Who really deserves him Cred Forums?

Who really deserves him Cred Forums?


Fuck off you cancerous piece of shit and take your shitty harem self insert with you.

yukino fag detected


He doesnt deserve anybody. Hes done shit to earn anything.

Nope, I’m actually an Irohafag.

Nobody.He's a school shooter

He doesn't even deserve himself.
Maybe imouto.



Yes homo

That's probably the most masculine outfit Saika has ever wore.

Nigga knows what's up.

This. Saika is best girl.


god i wish that were me

He won't be with anyone until he gets over himself. People like him are miserable because they won't let themselves be happy even with opportunities in front of them.

let Yukinon be with him and makes them miserable together

is he from that anime with meme op?



Does anyone feel the strong urge to punch this pretentious retarded fag? I can't stand the characters in this anime. They are too arrogant and up their own ass


Sensei Forever

>making fun of edgy teens by talking like an edgy teen

I agree with the sentiment.

alone forever

He's also a navel gazing fag though, should be crushing that puss around him.


Wrong 8man user.

Yui because she loves him the most and the longest.

Lone end, then he fails his uni degree become a neeto and have a NHK end with Rumi Rumi that dropped out of hs

>falls uni
He will be a hottie in uni

He is not ugly during High School. What happens is that in uni there will be no Hiratsuka Sensei and way less compulsory socialization. He will just drift away and before he knows he will be completely isolated and depressed. He will think about his hs days and regret not doing anything when he had a chance

He will complete his metamorphosis to bishounen once he is in Uni. His "friends" are still near either in nearby university or in other departments and they drag him around to social function under many clever pretenses. He acts specially and win many special artistic girls' including professors and TA's heart.

I don't think he will be happy living like that. He don't have the will to manage being friends with so many people. His hs friend would still talk to him during the first two years but they would become distant with time.
He completely distrusts people and would not believe what uni sluts try to talk him into. Maybe he finds a geeky TA and they have sex that he will regret later.
Also he would probably be very damaged by 'thing' that happened in the last year of hs, that culminated in him being having a lone end.

as if Yukinon or Yui will give him up

>miserable together
This. Yui deserves better

I mean Yui deserves him, but he deserves Iroha

Iroha deserve to die

that's why WW is a hack. It would not happen IRL


Komachi does.

Nah, she lives and becomes a slut in college

Yui is dogshit.

Yui deserves a kick to the teeth.


irohasu or deathsu

I’d rather die than have to be anywhere close to that ugly bitch.

This desu


Iroha deserves death.


Wow. Really, Cred Forums? Seriously? You're really using the term in that context? Sorry--THIS context? The fuck? I know you've dated a girl or two before and ... seriously?

>I know you've dated a girl or two before
What is this guy talking about?