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check out the guide

should I?

If you have to ask, then no.

Is Alice-Books okay with shipping to an address that doesn't match the address of the payment method (ie. forwarding to 2you4 while paying with a gaijin debit card)?

huge navel.

What a strange tapestry. I have the doujin and it's genius for a doujin cover. But why would you want all that text on a wall scroll?

Alter and Plum.

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Don't they ship overseas already?

joints r coot

Yeah, but that's only for a limited selection. Not all items are able to ship overseas.

It looks comfy, but why not a regular poster + frame?

When did they stop banning for doing this?

>Hey user, why is does your Japanese poster say 18+ on it?

would hot glue in front of my sister/10


stomach looks like a certain cosplayer after lipo

Interesting quilt bikini and pixel block swo-

that retarded sword

Nice Minecraft Sword you got there lady

Is the dream dead?



I'm sorry.

I actually really like this, can't wait to see how the painted version will turn out.


huh, didn't notice she had a game controller

was this cancelled?

>half off
What went wrong? Why didn't you buy her? iTANDi is probably crying now and won't even sculpt again.

>More fat elves
It's a beautiful time we live in

you mean thick

fat, looks like my mom's fat belly.

Sure looks like it. Was there even any Granblue at WonFes at all?

Remember anons that great BTFO of kyokofags knowing their shit girl's figure is cancelled.

No, I mean thicc

What kind of a wedding dress is that?

fuck off

did someone buy the miniled?

shhhh it's ok kyokofag no need to be so bitter.

we're going to need you to mellow out with the best/worst girl shitposting, this is the pvc butts thread

I thought BRS was dead you guys lied to me, as always.

it's just one figure user no need to get so excited.

I bet next wonfes we'll se that "cancelled" Kyouko too. Fucking shitposters.

>Her tits make it look like the lion is puffing out its cheeks

Clawshrimpy must be jerking off to this.

Busou Shinki is alive and well


I like this and I'm not even a remfag


Being in the AmiAmi shop is causing excessive poorfag suffering

She's at the pool.

Looks like absolute hell to paint.

Don't even care for Rem, but might buy judt to hot glue considering the price.

>missing the preorder window of something you really want

Is there a worse feeling?

Admittedly nice details.
Still wish the Rem shit would die.

>Amico-chan and crew scales never

>Nendos or Poches never
I'm sad

Do you guys keep track of all your buyfag purchases/expenditures? Was thinking of making a spreadsheet and going back through my past invoices just to see my total I've spent through the years.

Amico got merch designed by fucking Riyo?

I'm not a fan of this series but this looks beautiful.

When you strike moeblob gold you would be a fool not to make every anime buck you possibly could off of it.

And the other meme-artist bkub as well.

I don't, on purpose.

perfect for hotglue

How long do you guys reckon it'll be until preorders go up for her.

>tfw no figma to nuke my wallet

Attends et espère

>hot gluing a meme figure
you casn do better.

>tfw can't get to buy them
overall great wonfes let's see whats the next will bring.

the true peak of buyfagging is cumming on a fully clothed figure of you're waifu

Does buyee purposely raise the price on your auctions?

Oh dead lawd.

Second best girl Hikari is getting a fig too, nice.

you're right. I need to hotglue that 1/1 scale Celia that comes with a real apron.

>meme figure
Everythings a meme. I almost miss when normalfags started calling all image macros memes. Lost that battle hard.

>reddit spacing
you need to go back.

You don't even know what reddit spacing is you retard.

Je te le souhaite mon homme.

Yes go back to your DBS reddit general.

Does anyone have the Konosuba prize figs?

I want them in their regular clothing but

I will as soon as you kill yourself faggot. Lurk more.


It's not even a bunny fig, it's just a girl with rabbit ears. Kind of refreshing in a way.

Only since I started the sheet. The numbers already sicken me but I can't stop.

>admits he goes on there
the only one that needs to kill themselves is you.

That isnt redditspacing you fucking newfaggot. Lurk moar.

>doesn't know what "reddit spacing" is
>uses a Cred Forums meme
>misdirects to DBS when called out
How nu?

yes, I had no problem with them
I keep track of my overall budget in a spreadsheet and “pay” for my preorder directly in my budget.

And if this happens to me this fucking season I'm going to sudoku.

Wow these are ugly

I started a spreadsheet about a year into buyfagging, mainly as a way to keep track of my own orders because Amiami's interface was incredibly primitive at the time. I track things by order, and include estimated release date, price in JPY and rough value in USD. Items I've received get moved to a second sheet so I have a permanent record.

When I want to make myself angry I sum up the USD column. Currently at $27k after 7 years of tracking.

user stop. I'm getting secondhand embarrassment from your posts.

What year USD?

A-at least you had fun collecting them!

I hope someone appreciates them as much as you after you die !

Amiami takes enough of my money thank you

What site do I need to check to preorder yuru camp nendos as soon as they are available?

I update the conversion rate every few months and all the outstanding orders use a formula to update the converted price. That's another reason completed orders get moved, to save the converted value at that time.

I remember the shitty days of 1:70.

Whats the best sites to order from and to pre-order from?

ebay and aliexpress.



>I have the doujin
she fucks the dog doesn't she

Christ, how many scales do you own? Or do you collect other stuff like dolls/dakis/doujinshi/BDs?

Hard to imagine racking that much up over seven years on scale figures alone.

There's some media in all of that (I can think of at least 5 series and 2 movies).

Nearly all of the Alter Strike Witches. A ton of Nanoha stuff.

Don't be ridiculous user, of course not. Her mom does.

>It's too late to fix Homura's derpy face

>fucking a dog
what a bitch

How do you view total collection value in the new shitty mfc?


>second best girl
Who is the best girl?


That term is already retarded, but I'm really curious as to what you think it means.

point at this idiot and laugh

oh man
look that

Oh shit, release date? Any details?

what's it from?

>That area when the thigh highs are too tight.



The title is on the original image user

>Dog's penis
They know exactly why.

>Dog's penis

Who is that on the far right?

Various sites should have high res coverage of wonfes.




She keeps getting reposted, who is she?

I don't know who it is and lazy to google it. But i imagine she is some kind of middle form of Kiss-shot even though i'm pretty sure she is not.

Cute slut.

VN character.

I hope it isn't some sort of 20k exclusive shit for die-hard collectors. I already have the other 2 GSC BRS so I already don't know if I want it or not, but it looks so cool

I use 2 spreadsheets. One for monthly orders, with product price, shipping, type of shipping, store, size and tax. The other one works as an inventory, which includes non-online purchases as well, with only final price. All both in yen and dolarized because doing it with my currency is retarded

Also and especially a CZ figure.

I'm sure he meant Kotobukiya

I want this just for the colors and DFC.

Holy shit, how'd I miss this one? Any info on when preorders go up?


No idea just saved pics from this thread.

yeah but that scale(asuka) isn't from Koto.

That's probably why he deleted his post

not yet, is from amakuni so you'll know, be prepared to spend at least 17k w/o shipping.

Mein wallet is prepared.

Im ready to hotglue this cutie

Seeing those clothes close to greasy/powdery food makes me feel nervous.

I've become so numb, I can't feel you there
Become so tired, so much more aware


She's being made by Amakuni, who deal exclusively through Hobby-Japan, and only ever have 2 or 3 figs up for pre-order at once. Current set is Muramasa, Futaba, Mai and Lisa until March 13th.

Next set will probably include Makoto as they've mentioned she'll be going up soon on Twitter. Aside from her, the only other recent figs of theirs who've had both prototypes and colours shown are Lilith and Medusa Lily, so decent odds that those 3 will be the next set.

tl;dr: Maybe March 14th.

I can't read moon runes

Loks great. But will remind me of how shotty that show was, and meteora talking head.

It's.. alright? Do we know a price?

>Homura is #1 on Amiami again
The power of sets

metallic version is up on amiami

You are forgetting someone

>shitty anime design
>nekomimi ears
>goth loli shit
>white panties
Into the trash!

I really have a lot of trouble seeing the difference. Like, there's a different texture in the edge of the axe, and that's it

I found the MFC page:

yeh i already knew

Clockwork, also they're both shit.

Plus her sister

Axe is the sme actually, the difference is just the red highlights on her dress being metallic.

The red color seems to be more shiny.

Just skip episode 4, bro

Will this make the normal version bin?

They'll both bin, this one might bin less

The show turned to complete shit around episode 8/9 I was still enjoying it at 4.

It was great all the way thru tbqh

Thats what I'm hoping. I love the sculpt and character but not for 200.

Great designs. Shirty plot, poorly handled character dev with too many characters that were pointless, entire episodes of talking heads or no animation. It was shit.

We're not talking about Re:Zero here

they were both garbage

>Ironic weeb pretending to be a LNfag


Fuck, I wasn't looking at that. I wasn't expecting the dress to be metallic. Then I'm fine. I thought it was a realism thing

Nobody is a LNfag because the LN has shitty drawings. You are either a secondary furryfag (manga) or a secondary (anime)

Any megumins

M-maybe I should pick overload 2 back up

You were inspired to pick up the series from the anime thus making you fake. An ironic weeb, Cred Forums.

I might cancel my Pyra preorder to get 1/4 Saber instead since they're the same price. Any thoughts Cred Forums? o-or I could just not get either.

FREEing usually makes those shitty bunny figures. But from photos, this Saber looks pretty good.

You don't know what an "ironic weeb" is

Who's she?

>thus making you fake

Her design wasn't that interesting, I wanted the brown Meteora we saw for all of twenty seconds.

Did this show up at WonFes at all?

Up coming from good smile

Louise: Finale Wedding Version

I kinda want this over the other Jannu Alter, she'll go really nicely with my Saber Alter in a dress.

Miku saw this in good smile facebook

pageYeah i'm totally getting this, i really like her long hair version...

This needs to be cast off.

This is the last one which i saw in the FB page which i find it has a good pose... There is more in their FB from good smile, but im not going to bother to post everything, so you have to check it out yourself...

I did!

It has not arrived yet


When is the release date?

She does in the first vol which is what that art is based on. Her mom does it in the more recent second vol.

All those ave been posted, no need to use FB shit.

All are available directly at GSCs site, and have been reposted to death. Facebook is garbage

I'm not usually a buyfag but...

Too lazy to check, beside it happen to pop out on facebook page, might as well just take a few of the picture and post it here to share with everyone...

I want to buy something that has a good chance getting destroyed during shipping. Do I go for it or suck it up and pass?

>that will be $999 plus shipping

I think it'll be even more expensive than that.

Anyone knows why you can't buy Pyra from GSC site?

Because they don't have the international distribution rights.

it's an amiami exclusive for some reason
probably so that they can jew you on shipping

Just ordered her for 12k. My Mika felt lonely for too long.

The point is that someone who doesn't buyfag a lot will think twice before dropping the lodesmone needed to buy these Berserk figures.

No, but pic related did.

How about you go back, tool.

I want to rub my penis on those thighs.

Thanks for info. I will ask friend to order it for me

Damn, hope it isn't cancelled or anything. And yeah, I saw that one. It looks fine I guess, her face is a little pudgy, but maybe it's just the angle.

The second will be way better tho, the cancelled one is griffon shit.
I was about to order detolfs but now I'm afraid. Is it common? Lots of people in the comments talking about their detolf randomly exploding.

95% of the time it's retards thinking they can apply as much pressure to the glass as they want and it won't shatter.
No idea how the thing in the video happens though.

Hm, if you say so. I'll be getting both anyway, assuming that the first one isn't cancelled.

the guy in that video is a retard assembling it on stone floor. all tempered glass will shatter like that even from light tap of anything hard.

Have you not seen that one video of a guy dropping tempered glass on concrete?

Missed that.
Literally the first command of the instruction manual is placing a rag, towels or anything soft where you plan to assemble the case. Then again I assume it's there in case you drop a panel or something like that.

product image for illustration purposes only
actual product may vary

That's probably to keep the glass from getting scratched.

tempered glass can survive lot of stress but any taps of hard materials to the edges will compromise its integrity. even if it doesn't shatter immediately it can explode out of nowhere later.

Does $190 + shipping seem a bit much for this?

>Current set is Muramasa, Futaba, Mai and Lisa until March 13th.
Then why it says at MFC and figsoku that PO for Mai will be open until feb 19?

y or n?

Very yes.

only if its penis is removable.

I think she looks cute. Not 100% respectful to the original, but it gives her a high class lady feel, for some reason.

only if the cloth is removable

What a cutie cat.

Absolutely yes

A hahaha, what the fuck with those nipples. They might have thought of realism but looks fucking silly.

Love this but haven't played her DLC. Maybe I should get my Vita from its tomb.

It's the first Ban scale that I'm considering buying.

>but looks fucking silly.
your face looks fucking silly.

I like those.

With a new one coming out? Yes

For anyone interested, the exclusive recolors from QuesQ are up on Ami. It's Rory, Patchouli and Scathach.

Same reason there are plenty of good cheap Asuka figs, over saturation of the market.

>no Lilco wall scroll

What to use to raise detolfs? Was thinking of using besta until I read the weight they support is way less than the weight of a detolf.


That hair looks absolutely terrible.

I used to, but it's too much work. I'm always adding more stuff to existing orders on multiple different stores, so I just try to keep a mental note of what I'm spending and occasionally check my order history everywhere.

You won't be looking at the hair.

>Find the perfect Rin fig
Life is suffering

fucking pedo shit.

The whole package is important to me. There are better asses attached to all-around better looking figures.

I'm pretty autistic with money so I actually keep track on all of my expenses, so buyfagging is obviously included. I don't have a total for buyfagging itself though, but I know more or less what the total is.

I wanna bite on her nipples

Best pudgy lolis

All the DLC are really damn good. Still hoping we get a Rajyaki scale.

Baby fat baby fat it's awwright

That face is so nice, I don't even like pudge but I want to rub her belly like a Buddha for good luck!

As an Aliciafag, I know your feel.

Heck, Rin has it even worse, considering how the Fate franchise is big and she never gets anything

That perk, man. The perk.

insta cop even though I'm not into loli shit, the figure looks so good

I see. So that's the norm now.
Well fuck you too.

Only ban! figure I can get behind.

just pray that they bin or buy them pre-owned

What do you think of Cheerio?

so you can't replace the battery ever since it's permanently attached to the led, wtf?

Why are her feet strapped to two stools?

Never before has the phrase "you lucky dog" been more relevant.

post pics of ur mum

I feel you. That's so frustrating considering how huge Fate has become.
Well at least we got a nice nendo and an okayish scale. That's still laughably little comparing to the million Sberfaces though.

Can the battery still be accessed? If so surely replacing it would be a massive pain, but not impossible.

there's the rin gsc fig.

Amico scale when?

>no dick
It's shit

That's old and rare. You can't really compare it to the new Saberface every month or the 20 new Jeanne figures all with great poses and quality.

>go to old picture saved folder
>see pic related
>remember I was anticipating her to get a legit figure
>search her on MFC
>no figures found
>cries inside

I will never get a figure of my Blazblue wife. She gets overshadowed by too many shitty moeblobs that's in the game.

For a grail, 24k it's not that expensive, It has aged well so it's not like it has bad quality or looks bad.

Try being a Medea and Riderfag for a change

Glad I didnt get the prerelease, so I can wait for this.

>That price difference
They really know how much fans are willing to pay

That face looks a lot better now.

Damn, this one looks a lot better.

I don't see any difference


>all these upcoming Ban! figs

Don't get me wrong I love Ban's art and have done for a while, but his stuff is getting loads of figs all of a sudden.

people are getting tired of Kurehito so Ban is the new T2.

I think they look really good actually. I really like Asanagi-style puffy nipples.

Who will be the next Tony? They'll need a pretty but formulaic art style.

That Saber looks really good but I'm not sure if I'll get her because I'm worried her construction will be shoddy. Didn't their 1/4 Miku have McDonalds straws in the hair?



Is this an original chara?

I have Aqua. I heard it's kind of a gamble if the paint will be good or not with these. Mine turned out fine mostly and was cheap as hell too.
Sorry for the shitty pic.

>Favorite fetish doujin artist gets a fig


Oh god That looks so bad.
Don't buy Bellfine they're overpriced and shit. Also a normal clothing Megumin and Aqua were announced at wonfes so just wait a bit and get good scales.


This (un)lucky cute.

I would love to see her become a thing but that's way too fat-fetched

>why can't it be smaller and cost 80k tops
truly suffering

>Oh god That looks so bad.
it's a prize, wtf do you expect?

supai dess

What is this? GK? Didn't see it on the WF threads.

i tried looking for where it is but cant find it. could you post a link or something i wanna be able to order this when i can.

Seen worse prize figs desu

Thoughts? I actually kind of like it.

Forgot pic

Nothing less than ALTER quality for 2000円

well, you can get alter quality for 3,4k.

The face is on point and the bow actually has a string but the pose is a bit strange though still pretty. I'm going to hold off on judgement until paint.

Mfc link for that?

the face is fantastic

skytube premium

Inu no Kimochii
A dog's feelings

Cute tummy.

Where is this beauty from?
It's an OC That's the artist pretty cool shit

How come buyfags can't recognize where any fig is from?

If you lurked more you would have noticed this source bullshit has been around since just a few days ago and it's most likely retards new to the whole thing.

I wish she was lent back a little less, she's up straighter in the art, but maybe it's just the angle and I can probably adjust it myself anyway.
Either that or this will be my first original character figure.

>Why don't everyone know each single of the tens of thousands characters from each of their tens of thousands franchises

Bullshit. Every time there's a new figure posted it's met with "who is this." It's only more frequent around wonfes.

>another fanservice Kuro

WHY? Don't get me wrong, I love it when she's acting like a little slut but I want her in her battle outfit for aesthetic reasons.

owo probably a gk. pripri gets no love.

santa alters sack really hugs her face

Bullshit, that doesn't happen when the threads are slow for the most part of the year. And when the only few people posting are regulars.

That's not true though, and I don't remember previous Wonfes being this cancerous about sources asked either. And specially no retards spoonfeeding al this much as well.

Maybe because she's part of a set?

We have a hundred cooks , not all of them are experts in every cuisine, some of them are part time and some of them don't even know how to hold a knife. Also, that last figure was an original, it's harder to source unless you're lurking all the time.

After anime island closed is there even any American retailers that stocks figures from native or hobby japan anymore?

Why not get them from native directly?

Also, the guide.

The way they paint the tights will make or break this figure. Or they can put actual mesh tights on it.

because in most cases people are too lazy to do a reverse search, also spooners are part of the problem itself.


In my experience a lot of reverse searches of especially prototypes just give generic "figure" results.

So I want to cancel a preorder from Amiami but I don't want them to ban my ass. What's the best thing I can write so they don't get mad?

Buying from anime island was easier than buying from other places most of the time. Also if you decide you want something after the deadline sometimes they had extra stock available.

Here's another from Q-Six.

I wonder if other companies will do Onmyoji figs as well.

that isn't fat.

And they charged you extra for it, as in way more expensive than getting it from Japanese retailers, shipping included.

Nothing of value was lost with anime island going to hell. And no it wasn't simpler, it was the same, you literally add to your cart, pay and get it, on every single reseller site.

fuck this shit.

The way her nipples are pointing to different directions is funny, chameleon eyes levels of funny.

l-link? I can't find it on the usual sites

That is a firm and well toned elf.

thanks for ruining that figure for me, you fucking imbecile.

There were a whole lot of lewd brown elves this Wonfes.

Yall welcome

where is the BENIS?

But where is my lewd halfbreed Chloe?

>it's not out
Oh that's why

If they make a figure of her getting spitroasted, it would be an instant day 1 preorder.

Ban! does a lot of lewd ladies without weiners as well.

I like the guy's art but I don't think it translates well to 3D.

Fuck off monkey

Why do people hotglue figures? What drives a man to do this?

>he doesn't hotglue his favorite figures
I feel bad for them. Dude get some balls.

The pleasure of being cummed outside

People are dumb, more at eleven

Hello buyfag thread
Please recommend me some demon girls in suggestive poses (but not outright lewd)
Thank you for the itadakimasu

use the tags on mfc

But they hide all the nsfw figures and I have to click everything (twice)
I just thought people here would recommend something from experience

I just want brown Meteora.

What's the problem?

I wish Altair won. That's my thoughts.
Altair! > Meteora!

Ken, is this you?

I'd get this if it weren't for the "I gotta pee really bad" post.

You are either to young or to old for the internet.

Where's best girl Chloe though?

Ken Sam actually
How'd ya know?
Can you just post some succubus butts and breasts

We're not here to help you jerk off

so total newfag here
i wanna get that figurine with the dick, but it looks like it's totally sold out everywhere
is there any hope in finding one?

I need to make an informed decision, BUDDY

"Used" somewhere (check the guide)

people falling for those shit baits

That's what Killing Baits is!

>current year
>not having a fetish spider piss

Limited edition from some store that only ships to Japan.

I'd already dropped this figure seeing the face
now im removing it from my watch list entirely
how much do you think she'll cost?

STP is already limited and only sells at skytube's online shop.

because they're autistic and it gets them attention

probably 16-17k

Wonder how much we'll be able to see up her shirt.

I'm surprised other anons didn't pick this up earlier while examining her nipples, it's obvious at first glance they are lopsided to hell and back.

it could come with cast off
or at least force cast off

unironically preordered this one

People preorder ironically?

ironic weebs are

>force cast off

I didn't know you could pre-order it yet.

But why? that looks like shit

I find figures with force cast off fascinating

why bother putting in that detail if you aren't going to make it accessible in the first place?

Why did no one tell me earlier my hentaifu was getting a figure?

How? It's literally the best quality body we saw in figure world. Look at those hips, look!

Fine, user. I won't judge your taste but look at this fat ass and cowtits and then these small shoulders and tiny waist.
If you don't see anything wrong with it then fine.

>doesn't like asanagi

Come on, man.

lolicon detected REEEEEE

looks expensive

tempted to get that.

>look at this fat ass and cowtits and then these small shoulders and tiny waist.
Yes I'm also currently looking at perfection.

There are many shades between black and white. All great things should be enjoyed in mediation.

those are the people that get banned unironically for not paying or cancelling their preorders


Stop typing like an underage retard.


Stupid retard go back.

>If you don't like abnormal tumors for tits you like flat chests



it's the other way around

Ban!, Kurehito, and TONY shall rule the world!


They look great, her fucking mouth and eye lashes however.

Any of you order from kirin recently or is it dead in the water?

Where did you go from?

Where did you pre-order this from.?

I looks so good, first time I've ever wanted a lewd figure. I could never buy it though.

Get that loli shit outta here

16k is a bit too much.

What's that thing on her crotch?

First loli that i don't find hot, congrats.

I wonder how the people who bought the first 3 slutterflies feel now that they're making even lewder slutterflies, some of which are the same character.

Little cheap that the third Ban fig is replicating a pose from a previous fig (Hana no Yousei-san) but I like it otherwise.

That futa Goddess Hermaphraditos though! And the far right futa to come!
>including Mao Niang and Dva, there are now a total of 7 Ban figs

Fuck off.


why no wizz figure from konosuba. really triggering

Physics. Any fig her standing would fall over so only doggy style figs are an option.

They could always put a support under her breasts.

Are there any komari figures? Ive tried looking and cant find any.

>Leaning on megumin and using her as a titty rest.
I can accept this.

im so sick of fate and rem figures

Guess you just don't like fat people

You could always have Kazuma hold them up.

I don't think you can order it just yet.

>Blocking my view of the tiddies
>With a dude
No. is at least acceptable, though Darkness struggling to hold them up might also be worth a smirk. Plus that's like an extra 50% more breast.

I fucking love Zodd but fuck me if there will ever be a fig I don't have to take a loan out for.

None exist. Only Renge and Hotaru. Might get something eventually with the movie coming out this summer, who knows.

Real question is why aren't there any Kazuma figs? Nendos don't count.

Huh. Weird. The other 3 listed with her were all dated March 13th. Wonder why Mai's period was shorter?
As others have mentioned you're gonna need a proxy to buy from them. Also BigBadToyStore will occasionally stock their exclusives, though it's a roll of the dice whether or not their price will be cheaper than buying through a proxy.

any info on release? i will buy asap

hehe yeah well. I think Ban! really likes that figure

Is this the best original of 2018?

damn, I was hoping this figure was sold somewhere


This is not charity man, they wouldn't give it a second thought if there was a market for her

Looks like a garage kit. You might be able to find it somewhere by someone whose painted it, but it's not really an official pre-painted scale, so it'll be harder to find.

She's not a meme girl like Renge is so she isn't as popular unfortunately.

where can I find this on MFC?



From someone who doesn't mind prize figures per se that's a pretty bad one. This is all too sloppy.

This is totally going to be over 20k isn't it

is she doing the gun gesture to her head

Most prize figures will start to look much worse when photographed up close properly.

>It has aged well
it really hasn't, she looks like a skeleton in that scale.



Not him, but that's just like your opinion, hell the original image she was based on is even skinnier and so she was in the original fate. Fact is, the figure has aged well, it's quite detailed in both sculpt and paint, shadowing and highlights are still amazing, and the included blades and swappable parts are on par with what you get today.

So it's not just a matter of personal preference but from actually looking at the amazing details it has.

That's not what aged means, Tim. We are talking about production values, not about aesthetic choices.

>dabs in your general direction
I hate this

Hey buyfags, has anyone else noticed over the past year or 2 that figure prices have gradually gone up? I haven't pre-ordered shit in a while but it seems like everything is always around 13K or 15K in some cases even before shipping.

Some have binned hard as well, like that Rem girl who went from 13K to 7K now I believe?

I know prices have always been a subject of debate but I miss the days when shit was usually 9K-10K max at pre-order time.

Yeah prices are getting ridiculous.

nobody noticed. just you.

Prices have gone up but so has the quality. Compare the older idolm@ster figures of the 765 girls to the newer ones, it's a huge jump upwards in terms of detail, pose, and paint.

Rem is a bad example if you mean the GSC one, and she hasn't binned at all. Her msrp was 11kY, her preorder price was actually 9k and she reached 14kY when she was released just to go back to msrp.

China wages have gone up, Japan wages have gone up. Inflation has gone up in both countries. And exchange rates are better than how they were before, mix everything and you get increased prices.

Add extra quality as well as limited production output and it goes up even more.

>I know prices have always been a subject of debate but I miss the days when shit was usually 9K-10K max at pre-order time.

Back when the yen was eating the dollar alive at 70:1? No, thank you.

It's not linear though. Alter Saber Alter has pretty much unmatched quality, two torsos two arm options and it was "just" 14.3k.
Now any figure from random makers cost that.

i mean if people keep buying i dont see why they would stop

Far from unmatched, if we go by sheer detail Alters Eli is way beyond that Saber, but she looks like a Christmas tree.

She is also nociteable more expensive.

GSC are still very reasonably priced, but as other anons have said, the increase in price isn't that bad when you take into account other factors.

You used to buy piece of plastic for 9-10K? Then you ready to do it for 17K. And this is not the end.

GSC seems to be pretty much the same. Some are super cheap, some are normal, and others go for premium without any obvious reason. Alter seems to be continuously expensive as always.
Others like Phat, Aquamarine and QuesQ seem to base their prices mostly on demand and not on complexity or quality.

Anyone here actually put together garage kits? The prospect seems pretty interesting even though I have no experience or artistic ability.

I really wanted one once but I decided not to desecrate it since it was in limited number

I thought she was taking a shit

>has pretty much unmatched quality
this fucking retard.

Yeah, it's looking that way. Stuff seems as nice as it's ever been overall.

I can't remember which exact one. I think it's like some wedding lingerie one with the white thong? Don't know the make of my head

That's fair, never thought of this right away. I know the USD has dropped a decent amount as well, or rather inflation has risen across the board.

Yeah - it does even out in the end I guess depending on the economy.

True. Niche market especially for Westerners so of course they'll adjust it how they want.

Yeah, well a couple years ago is when I bought most of my shit. I just recall pre-ordering the Alter Asuka for like 8.7K or so which seemed like a great deal. She's inflated a lot now and guessing she would be expensive if a new pre-order went up tomorrow.

Yeah, I noticed Alter prices have gone up the most. A lot of those Love Live ones seemed pricey, always avoided those for that reason.

>autism, the post.

I have the full first set and I'm still planning on completing the next. I mean people collect dozens of identical looking Saber scales, I don't think it's that absurd to collect multiple versions of original characters if you like their designs.

A lot of SJW tumblr types have invaded anime and they think futas are both edgy and cool xD and progressive.

Futas are shit.

Lads, what is the chance that we get the long awaited Kumiko figure after the upcoming movies release?

As high as Kyoani turning into a charity.

They hate licensing their stuff to third parties so forget about it.

Everyone who is a buyfag is mildly autistic. Don't see why you had to point this out.

take of your tinfoil hat retard.

not very often you see a post quoting 7 anons.

Is there a way to filter out categories while searching on mandarake? I'm not interested in doujins at all.

I want this lewd saint

God wills it

thats a shame. I know Alter made some nice K-On figures and was hoping they'd do at least a Kumiko and Reina

Who cares? Better than some faggot posting on a phone giving 2 word replies.

You clearly didn't read my post mate.
I said I love Ban's art. As in all of it. Including the futa. And the traps.
I'm just a bit surprised that Ban's stuff is suddenly getting a whole bunch of figs when for years it hasn't, but hey maybe it's the next big artist for figs.

i guess

This is why you grind on Chinese bootlegs until you git gud.

Luckily it's just enough to go unwanted. My dick wants it, but not too badly and it looks okay but not special so the rest of me is perfectly willing to pass. I do like Jeanne's casual clothes for their form-fitting simplicity though.

>spending money on anything related to Apocrypha

That's because one of her hands is raised. It moves her pectoral up and her little tit moves with it.

I wish it was.

people like the characters even if the show is shit

I'm about to drop some money on a gk so I can learn. I've built gunpla resin kits so hopefully this turns out well.

Yeah but sabershitters have a long ass VN and tons of spin-offs to bond with their gender-bent waifu and justify getting their wallets milked. People who keep buying the slutterflies don't have that excuse, only that the figures they buy "look good".

a friend just asked me if there was anything i need while he's in akiba today. i feel so ashamed wasting the opportunity, but theres nothing on my radar right now that i can't get through the normal channels

this kind of looks like a younger moot wearing make-up to me

her tits look so spherical though

Now I have to get the moot figure.

>only that the figures they buy "look good".
Which is kind of the point of buying figures.

Well the guide says to buy a figure if you like the character in addition to liking the actual figure, since there's no end to good looking figures,

But many people have already violated that flow chart, me included on some occasions.

The guide is not an absolute truth though, it's just the way to tell retards who can't think by themselves how to rationalize it.

The flow chart is shit. It holds no power here and more importantly holds no power over my dick.

I've done some simple colored resin ones and I've bought a lot of gks for when I eventually start proper ones. These are what I picked up at wonfes.

The guide is still a rational way to do things. I'm running out of detolfs and space in my apartment.

That's why the guide originally had no such retarded flowcharts, and even when they were added it was pointed to take everything with a grain of salt since is totally up to your personal preferences and finances.

It's shitty rationalization for an irrational hobby. You've gotta learn yourself and buy based on you, not what some neckbeard on the other side of the internet made.

There's no sure way though.
My second favorite figure was a dick buy of a character I barely knew, and I wasn't even sure whether I should actually pay the preorder when it got released.
It's very hard for a figure to check all points in that flowchart. I mean, an AMAZING FIGURE of a character you love is something that happens only every few years.

Flow chart a shit. In a hobby like this that is pure aesthetics you should buy what visually appeals to you. It's just natural that you would be drawn more towards source material you already enjoy.

just ordered from 1999
when do they charge and how long does it usually take for the item to arrive?

You don't even need to go that far. Most of the people who keep posting shit about traps and futa are simply ironic weeb faggots. The fact that some of them might also be one of these people you mentioned is more of a correlation than a causation, since they're mostly teens who think it's cool to be homosexual.

Just got this. did i do good?

you did good son

>yes, I had no problem with them
Late response, but thank you for the input, user!

I don't care for Fate or Shielder but the other one looks nicer.

this scat has a mask!

will it hold her head in place

>that skindentation between her thighs
OH dear, we are getting one step closer to that pre-order button.

If it wasn't for the weird mouth I'd be tempted.

supposed to be a smile

Man, I'd like the other one more if she had a smile or a smirk.

If dubs, customs will release my package after today's holiday.

Well lucky you.

how do i get my hands on that hermaphraditos? i need some futa figs in my life

Sure its not just the part where her legs go into the body?

Good luck!


I'd blame the pic angle, all the other pics I've seen look better.