Can we have a hate thread for series that need to die off and never come back

let me start off with one of the most obvious choices.

>needs to be forgotten in history

The OP anime is the worst. Its 5 min of opening and recaps, and then in the remaining time the story barely progresses, sometimes it doesnt. Like with the recent double episode where the first half of the 2nd ep was the 2nd half of the first one, then there were used up flashbacks, and only a short confrontation to progress the story
People say Super sucks, but if not for nostalgia, Z would get even mire shit. Autistic screaming, a single fight last for 4 hours where 80% is a stalemate, 15% reused animation and 5% you care about, stupidly OP enemies, asspulls

While I agree as a huge One Piece fan of the past, I would like it to end, the truth is its impossible at this point because almost everything it has ever set-up as a major plot point has never been touched upon, I wish it would come out faster so it could end but for anything anyone enjoyed to have any sort of resolution, it will have to continue for many more years

I mean there's still characters central to the plot that have never been seen apart from some silhouettes in over two decades of story

>Can we have a hate thread...
Have you fags ever tried having a happy thread instead? You know, mix things up a bit?

why tho?
it need better story

How would you save it then?

>happy thread

user, do you have any idea where we are?

Naruto, Dragon Ball and One Piece. Obviously.

Interesting choice... HOWEVER!
Allow me to offer a rebuttal.

It's okay, user. I also afraid that I won't live to see the end of One Piece.

if >inb4 the story is this, pls open spoiler

I think they do, Cred Forums is full of moefags.

Why does the grinch have a harem of blonds?

So is this the thread where we post images and try to trigger as many fags as possible?

It was very weird for me at first to come into one piece threads and see hxh shitposters talk nonstop about this more mature shonen. Is it just because there were more deaths?
Watching hxh casually over the years, ive only enjoyed the videogame arc and that arc has some boring parts to it too.


Have you tried watching shows you like instead of being a fag about ones you don't?

HxHfags have shit up One Piece threads for many years.

Hunter X Hunter had a lot of potential, there are many great characters in a well built world with fantastic concepts that have possibilities for many great things. Sadly, they only remained as possibilities, instead of using this fantastic world to make an interesting story, Togashi instead gives us walls of useless infodump and stuck on a boat that introduces dozens of new characters no one cares about.

>People wanting to kill the few franchises that keep the industry alive

Toei can die for all I care.

Biggest waste of my life. Fuck you kyoani

I know that's a make believe language, but it looks like hebrew...