girls, white day gifts from the boys and then the gift from her kouhai, Mashu, which is the main heroine of FGO.

>Artoria Alter & Jeanne Alter scared to sleep alone after watching horror films

Stop talking to a mirror, faggot. Go end your shitty life.

>no arguments
>can't explain why different opinions from the majority are "part of the problem"

>no u
Underage? This is 18+ board.

Some people told me that okita was artoria tier yet on the fgo general they told me she was kinda shit.Who is right?

>I said it's shit!
Answer this first
>What is your age and when you discovered TM.

> This is 18+ board.
GTFO then dumbfuck.

Hey, swank digs! Comfy atmosphere, too.

I was 15 or so.
Now please make an argument that isn't "lol grow up, you're not supposed to want good things anymore".

>It was going so well before
If we are talking about secondaries, the community became infested with them when Zero came out back in 2011.
If we are talking about writing and cashgrab in generals then Extra was already a sign that of the franchise becoming cashcow. Fate GO might be the biggest offender, but its not like Fate in general was in great shape before it.

>The ascension of a hero, and wether it's worthwhile to become a hero at all.
So the very thing Chaldea as a whole indirectly did.

>be Chaldea
>save the fucking world
>has to hide the involvement of your only human field operative because the Mage Association are massive assholes and you have to protect your field operative
>Clock Tower tries to fucking disband your organisation for being too strong when your field operative and staff worked their ass off to save the world despite them knowing very well that everyone else on the planet is dead
>continue saving the world afterwards, cleaning up the mess every other organisation failed to clean up(Salem), while Mage Association throws a fucking restriction on how strong your servants can be the whole time, getting in your way of saving the world

In game, Okita is better than Artoria, but Quick cards took a major hit after Merlin arrived on the scene.

I do like the aesthetic effort put into goddamn RPGMaker.

Then why did she break down?

No sword beam, shit fake saber. Only good for genki and footjobs.

How very Tokyo-3.

I was talking about FSN exclusively, the rest of the franchise doesn't have (nor should it have) a cohesive theme.
The problem with GO is just being a bad game, and way too much stupidly written shit mixed with the good ideas. Romani is much closer to Nasu's insistence on "is it worth it to be a hero?" regardless.

"Chaldea" is not a character and the MC is utter trash.

was asking lorewise

Maybe she's finished the Valentine's event and snaps out of her grinding trance.

>Summon greatest heroes of history
>Not having EPIC fights
That's a fucking waste. Apocrypha's Battle Royale it's a feast for the eyes.

You're biased against FGO because FSN was your baby's first VN. There is nothing I can do. No matter how good chapters written by Nasu in FGO, they will remain bad in your eyes. After 10-11 years you're still obsessed over FSN like a madman. You probably think it's some kind of WoD. You're stagnating. And you still don't know Japanese. How can I change your opinion? I can't open your eyes.

>Artoria tier
No way. Artoria is currently the worst SSR servant in FGO Okita is much better than her gameplaywise.
>fgo general they told me she was kinda shit.Who is right?
Anybody who doesn't have a buster NP is considered shit to these people now because of Merlin but since Merlin doesn't exist in NA version yet this is a stupid point to make. Okita was servant that was used most in Saber Wars.

>Apocrypha's Battle Royale it's a feast for the eyes.
And you actually expect to be treated seriously?

>No matter how good chapters written by Nasu in FGO, they will remain bad in your eyes.
But that's wrong you nigger.
I really like the Camelot and Extra CCC chapters. I just lament how they're wasted on a mostly terrible game.
But sure, keep eating shit and thinking only nostalgiafags would disagree with you.

Fate Extra ruined Fate, it was downhill from there.

No one in this threads is ever treated seriously so fuck it.

Lore wise, you're better off summoning Sasaki Kojiro as a Servant because they can both do a Tsubame Gaeshi type technique. While Okita is a better swordsman, her tuberculosis means that she can collapse at any time. Kojiro has the same stats as Okita actually (STR: C CON: E AGI: A+ MGI: E) but his luck is better (D vs A) and his abilities are better: Okita has weak magic resistance and riding, while Kojiro has low presence concealment, eye of the mind fake, vitrification, and knowledge of respect and harmony.

It explores quite a few different settings.

>I said FGO is shit u eat shit
Nothing to expect from EOP secondary.

The point about all of this is that the idea of bringing 7 beings of different folklore, legends, myths together into a kind of tournament to fight to the death to be granted a wish became very popular, with people. When in truth, that wasn't the core point of Stay Night. If anything the servants were treated more as extras to fill the plotline that Stay Night was going for. The reason why TM "elitists" despise Fate outside of the VNs is because Nasu has appealed more and more to the people that only cared about the aspect of Servants fighting to the death. You can start to see signs of this in Extra, a lot more so in Apo and then FGO takes the cake by literally removing other Masters and making it exclusively about the Servants. For a lot of people, this is great as that's really only part of Fate they actually gave a shit about, whereas some longtime TM fans feel betrayed because one idea Nasu came up with became popular with the masses and instead of ignoring it, he chose to appeal to theses individuals over his current fans.

Personally I don't really mind as I've found each Fate work to have its own kind of charm but I can understand why older fans are annoyed.

Funny how Fatetards treat their franchise much more seriously than Nasu ever fucking did.
>waaaah muh secondaries
>waaaah muh FGO ruined everything
Move on with your lives, you don't hate to consume every shitty thing that comes out from the franchise. For me everything ended with HF and I haven't even bothered to touch anything Fate since Hollow/Ataraxia came out.

>fgo ruined fate!
>synchros ruined yugioh!
>[arc after my favorite arc] ruined dragon ball!
>kage summit ruined naruto!
>2008 newfags ruined Cred Forums!
I heard this too many times...

Fate should've ended with sn honestly.
Leave the rest to the fans and create something new, after all you have the new platform set up.

>Only the VNs were good.
You're hardly any better.

To be fair the stuff after sunchro fucked over Yu-gh-oh. I dueled someone was using modern cards and they destroyed me in 3 fucking turns. I won the second round because I could actually play my cards, but lost in the third.

Shit hit the fan with Zero and you know it.
That is when TM when the way of having Undertale fans.


Man, I remember the Old Fate threads. They were full of wall-text, powerlevel fags and autism, but they were unironically fun.
From, of course coincidentally, the release of the NA server of Fate/GO, they became quite cancerous. There is still powerlevelfags, waifufags and the same topics, but the content is far worst. At least oldfags knew their shit.

>I cares about fanbase more than about personnel enjoyment
Your'e cancer

>but they were unironically fun.
>garbage copypasta abotu sakura vs rin for 300+ posts
>copy pasting posts from archive for fake discussion
How about no?

>Fate threads have been cancerous since NA FGO released.
Longer than that user. At least since UBW anime aired.

Nah, there has been teasing about a Fate/prototype show though

I know hell when I see it.
Too bad I entered prior to shit hitting the fan.

you mean zero

I never said that only the novels were good, I still went to watch HF on cinemas and read the Zero light novel and Prisma Illya seems fun.

So is this a permanent migration? I thought we were going to try and cuddle up the mods on Cred Forums and go back home were it all started.

Fate threads were always cancer. Since DEEN anime. Since UBW patch "leak"

What would Type Moon by today had FGO never happened?
More VNs? More console games? More spinoffs?

>More VNs
>More console games
>More spinoffs?

More nothing.
Just more shitposting about CCC never being translated, since Extra would be the big thing.

It would be same but without GO. A clusterfuck of spin offs and fanservice material.

Threads would be dead too.

fgo is the best and worst thing happen to typer moon accept it guy and stop crying

Without FGO we'd probably have more news about Tsukihime, but Nasu is still doing work on all the anime adaptations so it isn't as if he's fully devoted to writing any VNs.

So is Prisma.

You're delusional. As example Mahoyo is 10 hours long kinetic VN. And this is not even GO fault

What else is there though, if you remove the shonen powerlevel bullshit? Shirou isn't an interesting character. All the other characters are waifu bait. (Literally. It's an eroge.) All the pseudo-philosophical bullshit only appealed to people who likely hadn't read any real literature before anyway. The only appealing part of Fate is:

1. Over-the-top fights between quirky japanese interpretations of famous historical characters

2. Attractive character designs

That's it. Of course the plebs who actually identified with Shirou and his average harem fantasy are going to be upset when the series plays to its actual strengths, but that's what happens if you want appeal someone more than just the core audience of all of 100 people, who would be too pissed off at TM doing anything different anyway because they're too attached to their favorite characters. (muh shirou, muh saber, muh rin, etc. etc.)

I love fate.

>pseudo-philosophical bullshit

She also have a second NP which can summon her buddies for help so she is slightly better than Kojiro.

And? Mahoyo parts 2 and 3 were going to come after Tsukihime R, and there's no way that would come faster without Nasu on it full time.

Whatever you fags say, biggest victim here is Melty stuck in limbo.

Cue hours of monologue from Shirou about the trolley problem. Fucking yawn.

Idiots paid real life money to RNG roll some pixel waifus and this trash game got 1 billions revenue. Have we humanity peaked as a specie?????????

But it's never been the trolley problem. The trolley problem is something Kiritsugu deals with as the man who always pulls the lever, not Shirou.
Shirou doesn't want there to be a trolley at all. The scenario of the trolley problem would crush his ideal to a pulp, and it does just that in Heavens Feel where it brings him to his knees and makes him change his entire way of life.

There is nothing pseudo-philosophical about it. If you call it "pseudo-philosophical" you're
>only appealed to people who likely hadn't read any real literature before anyway
this patient. Ironical isn't it? Did you skip literature classes in school?

and her coat raises her parameters too

>Idiots paid real life money to RNG roll some pixel waifus
Iditos have been paying real life money to RNG roll some symbols in the hope of getting some of their money back since 1890. Its nothing new.

I rest my case.

What about that one where saber and Medusa run up a building and then she fires her sword laser and there's a flying horse. That one was cool. And the only real negative consequence is Shinji dying who no one cares about

>Idiots pay money to experience things wtf
If be laughing if you two weren't so sad.

>Paying money to roll some symbols or a waifu is experiencing things
I'd be laughing if you weren't so sad

Not much different to people who pay for loot boxes or micro transactions.

Why pay money to travel when you can just look at pictures.

> travel
> some symbols or a waifu
Really makes you think.